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Chapter 800: The Missing Sha Sha

The Missing Sha Sha

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When Tian Tian and Shadissika’s song sounded out and they started to dance, Ling Chen fell into a deep trance.

It had been more than a year since he and Shui Ruo had brought Tian Tian into their home. Even though it was not a very short period of time, he had never heard Tian Tian sing before, nor had she expressed any interest in singing. This was the first time that he had heard Tian Tian singing… and it was for him.

Tian Tian’s singing was somewhat immature and would sometimes go out of tune. After all, this song was written by Shadissika, and she had only practiced with Shadissika for half a day. However, her voice was simply too cute and pleasant, and even though she would sometimes go out of tune, everyone still liked to hear her sing.

As for Shadissika’s singing, it could only be described as perfect and wonderful.

Shadissika and Tian Tian danced as they sang, and Shadissika’s soft voice did not go out of tune like Tian Tian’s, and it instead had a penetrating quality to it. Everyone could feel Shadissika’s voice piercing into the deepest region of their hearts, making them sink in her voice, crushing all of their will and mental defences. Their minds were solely focused on the incredible singing, unable to think about anything else…

Did the sort of voice that could sway souls - something that even the best singers in the world could not do - really come from such a young girl?

The song was filled with bliss, peace, fortune, and their love for Ling Chen. Every word they sang lightly tugged at Ling Chen’s heartstrings. Accompanying their singing was their dancing. They looked like little goddesses, blossoming flowers, and butterflies at varying times. They had only ‘rehearsed’ this dance for half a day, but it was almost perfect. This was because Tian Tian and Sha Sha slept on the same bed every day and would interact every day, so they were incredibly close. Even without trying, they were able to work astoundingly well together.

Their expressions were serious yet cheerful, their eyes burning, and their song and dance caused Ling Chen and everyone else present to feel intoxicated. They felt as if they had been swept into a beautiful fantasy world and wished that the song and dance would go on forever…

As they watched on, the song and dance finally finished. As Shadissika and Tian Tian were about to finish, they spun over to Ling Chen like dancing butterflies, and each of them hugged one of Ling Chen’s arms as they lightly kissed him on the cheeks. “Happy birthday big brother!” They yelled together, a red blush on their faces.

“Wow! Wow!! That was so beautiful!!” Xiao Qi vigorously clapped, her eyes full of adoration. She felt an impulse to rush up and tightly hug these 2 angelic girls.

“So cute, so cute, I feel like I’m melting. Wuu… I really want to hug them,” Su’Er muttered in a soft voice as she clutched at the corners of her dress, her gaze flashing.

“Aiya, it’s like we just experienced a song and dance by a pair of angels,” Li Xiao Xue sighed in amazement. “This is especially so for Sha Sha. I’m sure that your voice is enough to shake the world.”

“Hehe, no way. Plus, I’ll only ever sing for Ling Chen,” Shadissika said as she beautifully smiled.

Ling Chen pulled Tian Tian and Shadissika into an embrace, feeling incredibly touched. He didn’t know just what he had done to be so lucky to have these 2 angelic girls stay by his side and love him so. “Thank you for your birthday present, Tian Tian and Sha Sha. With you by my side… I’m the happiest person in the world.”

“Hehe, we’re the same: as long as big brother is by our side, we’re the happiest people in the world.” Tian Tian happily smiled after being hugged by Ling Chen.

“Mhmm.” Shadissika also smiled… however, her body suddenly trembled as if she had been shocked by lighting, and her red cheeks became as pale as a sheet.

“If big brother likes it, we can song more for big brother in the future. I think I’m starting to like singing more and more.” After seeing how happy Ling Chen was with their song and dance, Tian Tian suddenly became much more interested in singing.

“Mm, that’s good.” Ling Chen nodded, and just as he was about to let go of the girls, he suddenly felt a violent tremble from Sha Sha’s body, and her temperature plummeted.

“What’s wrong, Sha Sha?” Ling Chen turned to her and asked caringly. When he saw Shadissika, Ling Chen’s heart thumped because Shadissika’s face was as pale as a sheet. Her smile was gone, replaced by a stiff expression and a trace of fear. Her eyes… were rapidly dilating and contracting.

“Sha Sha! What’s wrong, Sha Sha?” Ling Chen hurriedly hugged Sha Sha, his voice becoming filled with panic. His cry caused everyone to notice something strange about Sha Sha, and they all anxiously came over. Fey did not move, and she started to deeply frown… because Sha Sha’s reaction was one of extreme fear!

Just what was going on? Why would she suddenly feel fear in such a place and time? There were no dangerous people here, and there was not even a trace of a dangerous aura.

“I’m… I’m fine.” Shadissika shook her head, a stiff smile appearing on her face. “I just felt a bit uncomfortable; maybe it was the food I had for breakfast. I’m sorry, Ling Chen… can I go and have a nap?”

Ling Chen nodded. “Alright, I’ll carry you to your room.”

“No, it’s alright. I can go by myself.” Shadissika gently but resolutely got out of Ling Chen’s embrace and lightly ran to her room. After reaching her door, she stopped and turned, her expression normal again. She stared at Ling Chen for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll be fine after napping for a bit, so don’t disturb me before I’m up… Ling Chen and everyone, make sure you live happily every day.” After speaking, Shadissika gave Ling Chen and Tian Tian a final, longing gaze before walking into the room and lightly closing the door.

“Sha Sha… what’s going on with her?” Tian Tian held onto Ling Chen’s arm with her small hands. Even she could tell that there was something different about Sha Sha… things definitely weren’t as simple as a stomach-ache from breakfast.

“Ying, Xi, immediately call Yao Ying and the others and tell them to bring the medical equipment,” Ling Chen quickly said.

“Yes,” Chao Ying and Chao Xi simultaneously replied as they went to make the call.

A deeply unsettling feeling arose within Ling Chen’s mind, making it impossible for him to sit there. In the end, he got up. “I’m going to check on Sha Sha, give me a minute.”

After saying this, he quickly walked to her room. Even though Shadissika had told them not to disturb her, he simply couldn’t shake off that unsettling feeling. After opening the door, Ling Chen stared at the empty room and the tightly-closed window… Shadissika was nowhere to be seen.

Ling Chen stared in surprise, rushing in and looking all around the room, “Sha Sha? Sha Sha! Where are you, Sha Sha? Sha Sha!”

Ling Chen opened the window and could not see Shadissika’s figure outside. He quickly turned and rushed into the other rooms, yelling, but he still could not find Sha Sha, nor did he hear any response from her.

His worried yells caused everyone to also come over. Li Xiao Xue asked, “What happened?”

“Sha Sha – Sha Sha’s gone!” Ling Chen said with a slightly trembling voice.

“Eh? How could that be? Didn’t she just go into this room? How could she have disappeared?”

“It’s impossible that she left from the window,” Fey said calmly as she glanced at the window. “Otherwise, no matter how soft it was, I would have heard it… so would you. What’s more, before you opened this window, it was locked from the inside, right?”

“That’s right, so… so I have no idea what happened! Sha Sha’s really not here anymore, but she didn’t go through the window, and there’s no trace of her outside… it’s like she vanished.” Ling Chen tried to keep himself calm, but there was a slight trace of panic within him. This was simply too inconceivable to the point that he had no idea what to do.

“Sha Sha! Where are you, Sha Sha? Respond to me, Sha Sha!” Ling Chen rushed out the door as he yelled.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi quickly came to his side and said seriously, “We looked through the surveillance cameras, but we didn’t see anyone walk out from here. We’ve also looked around the top of the house, but we didn’t find anything.”

“Eh?” This result greatly shocked everyone… she had not walked out from here, and she could not be found… had Shadissika really vanished?

Ling Chen and Fey were completely dumbfounded. With their mental energy, even a blade of grass blowing in the wind 100 metres away could not escape their senses. If Sha Sha had left from the room, they definitely would have noticed her.

Ling Chen recalled Shadissika’s pale face and frightened gaze… as well as the words she had said before walking into her room… now that he thought about it, those words were like words of farewell…

Just what was going on? What had happened to Sha Sha?

Be calm! I need to be calm!

Ling Chen pressed his hands against his head, forcing himself to calm down. He then quickly thought of all of the possibilities as to what had happened.

At this moment, a voice sounded out in his mind… it was Qi Yue’s voice, “There’s no use searching; she’s not here anymore. More accurately speaking, she’s not on earth anymore.”

“What… did you say?” Ling Chen raised his head.

“In order not to trouble all of you, she left earth and should be in the Mystic Moon world right now. This is because that’s the only place she can go to apart from earth.”

“What… what are you talking about? Trouble us? Why did she disappear if she went into the Mystic Moon world? What are you saying? Do… Do you know something?” Ling Chen asked as he gnashed his teeth.

“Ai,” Qi Yue gave a long sigh. “She didn’t enter the Mystic Moon world using her gaming equipment. I can’t explain too much to you right now, but if you want to find her, go into the Mystic Moon world. Right now, she’s most likely at a place that won’t affect other people… such as the summit of the Godchild Peak, where you first met.”