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Chapter 783: Chaos In Ling Tian City

Chaos In Ling Tian City

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No matter if it was the appearance, aura, or name of the demon beast in front of Ling Chen, it was exactly the same as the War Demon Beast that he had encountered before.

“Don’t waste any words with it, little master, get rid of it immediately. It doesn’t even have consciousness!” Qi Yue, who was also staring at the War Demon Beast, suddenly said. As her words sounded out, the War Demon Beast’s body suddenly flashed with lightning as it unpleasantly roared and rushed towards Ling Chen, its spear gathering a dark lightning as it pierced towards where Ling Chen was.

Ling Chen coldly harrumphed and simultaneously activated [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]. Before he even moved, he swept the Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear around him:

“Shattered Moon!”

“Eight Directions Annihilation!”

Boom! Boom!!

Before the War Demon Beast could even come near Ling Chen, it was sent flying like a bale of hay by the Shura’s terrifying power. It exploded in mid-air, turning into a puff of black fog, slowly disappearing. Within the energy light, all demon beasts within 5,000 metres were instantly killed, turning into black fog and disappearing.

Back when Ling Chen had first encountered the War Demon Beast, he had fallen into a hopeless situation that he couldn’t even run from. Now, it could not receive even a single blow from him. Ling Chen turned around, looked at Qi Yue, and said, “Qi Yue, did you discover something?”

Qi Yue slowly shook her head. “I don’t know where those demon beasts came from. However, what I can confirm is that none of these demon beasts have a consciousness of their own. Within their minds, all they have is ‘destruction’! Most of these demon beasts went extinct 10,000 years ago, but they have now reappeared in large numbers, including the War Demon Beast that we saw Xi Ling kill… it’s as if they’re perfect clones of the demon beasts’ bodies and power!”

“Clones?” Ling Chen’s heart trembled.

“Because consciousnesses cannot be cloned, these clones don’t have their own consciousness. Rather, they’re filled with destructive intent… of course, that is just my guess. However, seeing these demon beasts that shouldn’t exist anymore, that’s the only possibility that I can think of!” Qi Yue said seriously.

“Clones… if they’re really clones like you say, then who cloned them? Putting aside the cloning of their bodies, even their powers were cloned… that War Demon Beast was no weaker than the one destroyed by Xi Ling! And the numbers… that’s imply impossible! What sort of person could have such abilities?!” Ling Chen said as he gnashed his teeth.

Qi Yue remained silent.

Ling Chen quickly took out a Moon God Hairpin and said worriedly, “White Snow, Purple Dress, Blue Heart! Wasn’t the Demon Beast Clan destroyed 10,000 years ago? Why is the Forgotten Continent suddenly being attacked by so many demon beasts? They’re all coming from the sky, and even demon beasts that I’ve destroyed before are showing up…”

“We know already!” The panic in White Snow’s voice was evident. “The Demon Beast Clan was indeed annihilated 10,000 years ago, and Purple Dress, Blue Heart, and I don’t know where these demon beasts came from or how they came here! However, they definitely haven’t been hiding for 10,000 years – otherwise, we definitely would have sensed them… the only explanation that we can think of is that this is an invasion from another world!!”

“Invasion from another world?!” This answer was exactly the same as Qi Yue’s!

They had descended from the skies and had appeared in such large numbers. Moreover, these demon beasts could never have been in the Forgotten Continent this entire time… the only explanation was that they were invading from another world!

“Ling Tian! Ling Tian, where are you?!”

Li Xiao Xue’s frantic voice came from Ling Chen’s communication device, and Ling Chen quickly replied, “Xiao Xue, what’s the situation like over at Ling Tian City?”

“You heard the system announcement just then, right? Right now, countless demon beasts have descended in the Forgotten Continent, and there are at least 70,000 to 80,000 within Ling Tian City right now… their numbers and overall strength are simply terrifying! Outside the city, there are countless demon beasts gathering towards us, and within 1 hour, Ling Tian City will be attacked by no less than 500,000 demon beasts!! This is an incredibly sudden nightmare! Ling Tian City has fallen into complete chaos; hurry up and come back!!”

Ling Chen’s expression darkened, and he quickly picked up a Fairy gem, yelling, “Greenwood! Immediately send some high-level Fairies to protect the Fairy Realm… especially the Fairy Fountain! Don’t let any demon beasts touch the Fairy Fountain water!” After speaking, Ling Chen shattered a Spatial Orb and returned to Ling Tian City.

The space around him changed, and Ling Chen immediately heard the chaotic sounds of killing, shouting and roaring. Ling Tian City, which had been bustling with activity just 10 minutes earlier, had descended into complete chaos. The Business District, Entertainment District, Residential District, Leisure District, Battle District… and even the Central Administrative District were filled with dark figures. They continuously gave ear-splitting roars, using their terrifying Darkness power to destroy multitudes of players and buildings. The lowest level among these demon beasts was LV80, and the lowest grade was 1 Star Elites.

Players found it exceedingly difficult to even deal with the weakest of these demon beasts, and there were also Lord grade, Celestial grade, and even Heaven’s End grade monsters that were simply unkillable to normal players. Normally, it would be difficult to see even a single Celestial or Heaven’s End grade monster in half a year or a year, and yet, they made up a significant percentage of the army of demon beasts. Every time they attacked was a horrifying nightmare for Ling Tian City, and a few minutes after they descended, Ling Tian City was already littered with players’ corpses, and the streets and buildings were covered with destruction.

In the Administrative District, Fey, Xiao Qi, Dia Wu, and some high-level Fairies defended the structures there. That was where the least damage had been caused – this was especially because of Xiao Qi’s Vermillion Bird’s Flames, which countered the demon beasts. A massive ring of fire formed a defensive line that forced the demon beasts outside of the Administrative District.

“Just where did these demon beasts come from?!” Xiao Qi continuously released the Vermillion Bird’s Flames, continuously sustaining the growing ring of fire, making it so that the demon beasts could not entire the Administrative District. The Administrative District was the core of Ling Tian City, and if this place was destroyed, all of Ling Tian City would fall. However, that meant that they were unable to protect the other Districts of Ling Tian City and could only desperately beat back the attacking demon beasts from where they were.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

As dimensional fractures appeared accompanied by the sound akin to shattering glass, hundreds of low-grade demon beasts that had been herded together were instantly crushed into nothing. Fey drew back her hand and said seriously, “I have no idea… I think even the Moon Goddesses would not be able to explain such a thing!”

At this moment, a savage, ear-piercing laughter sounded out as the surrounding temperature suddenly plummeted. Snowflakes started to descend from the sky, and they landed on Xiao Qi’s Vermillion Bird’s Flames, causing them to violently quiver then begin to die down.

A figure descended from the sky, landing in front of Xiao Qi and Fey. This was a tall woman who looked around 30 years old. She had a crown of ice and wore a set of blue crystal armour that gave off a faint blue light. Even her skin was a faint blue colour, and her looks were enough to attract most men. However, there was a haze between her brows that made one quiver when they looked at her, and the might that she gave off caused Xiao Qi and Fey to both feel quite shocked.

Ling Chen, who had just arrived, felt even more dumbfounded…

He had met this woman before… more accurately speaking, it was not a human but one of the 10 ancient demon beasts – the Ice Demon Beast who he had tricked into killing itself with the [Utter Despair Curse]!

Back when Xi Ling had destroyed the War Demon Beast, Ling Chen had been sent far away, so he did not personally see the War Demon Beast be incinerated into ashes… but Ling Chen had personally seen this Ice Demon Beast kill itself! And now, it had reappeared alive before him with the exact same aura and power!

Just what the hell was going on?!

“This Ice Demon Beast is the same as the War Demon Beast just then; it doesn’t have its own consciousness either! It’s merely a clone of the Ice Demon Beast that committed suicide,” Qi Yue said.

The Ice Demon Beast’s descent caused Ling Tian City’s Administrative District to fall into an icy haze. With how powerful the Ice Demon Beast was, a powerful skill from it was enough to freeze the entire Administrative District or even shatter it. By the time it had landed, Xiao Qi’s Vermillion Bird’s Flames were completely extinguished by the bone-piercing coldness. Xiao Qi was greatly shocked, and Fey frowned, instantly moving in front of Xiao Qi. “Leave here immediately as far as you can. I’ll deal with it… this demon beast is at least Mysterious God grade!!”

Just as she spoke, a blinding silver light shot down from the air like a meteor, piercing through the Ice Demon Beast’s body…

-10,401,728,400, -10,401,728,400.


Just because the Ice Demon Beast did not have consciousness did not mean it did not have any nerves or a sense of pain. Under the 8 times pain, it gave a piercing scream, causing the air to tremble. As it screamed, the newly-arrived Ice Demon Beast’s body cracked into pieces before exploding in a black fog. The demon beasts in the surrounding 1,000 metres were also hit by shockwaves and were instantly annihilated.

The 2 purple damage figures above the black fog caused Fey to stare for a whole 3 seconds before staring at Ling Chen and muttering, “Has this guy become a Bug…”

“Big brother Ling Tian!” Seeing Ling Chen, Xiao Qi happily cried out, her tense heart relaxing. Whenever she saw Ling Chen, even if the heavens were falling and the earth was splitting, she would not have to fear anything.

Ling Chen remained in the air, looking around him… now, Ling Tian City was simply massive, and it was not any smaller than the Forgotten Continent. However, with his monstrous eyesight, he was able to see the entire condition of Ling Tian City and even how many demon beasts there were within Ling Tian City. Following this, Ling Chen closed his eyes and slowly spread out his arms as a berserk lightning flickered across his body.

“The tribulation lightning I absorbed earlier should be enough to destroy all of these demon beasts…”