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Chapter 793: Mastermind (5)

Chapter 793 – Mastermind (5)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Why I did it? Heheheh…” The Mad Scientist narrowed his eyes, an ugly look of intoxication appearing on his face. “Of course it was to give you lowly earthlings a glorious home! Over the past year, more and more earthlings have enjoyed themselves in the world I created to the point that they have forgotten their own homes. When the time comes, their spirits will be imprisoned here so that they cannot return to their real bodies. The puppets that these spirits are attached to will also disappear, and when that time comes, they will become spirits without a host. They’ll be taken into a cage that I’ve prepared for them, turning into glorious sacrifices, aheheheheh… for lowly earthlings to become such glorious sacrifices, they should be incredibly grateful to me, aheheheheh…”

Ling Chen and Fey’s hearts rapidly thumped as a chill chaotically spread throughout their bodies. They now understood: the Mad Scientist had spent much effort to modify this world and attract players into this world… through the Mad Scientist’s special equipment, players’ minds, or rather spirits, entered this world like they were going into a normal virtual game. The Mad Scientist’s goal was actually to cruelly cut the connection between their bodies and spirits, turning them into spirits with nowhere to go!

Putting aside why the Mad Scientist would do something so devoid of conscience and so deranged, since this was part of his plan, he definitely had the ability to do this. What’s more, once he achieved this, with the Mystic Moon’s terrifying numbers, the billions of players online would become human vegetables with living bodies but no spirits!!

This was an incredibly terrifying, soundless massacre!!

Ling Chen suddenly thought of the news he had seen not too long ago, and he said hatefully, “Was the Cosmos Corporation’s media announcement given by Smith part of your plan as well? Could it be that next month…”

“BINGO! As expected from the Adam that I developed, you’re completely correct,” The Mad Scientist insidiously smiled. “Before, the beautiful Mystic Moon Plan was meant to be completed after a year because I wanted to use the earth’s environment to complete many experiments that I wanted to complete. Once this plan has been carried out, I’ll have to destroy the earth, and I won’t be able to conduct those wonderful experiments anymore. However, the glorious King has spoken: because of some unexpected events, we are to complete all of the plans within 3 months, heheh… even though I don’t want to give up on my wonderful experiments, King’s orders are not to be disobeyed, so I had to bring the time forward to next month… heheh, old man Smith has given a perfect announcement: 10x EXP and drop rates. With earthlings’ ridiculous greed, they’ll definitely create a new record for the number of logins, and at least 80% of the earth’s population will come into the world I’ve created for them. That way, I’ll be able to collect billions of spirits at once, aheheheheheh!”

“Wanting to take a person’s complete spirit is incredibly difficult, and it is thousands of times more difficult than simply controlling a person’s spirit. This is because they can’t violently struggle during the process; otherwise, even if I succeed, their spirit will be damaged. Also, the person can’t die, or their spirit will quickly wither. The idiots carrying out the same sort of plans as me have been knocking out their people before taking their spirits, while others use techniques to control their minds… all of this takes incredible amounts of time and effort, and it might waste more than half of their spirits! My method is something those fools will never even imagine. Only me, the genius madman, could think of such a perfect and genius plan, aheheheheh!!”

The Mad Scientist’s wild laughter cut like knives into Ling Chen and Fey’s ears and hearts. What they were listening to sounded even more fantastical than a fantasy, and it was even more terrifying than hell. They had known and feared the Mad Scientist for more than 10 years and had thought that he was only a mad researcher. They never thought that the incredibly monstrous and shocking experiments that he carried out were only his side projects; his main plan was actually such a shocking plot! In a month, what the earth will face was certain doom!!

“You… You madman! What do you want to do with so many spirits? And who is this ‘King’ you’ve been referring to? Is it… Is it that you aliens want to devour earth?!” Ling Chen furiously roared. Right now, the only thing that Ling Chen could think of was that the Mad Scientist was from a planet that was far more advanced and powerful than earth, while ‘King’ was the leader of that planet. The Mad Scientist was carrying out a plan to control and devour the earth… this sort of plot appeared quite often in sci-fi movies, but no alien had ever used such sick and mad methods.

If he really succeeded, the Mad Scientist would have single-handedly destroyed earth!

“Heh, didn’t I already say that it’s to make you earthlings into glorious sacrifices? Devour your earth… heheheheh! So ridiculous, so ridiculous!” The Mad Scientist madly laughed. “If I wanted to do so, the first year I came to earth, all humans would have died. The tiny Isrock Disease was equivalent to a death sentence to you humans, while I’m able to make things that are thousands of times worse than the Isrock Disease. If I spread those diseases, earth would have turned into a dead planet in a matter of months.

“However, earth’s fate is still to be destroyed. After the Mystic Moon Plan is concluded, the earth and Mystic Moon will be destroyed. I will create new diseases to destroy this beautiful Mystic Moon world, while earth, heheheh… you two will be my weapons of destruction! When the time comes, you can kill those spiritless vegetables and hunt down those who aren’t in the Mystic Moon, causing terror, howling, and death to fill the Mystic Moon and earth, heheheheh…”

The Mad Scientist stood in front of Ling Chen and Fey, less than 3 steps away from them, his skeleton-like head filling their vision. “Heheheheh, since you know your destiny, it’s time to turn you two into true killing machines!”

Ling Chen and Fey both understood that with the Mad Scientist’s extremely cautious personality and incredible intelligence, if he wasn’t planning on turning them into puppets immediately, he wouldn’t have told them so many shocking secrets. They could both guess what he was about to do… he was going to sever the connection between their spirits and bodies and take their spirits captive before creating an artificial consciousness to put into their bodies, turning them into his puppets!

The gaming equipment was created by the Mad Scientist, so doing this would be incredibly simple for him.

“Your minds were modified by me to the point that even I felt fearful. If this was earth, even I would not be able to control your minds. However, since I’ve found you in the Mystic Moon world, this must be a wonderful opportunity given to me by the heavens.” The Mad Scientist took a step forwards. To Ling Chen and Fey, this was like a deathgod taking a step closer to them. “Because in this world, I’m an omnipotent god! If I want to control or destroy your bodies or take your minds captive, it will only take a single thought, heheheheh, so now…”

As the Mad Scientist’s voice became crazier and crazier, his gaze becoming more and more dangerous. Ling Chen and Fey’s expressions gradually became more and more fearful… at this moment, a strange light flickered in the depths of their eyes.

Ling Chen’s face paled, and his eyes trembled as he said in an incredibly shocked voice, “You madman… just then, you said that there’s a thing called the Lunar Scourge, which is something that you can’t control… ha… hahaha… and you said that you were an omnipotent genius, so there are things in this world… that even you can’t control, ha… hahahaha…”

Ling Chen dryly laughed; his stiff laughter and words were his last attack against the Mad Scientist in his fear and despair… an extremely weak counterattack. Hearing his words, the Mad Scientist coldly laughed, “Even though the Lunar Scourge and Lachesis are both godly items, the Lachesis belonged to a kind and loving goddess, so even though I forcefully used its power, it did not want to retaliate and injure me. However, the Lunar Scourge belonged to a tyrannical overlord… a tyrant who destroyed all gods! Its power was domineering to the extreme, and let alone control it, if it sensed that you even wanted to control it, it would madly attack and try to devour your mind. However, it’s impossible for you, ignorant Adam, to know about these things… even though your body and mind have surpassed the limits of humans due to my modifications, you’re still a low and ridiculous earthling, heheheh…”

The shock on Ling Chen’s face increased by a bit as he said with a trembling voice, “That… That means that even though you control this world’s rules, you’re still unable to control the Lunar Scourge… if the Lachesis, which is on the same level as the Lunar Scourge, was not so merciful, you would not have been able to control it either. Heheh… haha… so there are things that even you can’t control! You madman… you said that you were omnipotent, what a joke… ha… hahaha…”

“Heheh, laugh, laugh as much as you want, Adam. I’ll mercifully give you a bit more time so you can ignorantly laugh until you’re satisfied, because afterwards, you’ll never be able to laugh again, heheheh…” Facing Ling Chen’s mocking, the Mad Scientist was not enraged at all, and he said venomously, “In this world, no one can doubt my genius and omnipotence. I can’t control the Lunar Scourge and Lachesis because they’re the only 2 items left behind by gods in this chaotic space. Within the limits of ‘humans’, there’s nothing that I can’t do. However, they’re within the scope of ‘gods’. This is a realm that even the great ‘King’ desires, but it is something that he has not been able to reach. I’m unable to control those godly items, and no one in the world can control them: they can only become their puppets!”

Ling Chen’s eyes widened, the shock and fear on his face remained. “H-Hearing you say this…” His trembling voice suddenly became condescending as his gaze instantly became cool and sharp, “Then I can rest at ease!”

“Lunar Scourge Divine Spear!!”