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Chapter 810: Godchild (5)

Godchild (6)

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“Indeed, that’s what Xing has wanted ever since she awakened her godly soul,” Qi Yue said as she seductively tucked a strand of hair behind her ears. “Evidently, her awakened godly soul not only gave her 80% Godhood and some fragmented memories but also affected her personality and thoughts, causing her to madly want to become a True God, allowing True Gods to once again rule over this world. That’s why she chose to do this. Of course, I, who has 20% Godhood, have no interest in this, and I tried to convince Xing many times, but it was useless. As such, I could only follow her orders. Even though her goal is quite crazy and inhumane, there’s nothing bad for me. After all, I’m her big sister. Even if she completes her final ‘World Destroying Plan’, she wouldn’t destroy me, her only relative, right?

“As such, relying on her memories from her past life, Xing started her plan to create a god, calling it the ‘God Creating Plan’. The plan is very simple… create a god with complete Godhood, then transfer the god’s Godhood and power to Xing. Of course, just the first step is as difficult as scaling the heavens, but with her memories, this seemingly-difficult first step only takes some time. The method is very simple but cruel: gather many living people’s souls, fuse them, and compress them. Even though a human’s soul is weak and small, humans were created by gods, and everyone has a tiny bit of a godly soul within them. When enough souls are gathered, even drops can become an ocean, turning them into a True God level godly soul.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

“To the north, south, east, and west of this chaotic space, there are places of godly origin, and it’s said that those places were where many gods were born, so the Godhood of the human souls living there are the highest. The 4 godly origins are Earth in the east, Xiya in the south, Pegasi in the north, and Galois in the west. If we want to create a god as quickly and efficiently as possible, we would naturally use the humans of those 4 places. After determining our targets, we began the God Creating Plan. There were 3 people in charge of those plans: the ‘Oracle Emissary’ Rahu, who has 50% Godhood, Wan Chong, who has 40% Godhood, and the Mad Scientist, who you killed.

“Rahu went to Galois and Pegasi to carry out the ‘Galois Plan’ and ‘Earth Flame Plan’, Wan Chong went to Xiya to carry out the ‘Burning Heavens Plan’, and Mad Scientist, as you know, went to Earth to carry out the ‘Mystic Moon plan’.

Ling Chen silently listened, his eyebrows sometimes jumping. Every sentence that Qi Yue said sounded like a complete fantasy, making it difficult for him to tell if this was reality or just a realistic dream. When he heard ‘Xiya Star’ for the third time, he finally realised why that name sounded so familiar… when he had first met Tian Tian, she had said that she came from a place called the Xiya Star! She came to earth because a disaster had happened at the Xiya Star, so her mother sent her to earth.

Could it be that the ‘Xiya Star’ that Qi Yue mentioned was Tian Tian’s home? Was the disaster that happened to the Xiya Star the ‘Burning Heavens Plan’?

“Now that 15 years have passed, Rahu’s Galois Plan and Earth Flame Plan have been completed, collecting 7 billion souls and creating a juvenile Godchild. Wan Chong’s Burning Heavens Plan hasn’t gone very smoothly because the Xiya people are quite powerful, and they are not any weaker than those of the Mystic Moon planet. However, with Rahu’s help, I’m sure that they’ll be able to complete it soon, allowing the Godchild to grow even more. As for the Mystic Moon plan… the Mad Scientist was killed by you, and the Godchild vowed to destroy herself if we harmed the earth, so it looks like that plan has gone down the drain. Aiya, I almost forgot to say the most important thing: the Godchild is, of course, Sha Sha. The Shadissika that you brought from here to earth – the Sha Sha you like so much.”

“Shadissika?” Qi Xing felt a bit surprised when she heard this name before coldly laughing, “Hmph, so it’s like that. In the ancient gods’ language, Shadiss means ‘the one who atones for sins’!”

The one who atones for sins… those words caused Ling Chen’s heart to ache.

When he had first met Sha Sha, he had felt that she was quite mysterious. However, he never would have thought that Sha Sha was a person – no, a god – who had been created through such evil and vile means… Indeed, she was a god that no human could imagine…

No wonder all sorts of miraculous things had occurred after Sha Sha had come to his side. Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s looks had been miraculously restored – it seemed that it was not a miracle but something that Sha Sha did. At that time, Sha Sha had gone with him to chase after Dia Wu… no wonder Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice’s withering lifeforce and senses had been restored; that was also done by Sha Sha… no wonder she could cure the terrifying Isrock Disease, casually take out technology that was hundreds of years more advanced than earth’s technology, and make all sorts of delicious food that shouldn’t exist in this world… it was because she was a god and possessed the knowledge and abilities of billions of people.

However, ‘the one who atones for sins’? Why did she need to atone for sins? What sins did she have?

She did not have any sins; all she had was a pure and kind heart! The truly sinful and evil one, who should atone for her sins, was the crazy Qi Xing, who wanted to sacrifice billions of people to become a god, and all those who were helping her!

“What about you? What sort of role do you play in this? What did you mean by creating a Shura?” Ling Chen asked, suppressing the flames of fury within him.

“Me? I naturally won’t participate in this God Creating Plan. I don’t have the ability to do so, nor do I like killing people myself.” Qi Yue stretched out her fingers, narrowing her eyes seductively. “I came to the Mystic Moon world to complete a deal with Xing. She told me a great secret, and I came to the Mystic Moon world to find the key to that secret and to also help her with the ‘Shura Plan’.”

“Shura… Plan?”

“That’s right, it’s very simple: it’s to create a Shura,” Qi Yue said with a smile. “But this Shura is not a true Shura because there is only one true Shura – the god above gods who ended the era of gods, Rashu. This kind of Shura cannot be created by people, and what I wanted to create was a Shura of the Mystic Moon world because such a Shura, under the Lunar Scourge’s influence, is filled with the Shura’s bloodthirstiness and power, turning into a merciless murderer! Of course, strictly speaking, such a Shura does not qualify to be called a Shura!”

Ling Chen: “……”

“Even though Fake Shuras cannot possibly have the strength of a true Shura, they have the bloodlust of the Shura. Newborn gods are not only powerful, but they also have extremely high intelligence and pure hearts. Even Xing would be unable to control such a god. If the Godchild is filled with the Shura’s blood before it awakens, the Shura’s bloodlust will enter the Godchild’s blood, turning the Godchild into a bloodthirsty creature. That way, it will be much easier to control. This is the purpose of the Shura Plan.” Qi Yue stopped talking and looked down, saying sorrowfully, “I don’t know if I should say that I succeeded or failed. I indeed successfully created a Shura, but it’s a pity that this Shura maintained his consciousness and did not turn into a bloodthirsty demon. I don’t even know if this Shura’s blood will be able to corrupt the Godchild.”

“The blood of a Shura will be unable to affect a fully conscious Godchild at all. The instant I found out that the Godchild had vanished, the Shura Plan was cancelled,” Qi Xing said calmly.

“Come to think of it, wasn’t the Godchild sealed in your God Sealing Barrier this entire time? Even her power and consciousness were sealed, and she was in a sleeping state. How did she escape?” Qi Yu said with a hint of schadenfreude.

“Hmph, I underestimated the Godchild, or rather, I underestimated ‘gods’.” Qi Xing frowned, an icy look on her face. “She might have even understood my intentions from the moment she was born. She used special means that I couldn’t detect to avoid being sealed, and she only pretended to be sealed and asleep. A God Sealing Barrier can only seal gods, while other creatures can freely enter and exit. She must have permeated through the God Sealing Barrier with her divine power, discovered the Mystic Moon world, opened up a spatial door to a place in the Mystic Moon world, and then guided a person… Ling Tian into the God Sealing Barrier, helping her leave! That’s the only possibility!”

“Oh? Ah,” Qi Yue calmly laughed. “The little Godchild is terrifyingly devious.”

Opposite them, Ling Chen was suppressing the flames of fury after hearing about the ‘Shura Plan’. So he had just been a tool from the start, and Qi Yue had helped him the whole time, even with the whole ‘method of resurrection’, so that he could help them achieve the ‘Shura Plan’! Afterwards, they would use him to turn the pure and kind Sha Sha into an evil, vicious god…

He became so furious that his entire body trembled when he thought of the fact that Sha Sha would have turned into a true demon if they had succeeded.

Ling Chen suppressed his anger, looking at Qi Yue as he said slowly, “In that case… you’re not the item soul of the Lunar Scourge… nor are you the Night Emperor’s daughter, Ye Yue, who was sealed in there 10,000 years ago!”

“Of course, how could I be the Night Emperor’s daughter? What a joke,” Qi Yue said with a smile.

“Then… Then what about Ye Yue?” When Ling Chen thought of the Night Emperor’s look of hope, Ling Chen’s heart tightened, feeling a bad premonition.