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Chapter 804: The Demon Queen Awakens (2)

The Demon Queen Awakens (2)

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The crystal pendant should have been cold, but after entering Tian Tian’s mouth, she felt a comfortable warmth, and even her frantic heart calmed down due to this warmth. Following this, she felt this warmth grow and spread throughout her whole body. The moment that the crystal pendant entered Tian Tian’s mouth, it disappeared as if it had melted, releasing a dreamlike violet glow. This violet glow filled Tian Tian’s body and then even spread outside of her body…

“Ah? Tian Tian?!” Chao Ying, who was carrying Tian Tian, suddenly cried out and stopped running. Chao Xi and Yun Meng Xin also heard Chao Ying’s surprised cry and turned around. They also stopped, staring at Tian Tian. This was because Tian Tian was glowing from head to toe with violet light.

Tian Tian’s eyes were closed within the light with a peaceful look on her face as if she had forgotten about the dangerous situation. Following this, she actually slowly floated from Chao Ying’s embrace, landing on the ground, peacefully standing within the violet light.

Countless scenes and lost memories rapidly flashed within Tian Tian’s mind. Within the recesses of her mind, her sealed memories were awakened by the violet light until they all returned and combined with the rest of her memories, bringing with them an incredible power.

Tian Tian… My name is Tian Tian…

My home… is a place called the Xiya Star.

Mummy sent me to earth… because mummy said that I was a Demon Queen and that I could save my home by escaping and awakening my Demon Queen power…

I met big brother and big sister…

And then I started to forget… I forgot my home, I forgot why I came to earth, I forgot mummy, and I forgot my past…

It has been such a long time, and my home and my mummy…

A low and terrifying voice came from outside, “This is all pointless struggling. Forget it, this time, I’ll destroy all of you. The Godchild is a sacrifice belonging to King, and it is not something that you tiny humans can touch.”

Rahu raised his steel-like right hand, gathering a massive power and blasting it forwards… this punch completely exceeded anything humans could imagine because it was enough to destroy more than half of the Bamboo Sea Wonderland. Nothing alive or inanimate could survive this attack.

The terrifying aura descended, and the shadow of death eclipsed the Bamboo Sea Wonderland. Fey struggled to stand, but she immediately sighed and slowly closed her eyes… because at this moment, she felt a pressure as if the sky was falling. In front of such might, she felt as if she was as small as an ant, and resistance was completely ridiculous.

Just as Rahu’s destructive punch was about to explode with power, the violet light around Tian Tian completely disappeared. She opened her eyes, raised her slender fingers, pointed towards Rahu, and yelled in a clear voice, “Turn into stone!!”

As Tian Tian cried out, Rahu’s body, which was about to explode out with power, froze in place, and his eyes widened. Following this, his skin quickly turned black… his copper-like skin quickly turned into the colour of stone. Finally, Rahu, from head to toe, became the colour of a stone.

The mighty pressure from Rahu completely disappeared, and he stood there like an incredibly realistic sculpture.

When the sense of danger disappeared, Fey, who had been in complete despair, turned to look at Tian Tian, who had just cried out, her mind full of shock… what just happened? How had such an inconceivable person appeared, and how did such an inconceivable thing happen? Just then, Tian Tian yelled out ‘turn into stone’, after which this terrifying man… turned into stone?!

“Tian Tian, you…” Chao Ying, by Tian Tian’s side, stared at Tian Tian, feeling at a loss.

“Tian Tian, you really turned him… into stone? This… This…” Chao Xi stared at Rahu’s petrified exterior, a look of disbelief on her face.

All of them felt as if they were in a dream… because how could such things happen if they weren’t in a dream?

Tian Tian slowly lowered her little hand. She did not answer them, her gaze becoming quite deep as her starlike eyes lightly trembled, becoming full of tears. She said in a worried, pained, and self-blaming tone, “Mummy… Mummy… Mummy…”

It had been a whole year – she had forgotten about her mummy and the Xiya Star for a whole year… she didn’t know what the Xiya Star would be like now or if her mummy was still there…

“Tian Tian? Tian Tian!” Chao Ying walked up and gently shook Tian Tian’s body.

Only then did Tian Tian come back to her senses. She looked up at Chao Ying for a while before trembling, vigorously wiping away her tears and saying hurriedly, “L-Let’s quickly leave. If we don’t… if we don’t…”

“Leave?” Chao Ying looked at Rahu’s petrified exterior and said, “But he doesn’t seem like he can move anymore and seems to have really turned into stone.”

“No!” Tian Tian vigorously shook her head. “That’s only temporary; he’s incredibly powerful, so before long he’ll be… ah!”

As Tian Tian cried out, a dense circle of copper light flashed around Rahu. Following this, Rahu’s dark skin became lighter, and in 2 or 3 seconds, his skin had returned to its copper colour. His petrified eyes regained their light, and he instantly locked onto Tian Tian.

“Ahhh!!!” The girls all cried out in terror. The man had been turned into stone, but this had only lasted for less than half a minute… before he had completely recovered!

“C-Crap…” Tian Tian clenched her fists, a look of shock in her eyes. She knew that running away now was too late.

“Hahahahahaha,” Rahu strangely laughed while calmly looking at Tian Tian. “What an unexpected gain. You actually have Demigod Godhood, the divine soul of a god, and even come from the ancient Heavenly Demon Clan. It might even be a divine soul of the Heavenly Demon Royal Clan!”

“Leave immediately, or… or I’ll make you turn into stone forever… or I’ll turn you into the ugliest toad!” Tian Tian clenched her fists, trying to look as menacing as possible.

“Hahahahaha,” Rahu continued to laugh in his low voice without a trace of fear on his face. “If you really had a divine soul from the Heavenly Demon Royal Clan, you would indeed have the right to make me feel afraid. However, you were only just awakened. If you had even a single day, your fully-awakened divine soul would have caused me problems. However, right now, you’re unable to threaten me at all, nor will you have the opportunity to fully awaken. Looks like you’re destined to be destroyed. You and your divine soul, as well as these tiny humans… can be destroyed together.”

“I… I won’t be defeated by you! The one who will be destroyed is you!” Tian Tian furiously yelled and raised her hands, crossing them above her head. “Big White! Attack!”

As Tian Tian cried out, a tall door of light appeared before her. Within the door of light, a massive figure roared and rushed out, leaping towards Rahu… it was a massive white bear that was at least 10 metres tall!

“Ahhhhh!!!” Seeing this white bear suddenly appear, Xiao Qi and Su’Er cried out.



Big White slammed into Rahu, causing the surrounding bamboo to fall and more than 10 long cracks to appear on the villa. Rahu was knocked into the air, and he only stopped rising after reaching about 100 metres. He floated in the air, his expression still like a stone board, and he slowly raised his hands. “Hmph, what a waste of my time. Time to destroy all of you…”



Mystic Moon world, summit of the Godchild Peak.

This place was quite vast, and at a glance, all that one could see was snow and nothing else. There was not even a rock anywhere. Shadissika looked at the clouds below her and the boundless mountains and rivers at the bottom; even though there were countless mountains, there was not a single one taller than the Godchild Peak.

Shadissika stood alone in the snow. Her white hair, white eyebrows, and white skin blended in perfectly with the snowy scenery, and anyone who saw her would think that she was a snow fairy.

She looked back into the distance, and a tear rolled down her face, turning into an ice crystal and falling into the snow.

Ling Chen, Tian Tian, and everyone else… goodbye… thank you for giving me the best memories I’ve ever had, allowing me to live happily… I will never forget you…

Ling Chen… Ling Chen…

Shadissika placed her small, snow-white hands on her chest, repeatedly calling out his name. After a while, she raised her face and wiped away her last tear, and her expression changed from one of sadness to one of calmness.

“Xing, come out now.” She spoke softly as she looked ahead of her without a trace of complex emotions. [TLN: ‘Xing’ means ‘star’]

“Hahahaha…” A wild laughter sounded out as a white light appeared before Shadissika, and a grey-clothed person slowly walked out from within the light.

This person was covered in large grey clothes, and even his head was covered by the grey clothes, making it impossible to see his figure or features. The instant this person appeared, the cold space seemed to freeze, and even the falling snowflakes seemed to stop moving. After a few moments, they started to tremble as if they deeply feared something.

“My dear Godchild, you’ve been quite hard to find. Looks like you knew that you couldn’t hide from us forever, so you obediently came back. Even though you have powerful divine power, you were created by me. Within my God-Sealing Barrier, you won’t be able to use any of your power. You were only able to escape before because I was too careless,” The grey figure said in an arrogant tone as he looked at Shadissika.

“I can go back with you.” Shadissika spoke calmly and emotionlessly, “But you have to stop all plans concerning earth, nor are you allowed to harm the earth or anyone within it.”

“Oh, have you developed feelings for those low-grade beings on that planet after living on Earth for a while? Hahahaha, putting aside how ridiculous that is, my dear Godchild, you don’t have any right to bargain in front of me. Moreover, Earth in the east, Xiya in the south, Galois in the west, and Pegasi in the north make up the ‘4 Godly Resources’ that are most suited for helping you grow, so I would never give up on Earth,” the grey figure said calmly.

Shadissika frowned, a resolute look appearing in her eyes. “If you dare to harm Earth, I’ll immediately destroy myself!!”

The grey figure became silent before laughing, “Alright, this sounds like a good deal. I can promise not to harm Earth and use other options, but you have to come with me obediently, must not have any thoughts about escaping, and must cooperate with my ‘Godchild Plan’. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong in my ‘Godchild Plan’, I will immediately destroy Earth.”

Shadissika stopped frowning and she closed her eyes, lightly nodding.

“Then come with me right now to where you should be. Your escape actually made you more obedient, so it wasn’t too bad.” The grey figure slowly stretched out his hand.

Sha Sha lightly nodded and looked back for one final time before slowly walking forwards.

Just as she took her first step, a white light flashed to her right, following which a voice sounded out, causing her silent soul to madly tremble.

“Sha Sha! You really are here!”

She looked up and looked at Ling Chen with quivering eyes and an anxious and joyful gaze.