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Chapter 790: Mastermind (2)

Mastermind (2)

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Compared to the disaster caused by the Demon Beast Clan 10,000 years ago, this one was much bigger, and it simply exceeded what anyone could even imagine. The last disaster took many years to fully settle, but this time, it took only half a day for the situation to be resolved.

This was because the demon beasts would hide back then and only move out at night, making it difficult to destroy them. However, these demon beasts had no consciousness, and they only knew to destroy. Even though they were fierce fighters, they were destroyed incredibly quickly. Of course, this was not the main reason: the main reason was because back then, the Forgotten Continent did not have ‘players’.

Even though there were many demon beasts, they did not spawn endlessly, and the numbers could not exceed the players’, as there were hundreds of millions of players in the Forgotten Continent. Even though normal players were not a match for even the low-grade demons, there were many of them, and they all specialised in different classes. What was even more important was that players could continuously revive! As such, even though more players died than demon beasts, their numbers continuously decreased while players’ numbers did not decrease at all.

The job of killing the more powerful demon beasts naturally fell to the more powerful players, but most low-grade demon beasts were suppressed and destroyed by groups of players.

Even though the disaster was not over, it was now controllable. After this disaster, the Forgotten Continent’s residents started to recognise the strength of the so-called weakest group of people. This was because anyone could understand that the Forgotten Continent might have been completely destroyed by the demon beasts without ‘players’… this was especially so for the player who had saved the Royal City and the 4 main cities and had surpassed even the Moon Goddesses: Ling Tian!

That’s right, if it wasn’t for Ling tian, the Forgotten Continent would have been greatly ravaged by this massive disaster. Countless residents and other creatures had died, and the towns and villages that had been destroyed were too many to count. The number of player deaths was also an astronomical figure – there were many players who had died even 3 to 5 times, greatly reducing the Chinese players’ overall strength.

After this disaster, a haze passed over the Forgotten Continent. One of their greatest consolations was that the Royal City and the 4 main cities had not been destroyed.

Ling Tian City was the place that Ling Chen protected the most and adding on the Underworld’s protection and the Underworld God Cannon, apart from the damage that had been initially caused, not even a brick had been damaged afterwards.

8pm in the real world, within the bright but deathly silent Cosmos Corporation.

The tightly-closed door at the top floor slowly opened, revealing a short, skinny, and hunchbacked figure. He walked unhurriedly with his hands behind his back, and as he entered, the top floor was filled with a terrifying aura.

There were only 2 people on the top floor. They were staring at the massive screen on the wall, their hands mechanically typing on the keyboards in front of them, ignoring the door that had opened and the figure that had walked in. Their eyes sunken and were a dark colour, and it was as if they were a deathly grey, making them look as if they were corpses.

“This is such a wonderful day for that place called the Forgotten Continent. Release all of the ‘diseases’! This is simply too crazy; only a madman like me would do such a thing, heheheheh!!”

The hunchbacked old man gave an extremely ear-piercing laugh, sounding like the laughter of a demon. He slowly walked over to a large screen and pushed up his white-framed glasses as he stared with his snake-like eyes, “Heheh, these diseases are enough to destroy the entire Mystic Moon world in a month. Even though I’ve put them all in the Forgotten Continent, they should be able to destroy more than half of the living creatures there within 12 hours… there’ll be mountains of corpses, and ruins will fill the lands; what a beautiful scene, heheheh… since you dared to destroy the perfect balance that I created, this is your reward, heheheh!!

“However, now it’s time to put these cute diseases away, because if the Chinese players are scared too much, they won’t dare to enter the beautiful Mystic Moon anymore. If that happens, there’ll be fewer howling spirits in the main act, heheheh…”


A withered hand slapped onto a red button as the picture on the screen quickly changed, revealing a crescent moon in the middle of a patch of blue… this was a map of the Mystic Moon world. The map zoomed in and locked onto the Forgotten Continent, filling the entire screen.

The Forgotten Continent was a faint yellow colour with some strange dark spots. Some dark spots were darker, while others were lighter. Some were larger and some were smaller, but they were very dense. The big and darker spots were the rarest, and the 2 biggest dark spots were in the North and West.

The hunchbacked old man’s ear-piercing laughter suddenly stopped, and he held his breath as his expression twisted. His gaze also became incredibly vicious. “What’s going on? Just what happened? Why are there only this many of my cute diseases left… and there are only 2 of the biggest ones left… just what’s going on?!

“These diseases were enough to destroy the Mystic Moon world and all of the highest-grade beings! They can’t be destroyed by a mere Forgotten Continent… what happened? Impossible! Impossible!!”

“Could it be that there were things outside of my control? Impossible… from the energy reactions, the creatures called Moon Goddesses are the most powerful beings, and there are only 5 beings on that level… while I’ve developed 60 diseases on that level! How could they be defeated… arghhhh!!!”

He was a true genius, and in his life, nothing that he wanted could escape from his control. Even the vast Mystic Moon world was completely within his grasp, and he had even modified this world… without any of the Mystic Moon world’s creatures noticing.

He pursued absolute perfection, and he did not allow there to be anything that could escape from his control. The Forgotten Continent’s players’ average strength greatly exceeded the players from other regions, breaking the ‘balance’ that he wanted, causing him to madly rain down the terrifying diseases to restore ‘balance’. However, what he saw was something that completely exceeded anything that he had expected. This was the first time that something had exceeded his expectations and control, making him go completely mad.

As he screamed with his ear-piercing voice, the largest black dot in the north slowly disappeared.

“Arghh!!” The hunchbacked old man’s eyes widened as he stared at where the black dot had disappeared. Following this, he slowly raised a withered hand and stared at the final large black dot in the West as he said in a low and sinister voice, “They’re being destroyed… someone’s destroying the diseases I’ve spent so much time and effort on developing… heh, heheh… they’re actually making a madman like me so furious that I’m about to go mad… heh… you should receive a brilliant prize!! My brilliant, mad self will personally give this reward to you!!!!”


The hunchbacked old man snapped his fingers as a black cabin door suddenly opened. The hunchbacked old man walked over into the cabin, after which the black cabin door closed. Right before it closed, a hellish voice sounded out, “I will personally shatter and destroy your body, soul… and the entire Forgotten Continent! Heheheh…”



Within a bloody light, a Demon Emperor was obliterated before it even had a chance to scream, and then it turned into a black fog and disappeared. The demon beasts around it were also destroyed by the shockwaves, not leaving a single one behind.

“Whew!” Ling Chen, who had not spent much effort, cancelled [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] and said, “This should be the 59th, right?”

“That’s right.” Fey nodded and looked up as she said leisurely, “This figure doesn’t sound like much, but who would think that it was the number of Demon Emperors? Killing 59 powerful beings that are as powerful as my adoptive father, the Sea Emperor, in less than a day? My dear Adam, I’m sure that anyone in the Forgotten Continent who heard this would go mad. A Shura that does not fear tribulation lightning is simply heaven-defying to the extreme. Luckily, you didn’t lose your consciousness, or I believe that the Forgotten Continent would have long since stopped existing.”

Ling Chen smirked, not confirming nor denying this. He knew best that he was only able to kill the Demon Emperor like he was killing chickens because of the Lunar Scourge’s crowd control and the Shura’s ridiculously powerful attacks. This was what allowed Ling Chen to kill the Demon Emperors before they even had an opportunity to attack. Even though he had killed 59 Demon Emperors, he had not even seen the Demon Emperor’s true strength.

If Ling Chen did not have the Lunar Scourge, the Aries Orb, the Libra Orb, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, and the various crowd control skills, and he had to fight the Demon Emperor with only the Shura’s power… he wouldn’t have had any confidence at all.


Fey’s communication device sounded out, and she immediately picked it up. After listening for a few moments, she gave a simple answer before hanging up and saying, “Unfortunately, another Demon Emperor has been found in the western area of the Forgotten Continent about 120 kilometres southwest from the White Tiger City. We’ve neared the end, and this might be the last one.”

“Alright, take me there!” Ling Chen immediately said. Honestly speaking, he had become somewhat addicted to killing Demon Emperors… obliterating beings that were on the level of Moon Goddesses before they could even respond felt quite satisfying.

“Let’s go! I’ll say it again, it’s best that you close your eyes.” Fey grabbed Ling Chen’s right hand, and as Lachesis flashed with light, its spatial power activated.


As the wind howled, the smell of the air greatly changed, and by the time Ling Chen opened his eyes, what he saw was overgrown wilderness and ravaged ground… of course, as well as a Demon Emperor and an army of demon beasts that it had attracted.

The southwest was the most desolate region in the Forgotten Continent, and it consisted mostly of deserts and overgrown wildernesses. There were no human settlements around, and even animals were quite rare. The Demon Emperor that had descended here could not find any creatures to destroy, and it had madly destroyed anything it could find. With the Demon Emperor’s terrifying power, the surrounding 100 kilometres had been completely ravaged, and there was not even a single bit of untouched ground.