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Chapter 782: Descent Of The Demon Beasts

Descent Of The Demon Beasts

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As Ling Chen and Qi Yue watched on, the ‘Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb’ gradually took shape.

“Is… this really the ‘Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb?” Ling Chen said as he picked up the fully-formed orb from the Lunar Scourge. The orb was only as big as a fingernail, and it was completely transparent, making it look like a crystal. There was also a faint, fog-like light around it, making it seem incredibly mysterious. Even though Ling Chen was clearly looking at it, he felt as if he couldn’t believe that it really existed.

“That’s definitely it!” Qi Yue raised her head and looked at the orb excitedly. “If I only believed in the legends about resurrection 30% before, I now believe in them 80%! The ingredients for creating this ‘Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb’, the process, and its looks are exactly as the legends say. In that case, it should also be able to bring creatures back… the Lunar Scourge is already an extremely heaven-defying item that should not exist, and the item that it created by fusing 3 incompatible items is even more heaven-defying. Even defying death is not impossible for it!”

“So if I give it to Shui Ruo to consume, I’ll… be able to wake her up?” Ling Chen said incredibly softly to the point that even he wasn’t able to hear his own voice.

“That’s right!” Qi Yue nodded confidently and smiled. “In that case, does little master want to give it to lil sis Shui Ruo right now? If lil sis Shui Ruo consumes it, she’ll be able to come to life right in front of you… hehe, I know that this is little master’s greatest wish, so it’s naturally my greatest wish as well… but if you give it to her now, according to the legend, lil sis Shui Ruo might be missing some of her memories and senses after she wakes up since you’re missing a Saint Orb. As such, if little master wants to wake up a complete lil sis Shui Ruo, it’s best to do it after obtaining the Sun God Orb. If little master simply can’t wait, you can do it now as well. No matter what little master wants to do, I’ll fully support your decision.”

Ling Chen’s hand holding the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb carefully closed, and Ling Chen’s body started to tremble. He desperately wanted Shui Ruo to open her eyes so that this girl, who was more important to him than his own life, would be with him again. However, regardless of this desire, Ling Chen raised his head and slowly and resolutely shook his head, muttering, “No… I can’t do it now… I can’t let Ruo Ruo lose her memories and senses… not now… Qi Yue, tell me... what can I do to find the Sun God Orb as soon as possible?”

After ridding himself of the mental restrictions, becoming a Shura, and obtaining the Feng Chen Sect’s ultimate legacy, even Ling Chen did not know that his current mental energy was coming close to the ancient gods. In this world, only Shui Ruo could make him feel so emotional despite his new mental state. Even if she was still asleep… seeing how Ling Chen looked, Qi Yue once again saw just how deeply he felt towards Shui Ruo, and a complicated struggle appeared in the depths of her eyes before she charmingly smiled. “I’ve said it before: little master is incredibly lucky, and adding on the attraction between the orbs, we don’t need to go out of our way to look for it. I’m sure that the Sun God Orb will appear before little master not too long in the future.”

Ling Chen fell silent for a while before nodding.

At this moment, Qi Yue raised her head, looking up at the sky with confusion. “Little master, have you felt that the weather today is quite strange?”

Looking up, Ling Chen saw that there were dark clouds in the bright sky. Before, Fey had said something similar to him, and back then, there were only a few dark clouds. Now, after 2 hours later, nearly one third of the sky was covered by dark clouds.

What’s more, the dark clouds were incredibly low as if one could touch them if they raised their hand. Just like the dark clouds that had made Fey feel confused earlier, these dark clouds did not move with the wind, and looking closely, one could see them slowly growing.

“Is it going to rain?” Ling Chen dismissively muttered, as all of his focus was on the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb.

“No! It’s not rain!” Looking up at the dark clouds, Qi Yue’s expression became grim. “Those clouds are giving me an extremely uncomfortable feeling…” Qi Yue’s gaze suddenly jumped as she thought of something, and her expression fell. “Could it be…”


Before Qi Yue could finish speaking, a shocking peal of thunder sounded out…

This peal of thunder sounded as if it could shatter rocks and cause the space around them to collapse. The entire Forgotten Continent seemed to violently tremble, and countless players were knocked to the ground, their ears losing hearing. Following this, cries of shock and panic filled the entire Forgotten Continent…

In the air, Ling Chen’s body trembled as he frowned and yelled, “What’s going on?!”

“Little master, look up!”

As Qi Yue cried out, Ling Chen quickly raised his head, and his pupils contracted… the dark clouds, which had covered one third of the sky, had grown… no, exploded… the thunder from just then was the result of countless dark clouds exploding, with each dark cloud becoming tens, then hundreds, then thousands of black dots which slowly fell… as Ling Chen watched on, they fell lower and lower and grew bigger and bigger… in just an instant, the air was filled with masses of dark shapes, and they quickly fell, becoming denser and denser. They spread as far as Ling Chen’s eyes could see, seeming to extend on forever…

“What… What is this?!” This inconceivable scene greatly shocked Ling Chen. He immediately summoned Xiao Hui and hurriedly said, “Xiao Hui, hurry and see what that is!!”

Xiao Hui activated his [Eye of the Holy Spirit] and looked up into the air, causing a mass of information to flood into Ling Chen’s mind.

[Four-Winged Demon Beast]: Type: Demon Beast, Grade: 3 Star Elite, Level: LV80, HP: 300,000. A high-grade demon beast of the Demon Beast Clan. Its nature is bloodthirsty and violent, and it has a powerful body and berserk, destructive power. It also has Darkness power that can devour life. It should have gone extinct long ago, and it has reappeared in the Forgotten Continent because of unknown reasons.

Passive Abilities: Nullifies 90% of Darkness attacks, immune to [Darkness] and [Curse] abnormal statuses.

Attack Skills: [Darkness Fangs], [Brutal Strike], [Darkness Devour]

Weaknesses: Fire Resistance-100%, Light Resistance-150%.

[Demon Skeleton Dragon]: Type: Demon Beast, Grade: Celestial, Level: LV90, HP: 80,000,000. A powerful demon beast that came to be from a dragon’s skeleton absorbing demonic aura. Its mighty strength is able to tear through all creatures’ bodies, and it can create massive demon abysses. It should have gone extinct long ago, and it has reappeared in the Forgotten Continent because of unknown reasons.

Passive Abilities: Nullifies 90% of Darkness attacks, immune to all abnormal statuses, and has powerful Defence and Physical Attack Power.

Attack Skills: [Demon Dragon Soul Slash], [Darkness Strike], [Extreme Darkness], [Demon Dragon’s Roar]

Weaknesses: Fire Resistance-100%, Light Resistance-150%.

[War Demon Beast]: Type: Demon Beast, Grade: Mysterious God, Level: LV90, HP: 16,000,000,000. One of the 10 ancient demon beasts of the Demon Beast Clan. It loves war and has incredible power. It was killed in the past and has reappeared in the Forgotten Continent because of unknown reasons.

Passive Abilities: ……; Attack Skills: …….; Weaknesses: ……


The information from Xiao Hui told Ling Chen that these countless black dots were all demon beasts from the Demon Beast Clan that had been vanquished 10,000 years ago!

There were many different types of demon beasts, and there were too many to be counted. The most common, and with the lowest grade, were 1 Star Elites. There were also 2 Star Elites, 3 Star Elites, Celestial grade, Heaven’s End grade… and even Mysterious God grade demon beasts!

With Ling Chen’s current strength, he did not even place Mysterious God grade monsters, which could cause mass destruction in any continent, in his eyes anymore. However, just as he saw the Mysterious God grade demon beast in the air, its name greatly shocked him.

War Demon Beast!!

One of the Demon Beast Clan’s 10 ancient demon beasts!!

Ling Chen had seen the War Demon Beast before – it was the first of the 10 ancient demon beasts that he had encountered. However, back in the Lonely Spirit Ridge, it had evidently been reduced to dust by Xi Ling’s [Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns], so how could it be here?!

The Demon Beast Clan had evidently been exterminated, so why were these demon beasts descending? Their numbers and the way they had appeared… were simply too shocking! Ling Chen simply couldn’t believe what was going on.

“Ding… Region Announcement! The Forgotten Continent has been attacked by the Demon Beast Clan. The dark figures descending from the sky are all powerful demon beasts, and there are a countless number of them! This is a terrifying disaster, so players should all make preparations to fight and help the Forgotten Continent’s residents beat back these demon beasts!”

A system announcement sounded across the entirety of the Forgotten Continent, and it sounded even more deafening than any system announcement before. This system announcement also told Ling Chen that these black dots covered the entire Forgotten Continent!!

Ling Chen looked up into the air, feeling incredibly shocked: just what was going on? The Demon Beast Clan had evidently been vanquished, so how could so many demon beasts appear? If they had existed this entire time in such monstrous numbers, it would have been impossible for them not to have been detected. And yet, these extinct demon beasts, as well as the War Demon Beast that Xi Ling had killed, had reappeared – just what was going on?!

The demon beasts in the air drew closer and closer to the ground on the Forgotten Continent, and a dark and suppressive air covered the entire Forgotten Continent. Ling Chen had long since destroyed the barrier around the Fairy Realm, and many demon beasts started to land towards the Fairy Fountain where Shui Ruo was sleeping.

“Go die!!” How could Ling Chen allow these demon beasts to taint the water that Shui Ruo was sleeping in? He instantly killed 3 demon beasts above the Fairy Fountain. After they died, these demon beasts did not leave behind any corpses; rather, they strangely turned into a puff of dark smoke and vanished.

“Qi Yue, what’s going on?” Ling Chen equipped the Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, frowning as he looked at the descending demon beasts.

Qi Yue’s expression was just as serious as Ling Chen’s, and hearing Ling Chen’s words, she shook her head after a slight pause. “I don’t know, this is completely incomprehensible. Even if the Lunar Sky Hell, which contains countless evil beasts and spirits collapsed, there shouldn’t be such a thing! This… This is like an invasion from another world.”

“Invasion from another world”? Ling Chen frowned. At this moment, a powerful and familiar-looking shadow appeared in his vision.

It had a gigantic body and had a body and limbs like a human. However, its skin was unlike a human’s at all. Its body was covered with a thick and heavy layer of dark armour, and even its entire face was covered by the dark armour, revealing only 2 eyes that glowed with a red-black light… the bestial and terrifying eyes gave off a dark and cold light that could make any being tremble. In its hand, it also held a spear that was covered with a dark light.

War Demon Beast!!