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Chapter 792: Mastermind (4)

Mastermind (4)

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“Do you want to know how and why? Hm? Heheheh…” The Mad Scientist raised his hands as he laughed wildly, “Because I modified this world, so I can be said to be this world’s owner. I can do whatever I want in this world; so what if I spread some cute diseases? Heheheheh…”

“What… did you say?” Ling Chen’s eyes widened, and Fey’s expression also changed. Taking into account their experiences in the Mystic Moon world, they could both guess what he meant.

“I might as well tell you my greatest and maddest plan because you’re about to become my killing machines. After all, I should let my successful experiments know how great their master is!” The Mad Scientist’s laughter became wilder and more arrogant as he spoke in his extremely unpleasant voice. “There used to be a planet called ‘Mystic Moon’ here, and I discovered this place before I went to earth…”

This caused Ling Chen and Fey’s hearts to tremble… before he went to earth? The Mad Scientist’s words implied that he was not human.

However, Ling Chen and Fey did not feel surprised about this. This was because in their 3 years in ‘heaven’, the Mad Scientist did not only display terrifying intellect and methods, but he also had technology that surpassed earth’s technology by countless years. Moreover, whenever he referred to ‘earthlings’, he was always quite dismissive, calling them ‘lowly earthlings’. From the beginning, Fey and Ling Chen suspected that the Mad Scientist was an alien because such a monster simply couldn’t have come from earth.

His words were evidence that Mystic Moon was a real world. This was because the mad Scientist was incomparably intelligent and arrogant. He never allowed failure, nor did he ever lie. Even though he was incomparably terrifying, no matter what sort of crazy things he said, though Ling Chen and Fey felt shocked, they would never doubt what he said.

“This is a truly amazing world. It has a clean and pure nature, as well as dense elemental essence. However, what I can’t stand is that the technology here is so behind. Afterwards, I found a wonderful thing in this wonderful world. I was originally planning on going to earth to carry out the ‘Mystic Moon Plan’, but this thing gave me a glorious and crazy thought… only a madman like me would have such a glorious idea… heheheheheh…

“As such, I spent many years gathering that thing’s power, and after adding my incomparable intellect and methods, I completely changed this world’s rules… what the new rules were based off of was earth’s low-grade ‘virtual games’, making the rules of this world become like a virtual game: levels and grades, records and descriptions of people and items, EXP and other rewards for killing creatures, modification of monsters and respawning of monsters, and data modification of many things… it was simply too perfect! What was even more perfect was that none of the creatures in this world noticed at all, and even after modifying their thoughts so that they would welcome ‘players’ and give out ‘quests’, they obediently complied. It’s simply incomprehensibly perfect… heheheh! No less than expected from a legendary, godly item and my genius intellect, heheheheh…”

Ling Chen and Fey fell silent. More accurately speaking, they were completely dumbfounded. Every sentence that the Mad Scientist said sounded like a fantasy, tearing at their cognition, making it difficult for them to believe what he was saying.

“… What is the godly item that you used to change the rules of this world?!” Fey suddenly said, her voice somewhat hoarse.

“The name… it should be called the Lachesis, and it is a godly item that even the glorious ‘King’ knows about!”

Ling Chen and Fey both felt greatly shocked.

“Godly items can only be used by people who they acknowledge as their master. However, in my hands, I can still use a godly item’s power, heheheh… after using it, I tossed it into this world’s ocean, making it so that it can never resurface. In this world, there’s another godly item called the Lunar Scourge, which I also found. However, its power was much more domineering than the Lachesis, and even my genius, mad self wasn’t able to control it… heh, if even I can’t control it, there’s no one in the world who can control it. At most, they’ll become a puppet.”

When the Mad Scientist said the Lachesis and the Lunar Scourge’s names, the psychological impact on Ling Chen and Fey were quite great. When the Mad Scientist appeared, Fey had tightly clenched her fists behind her back, making it so that the Mad Scientist could not see the Lachesis’ 3 rings. Right now, the right half of her body was behind Ling Chen, making it impossible for the Mad Scientist to see the Lachesis. The Lunar Scourge on Ling Chen’s right wrist was hidden by the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, so the Mad Scientist could not see it either. Otherwise, he would have been able to recognise the 2 items instantly.

“The Lachesis’ yellow ring controls time, the blue ring controls space, and the red ring controls and changes rules and order!” Fey said in a voice that only Ling Chen could hear. “Back when I found the Lachesis at the bottom of the ocean, its spatial energy and time energy had been greatly depleted, but it could still be used. However, the red ring’s energy to change rules and order had been completely depleted, and even now, it has recovered less than 0.1%... as such, I’ve only been using the yellow and blue rings, and I never used the red ring. I was wondering why the red ring’s energy had been completely depleted when I found it… so that’s why! He was actually able to use the Lachesis’ power even though it did not recognising him as its master… this is… too terrifying!

“With the Lachesis’ red ring’s power that can change rules and order, if there is enough energy, he can indeed change the Mystic Moon world as he wishes! Moreover, in the records in the West, the entire Mystic Moon world was created by the Lachesis’ power countless years ago!”

Ling Chen: “……”

“After perfectly modifying this world, I naturally became this modified world’s owner. If I want it, all rules and powers here will be ineffective against me. Moreover, I can control all powers I want to control in this world, eheheheheh…”

The Mad Scientist’s hands suddenly grabbed into the air, and the space where he had grabbed started to twist, while Ling Chen and Fey’s bodies trembled, their eyes widening… because they suddenly felt that there was a thousand-kilogram iron board weighing down on them, making it impossible for them to budge an inch…


“Spatial… lock!!” Fey gritted her teeth as she said in a low voice.

“That’s right, heheheh!” The Mad Scientist demonically laughed as he walked towards them. “In this modified world, I’m an invincible god! The power that other people take a lifetime to develop and control can be controlled by me with just a slight thought! Moreover, this spatial lock is the most powerful spatial lock in this world. Even if you’re powerful enough to destroy my cute diseases, it’s impossible for you to escape from this spatial lock, aheheheheheheh…”

Ling Chen’s eyes widened, and he struggled against the space locking him down… with his domineering power and while in his strongest state, he was able to easily break free from a spatial lock created from the 3 Moon Goddesses’ power. However, at this moment, even if he used all of his strength, the space around him would not budge, and it did not even ripple.

“Just… Just why did you modify this world?” Fey was also struggling against the spatial lock.

A wild look appeared on the Mad Scientist’s ugly face. “Heheheh… of course it was to welcome all of earth’s players! I used 10 years to research a way to bring out earthlings’ minds and create equipment that could send their minds to this world. That’s right, it’s the gaming equipment that you’re using right now. After coming here, according to this world’s rules, earthlings’ minds are attached to a puppet, and they can enjoy this beautiful journey created by the glorious me… oh! All earthlings should thank me because I’ve given you the most exciting and perfect game… a 100% realistic ‘virtual game’. If this was left to them, those stupid earthlings would never have been able to experience such a perfect game, heheheh…”

The shock within Ling Chen and Fey’s hearts grew. They couldn’t help but admit that ‘Mystic Moon’ was simply too perfect to the point that it was the most acclaimed game in history, and no faults could be found in it. It was perfect to the point that apart from them, no one could detect that this was not a virtual world. If it wasn’t for Ling Chen and Fey obtaining the Lunar Scourge and Lachesis, respectively, and experiencing things that other players did not experience, perhaps they would not have discovered this either.

Even though they had long since gradually started to realise that the Mystic Moon world was not a simple virtual world, they could not get to the bottom of it. In their extreme shock, they finally realised the truth behind this world… the answer, as well as the truth, was incredibly terrifying and unbelievable.

The Mad Scientist was the only person who they truly feared, and they were certain that there could not be an even more abnormal and terrifying existence. Only today did they realise that the Mad Scientist was thousands, if not tens of thousands, of times more terrifying than they had thought.

“You… You’re also holding the Cosmos Corporation under duress?” Ling Chen’s eyes widened as he breathed raggedly. As he desperately fought to break free, his face became bright red.

“Holding them under duress? Oh no, no, no!” The Mad Scientist shook his head. “I’m helping them fulfil their goals, making their minds completely loyal to me forever. I’m helping them complete this glorious game. Being loyal to me is the greatest glory of their lives, heheheh!”

Ling Chen and Fey both knew that the ‘loyalty’ that the Mad scientist spoke of was turning everyone in the Cosmos Corporation into his puppets, following his every command. This would be incredibly simple for the Mad Scientist. Ling Chen gritted his teeth and asked the question that he wanted to know the answer to the most, because the answer could determine the fate of the earth, “Just why… did you modify Mystic Moon and turn it into a game?!”

Of course, Ling Chen would not naively believe that the Mad Scientist had done this purely to create the perfect ‘virtual game’ experience for humans. He had spent more than 10 years to create all of this, so he definitely had a horrifying goal.