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Chapter 806: Godchild (2)

Godchild (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

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Even though Ling Chen had only used a normal attack, it came from a furious Ling Chen, and there was essentially nothing in the entire Mystic Moon world that could block such a strike.

“Oh?” The attack’s strength far surpassed what King had expected, and facing the Shura Emperor Sword, which contained massive destructive power, he did not shift his body at all, and he instead extended his pinky finger towards the blade.

The Shura Emperor Sword and King’s finger collided in the air…

If this strike landed on a massive boulder, it would reduce it to dust. If it fell on a mountain, it would be able to split the mountain in two. However, when the Shura Emperor Sword landed on King’s finger, no sound resulted from them colliding. Ling Chen’s eyes widened because he felt as if his berserk strike had landed on extremely soft cotton, which absorbed all of the power soundlessly.

The powerless Shura Emperor Sword stopped against King’s pinky finger. Ling Chen’s body froze, staring at where the Shura Emperor Sword and King’s pinky finger touched, his eyes trembling, unable to believe that this was real… his furious strike had been completely stopped by King’s pinky finger alone.

“Hah!” King coldly laughed and slowly moved his pinky finger away from the Shura Emperor Sword. The instant his pinky finger moved away, Ling Chen felt the weight in his hand disappear. Even though this was a powerful Saint Destroyer grade weapon created by the Shura, as Ling Chen watched on with contracted pupils… it turned into dust and slowly fell.

“Ding… your weapon has been completely destroyed and cannot be repaired.”

“An ant wants to fight with a god? What a joke! Disappear… forever!” King said disdainfully. He had wasted too much time with this human, and he suddenly raised his hand and flicked Ling Chen.

“no! Don’t hurt him!!”

Shadissika cried out, but King’s actions did not stop at all, his hand pointing towards Ling Chen’s chest.


Nothing had touched Ling Chen’s body, nor was there any light, but Ling Chen felt as if he had been hit by a 10000-kilogram hammer in the chest. An explosion sounded in his ears, mind, and heart, and his body powerlessly flew backwards…

“Ding… you have suffered fatal damage, and the damage has surpassed the scope of the rules. [Evil God’s Mask] cannot take effect.”

“Ding… the [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Spirit] has been activated, your HP has been preserved at 1 HP.”

“Ling Chen!!”

Shadissika started to fly towards where Ling Chen was, but just as her feet left the ground, King pointed at her. “God-Sealing Barrier!”


A semi-transparent blue sphere instantly appeared around Shadissika. Her body heavily crashed against the barrier, and she was sent back onto the ground. She quickly stood up, pressing her hands against the inescapable barrier, watching in despair as Ling Chen disappeared from her vision.

“What a joke. You’re the only god with complete Godhood in this world, and yet you’re worrying about a tiny human’s safety. This is a humiliation to a god’s pride,” King said coldly.

Shadissika clenched her fists and yelled furiously, “I don’t want to be a god! You evil person, if you killed Ling Chen, I’d rather destroy myself than let you succeed!”

“Oh? You’d rather destroy your divine body with complete Godhood for a mere human? What a ridiculous joke!”

“The one who is ridiculous is you!!”

A voice filled with boundless anger sounded out from the sky. Ling Chen’s body appeared, and he sped down to where Shadissika was, glaring at King furiously.

“Oh?” A faint surprise appeared in King’s voice. “You’re not dead?”

“How could I be willing to die without killing you?” Ling Chen said savagely. He looked towards Shadissika and stared at the blue barrier around her… because the feeling that this barrier gave off was similar to the blue barrier he had seen when he first met Shadissika. However, this one was smaller than the other one, had no white fog around it, and was semi-transparent.

“You… want to kill me? Hahaha… hahahaha!” This sort of thing was an incredibly funny joke to King. “So humanity’s ignorance and arrogance have reached such an unbelievable level, hahaha, hahahaha…”

Ling Chen gnashed his teeth, clenching his fists. King had easily destroyed his Shura Emperor Sword, but he still had the Lunar Scourge, Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, the Shura’s power, and the Yama Curse… all of these were heaven-defying things in the Mystic Moon world! Even though this person was incredibly terrifying – more terrifying than everything he had seen combined – with so many incredible trump cards, he would be able to kill him!!

“Anyone who wants to take Sha Sha away from me… even if they’re a True God, I’ll still kill them!”

Ling Chen’s gaze and aura make King feel quite shocked. From that exchange just then, he should have realised the gap between them, yet he was still yelling with such determination – King instantly felt some appreciation towards him, and he decided not to immediately destroy him. Instead, he said calmly, “Your eyes and aura aren’t bad at all; you’re quite obsessive, just like me. However, I’ve already told you clearly that you feel so deeply for her because she is affecting your mind, and you seemed to believe it. Since you believe it and you survived that attack just then, why not leave while you can? Why must you die for someone who toyed with your emotions?”

“Toyed with my emotions? Cut the crap!” Ling Chen said coldly. “Sha Sha lived with us for so long, and we all know what sort girl she is! I don’t care what her history is or if she’s a ‘god’. All we know is that she’s the kindest, warmest girl who we all can’t leave! She brought us immeasurable happiness, and… and even saved countless lives! I always believed that she was an angel sent to us by the heavens… perhaps she really is able to affect our minds and hearts, but so what? Any girl wants other people to like her! No matter which girl did this, I wouldn’t blame them. Moreover, I believe that we would still have liked her just as much even if Sha Sha didn’t have her abilities!”

“Ling Chen… Ling Chen… wuu… wuuu…” Shadissika covered her mouth, her eyes misty.

“Kind? Angel? Saved countless lives? Hah! Hahahahahahaha!” King roared with laughter even more so than before. It was as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard.

“Ridiculous and stupid human. As the high and mighty King, I’m unable to even look at you because of your stupidity; I feel as if I’m going to laugh my head off… hahahaha… hmm? I’ve wasted too much on you. Since this is the case, I’ll tell you the truth so you can die in peace. Do you know how this kind, angelic, saviour… was born and grew up?”

Hearing King’s words, within the God-Sealing Barrier, Shadissika reacted as if she had been struck by lightning, and a look of terror appeared on her face. “W-What are you going to say… No! Don’t say it!!!”

King closed his eyes and calmly said, “I’ll tell you then. She was born and grew up…”

Shadissika started screaming in terror, her voice becoming hoarse, but King continued to speak, “By devouring countless people’s souls… heheh! Do you know how big that figure is? Even though she’s still in her juvenile state, her lifeforce and power are made up of 7 billion souls! MOreover, these souls all came from people who were still alive, which makes extracting the souls incredibly difficult. Of course, this meant the death of more than 7 billion people! Right now, she carries 7 billion people’s lives on her back. In the future, it might be 10 billion or even tens of billions! If the Mystic Moon Plan was not stopped due to the Mad Scientist’s death, all of you earthings’ souls would have become sacrifices for her life force and strength… heheheh! In this world, is there anyone who has killed more people than Sha Sha, who is kind and angelic? Kind? She’s the evillest thing in existence. The number of lives she saved is tiny compared to how many lives have been lost because of her!”

Ling Chen: “!!!!!!”

“No! Impossible! How could there be such a thing! Impossible! Shut up… do you really think I would believe you?!” Ling Chen’s body trembled, his mind feeling incredibly chaotic. At this moment, he heard an incredibly faint and soft voice in his ears, and it was to the point that he almost couldn’t hear it…

“Ling Chen… Ling Chen…” Shadissika’s small body was now kneeling on the ground, her body quivering as she looked down, her voice filled with despair, “What he said… was true… completely true… I’m an incredibly… evil being… countless people have died because of me… I don’t deserve to stay by your side… or receive your love… but I really like you… so I could only hide this from you… and lie to you… because I wanted to stay by your side just a bit longer… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Ling Chen froze…

It was true… Sha Sha really was… was…

No! Even if it was true…

“No! No! Sha Sha, listen to me!” Ling Chen squatted down, vigorously shaking his head. “You weren’t hiding anything from us or lying to us; those evil things aren’t true at all! Because I’m sure Sha Sha didn’t want that…”

“I’m… sorry…”

Her last 2 words were filled with sorrow and were sobbed out, and Shadissika’s figure started to grow blurry… until she couldn’t be seen anymore.

The semi-transparent blue barrier was now filled with a dense white smoke, making it impossible for Ling Chen to see Sha Sha inside. Right now, it was just like the blue crystal ball that Ling Chen had seen when he had first met Sha Sha.

“Aiya, aiya, looks like she can’t face you and shut herself off. After tearing off her pure and kind exterior, her insides are completely dark and evil, and this was in front of the person she seemed to care about a lot. Looks like even a god’s divine soul isn’t able to take this.”

King’s ear-piercing voice entered Ling Chen’s ears along with a gust of cold wind. Ling Chen’s body trembled and his chest heaved, all of the blood in his vessels surging. A killing intent that was sharper and more berserk than tens of thousands of knives covered the entire summit of the Godchild Peak…

“I’ll… Kill… You!!!!”