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Chapter 795: The Stopped Mystic Moon Plan

The Stopped Mystic Moon Plan

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Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen and Fey had unexpectedly eliminated their greatest worry and threat, but they were unable to relax. This was because from what the Mad Scientist had said, they felt a formless, dark net covering their world. Thinking of the terrifying plan that the Mad Scientist had been carrying out and was about to complete, they could help but feel incredibly shocked. Now that the Mad Scientist was dead, it would be impossible for them to find answers.

“Just what was the goal of the Mad Scientist’s Mystic Moon Plan?”

“Where did the Mad Scientist come from? Who’s the ‘King’ he was talking about?”

“What did he mean by I was the Shura that ‘King’ wanted to create?”

“Why was he calling out ‘Yue’ before he died? Could he have an ally called ‘Yue’ who he was asking for help from?”

Ling Chen and Fey laid out their questions, but they could not think of any answers. However, these questions became hazes that settled in their hearts. Before today, they never thought that their peaceful earth would be in such horrifying danger. If it wasn’t for the Mad Scientist voluntarily appearing in this world, they never would have known the truth behind the Mystic Moon world, and the consequences for earth were too horrible to think about.

“If the Mad Scientist’s really dead, apart from his allies, no one will know the answers to these questions, so we should just let them go… of course, I hope that he didn’t have any allies and that this monstrous plan will fully stop,” Fey said calmly.

“I hope that’s the case. However, this isn’t over: there’s still the Cosmos Corporation,” Ling Chen said.

Fey raised her eyebrows, instantly realising how serious this was. “You mean…?”

“The Mystic Moon world is a real world, and it isn’t a virtual game created by the Cosmos Corporation. The Cosmos Corporation has been controlled by the Mad Scientist this entire time, so now that the Mad Scientist has effectively died, who knows what will happen to the Cosmos Corporation. Once those people regain their consciousness, what they might do is announce to the world the truth behind Mystic Moon… of course, this would be the real ‘truth’, but they will at least say that this was not a game developed and run by them and that they were hijacked by a group of people who wanted to use the game to destroy the earth. One of two things will happen… the whole world will go crazy, or the whole world will think that the Cosmos Corporation has gone crazy.

“As more and more players start to believe this, there will be great upheavals within the game, and the real world might even fall into chaos. The key thing is that the Mad Scientist used the ‘rules’ to make it possible to exchange gold in this world with the world’s currency, and this has been supported by banks across the world. Many players’ entire fortunes are in the Mystic Moon world, so if the Cosmos Corporation reveals the ‘truth’, the whole world might fall into an economic crisis.” As Ling Chen spoke, his frown became deeper and deeper, and he gradually saw more and more how big this problem was.

Ling Chen’s eyes immediately flashed as he thought of something and said in a low voice, “The situation might be even more urgent that we thought. Smith from the Cosmos Corporation wasn’t turned into a puppet, and he was only forced to work for the Mad Scientist!”

“How do you know?” Fey asked in shock.

“Because when I saw his announcement, even though Smith seemed quite weary and tired, from his eyes, I could tell that he wasn’t a puppet, or I would have been able to instantly tell. In order to prevent Smith, who appears frequently on TV, from being exposed as a puppet, he used his methods to coerce Smith, making him follow his orders. Right now, he might be imprisoned somewhere within the Cosmos Corporation’s headquarters. Because he has been awake this entire time, he might have seen and understood the Mad Scientist’s true goal and the truth behind the Mystic Moon world. Once he regains his freedom, he might announce this truth to the public!” Ling Chen stopped frowning – evidently, he had made some sort of decision.

Seeing the change in Ling Chen’s expression, Fey, who understood him all too well, guessed what he was going to do and said with a slight smile, “You’re going to go to the Cosmos Corporation? No, it’s best that I go. After all, I’ve spent more time in America than you. I know where the Cosmos Corporation is, and a few years ago, I even snuck in. It’s much better for me to go.”

“Ah…” Hearing this, Ling Chen swallowed the words that he was about to say. He scratched his head, nodded, and said, “Alright, it’s indeed better for you to go. However, no matter what, place your safety first. The Mad Scientist might have put in many defence mechanisms, so it’s best that you bring a few people, and with regards to time…”

“I know how urgent this is, so I’ll immediately log off and head there. I won’t need to bring anyone, and as for safety, you don’t need to worry about that,” Fey said as she raised her large chest with pride.

“Alright.” Ling Chen nodded. “I’ll tell Xiao Xue to start preparing to buy the Cosmos Corporation tomorrow. If you can find Smith, make sure you talk to him about all of this. With how intelligent he is, even if he is reluctant, he should know that this is the best thing to do!”

Fey paused for a moment before her eyes lit up. “It’s indeed a perfect way of resolving this. As long as we can control the Cosmos Corporation, we can hide the ‘truth’, allowing the Mystic Moon world to continue existing as a ‘virtual game’. With the Li family’s current reputation, influence, and finances, they can buy the Cosmos Corporation without raising great complaints from the rest of the world. Smith should know what sort of decision he should make. As for why the Li family financial group would buy the Cosmos Corporation and why they sold, I’m sure Xiao Xue will be able to give a perfect reason!

“I’ll move out now, and I should reach America by early morning tomorrow at the latest. If Smith hasn’t been turned into a puppet by the Mad Scientist, there’s a 99% chance that he’s in the Cosmos Corporation’s headquarters!”

After saying this, Fey quickly logged off.

With Fey heading to the Cosmos Corporation, Ling Chen did not have to worry about her safety. Even if there were 100 machine guns aimed at her, they would not be able to harm a single hair on her head. He only hoped that everything would go as smoothly as they had discussed.

“Have you been shocked stiff by the truth?” Qi Yue’s voice sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind.

Ling Chen stayed silent before slowly saying, “Qi Yue, did you try to stop me just then because you felt that I was too hurried in killing that madman?”

“That’s right, you were too hurried,” Qi Yue replied after falling silent for a moment. “He had massive secrets and plots in his mind, but you killed him before asking him about them. If anything happens in future, we’ll be in a passive position.”

“I wanted to make him answer all of our questions; I wanted that a lot.” Ling Chen breathed heavily. “However, Fey and I understand just how terrifying he is. If he escaped while giving us those answers, Fey and I might never have such a chance again, and we would be plagued with countless problems. As such, it was better for us to get nothing and kill him! This is even more so given that he would not reveal anything that he did not want to reveal even in the face of death.”

“Since this was little master’s decision, I naturally won’t think that it’s wrong.”

Ling Chen picked up his communication device and contacted Li Xiao Xue, “Xiao Xue, where are you now? There’s something important that I need to discuss with you.”

After asking Li Xiao Xue where she was, Ling Chen returned to Ling Tian City.

This deserted wilderness had been completely ravaged by the demon beasts, and after Ling Chen left, there were no longer any living creatures around, only the howling wind.

After a short while, a black, shadowy figure appeared where Ling Chen had been. She silently looked at where the Mad Scientist had been killed before muttering, “His spirit has been destroyed without even a trace remaining. Who would have thought that the madman, who feared neither the heavens nor the earth, would be killed like this by those lowly creatures.

“Even if he didn’t die, I would have killed him one day. However… the timing of his death is simply too disastrous…”

“I hope it won’t be detected by them, ai…”

After giving a long sigh, the black figure slowly faded and disappeared.


At an unknown place in an unknown planet.

“King! Just then, I completely lost my spirit connection with the Mad Scientist. He might be dead already...”

“That’s right, his spirit has died without any struggle, and there are no traces of it left. It was destroyed in an instant by powerful energy! It was on that ‘Mystic Moon’ planet. Who would have thought that there were beings on that tiny planet that could kill the Mad Scientist. Go to the Mystic Moon planet and find out just who killed the Mad Scientist.”

“Yes, King. Then… what about the Mystic Moon Plan? The Mad Scientist never let anyone know about his progress on the plan, so we have no idea where he was up to.”

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll give you 3 days to find the person who killed the Mad Scientist. If you can’t find him, don’t keep looking and instead start looking for the Godchild! There’s nothing more important than this! If we can’t find the Godchild before it matures, everything will be too late!”

“Yes! I’ll head to the Mystic Moon planet immediately!”