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Chapter 797: Birthday (1)

Birthday (1)

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Su Hang, Gu family’s residence.

Li Xiao Xue was elegantly sitting in front of Gu Qing Han and got straight to the point, “Aunty Gu, so sorry to disturb you while you’re so busy. There are some things that I want to hear your opinion on… mm, it’s like this: I’m preparing to buy the Cosmos Corporation.”

Li Xiao Xue looked at Gu Qing Han, waiting to see her reaction upon hearing the news that could shock the world. However, what shocked her was that even though Gu Qing Han was looking at her, her eyes had no focus, and she did not respond as if she had lost her soul.

“Aunty Gu?” Li Xiao Xue asked, feeling quite surprised. With Gu Qing Han’s personality, she would never allow herself to space out, especially when receiving a guest.

“Ah?” Gu Qing Han came back to her senses and gave Li Xiao Xue an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, I just spaced out; what were you asking about?”

Li Xiao Xue did not repeat what she had just asked, and she instead said with a worried expression, “Aunty Gu, after knowing you for so long, this is the first time that I’ve seen you so preoccupied. Is there anything on your mind? If you’re willing, you can tell me about it; I might be able to give Aunty Gu some ideas.”

In actuality, with Li Xiao Xue’s intelligent mind and her understanding towards Gu Qing Han, how could she not know that Gu Qing Han was spacing out because of… Ling Chen!

“I…” A faint look of sorrow appeared in Gu Qing Han’s eyes as she slowly got up and walked in front of the French window. Only after a while did she say softly, “Tomorrow… is his 24th birthday.”

“Eh?” Li Xiao Xue felt a bit surprised and also stood up. Li Xiao Xue did not know when Ling Chen’s birthday was. She had casually asked Ling Chen once, but Ling Chen had only calmly replied that he did not remember which day it was. Even Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, and Su’Er did not know. Perhaps the only ones who knew were Xuanyuan Dia Wu and Ling Shui Ruo.

However, even if everyone in the world forgot about his birthday, Gu Qing Han wouldn’t. This was so even though she had believed that he had died 13 years ago.

“Can you help me give him my birthday blessings… and a present?” Gu Qing Han said softly as she looked out the window.

With Li Xiao Xue’s understanding towards Ling Chen, he would not care about birthdays. However, just because he did not care did not mean other people did not care, especially Gu Qing Han. Li Xiao Xue suddenly smiled. “Aunty Gu, I only just found out today about Ling Chen’s birthday. Thinking about it now, I think I should organise a birthday party for him. After all, it was because of him that our Li family has reached such heights… however, I can’t help Aunty Gu give him her present.”

Gu Qing Han’s gaze became dim and she bitterly shook her head. “… It’s fine. I know that I shouldn’t selfishly disturb him before the right time.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Li Xiao Xue shook her head as she came over to Gu Qing Han’s side and said with a smile, “Rather, I think right now is the perfect time. I can’t give it to Ling Chen for Aunty Gu because this gift… would be better for Aunty Gu to give him.”

Gu Qing Han paused in shock, an emotional look appearing in her eyes. “Me… give it to him? But… But…”

“Just because Ling Chen has been avoiding it doesn’t mean that he is resistant to it. He needed some time to accept it. After all, he had thought that his mother had passed away when he was a child, and he never knew the concept of a mother, nor has he ever experienced motherly love. It’s quite difficult for him to suddenly gain a mother, and this is especially so for Ling Chen, who has gone through many special experiences. However, even though he can be a tough and unyielding person, from his actions, I can tell that he repays kindness with kindness, so he’s definitely not an emotionless person. Rather, he’s someone who values relationships – otherwise, he wouldn’t have so many loyal followers,” Li Xiao Xue smiled as she continued speaking in a touched manner, “nor would so many girls have fallen for him so deeply.”

“Now that so much time has passed, it should have been enough time for him to process this. Isn’t tomorrow a great opportunity? Maybe he has already accepted you in his heart and has been thinking about you. Last time, him asking me to give you that medicine is the best evidence for this.” As she spoke, Li Xiao Xue turned to look at the small and exquisite glass bottle on Gu Qing Han’s desk… every decoration here was worth astronomical amounts, but that insignificant bottle was placed in the most eye-catching place. If the person who was working at the table raised their head, they would be able to see it immediately.

“With how strong Ling Chen’s personality is, even if he has accepted you and wants to see you, he won’t take the first step. In that case, isn’t Aunty Gu willing?”

Gu Qing Han’s gaze continuously trembled, and after hearing Li Xiao Xue’s words, she lightly closed her eyes and slowly raised her hands, placing them in front of her chest as if she was praying…


Morning of September 18, 3101.

On this seemingly-ordinary day, the Li family financial group made a shocking announcement. They had announced… that they were about to buy the Cosmos Corporation, including all of its subsidiaries and assets. Following this, Director Smith of the Cosmos Corporation announced that he would do his best to work with the Li family financial group, and he reassured everyone that the running of Mystic Moon would not be affected. Under the Li family financial group, the Cosmos Corporation would perform even better.

As for the reason, neither the Cosmos Corporation nor Li family financial group gave one. This was because Li Xiao Xue did not even need to give a reason – the world could guess whatever it wanted: the crazier the better. As for any opposition… especially opposition from the American government, Li Xiao Xue did not worry about that at all. This was because with the Li family financial group’s current reputation, she was confident that she could quash all opposition.

Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

In the morning, Ling Chen did not enter the game. Right now, the Forgotten Continent was still a wreck, and he was not in the mood to find the Sun God Orb in such conditions. After eating breakfast, he went to the bamboo forest and madly ran 10 or so laps and trained his reaction speed by dodging through the bamboo. After returning to the central area, he was covered with sweat, and he leapt into the swimming pool, putting his arms on the sides of the pool as he silently closed his eyes.

QI Yue…

Ye Yue…


The Shura that King wanted to create…


“Whew…” Ling Chen heavily breathed out and muttered, “If you’re the Yue that the Mad Scientist was referring to… why have you never made me feel danger… if you’re not… then just who are you… and what is your true goal…”

“Big brother!!” Tian Tian’s clear voice rang out, and Ling Chen turned to see Tian Tian jogging over in slippers while holding her pink phone in her hands.

“So big brother’s here.” Tian Tian came to the pool and squatted down, looking at Ling Chen with a mysterious smile on her face. “Just then, big sister Xiao Xue said that she’ll arrive with big sister Bing Yao and a mysterious guest in 10 minutes.”

“A mysterious guest?” Ling Chen thought for a moment before nodding. “Alright, I got it. Looks like I’ll need to get changed.” After speaking, Ling Chen leapt out of the swimming pool, spraying Tian Tian with water.

Tian Tian cried out and hurriedly patted her damp clothing, puffing up her cheeks as she said angrily, “Big brother… you did that on purpose!”

“Heheh, of course I did that on purpose,” Ling Chen laughed evilly, “Who told Tian Tian to drool all over my face last night. When I woke up halfway through the night, I thought our home had been flooded, hahahaha!”

Tian Tian’s face became red and she stomped her food, furiously chasing after Ling Chen. “Don’t run… I’m going to tell the big sisters that you’ve been bullying me again.” A big figure and a small figure rushed into the house, followed by much yelling. When Tian Tian came out, she was wearing a pretty and colourful dress, a pleased look on her face. As she walked out, she saw Shadissika, causing her to quickly walk over and ask, “Sha Sha, are you ready?”

“Hehe, I’ve been prepared since yesterday. Our cooperation will be perfect,” Shadissika replied with a mysterious smile.

“Shh, don’t let big brother hear.” Tian Tian placed a finger on her lips and cautiously looked behind her before giggling, “Hurry and tell the big sisters to get ready; big sister Xiao Xue just said that they’re nearly here.”

“Mm, got it!” The 2 girls looked at each other and happily laughed before running off.


At an unknown place in an unknown planet.

“King, we’ve found the person who killed the Mad Scientist. It’s a human called ‘Ling Tian’.”

“Ling Tian? Hmm, a mere human dares to have such an arrogant name?” [TLN: Ling Tian can be interpreted as ‘rising above the heavens’]

“This human called Ling Tian is not someone from the Mystic Moon planet, and he instead comes from earth. He seems to be able to freely go to the Mystic Moon planet due to the Mad Scientist’s Mystic Moon Plan, but he’s incredibly famous and is the strongest person there.”

“Hmph, since he was able to kill the Mad Scientist, he shouldn’t be too weak. Have you gotten rid of him yet?”

“Not yet, but it’s not because I’m not his match; rather, I haven’t acted yet. This is because I smelled the Godchild’s aura on him…”


“That’s right! The Godchild matter is more important than anything, so I definitely wouldn’t be mistaken! In order not to inadvertently alert him, I haven’t moved against him yet… I’m guessing that the Godchild is either on the Mystic Moon planet or on earth!”

“Rahu, go to earth, and if you find the Godchild there, let me know immediately.”

“Then King, you…?”

“I’ll personally go to the Mystic Moon planet!”