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Chapter 794: Truly Dead?

Truly Dead?

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As Ling Chen suddenly roared, a blinding light shot out from the Lunar Scourge, condensing into the Lunar Scourge in Ling Chen’s hand.

The instant that the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared, the spatial lock around Ling Chen and Fey that the Mad Scientist claimed was the most powerful spatial lock in the Mystic Moon world suddenly disappeared, allowing Ling Chen and Fey to regain their freedom… On Fey’s right hand behind Ling Chen, the red, yellow, and blue rings of Lachesis simultaneously lit up.


As Ling Chen yelled out, the Lachesis’ light shone to its extreme, and all of its power covered the Mad Scientist, who could not react in time.

“Ultimate Dimensional Domain!!”

Time seemed to flow incredibly slowly. The instant that the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared, the Mad Scientist’s wild laughter suddenly froze as his face twisted and his pupils dilated. His body slightly leaned back as if he was trying to do something, but before he could do anything, his body stopped in place, unable to move at all, as if he had been locked down just as Ling Chen and Fey had been before.

From when Ling Chen and Fey had escaped from the spatial lock to when the Mad Scientist had been locked down, everything happened in the blink of an eye. The Mad Scientist did not have any battle capabilities, so he naturally did not have any battle sense. At that sort of speed, he could not react at all, and the frozen Mad Scientist’s eyes were opened wide, staring at Ling Chen and Fey. At this moment, he finally saw Ling Chen and Fey’s Lunar Scourge and Lachesis, a look of deep shock appearing in his eyes as he choked out the words, “Lachesis… and Lunar Scourge! Impossible! This is impossible!!”

“Mad Scientist!” Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he breathed raggedly. “I admit that you’re powerful to the point that I’m afraid! You’ve always been incredibly proud and confident, and indeed, you have the right to be arrogant… but today, you’ve fallen because of your confidence and arrogance! Just then, you said too much to us because you believed that there was nothing that could escape from your control and that it would be impossible for us to break free, and you even told us your only 2 weaknesses… the Lachesis and Lunar Scourge! At the same time, you were too arrogant to consider that the Lachesis and Lunar Scourge could be controlled by other people… at least, definitely not by earth’s players, who you look down on so much. However, we’re going to have to disappoint you! You control this world apart from 2 things… which are on Fey and myself!”

“Impossible! Impossible!!” The Mad Scientist’s eyes became bloodshot. This was the first time that Ling Chen and Fey had seen the Mad Scientist look so shocked, and they never thought that the terrifying Mad Scientist could have such a reaction. “The Lunar Scourge is an item of utmost evil, and anything that goes near it will be turned into a puppet or destroyed! How can it be on you… and the Lachesis’ energy was completely used up by me, and it could not even recover 0.1% of its energy over these years… how is this possible?! How is this possible?!”

“In this world, there’s no such thing as impossible,” Ling Chen coldly laughed as he raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. “The Lunar Scourge is completely controlled by me, and it has almost been restored; the Lachesis’ energy was indeed emptied out, but it has quickly recovered after being controlled by Fey, and now, more than 10% of its energy has been restored. It’s enough to suppress your spatial power and your control over rules!!”

The spatial lock that the Mad Scientist had used was indeed the most powerful spatial lock in the Mystic Moon world, and only the Lachesis’ spatial power and the Lunar Scourge’s power could destroy it. Even if the Mad Scientist was 100 times as intelligent and cautious, he would not have expected that the 2 items that only ancient True Gods could use were on Ling Chen and Fey and that they could be fully used by them. The spatial lock had been destroyed by them in an instant, and Lachesis’ spatial power had exploded out, sealing the Mad Scientist and his power of rules… directly cancelling out the power that the Mad Scientist had over the rules of the Mystic Moon world, because this power originally came from the Lachesis.

“Adam, don’t waste words with him! Kill him immediately!” Fey reminded Ling Chen in a loud voice. “Because the Lachesis’ rule power was completely depleted and it takes a long time to restore, even if I empty all of it, it can only stop him for less than 5 minutes. Right now, he can’t affect any of the rules of the world, and I’ve also changed the rules to lock his mind here… if you kill him here, his mind will be destroyed, and the Mad Scientist on earth will become a mindless vegetable! Hurry and do it! We both know just how terrifying he is, and every second we waste increases the possibility of something unexpected happening. If he escapes, the consequences will be unimaginable!!”

Fey’s words caused a chill to pass through Ling Chen’s body, and he equipped both of his weapons as he rushed towards the Mad Scientist. “You said that meeting us in this world was a wonderful chance… now, I’ll return those words to you! This is a chance given to us by the heavens to get rid of you! You want billions of people to become human vegetables… this is your punishment!!”

The Mad Scientist’s eyes once again widened. Seeing Ling Chen’s savage and gleeful eyes, as well as the 2 weapons that were about to slam onto his body, and feeling the power to change rules disappear from him, he felt the aura of death for the first time. He screamed, “Stop!! You have the Lunar Scourge… so you’re the Shura that King wanted to create… Ah! Yue… hurry and save me… Yue!!!”

“Little master, stop!!”

Qi Yue’s voice hurriedly sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind, causing his actions to slightly pause. Qi Yue quickly said, “Don’t kill him yet! He hasn’t fully explained why he’s doing this, and he hasn’t said what the sacrifices are for, or who the ‘King’ is. You should make him spill his secrets before killing him, or…”

“No!” Ling Chen resolutely refused. “Fey’s right. Every second he lives for is a possibility for him to escape. He couldn’t predict that Fey and I would have the Lachesis and Lunar Scourge… but he might have something that can reverse the situation! If he escapes, neither Fey nor I, as well as the whole earth, can bear the terrifying consequences.”


“Shattered Moon! Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation!”

“Yue… Yue!!!!!”



Qi Yue’s image appeared in front of Ling Chen as if she wanted to stop Ling Chen. However, Ling Chen’s Shura’s power was too domineering, and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and Shura Emperor Sword easily passed through Qi Yue, slamming into the Mad Scientist’s small and skinny body, resulting in a massive explosion.

After the Mad Scientist’s ability to control rules was taken away by the Lachesis temporarily, he was no longer a threat. His HP and other stats were about as high as a LV0 normal player’s stats… and might be even lower. With that sort of strength, even if Ling Chen did not use any weapons, he would have been able to kill the Mad Scientist hundreds of times over with just a simple kick.

However, Ling Chen smashed out with both of his weapons and released 2 of his strongest skills… this showed Ling Chen’s determination to kill the Mad Scientist, as well as the deep fear he felt towards him.

The Mad Scientist’s cry of pain only lasted for an instant before he was reduced to dust by the Shura’s berserk power. No matter if it was his clothes, body, or his white-framed glasses, he was utterly destroyed without a trace.

Although the Mad Scientist’s gaming equipment to enter the Mystic Moon World was more advanced, the equipment was generally the same as theirs. He was also recognised as a player, and after dying, his mind would be sent to the nearest revival point where a new body would ‘revive’. However, this rule was not absolute – such as when Moon Goddess White Snow had made it so that Ling Chen could not return to a city to be revived and could not even log off. This could be also done through… the Lachesis’ power to change rules!

The 3 Moon Goddesses were unable to change the rule that players could not be truly killed, but the Lachesis could. This was because these rules had originally been changed by the Mad Scientist using the Lachesis, so it could naturally undo what he had done. Not only had the Mad Scientist’s body been sealed in the dimensional domain, but also his mind had been sealed so that he could not teleport or log off based on the world’s rules. The rules also allowed for him to be destroyed, so the Mad Scientist’s body and mind were smashed into nothing by the Shura’s power.

Seeing where the Shura’s power had erupted, Qi Yue sighed and vanished.

When the dust finally settled, a crater that was many metres deep appeared in front of Ling Chen. The surroundings became incredibly quiet, and apart from him and Fey, there was nothing else around. The terrifying voice, clothes, and face had well and truly disappeared from before them.

Ling Chen put away the Shura Emperor Sword and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and stared at where the Mad Scientist had been before saying uncertainly, “Is the Mad Scientist… truly dead? Has he become a vegetable?”

“I think… so…” Fey also sounded quite uncertain.

“Seeing how scared he looked in the end, he should be dead… with his personality, he wouldn’t be able to fake such an expression, nor would he allow himself to reveal such an expression. Only when he’s facing death would he involuntarily reveal such an expression… so the Mad Scientist should be dead this time,” Ling Chen tried to sound as certain as he could.

This sort of reaction from Ling Chen and Fey was quite normal. This was because the Mad Scientist had been their greatest fear and trauma and was the only person who terrified them. In their hearts, he was like a demon. They had wanted to destroy him, but they had never been able to. Subconsciously, they believed that killing this terrifying madman would be thousands of times more difficult than killing Instructor Hell and would be almost impossible.

However, today, the Mad Scientist had surprisingly appeared in front of them, and…

He had been killed with a single attack? If Fey was right about his mind being destroyed, the Mad Scientist in the real world had become a vegetable?

For them to defeat this enemy, who they had feared the most and thought that defeating him would be more difficult than scaling the heavens, in a single strike, they almost couldn’t accept that this was reality.

The two of them fell silent and stared at the crater, and they did not immediately leave.


Ling Chen’s communication device sounded out, and Ling Chen picked it up, hearing Xiao Qi’s excited voice, “Big brother Ling Tian! Super, super, super good news! All of the demon beasts suddenly all vanished… not just the demon beasts in front of Ling Tian City; big sister Meng Xin and Xiao Xue heard that all of the demon beasts in front of the Forgotten City and the 4 main cities disappeared as well. It is as if they evaporated like steam! Not a single one is left!”

“… Alright, I got it. Fey and I will return soon.”

After hanging up, Ling Chen raised his head and looked towards Fey, who was also looking at him. After a while, a beautiful smile suddenly appeared on Fey’s face. “Looks like we’ve really killed the Mad Scientist! Those demon beasts were created by the Mad Scientist using a special method, and it looks like they were linked to the Mad scientist’s spirit. Since the Mad Scientist’s spirit was destroyed, they also disappeared. The disappearance of the demon beasts perfectly coincided with when you killed the Mad Scientist.

“That should be the case.” Ling Chen nodded, a faint, relaxed smile appearing on his face as he let out a long sigh inwardly. The Mad Scientist’s death was equivalent to getting rid of his and Fey’s worst nightmare, making it so that there was no longer anyone who he and Fey feared in this world.

“How did he do all of this though? Putting aside how terrifying those demon beasts were, they were all demon beasts from over 10,000 years ago, and there was even the ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors! Just how did he ‘clone’ them? This sort of thing should have exceeded the limits of ‘rules’, right?” Ling Chen said as he frowned.

Fey smiled, “Who knows? Apart from the Mad Scientist himself, I doubt anyone else knows. He’s undoubtedly an abnormal genus, and since it’s something incredibly abnormal, there’s no need for us to know. Otherwise, wouldn’t we also become abnormal madmen and madwomen?”