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Chapter 802: Qi Yue, Rahu

Qi Yue, Rahu

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“Who are you and why have you come here?” Fey’s expression was still and calm, and her gaze was as piercing as a blade. She wrapped her arm around her chest and 2 small daggers appeared in her hands… these 2 blades were called ‘Evil Phoenix’ and ‘Demon Phoenix’. They were light as paper, peerlessly sharp, and covered with poison that could instantly kill anyone.

The man was about 2 metres tall and had ordinary looks. He had a hint of savageness on his face and had 2 jet-black eyes. There was a sharp and thick horn-like thing on his head, making him look like there was a strange hat on his head. No matter if it was his arms or legs, they were at least 3 times as thick as a normal human’s. His muscles seemed to be on the verge of bursting, and his skin was a shocking metallic colour. Apart from his old green clothes, there was not a single thing on his body, and there was not a weapon or means of transport around him. What’s more, the cracks began beneath his feet… it was as if he had caused this from falling from a great height!

Upon realising this, Fey felt greatly shocked. From the state of the cracks, he must have fallen from an absurd height. And yet, this person… looked completely unharmed!

“Haha,” The tall man gave a low laugh. However, his face remained just as stiff when he laughed, and a smile didn’t appear on his face. He glanced past Fey into the living room behind her as he said in an incredibly low and booming voice, “Looks like the Godchild isn’t here anymore. Hmph, it’ll be best for King to take care of her himself.”

After speaking in his low, rumbling voice, the tall man turned around and walked away. The ground lightly trembled with every step he took, and after taking 10 steps, his feet suddenly left the ground, and he started to float higher and higher.

The man was evidently leaving. Even though Fey had no idea who this terrifying man was or why he had come, she did not stop him, nor did she dare to stop him. Instead, she released a sigh of relief. It wasn’t just her here: there were many girls who could not protect themselves at all, and if this man wanted to do something… with his terrifying aura, even Fey did not have the confidence to stop him.

When this man started floating, Fey became completely shocked.

He… He was flying? What was going on? Was this some sort of special esper ability?

As Fey watched on in shock, an incredibly soft voice blew through the air, “Rahu, it’s so rare for you to come to earth. It’s too much of a pity for you to leave without doing anything.”

This voice caused Fey to feel quite surprised because this was Qi Yue’s voice. She knew that no one apart from Qi Yue was able to speak with such a seductive and enchanting voice.

As the voice sounded out, an incredibly alluring figure appeared in the air, calmly smiling as it looked at Rahu… it was Qi Yue.

The tall man paused and turned to look at Qi Yue. “Yue? Why are you here? I’m not sure if the Mad Scientist told you before his death, but after you left last time, King suddenly found out that the Godchild disappeared, so the Shura Plan has been cancelled.”

“I know about this already, though I just found out,” Qi Yue said as she gave a devastating smile. “But you, why are you not helping Wan Chong with the Burning Heavens Plan, and why have you come to earth? Are you looking for the missing Godchild?”

“That’s right.” Rahu nodded. “But the Godchild isn’t here anymore, so she can only be in the Mystic Moon world. I’m sure she has fallen into King’s hands already.”

“So you’re going to come for nothing and leave empty handed?” Qi Yue said as she smiled and narrowed her eyes.

The tall man floating in the air had appeared from nowhere, and now Qi Yue had suddenly appeared in the air, causing Fey to feel completely dumbfounded. It seemed as if they knew each other, but what they were talking about left Fey completely confused, unable to make heads or tails of their discussion. However, she felt a deeply unsettling feeling growing in her heart.

“I was not given any other missions,” Rahu replied.

“You didn’t have any just then, but you have one now.” Qi Yue turned to look at Fey and the living room behind her as she said, “Even though the Godchild isn’t here anymore, she was here the entire time while she was missing, and she has good a relationship with everyone here. Aiya, the Godchild having such ties isn’t good; it might even affect her development and growth in the future and will affect the Godchild Plan. As such, it’s best to help the Godchild sever these ties. Before you leave, just use a tiny part of your power to get rid of them all. Even though they’re all women… in the Earth Flame Plan and Galois Plan, did you show any mercy to the women out of the billions of people you destroyed?”

Fey: “!!!!!!”

Even though she could not understand what they were talking about, she clearly understood Qi Yue’s intent… she was telling this person, who was called Rahu, to kill all of them!!

Rahu looked down and calmly glanced at Fey before nodding. “That sounds reasonable.”

“Qi Yue… you… you!!” Fey gnashed her teeth, her eyes filled with flames of fury.

“I’m sure you want to ask me just who I am, what we want, and what we were talking about, right?” Qi Yue said as she smiled. “But it’s a pity that you won’t have a chance to know the answers to those questions because you’re about to vanish from the earth… but before that, I can help you with something.”

As Qi Yue spoke, she stretched out her white hand, spreading it out towards Fey. Red, yellow, and blue lights suddenly flashed on Fey’s fingers, following which the 3 Lachesis rings appeared on her fingers.

“L-Lachesis? How?!” Seeing the Lachesis, Fey felt completely dumbfounded because this was evidently earth, while the Lachesis was something that she had obtained in the game!

“Your shocked expression is not bad at all,” Qi Yue’s voice sounded in Fey’s ears. “For a godly item like the Lachesis, once it chooses a master, it will be imprinted on its master’s soul. No matter where its master goes, it will follow. You can summon the Lachesis anywhere and it will appear, but this is not limited to the Mystic Moon world – it seemed that even you didn’t know about this. That’s fine though; after all, this would be too shocking to you earthlings.”

Fey: “……”

“You’re about to disappear, so if the Lachesis disappeared with you, it would be too much of a waste. As such, I’ll be the Lachesis’ master for you in the future.”

“In… In your dreams!” Fey pressed her fingers on the 3 Lachesis rings. “Right now, I’m the Lachesis’ master, and without my permission, it won’t listen to anyone else’s orders, nor can it be taken away by anyone else.”

“Oh? Really?” Qi Yue beautifully smiled. “The Mad Scientist, who was killed by you guys, could do so, so why can’t I?”

As she spoke, Qi Yue made a grabbing motion and the 3 Lachesis rings on Fey’s fingers simultaneously rose up and flew in front of Qi Yue as Fey watched on, her pupils contracting. Qi Yue then extended her hand and grabbed them.

Fey stared at her bare fingers. In the Mystic Moon world, no matter how much strength she used, she could not take off the 3 Lachesis rings, and the description said that it could never be taken off once it had chosen a master unless the master died. However, Fey had just watched the Lachesis leave her and fall into Qi Yue’s hands.

Fey had no idea how this had happened. At this moment, she was filled with billowing killing intent as she looked up at Qi Yue and said in a low voice, “Qi Yue, I should have killed you when I first saw you!!”

“It’s a pity that you wouldn’t have been able to kill me even if you had really tried… well then, do your best to struggle, and try to struggle for as long as possible, hahahaha,” Qi Yue laughed as she slowly vanished along with the Lachesis.


Rahu landed on the ground again, his tall and powerful body looking like an indestructible human tank. The formless aura he gave off made Fey feel incredibly suffocated.

Despite there being a half a metre height difference between them, Fey felt as if there was an incredibly tall mountain in front of her.

Fey slowly raised her hands, putting up a stance that would allow her to instantly unleash a fatal attack, and the Evil Phoenix and Demon Phoenix in her hands glinted with a cold light.

“You want to resist?” Rahu was expressionless and spoke stiffly. He had destroyed billions of beings, and he no longer felt anything after killing people. He asked this question because he felt a sharp aura from this woman in front of him… the aura proved that she had reached a realm that normal humans would never be able to reach.

“You’re… seeking… death!”

Fey spoke out those 3 words in a low voice, and before the sound of the word ‘death’ had disappeared, she vanished, replaced by an icy gale. Fey appeared at Rahu’s left side in an instant – a speed that made it impossible to see Fey with the naked eye, a speed that was impossible for humans to achieve… Fey’s body twisted as the Evil Phoenix in her right hand pierced into Rahu’s temple, the Demon Phoenix in her left-hand stabbing into the artery in his left hand.


She had clearly stabbed him, but Fey felt as if her daggers had pierced into an incredibly tough steel board. The sound of her daggers hitting Rahu also resulted in a metallic colliding sound to ring. Under the massive impact, Evil Phoenix flew out from her right hand, as did the Demon Phoenix from her left hand, almost piercing into her own hand.

“A speed that exceeds the limits of humans, not bad. However… disappear,” Rahu said calmly as he casually swung out his heavy left arm.

Fey instantly felt boundless power sweeping towards her, and she used all of her strength to leap backwards…


Rahu had only casually swung his arm, but it had resulted in a massive explosion, which cracked the earth and filled the air with sand and dust. The villa violently swayed, looking as if it could crumble at any moment. Fey, who had leapt backwards, was sent flying, and she was buried amidst the sand and dust.