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Chapter 805: Godchild (1)

Godchild (1)

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“Ling… Chen…”

Seeing Ling Chen, who she thought that she would never be able to see again, Shadissika’s gaze became hazy, feeling as if she was in a dream. Her suppressed emotions chaotically erupted out, and as she stared at him, she softly muttered, “Why… are you here?”

“I should be asking you that.” Seeing Shadissika, Ling Chen let out a sigh of relief. He walked over, stretching out his hands to hug her. “But I’ve finally found you. You disappeared so suddenly just then, making everyone feel incredibly worried… alright it’s too cold here, so we’ll talk after we get back.”

Seeing Ling Chen stretch out his hands, a look of desire flashed in Shadissika’s eyes. However, this desire was immediately replaced by despair, and she walked backwards as she resolutely shook her head. “No! I… I have things I need to do, so I can’t go back with you… you should hurry and leave this place… leave this place!!”

“Hahaha, a very interesting person seems to have appeared. Could he have been trying to take you away in front of me? Hahahaha.”

Shadissika’s reaction caused Ling Chen to feel greatly shocked, and he could see the despair in her eyes. Hearing the condescending voice from the side, Ling Chen turned and looked at the grey figure as he said coldly, “And who are you?”

“Who am I? Hahahaha… what sharp, prideful eyes, and what a shocking tone; I can’t even remember how many years it’s been since someone dared to use this tone when speaking to me. The earthling who killed the Mad Scientist, ‘Ling Tian’, should be you, right?” The grey figure did not speak very loudly, but his words sounded like thunder in Ling Chen’s ears. Every single word was filled with arrogance and condescension.

“You’re one of the Mad Scientist’s allies?” Ling Chen’s expression darkened. Just as he finished speaking, he narrowed his eyes and said calmly, “Are you the ‘King’ that the Mad Scientist mentioned?”

This person gave off a proud aura that seemed to look down on the entire world, and he knew the Mad Scientist. What’s more, he had claimed that he did not remember how many years it had been since someone had dared to speak to him like that, and he seemed to have an incredibly high status. Ling Chen immediately thought of the ‘King’, who seemed to reign above everything, that the Mad Scientist mentioned.

“Oh?” Hearing this human call out this name, the grey figure reacted with slight surprise before arrogantly laughing, “Looks like the Mad Scientist revealed some things to you before he died. That’s right, I am ‘King’, the king of this world. Soon, I’ll be the peerless God King of this chaotic space! To be able to talk to me is your infinite glory.”

“Glory? Peerless God King? Heh!” Ling Chen coldly laughed, looking as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “No less than expected from the Mad Scientist’s ally; you’re even crazier and more arrogant than the Mad Scientist!”

Ling Chen did not know how terrifying ‘King’ was, but Shadissika did. It was possible what Ling Chen said could make King furious, so she hurriedly shouted, “Ling Chen! Don’t say anymore… quickly leave this place! I… I’ll be fine. I just need to leave with him for a while; I’ll really be fine… hurry and leave, the big sisters and aunty are waiting for me, so don’t worry…”

Ling Chen looked into her eyes and softly said, “Sha Sha, if you’re really fine, why is your gaze so sad… and so filled with despair…”

“I… I…”

Ling Chen’s gaze also became sorrowful. “Tell me the truth: if you go with him, will I ever see you again?”

Shadissika’s body quivered, and her eyes became hazy. “I…”

Ling Chen could tell the answer just from that, and he lightly shook his head. He then looked at Shadissika, his gaze becoming incredibly gentle, and he warmly smiled. “Sha Sha, I knew there were many secrets hidden from me the day I brought you back. Even though I really wanted to know everything about Sha Sha, I never asked… because I knew that Sha Sha must have her own troubles and that it might even be for our own good, considering how kindly and sincerely Sha Sha treated us.”

“Ling… Chen…” Shadissika called his name, tears filling her eyes.

“Even though we weren’t together for a very long time, less than a year, Sha Sha, did you know that you’ve already become an important part of my life? Since it’s like that, I can’t lose you. I can’t leave you, nor can Tian Tian; I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without you since a long time ago. I’m sure that Sha Sha wouldn’t want to leave us either, right?”

“I… I…” Facing Ling Chen’s gaze, which was on the verge of making her melt, Sha Sha knew that she shouldn’t nod, but she could not deny the truth in her heart. Filled with desire, she lightly nodded… then heavily nodded.

Ling Chen smiled even gentler and came over to Sha Sha, lightly holding her hand and looking into her eyes. “Since neither of us want to be separated, then how about Sha Sha doesn’t leave? Stay by my side… we’ll keep your secret forever and carry your fate together. We’ll go through all difficulties together, and anyone who makes you sad and wants to take you away from us… I’ll make them disappear from this world!”

“Ling Chen…Ling Chen…” As his gentle voice entered Shadissika’s ears, carrying the promise to never be separated, her face instantly became covered with tears even though she had decided that she would never shed tears long ago. She was completely speechless and felt as if her body was melting in warmth. She could only stare at Ling Chen and repeatedly mutter his name.

“Aiya, aiya, what a touching scene,” The grey figure said in an ear-piercing voice. “No less than expected from the Godchild; using such powerful methods to make this poor earthling fall for you so completely, hahahaha!”

“Shut your mouth!” Ling Chen looked over and coldly glared at him. Even though he did not know the relationship between him and Sha Sha or why he wanted to take Sha Sha away, just from the pain and despair in Sha Sha’s eyes, he had enough reason to kill this person. “Methods? Methods are things that only despicable and mad people like you would use; the feelings between Sha Sha and I could never be understood by a madman like you.”

“I don’t understand? Hahahaha…” The grey figure reacted as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, and he madly laughed, “Godchild, did you hear that? He said I don’t understand… hahahaha! Indeed, ignorant humans are incredibly ridiculous. Poor Ling Tian, did you really think that there were feelings between you? I’ll mercifully tell you the truth: when you first met her, despite her being a little girl, did you feel that she was the most perfect existence in the world to the point that you couldn’t breathe or resist her? When you thought of her leaving you, you felt heartache to the point of death… and everyone she met liked her and adored her, and there was not a single person who did not like her?”

“What… What are you trying to say? Everyone can see Sha Sha’s beauty and kindness! How could anyone not like her?” Ling Chen said as he frowned. However, inwardly, his heart slightly trembled because what ‘King’ had said was completely true! She was just a young girl, yet he felt that she was beautiful and perfect beyond description, and even now, he felt that Shadissika was even more beautiful than Yun Meng Xin and the 3 Moon Goddesses. He liked everything about her, and whenever he saw her, he felt an unspeakable satisfaction. When everyone else saw Sha Sha, even though they would say she was pretty and cute, they did not react like he had, which he had felt quite confused about.

At this moment, Shadissika’s body froze, and a look of terror appeared on her face as she cried out, “Don’t… Don’t say anymore!!”

King completely ignored Shadissika’s cry and gave a mocking laugh as he slowly said, “It’s because she’s the Godchild. Even though she’s still young, she has complete Godhood and the strength of a juvenile True God. She can easily affect the minds and spirits of low-grade beings like you. You liked her so much because she made you view her as the most perfect existence in the world, making you fall for her completely. As a result, you did everything to please her and make her happy. You liked her more and more every day, and no one could replace her. Everyone else who interacted with her would also be affected, liking her and not disdaining her at all. So laughable but also so pitiful; human, don’t you realise that you’ve been toyed with in the Godchild’s hand? Hahahaha!”

King’s words made Ling Chen feel as if an explosion had gone off within his head. His eyes widened and adding on how he had felt when he first met Shadissika, even though he didn’t want to believe this, deep down, he could find no way to refute this.

Feeling the slight change in Ling Chen’s body, Shadissika could almost see Ling Chen’s internal reaction, and her expression became gloomy, her eyes filled with despair. She took a few steps back, vigorously shaking her head, her face covered with tears. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I didn’t do it on purpose… I didn’t try to trick you all on purpose… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Sha Sha? Sha Sha!” Ling Chen asked in panic as he felt incredibly shocked upon seeing Shadissika’s reaction, which was filled with despair.

“Aiya, I forgot to tell you about something,” That ear-piercing voice once again said. “Not only can she affect one’s mind and spirit, but she can also see through one’s mind and spirit. In other words, if she even looks at you, she’ll be able to see what you’re thinking, what you want to do, and even all of your memories… heheheh, how terrifying is it to face someone who can read your thoughts and memories every day? Hahahaha!”

Ling Chen’s pupils contracted, but his body immediately swayed… he wasn’t scared by the fact that she could read his mind, nor did he care how terrifying of an ability that was. Rather, he realised that she had definitely seen his shock and trust in King’s words… which was why she felt so much despair!

Ling Chen felt like slapping himself. Even if what King had said was true, he was King, while she was his Sha Sha. No matter what the reason was, how could he trust King and harm Sha Sha? Perhaps he liked Sha Sha so much because of her ability to affect his mind and spirit and she really could read his mind and see his memories, but so what? They had spent so much time together, and they had even slept on the same bed. She had brought him happiness and peace, and she had saved Yun Meng Xin and Su’Er, as well as countless other victims of the Isrock Disease… all of that couldn’t be fake.

Ling Chen rushed over and hugged Sha Sha tightly, saying in a soft voice, “It’s fine, Sha Sha, it’s fine! I’ve always liked the real Sha Sha. Even if you can affect my mind and read my mind, it’s all fine! As long as you’re Sha Sha, I’ll still like you, forever and ever.”

“Aiya, aiya!” The grey figure laughed mockingly. “The Godchild’s power is simply too amazing; looks like nothing will save this human from her control.”

“Shut your mouth forever!!” Ling Chen roared in rage, his eyes emanating chilling intent and bloodlust. His body suddenly shot out like a bolt of lightning, the Shura Emperor Sword appearing in an instant and slamming towards the tall grey figure.