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Chapter 798: Birthday (2)

Birthday (2)

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10 minutes later, the roar of car engines drew near, and soon, 2 sports cars parked into the small parking lot. The first car’s door opened as Li Xiao Xue elegantly walked out. She had on light makeup and was wearing a light blue dress that went to her knees. Following this, a cool aura swept out as Mu Bing Yao silently got out from the car.

“Xiao Xue, Bing Yao!” Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi, who had been waiting for them, quickly walked up and greeted them. Just as they were about to speak, the second car’s door opened as a dignified-looking woman walked out. The 2 girls stared before simultaneously crying out, “Aunty Gu?!”

Gu Qing Han warmly smiled. “Meng Xin, Qi Qi, it has been 2 years since we’ve last met. You’ve become more and more beautiful.”

Yun Meng Xin lightly smiled. “Aunty Gu’s flattering us. Aunty Gu looks even more magnificent and glamorous; if I can be even half as pretty as Aunty Gu is when I’m her age, I’ll be happy to death.”

“But why are you here, Aunty Gu?” Xiao Qi asked curiously.

Li Xiao Xue mysteriously smiled. “Of course she’s here to wish that man, who is lucky to death, a happy birthday. As for the specific reason, we’ll talk about that later. Have you finished the preparations?”

“Of course we have, we were just waiting for you. Let’s go, let’s go, come on Aunty Gu.” Xiao Qi grabbed Li Xiao Xue and impatiently walked towards the living room.

The dining table was fully seated with people. Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, Mu Bing Yao, Li Xiao Xue, Fey, and Yola were all present, each of them looking incredibly beautiful. Each of them was extraordinarily beautiful, and seated together, any person would be intoxicated by the sight. Chao Ying and Chao Xi were wearing incredibly low tops and sexy miniskirts, their exposed flesh enough to make anyone’s blood boil. They were each holding 2 bouquets of flowers and giving expectant and sweet smiles. Gu Qing Han was sitting at the head seat, and even though many of the girls had only met her for the first time and felt quite confused by why she was here, since she had been brought by Li Xiao Xue, they did not mind too much. After chatting with her, they felt much closer with her.

Gu Qing Han had been involved in many big matters over her lifetime, and no matter how important or serious the matter she was facing, she remained absolutely calm. However, today, her heart had been beating rapidly the entire time, and facing these young women with incredible backgrounds, looks, temperaments, and histories, she felt as if she was in a dream…

Li Xiao Xue – currently one of the most famous people in the world, the sole heiress to the Li family financial group, and the true controller of the Li family financial group…

Yun Meng Xin – the most famous and beautiful woman in the world, the goddess of everyone’s dreams, the Lady of Ling Tian City…

Xuanyuan Dia Wu – the daughter of the Xuanyuan family, the Sword Emperor of the virtual world, and a woman who would take her own life for Ling Chen…

Xiao Qi – the Princess of the Battle Alliance, the largest underground power in the north, and the fearsome ‘Flame Empress’ in the virtual world…

Su’Er – the sole heiress of the Su family, her father was the Mayor of Beijing, and her uncle was the third highest Senior Official in China, wielding incredibly military might…

Gu Qing Han did not know Fey, Mu Bing Yao, and Yola before today, but with her discernment, how could she not tell that they had a formless aura that far surpassed normal girls? This was especially so for Fey – within her bright and beautiful eyes, she gave off an air of condescension. Evidently, she had seen many things, and even the most amazing things in the world were incredibly simple to her.

Chao Xi and Chao Ying were Li Yun Ze’s adopted daughters, and every young man in Su Hang and the entirely of Zhong Zhou wanted them. And yet, they stayed here as servants, and they not only did they not seem reluctant, but they also looked honoured and blissful.

Any one of these young women could shake the world. Who would believe that they resolutely surrounded a single man, and when they heard the name ‘Ling Chen’, they revealed the same expression… including Xiao Xue, Chao Ying, and Chao Xi.

Gu Qing Han felt quite shocked – to be surrounded by these women, any man would be able to die a hundred times without regrets. As Gu Qing Han revelled in shock, she unconsciously smiled… it was a smile of deep satisfaction and pride… it was even prouder than when she had single handedly made the Gu family mighty again.

“Shh, he’s going to come soon.” Li Xiao Xue raised a finger to her lips.

Ling Chen’s door was opened as Tian Tian and Shadissika held Ling Chen’s hands on either side of him… with a large blindfold on his face.

“Oi! What are you doing, Tian Tian? Are you trying to take revenge on me for bullying you just then…” Ling Chen walked forwards under Tian Tian and Sha Sha’s guidance.

“Hehe, no way.”

“We’re nearly there… remember, you can’t peek,” Shadissika reminded him.

Tian Tian and Shadissika dragged Ling Chen in front of the table before blinking at the big sisters. Shadissika stood on her tippy toes and placed her little hands on the blindfold. “Alright, close your eyes Ling Chen… mm, 3, 2, 1!”

As she counted down in her clear voice, she quickly took off Ling Chen’s blindfold, and Ling Chen opened his eyes!

Pa! Pa!

All of the lights were turned on as colourful confetti rained down from above Ling Chen. The cover over the table was lifted off as a large and colourful cake with 24 candles on it appeared. In front of Ling Chen were many beautiful and familiar faces covered with warm and joyous smiles, and his ears were filled with their singing, “Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…”

Ling Chen stood there, dumbfounded, feeling slightly stunned. Only when the women finished singing did he come back to his senses. “You… You…”

“Aiya, so he’s really a man who doesn’t even remember his own birthday,” Li Xiao Xue said while smiling.

“Today’s September 18, your 24th birthday; I knew you would forget,” Xuanyuan Dia Wu said softly as she stood up and looked at him. Ling Chen celebrated his birthday for the first time with her when he had only been 8 years old. After that, they had spent their ninth and tenth birthdays together… after they had been reunited, this was the first birthday that they had spent together.

“Hehe, happy birthday, big brother! Hurry and put this on!” Tian Tian stood on her tippy toes and placed a small ‘birthday hat’ on Ling Chen’s head.

“This is the cake that Tian Tian and I baked for big brother. It was completely made by us!” Shadissika raised her face and beautifully smiled.

“Happy birthday, big brother Ling Tian,” Su’Er said softly.

“I hope you’ll be happy every day, forever and ever,” Xiao Qi said in a loud voice as she put her head on Su’Er’s shoulder.

“Mm, if you’re happy, all of us will be happy,” Yun Meng Xin smiled.

“Master…” A small smile appeared on Mu Bing Yao’s face, making her seem like a snow lotus that had blossomed perfectly.

“After so many years, this is the first time that we’ve celebrated your birthday… this feeling is quite great; no wonder people like celebrating their birthdays,” Yola said somewhat hazily with a slightly red face.

“Whew, the first time we met, you were only 10 years old. Now, in the blink of an eye, you’ve become a 24-year-old old man. My Adam, you should enjoy the last bits of the springtime of your youth; otherwise, you won’t have this opportunity anymore,” Fey said.

“Hehe, this is the first time we’ve celebrated master’s birthday with him; this is so exciting!” Chao Ying and Chao Xi’s smiles blossomed like flowers. The countless rich and powerful young men who had desperately pursued them had never had the luck to see those smiles before.

Ling Chen felt a tugging on his heartstrings, and an indescribable warmth filled his body and mind. As he swept his gaze across each of the beautiful faces, when he saw Gu Qing Han, his expression froze and he subconsciously muttered, “A-Aunty Gu?” As he said this, everyone turned to look at Gu Qing Han. Apart from Li Xiao Xue, none of them knew why she was here.

Gu Qing Han slowly stood up, her gaze slightly trembling as she calmly and elegantly smiled, “Happy birthday, Ling Chen. I know my presence here is quite strange, and I hope it won’t affect all of you.”

“Of course not,” Li Xiao Xue said before rolling her eyes at Ling Chen. “If it wasn’t for Aunty Gu telling me, I wouldn’t even have known that it was Ling Chen’s birthday today… heheh, and there wouldn’t be such a lovely scene today.”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Eh? How did Aunty Gu know big brother Ling Tian’s birthday? Even we didn’t know,” Xiao Qi asked curiously.

The intelligent and sensitive Yun Meng Xin and Fey’s eyebrows jumped upon hearing Li Xiao Xue’s words. Thinking to why she had brought Gu Qing Han here, they seemed to realise something.

“We can talk about this later because right now it’s time for our main character to do his part.” Li Xiao Xue pursed her lips as she smiled. “Ling Chen, it’s fine that you forgot about your own birthday; in the future, there will be many people to remember it hundreds of times clearer than you. Now, blow out the candles, close your eyes… and make a wish.”

“Mhmm, blow the candles; you need to blow all of them out,” Tian Tian reminded him as she held Ling Chen’s hand.

Facing this sort of scene and so many warm and loving gazes, what could Ling Chen say? No amount of words would be enough to express how touched he felt. September 18 was indeed his birthday, but without Dia Wu and Shui Ruo, he would always forget about this date. Even if he remembered it, he would not pay much attention to it.

From today onwards, there would be so many people remembering this day that belonged to him and to them.

Ling Chen bent down and blew out the 24 candles in 1 breath. With his abilities, blowing out those 24 candles simultaneously was naturally quite easy.

“Make a wish big brother, make a wish.”

Even though he was completely unprepared, facing this sort of scene, Ling Chen could not resist at all. As Tian Tian and Sha Sha encouraged him, he silently closed his eyes…

His first wish: Ruo Ruo, come back to my side soon.

His second wish: That everyone by my side can be safe, happy, and worry free.

His third wish: That the earth and Mystic Moon world will be safe and will not face any more disasters.