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Chapter 803: The Demon Queen Awakens (1)

The Demon Queen Awakens (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Mystic Moon world.

“Ding… welcome to the Mystic Moon, we hope you enjoy your stay.”

Just as Ling Chen entered the Mystic Moon world, his communication device started ringing, and he hurriedly picked it up.

Yun Feng’s voice came from the communication device, “Hm? What’s going on? Why are you online? Aren’t they holding a birthday party for you today? Ahahaha, I was planning on saying it later but happy birthday!”

At this moment, Ling Chen did not give a damn about his birthday. He hurriedly asked, “Yun Feng, has anyone over there seen Sha Sha?”

“Sha Sha? Err, no – what happened? Could Sha Sha have gotten lost in a map where she can’t contact the outside world? Ahahaha, she must have found a hidden quest, that’s good…” Yun Feng evidently misunderstood and thought that she was uncontactable. Otherwise, why would Ling Chen ask him in-game whether he had seen Sha Sha?

“That’s right, and there’s something that I wanted to talk to you about,” Yun Feng said with a serious tone. “Half an hour ago, many players from 12 countries, including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, America… started to gather at the World Boundary east of us, and there are more than 9 million of them! What’s more, this figure is still rapidly increasing. Evidently, they want to take advantage of the fact that we’re still recovering from the demon beast disaster to suppress us – this is shameless to the extreme! Fudge, the players of 12 countries! We don’t even know when they started to ally together, and their final size will be terrifying… but with Ling Tian City’s strength, even if they come, we won’t have to fear them. We’ve already set up defensive formations, so you go enjoy your birthday; we won’t need you at all… err, if there are too many of them though, we might have to call you…”


Ling Chen ended the call, staring at the vast and empty area in front of him.

Sha Sha, are you really here? Just what happened? Why didn’t you say anything to me… no matter how shocking of a secret you have, I can accept it. No matter how much danger or suffering there is, we’ll bear it together…

Godchild Peak…

That’s right! Qi Yue had told him to go to the Godchild Peak!

Ling Chen immediately took out a Spatial Orb, and after shattering it, he disappeared in a glow of light.


“Big sis!!”

Yola rushed out into the dust and sand-filled air, followed by Dia Wu, Mu Bing Yao, Chao Ying, and Chao Xi. They had clearly seen what had just happened through the windows. In just a single attack… the almost-invincible Fey had not been able to injure Rahu in the slightest with her fatal attack, and she had been blasted flying.

Fey’s body fell from the air, and she was only able to steady herself after stumbling back a few steps. Following this, she squatted down with a look of pain. Yola quickly came to her side, crying out worriedly, “Big sis, are you alright? Are you injured?”

“I’m fine.” Fey raised her head, a calm expression on her face.

Yola let out a breath of relief before she suddenly looked over at Fey’s right arm and gasped in shock, “Big sis, your arm…”

Fey’s entire right arm was covered with blood, and it dangled from its socket. Her right hand, which normally had the 3 Lachesis rings on it, was completely dyed red. Fey calmly glanced at her right arm, which no longer had any feeling, and she lightly shook her head. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine soon.”

Yola’s heart started to rapidly beat. Ling Chen and Fey’s bodies had ridiculous healing abilities; no matter how bad their injuries were, as long as they still had a single breath within their bodies, they could recover at a monster rate. However, even 10 Instructor Hells attacking together could not injure Fey to such an extent so easily.

As the dust and sand settled, the scene in front of them caused all of them to suck in a breath of cold air.

Rahu was still standing there, and he had not moved at all. However, beneath his feet was a 5 or 6-metre-wide crack that was more than 10 metres deep that stretched tens of metres to where Fey was.

“This… This was done… by him?” Yola’s voice started to tremble. That stiff-faced man was not holding any weapons, and he had only lightly swung his arm… what sort of power was this?! Was this sort of power possible for humans? Even normal heavy weapons would not have such terrifying destructive power!

Mu Bing Yao, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Chao Ying, and Chao Xi stared dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes. If it wasn’t Fey, who had superhuman constitution, but anyone else who had received this attack, they would have been blown into pieces.

“Ying Xi, immediately take the others and escape from the back garden! Right now!!” Fey gritted her teeth and slowly got up, speaking in an incredibly low voice.

“Eh? But… But…”

“Take them away immediately. Even if Adam and I work together, it’s impossible to defeat this person! If you don’t take them away, we’re all going to die here!” Fey roared.

“… Alright, got it. Make sure you stay safe!” Chao Ying and Chao Xi said as they ran back into the living room.

“Hmph, none of you will escape. All of you… turn into dust,” Rahu said expressionlessly as he slowly raised his right hand.

“Be careful!!” His actions caused Fey’s face to pale.


A ear-piercing sound sounded out as Xuanyuan Dia Wu slashed out with her hands, an incredibly sharp sword qi tearing through the air and shooting towards Rahu. Even though it was only sword qi, the sword qi released from Xuanyuan Dia Wu could take form, and it was sharper than even a real sword.

However, even Fey’s Evil Phoenix and Demon Phoenix were unable to harm Rahu, so how could Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s sword qi harm him. As the sword qi neared his body, he narrowed his eyes, and his hand stopped in mid-air. Rahu bent his finger, lightly flicking it out right before the sword qi hit him…


The sharp sword qi was reflected like light hitting a mirror, and it shot back towards Xuanyuan Dia Wu even faster than before. Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s control over sword qi had already surpassed her father’s, and her cultivation was already peerless. However, the reflected sword qi was simply too fast to the point that she could not control it or defend against it. The sword qi pierced through her shoulder and shoulder bone, completely passing through…

“Oof…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu moaned in pain as she staggered backwards, heavily falling against the living room door, her shoulder bleeding profusely.


“Big brother! Big brother! There’s a bad guy outside… big brother!!”

Ling Chen had locked the door, and Tian Tian knocked as loudly as she could as she cried out. Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi were comforting Gu Qing Han, but they also felt a deep fear.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi rushed in, and Chao Ying hurriedly grabbed Tian Tian, speaking quickly, “Hurry and go! Fey’s stalling for us, and if we don’t leave soon, it’ll be too late. It’s impossible to defeat this enemy!”

“Go?” Gu Qing Han said in surprise before rapidly shaking her head. “No, Ling Chen’s still inside.”

“We’ll split up in separate directions. Only then will we be able to attract that person’s attention, resulting in master staying safe!” Chao Xi said hurriedly.


At this moment, a loud colliding sound came from outside, and Xuanyuan Dia Wu crashed against the door, causing them to see the glass door splattered with blood.

“Dia… Dia Wu!!”

“Big sister Dia Wu!!”

Everyone stared in shock, and Tian Tian cried out. She cast all worries aside and rushed towards Xuanyuan Dia Wu, but was stopped by Chao Ying. “Tian Tian, you can’t go over. We need to leave here immediately.”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to!” Tian Tian vigorously shook her head as she struggled. “Big brother’s still here, and big sister Dia Wu, she… she’s bleeding. I don’t want to run away, I don’t want to…” As Tian Tian cried out, a violet flash caught her eyes, causing her to stop shouting.

It was the crystal pendant she was wearing around her neck, which had been swinging outside of her clothes during her struggles, dangling at her chest.

Pendant… the crystal pendant that Sha Sha gave me…

Staring at the pretty violet pendant, Tian Tian remembered something. She subconsciously held the pendant in her hand, the memory from that night becoming clearer.

“Tian Tian, I’ll give you a present.”

“Wow! It’s so pretty!!”

“This isn’t just any ordinary pendant; it also contains a mysterious power.”

“A mysterious power?”

“Mhmm! Tian Tian, you need to remember my words. Tian Tian must wear this pendant every day and never take it off. This is even when Tian Tian’s showering or sleeping.”

“Okay! Since it’s a present given to me by Sha Sha and it’s so pretty, I would never take it off anyways.”

“Mm… What I’m about to say next is even more important… one day, if you face danger and big brother and I are not around, you just need to put this violet pendant in your mouth… okay?”

“Eh? Sha Sha, what you’re saying is so strange. Big brother will never leave me, and he won’t let me come to any danger. Plus, even if there is danger, why do I need to put it in my mouth? It’s not a lolly.”

“Of course, I understand how Tian Tian feels, so let’s just treat it as a promise between us, alright? Just a small promise between us that doesn’t need any reason… alright?”

“Alright, even though it sounds very strange, I’ll listen to Sha Sha since that’s what Sha Sha wants... This is Sha Sha’s present for me, as well as my promise with Sha Sha, so I’ll definitely keep it.”

“As expected from my best big sister Tian Tian. I like you so much!”


When I’m in danger… when Sha Sha and big brother are not around… put it in my mouth… put it in my mouth…

“What are you all standing around for? Hurry up! Take them and leave!!”

Fey’s hoarse cry came from outside, and Chao Ying and Chao Xi did not dare to hesitate any longer. Chao Ying picked up Tian Tian and rushed out.

At this moment, Tian Tian performed an action that no one else would be able to understand. She raised the violet pendant and opened her mouth with a faint look of hope in her eyes as she slowly put the pendant into her mouth…