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Chapter 809: Godchild (5)

Godchild (5)

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“Afterwards, Rashu hugged the only thing Lachesis left behind for 3 days and 3 nights. It was said that a strange black air started to rise from his body on his third day, and his eyes slowly became red. Within his boundless hatred and pain, his power mutated, turning from a divine power into a power that was many times more powerful but filled with hatred, berserkness, and violence. This power was later called ‘Shura’s power’, and it came from reversing Rashu’s name, signifying that Rashu had reversed his own fate, identity, and nature to create an incredibly terrifying creature. This creature was so powerful that it surpassed the level of gods and the limits of gods, and it was called ‘the way of the Shura’.

“The day that Rashu turned into a Shura, the world of gods became completely dark. The sun could not be seen, and a terrifying aura caused the high and mighty gods to involuntarily tremble. Afterwards, Rashu… or rather, the Shura, started his revenge. He used his Shura’s power, which could cause all gods to tremble, to mercilessly massacre all of the gods… he destroyed the Variant Moon God Clan, the Langya Group, the Dark Sun God Domain, the Skyfall Demon Clan, and even his own Rakshasa God Clan. In 3 years, not a single god escaped from the Shura’s massacre, and they all disappeared from the world. In the end, the only god remaining was the Shura… more accurately speaking, the gods had all gone extinct because the Shura was not a god but an existence that surpassed the realm of gods.”

“As for why the Shura would madly massacre all of the gods and even destroy all of his relatives in the Rakshasa God Clan, later generations all felt quite confused. There are 2 convincing answers: one is that Rashu lost his consciousness and became completely mad after he became a Shura, turning into a demonic god who only knew how to massacre and had no idea what he was doing. The other is that Rashu did not want a similar tragedy to occur again. Only by destroying the god clans would the discrimination and oppression of humans stop, and the tragedies due to the different clans would never happen again.

“No matter which explanation was the truth, the Shura’s power and ruthlessness were undeniable. This sort of power evidently came from his boundless pain and hatred, so his power was filled with negative emotions. If this power had not affected his nature, no matter how pained and hateful he felt, he would not have chosen to do something as crazy as massacring all gods. Later generations called this power the mightiest power, but it was also a power that should not exist, and the way of the Shura became a heaven-defying path.

“When the Shura destroyed all of the gods, he also destroyed nearly all of the godly items. There were only 3 items that he did not destroy: one of them was the [Tricolour Saint Rings] that he had given to Lachesis, which the humans called [Lachesis] to remember its owner – the human woman who had caused the world of gods to be destroyed. The second item was the item that Lachesis had gifted Rashu, the item that had been stained by his berserkness and ruthlessness after he had become a Shura. It had absorbed baleful auras, deathly auras, bloody auras, and killing intent, losing its original colour and properties, turning completely black and becoming an item of utmost evil and hatred… the item on your wrist… the Lunar Scourge!”

Ling Chen felt quite startled and said, “Lunar Scourge? Wasn’t the Lunar Scourge created by the Moon God Clan’s Moon Gods? Why did you say…”

“That’s just a lie that the Moon God Clan used to lie to the creatures of the Mystic Moon world after those 3 godly items were gradually forgotten. With how powerful the Lunar Scourge is, how could it have been created by the tiny Moon God Clan!” Qi Yue said derisively.

“As for the third item, it was called the [Variant Moon God Mirror], the most powerful item of the Variant Moon God Clan. It was said that it could absorb souls, and after the absorbed soul was reincarnated, after turning 20 years old, it would remember all of its memories from its past life. Legends say that it could only be used once every 1,000 years. The Shura kept it because it spent many years trying to find a trace of Lachesis’ soul to absorb it into the Variant Moon God Mirror. I think that he was unwilling for Lachesis to forget about him after being reincarnated.

“However, it was a pity – he should have known that his thinking was too naïve. Gods and humans were too different. After humans die, they can be reincarnated after 3 years as humans again. However, gods were different. Gods had extremely long lives, and after dying, they had to wait a long time before being reincarnated, taking tens of thousands of years. Even though Lachesis was a human, she had a god’s constitution, soul, and lifespan, meaning that it would take tens of thousands of years if she was to be reincarnated. Moreover, with all of the gods dead, even if she was reincarnated, she would not be a god, and she might not even be a human: it was possible that she would be reincarnated as an animal, an insect, or even grass. Even if she was lucky enough to be reincarnated as a human, she would no longer be Lachesis, and even if she awoke Lachesis’ memories, she would not have Lachesis’ thoughts, experiences, and worldview… in fact, those memories might become a nightmare that would disturb her normal life.

“After doing all of this, the Shura destroyed himself, ending the era of gods. Out of the 3 godly items he left behind, Lachesis came to a place called the Mystic Moon planet because this was a planet created by Rashu and Lachesis in their third year together through Lachesis’ spatial power, Lachesis’ rules power, and Rashu’s divine power. The Lunar Scourge also appeared on the Mystic Moon planet – perhaps it was attracted by the Lachesis. As for the Variant Moon God Mirror, it vanished without a trace, and there weren’t any legends of it after. Whether Lachesis reincarnated is still unknown, but if she did, she should have been reincarnated already because it has been nearly 70,000 since the gods were destroyed. It should be around this time that most destroyed gods will be reincarnated.

“Speaking of the gods reincarnating, I need to mention ‘Godhood’ because that can help you somewhat understand what sort of existence we are. Gods are powerful, and their power greatly exceeds what you humans can understand. At the same time, the souls of gods are incredibly powerful as well. Normal creatures will be completely washed clean in the reincarnation cycle, and they will become a completely different person after being reincarnated. However, if a god’s soul is powerful enough, after being reincarnated, it might be able to resist the rules of reincarnation and retain some of their godly soul. After reincarnating, they might be able to awaken their godly soul one day and leave the scope of ‘humans’ by possessing ‘Godhood’. However, gods who are powerful enough for this are incredibly rare. Even the most powerful gods will not have a complete godly soul after being reincarnated, which means that even if all of these gods are reincarnated, there can never be a True God with ‘complete Godhood’. At most, there’ll be some with incomplete Godhoods, ‘fake gods’, and as this goes on from generation to generation, their Godhood will weaken over time.”

“Because these years have been the time for the gods who were destroyed back then to reincarnate, there have been people with Godhood continuously appearing in recent times. To date, we’ve discovered no less than 10. The first one was the Mystic Moon world’s first Moon Goddess. She was one of the Godkings of the Variant Moon God Clan and had the Variant Moon God Clan’s characteristics. She reincarnated 30,000 years after being killed and had 20% Godhood. After 2 generations, the current 3 Moon Goddesses have about 10% Godhood, but even with 10% Godhood, they are still invincible in the Mystic Moon world.

“However, 10% Godhood is not enough for them to be called gods, and they can’t even be fake gods. Those with 20% Godhood can be called fake gods, those with 50% Godhood can be called Demigods, and there are only 2 people who have Godhood above 50%, which is Rahu, a person working with us, and my little sister Qi Xing, who has an incredible 80% Godhood. In terms of power, she’s already invincible, and no one can threaten her. For me, I barely have 20% Godhood. However, my godly soul has no attack capabilities, and it leans more towards ‘control’. In fact, I don’t even know which god clan my godly soul is from.”

“What’s the point of rambling about all of that? Are you just showing off your status as ‘gods’?” Ling Chen roared.

“Of course not.” Qi Yue calmly smiled and shook her head. “Plus, even though you don’t have a godly soul, you have the power from the Lunar Scourge, the most powerful out of the 3 remaining godly items. Adding on your Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, which once belonged to Rashu, your strength can rival those with 30% Godhood, and you completely surpass the most powerful Moon Goddesses on the Mystic Moon planet. In this universe, there are perhaps less than 5 people who are more powerful than you.”

“Plus, what I said was just preparing for the truly important things I want to say, which you should listen carefully to.”

Ling Chen breathed in deeply. Everything that Qi Yue had just said sounded like it was out of a myth or legend, and he still had no idea why she had said all of that.

Qi Yue closed her eyes and continued, “Those with 80% Godhood are already incredibly close to being a True God, but let alone 80%, even 90% Godhood is far from being a True God. This is because that’s a gap that cannot be closed or bridged! Even if Qi Xing works hard for her entire life, she can’t raise her Godhood, and she can never reach the level of True Gods.

“Qi Xing was definitely an incredibly powerful god in her previous life, and she might have been one of the most powerful gods apart from Rashu, which was why she was able to retain 80% Godhood after being reincarnated. In fact, she even kept some of her memories from her past life. Within those memories, there was a method to create a god,” Qi Yue said as she calmly glanced at Qi Xing.

“Hmph!” Qi Xing said stiffly with a cold gaze. “Humans were created by gods, but in the end, the gods were destroyed because of a human. Even the worlds that the gods created and should have been ruled over by gods are now ruled by humans; this is incredibly unfair to gods! Since fate has given me the highest Godhood, what reason do I have to not allow gods to rule once again?”