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Chapter 785: Crisis In The Forgotten Continent

Crisis In The Forgotten Continent

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The crisis within Ling Tian City had been resolved, and the demon beasts outside were unable to break through Xi Ling’s defensive line.

However, Ling Chen continued to deeply frown. With him and Xi Ling present, the demon beasts were unable to threaten Ling Tian City at all. However, these demon beasts had not only descended in Ling Tian City but also throughout the entire Forgotten Continent. If there were so many demon beasts gathered around Ling Tian City in such a short amount of time, the number of demon beasts throughout the entire Forgotten Continent would be a terrifying number. Ling Tian City was currently fine, but other places… were definitely experiencing devastating catastrophes! A single Heaven’s End grade demon beast was enough to cause a disaster, and among these demon beasts, there were many Heaven’s End grade beasts, and Ling Chen had even seen 2 Mysterious God grade beasts. The players were completely defenceless in front of them, and even NPCs would not be able to stop them so easily…

It was possible that the Forgotten Continent was currently being torn apart by these disasters!

What made Ling Chen the most furious was that… after these demon beasts turned into black fog, not only did they not drop any spoils of war, but they also didn’t even give any EXP, Fame, or SP!

While Ling Tian City’s crisis had been resolved, the Forgotten City was in complete chaos.

When the demon beasts had descended, the Forgotten City’s defensive mechanisms had instantly activated. However, the average strength of the demon beasts had far exceeded anything that they had expected, and not too long after they started fighting, the City Guards had been completely suppressed. However, the Forgotten City was the human Royal City, and the City Guards were quite powerful and had the advantage of being in their own territory. There were also many human experts within the city, and the demon beasts were gradually destroyed. A firm defensive line was set up outside the city, stopping any demon beasts from entering from outside.

White Eagle and Black Demon, the Forgotten City’s 2 Mysterious God grade experts, defended stoutly in front of the city gates, becoming the core strength of the forces stopping the demon beasts from entering. However, there were simply too many demon beasts, and there were even many Celestial grade and Heaven’s End grade demon beasts. Even though White Eagle and Black Demon had Mysterious God grade power, defending still took a great toll on them.

“What’s going on… haven’t these demon beasts already gone extinct… do the heavens want to destroy our Forgotten City?!” The Forgotten Emperor stood on the city walls, continuously crying out. From the heights at which he was standing, he could clearly see the demon beasts rushing here from afar – their numbers were simply innumerable. If this continued, the Forgotten City’s defensive line would fall sooner or later. What’s more, if this was so for the Forgotten City, which had such powerful defences, what would happen to the Azure Dragon City, Vermillion Bird City, Black Tortoise City, and White Tiger City? Even if their guardian beasts appeared, it would be impossible for them to stop so many demon beasts.

At this moment, a black fog suddenly appeared above the demon beast army. The black fog twisted and turned, turning into a terrifying black figure… if Ling Chen was there, he would have instantly recognised it…

Shadow Demon Beast!!

This was the Shadow Demon Beast that had been killed by the Shura’s remnant spirit at the Moon God Ruins!

The instant that the Shadow Demon Beast appeared, a dark, gloomy aura covered more than half of the Forgotten City. White Eagle and Black Demon, who had been desperately killing demon beasts, felt a heavy suppression on their chests. When they raised their heads to look at the black figure, their hearts chilled… this aura told them that this demon beast’s strength vastly surpassed theirs… it was at least an advanced Mysterious God grade being!!

Savage, ear-piercing laughter sounded out as the black figure suddenly exploded, covering the entire sky and sun, causing the Forgotten City’s city gates to fall into darkness. The Darkness power immediately went berserk, mercilessly devouring hundreds of City Guards who screamed in despair. White Eagle and Black Demon fell to the ground with moderate injuries, and they felt even more shocked… they were both Mysterious God grade existences, but even if they worked together, they were not a match for this demon beast! This demon beast was able to destroy the Forgotten City alone.

“Moon God Light Phoenix Slash!!”

A cold and tender yell sounded out from the air as a brilliant silver light descended from the sky, piercing through the curtain of Darkness power, shooting towards the Shadow Demon Beast and hundreds of other demon beasts. The surroundings instantly became bright again, and the Shadow Demon Beast was knocked back by 100 metres, giving a furious roar. The lower-grade demon beasts roared in pain before turning into black fog and vanishing.

In front of the Forgotten City, an extremely beautiful woman wearing a Moon God Light Dress and holding a Moon God Staff appeared there. Seeing her, the Forgotten Emperor cried out with joy, “Lady Forgotten God Representative… it’s Lady Moon God Representative! Lady Moon God Representative, please save our Forgotten City!”

The Forgotten God Representative looked at the demon beast army and frowned with worry. She advanced, once again attacking the Shadow Demon Beast that was at a loss as to what to do. Because her power countered it, she could naturally suppress the Shadow Demon Beast, but it would take some time. Right now, she had to suppress it, or its power would cause a calamity for the Forgotten City.

However, before she came close to the Shadow Demon Beast, its body flashed with a large and a small orb of deep, black light. The black light quickly formed 2 figures: one that was exactly the same as the Shadow Demon Beast, and one that was much taller than the Shadow Demon Beast and was covered with dark, scale-like armour and had 8 jet-black wings. There was also an even darker and eviler aura coming from it.

The Forgotten God Representative suddenly stopped, staring ahead in shock, “S-Sky Demon Beast! And… 2 Shadow Demon Beasts… just what is going on?!”

The Forgotten God Representative could barely win against the Shadow Demon Beast, but the Sky Demon Beast was the most powerful demon beast out of the 10 ancient demon beasts. Even the Forgotten God Representative would find it difficult to win against it. Now, there were 2 Shadow Demon Beasts and a Sky Demon Beast – this sort of impossible combination caused the Forgotten God Representative to feel incredibly shocked.

An aura of despair covered the Forgotten God Representative and the entire Forgotten City. Facing a Sky Demon Beast and 2 Shadow Demon Beasts, let alone defeat them, she didn’t even have the power to stop them. However, the Forgotten God Representative was a Moon God Representative, so she could not retreat no matter what. She frowned as her body shone with a brilliant Moon God light, raising her strength to the extreme… at this moment, a voice that was as soft and gentle as snowflakes came from above, “Cai Ling, go to the Vermillion Bird City; they need you there. Leave this place to me.”

This voice caused the Forgotten God Representative’s body to tremble, hardly daring to believe her ears. She looked up at White Snow, who no one had noticed, and excitedly called out, “L-Lady Moon Goddess!!”

Hearing the Forgotten God Representative call out the words ‘Moon Goddess’, the Forgotten Emperor’s body swayed, and he became so excited that he lost the strength in his legs and fell on his bottom as his eyes widened. Below, the injured White Eagle and Black Demon’s bodies froze as they gaped.

What sort of existence was a Moon Goddess? It was a synonym for the highest authority and greatest power in the world. Even for the human Emperor, seeing a Moon God Representative was an incredible honour, but seeing a Moon Goddess… he simply couldn’t believe it! Moon Gods and Goddesses were legendary existences, and no human had seen one in thousands of years.

“L-L-Lady Moon Goddess… p-please save the Forgotten City…” The Forgotten Emperor was so emotional that his entire body trembled, and he could barely speak coherently; even tears started to flow out of his eyes. He lowered his head, not daring to look at the Moon Goddess in the air for fear that he would commit blasphemy against her. At the same time, the fear within his heart disappeared… now that a Moon Goddess had personally descended, there was hope for the Forgotten City! In this world, there was nothing that a Moon Goddess could not do!

“Purple Dress is at the Azure Dragon City and Blue Heart is at the Black Tortoise City. We’ll leave the Vermillion Bird City and White Tiger City to you Moon God Representatives. This disaster is even worse than the disaster from 10,000 years ago. The other clans can protect themselves, but the humans are the weakest, so we need to focus our strength on protecting the main cities. Go now,” Moon Goddess White Snow said to the Forgotten God Representative as she nodded.

“Yes!” The Forgotten God Representative respectfully replied and vanished in a white light.

White Snow looked towards the demon beast army and gave a long sigh. She raised her hand, and instantly, the sky became many times brighter, raining down brilliant white light in the nearby 10 kilometres. Following this, pillars of light that were several metres thick descended, smashing down into the ground in the 10 kilometres around White Snow...

“Be cleansed, evil beings – Heaven’s Judgment!!” As Moon Goddess White Snow chanted, the pillars of light simultaneously exploded, turning the 10 kilometres around the Forgotten City into a world of light. The intense light of holiness rushed to the sky, drowning out all beings’ vision.

Apart from Xi Ling and the Shura’s power, the cleansing power from Moon Goddess White Snow was the most powerful energy in the entire Mystic Moon world. Within the world of light, the Sky Demon Beast and Shadow Demon Beasts painfully screamed, and the demon beasts below Mysterious God grade felt their bodies slowly crumbling and separating until they disappeared, looking as if the light was devouring the darkness.

The Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon, as well as all of the City Guards, squeezed their eyes shut, unable to open their eyes because of the brilliant light.

After a while, the suppression that made it difficult for them to breathe finally disappeared without a trace. In the air, the Sky Demon Beast and the 2 Shadow Demon Beasts were still floating there, but they were in a pitiful state. Even though they hadn’t been cleansed, there was still white light around them that had not yet disappeared, continuously devouring their lifeforce and power, causing them to scream in pain.

300,000 demon beasts… from 1 Star Elites to Heaven’s End grade, had been cleansed by the holy light in less than half a minute, and they had completely disappeared.

“As expected from L-Lady Moon Goddess…” The Forgotten Emperor’s voice and body simultaneously trembled. Below, White Eagle and Black Demon’s expressions froze… they were peak experts among humans, but after seeing one of the most powerful beings in the Mystic Moon world attack, they were so shocked that their souls nearly left their bodies.


The 3 furious demon beasts gave a berserk roar, rushing towards the Forgotten City with the white light still around them. At the same time, the 3 demon beasts created a curtain of dark light that flew towards the Forgotten City. White Snow’s eyebrows slightly lifted and waved her snow-white hands, causing the Darkness power to disappear. She flicked three fingers on her left hand as her Moon God power condensed into energy spears that flew towards the 3 demon beasts.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The sound of space being torn sounded out as 3 energy spears pierced through the 3 demon beasts, who were unable to react in time. However, they did not pierce through them, nor did they disappear – they remained in the 3 demon beasts’ bodies. As White Snow moved her fingers, the 3 demon beasts were once again covered with a cleansing light.

Light energy was the greatest counter to Darkness element monsters, and the pain that the demon beasts felt from being covered with a Moon Goddesses’ cleansing light was thousands of times worse than being cut and pierced by tens of thousands of knives. At the same time, their Darkness power was sealed, and they fell from the air, smashing into the ground. They rolled around in pain while wailing, and let alone attack, they couldn’t even stand up.