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Chapter 813: Final Trump Card

Final Trump Card

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“In this world, which no longer has any gods, those with 10% Godhood are enough to dominate even a powerful world like the Mystic Moon world; there are less than 5 people with more than 30% Godhood; those with 50% Godhood can essentially be called invincible in this chaotic space, and the only person who has above 50% Godhood is Qi Xing. With her 80% Godhood, even 100 people with 50% Godhood would not be able to defeat her.

“Don’t even think you can take the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb away from me, much less take away the Godchild. You’re lucky that Xing cares for the Godchild Plan and therefore decided not to kill you, so it’s best for you to be obedient and leave. I’ve told you everything that I should tell you, and there’s nothing else to say. If you’re insistent on continuing to struggle, Xing might become annoyed and kill you,” Qi Yue slowly said with a hint of a threat.

“Don’t think you can take away my Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb and Sha Sha!” Qi Yue’s warning was met with a furious roar from Ling Chen. His body blurred, turning into countless blurry images.

“Broken Shadow!”

With Broken Shadow activated, Ling Chen became so fast that he could not be tracked by the naked eye. He rushed towards Qi Yue like a bolt of lightning, casting [True Lucky Hand] towards her… he had to take the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb and the Sun God Orb at all costs.

However, he had only moved 3 body positions before he suddenly stopped, feeling as if his entire body had been frozen. Nearby, Qi Xing had stretched out a finger towards Ling Chen. She looked at Ling Chen out of the corner of her eye, smiling disdainfully, and she flicked her finger. The frozen Ling Chen felt as if a massive hammer had slammed into his chest, causing him to fly backwards.

“Ding… you have suffered fatal damage, and the damage has surpassed the scope of the rules; [Evil God’s Mask] cannot take effect. The [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Spirit] has been activated, and the fatal damage has been nullified.”

“Waxing… Moon!!”

A light shot out from the Lunar Scourge into the sky, quickly condensing into a slightly incomplete, bright moon. The instant that [Waxing Moon] appeared, the Lunar Scourge once again shone with light as Ling Chen yelled, “Eternal Moon Shadow!!”

In that instant, the [Waxing Moon] in the sky became incredibly bright, covering a large area with a silver light. It covered the entirety of the Godchild Peak, and it covered Qi Yue and Qi Xing as well. Once covered by the light of Eternal Moon Shadow, anyone would be frozen for at least half an hour!

The instant that Eternal Moon Shadow’s light descended, Qi Xing and Qi Yue’s actions and expressions completely froze. Ling Chen did not waste any time at all, and he rushed towards Qi Yue… however, just as he was about to reach her, he suddenly saw Qi Xing slowly raise her right hand and face her palm towards him…

What?! Ling Chen felt incredibly shocked.

Boom!! Boom!!


Ling Chen suffered 2 explosions to his body, and his body was blasted 100 metres away. The third explosion was in the air… as a shattering sound rang out, the [Waxing Moon], which had only appeared for a few seconds, was shattered like a glass ball, collapsing into countless fragments and disappearing from the air.

“Ding… the [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Soul] has been activated, the damage you have received has been nullified.”

“Ding… you have suffered fatal damage, and the damage has surpassed the scope of the rules; [Evil God’s Mask] cannot take effect. The [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Spirit] has been activated, and the fatal damage has been nullified.”

“Ding… [Waxing Moon] has been destroyed by a powerful, unknown power. [Moon] cannot be summoned for the rest of the day.”

After falling to the ground, Ling Chen only got up slowly after a while, completely stunned to the point that he could not utter a single word. The incredibly powerful Eternal Moon Shadow, which could freeze everything, had been ineffective against Qi Xing… and she had even shattered [Moon] easily!

“As expected from the Lunar Scourge! Even when it’s being used by a human, it can limit my movements… if it was used by a person with 80% Godhood like me, there would be a 50% chance that I would be completely frozen… no less than expected from the item left behind by the Shura!!”

Qi Xing’s expression had become somewhat unsightly. The [Eternal Moon Shadow] just then had completely frozen Qi Yue, but it had still affected Qi Xing somewhat. At the very least, when she had attacked Ling Chen and destroyed [Waxing Moon], her attacks had been half as fast, and it was the first time that she had felt that her movements were restricted and that attacking took many times more effort. Even though the Lunar Scourge was a godly item, its power was restricted by the strength of its master. Because Ling Chen was a human, the Lunar Scourge’s power was naturally at the levels of humans, and it could not restrict a being that had surpassed even Demigods. If a Demigod used the Lunar Scourge, even Qi Xing would not have the confidence to resist its power.

Qi Yue, who had long since anticipated this, finally said, “Ling Tian, I’ve already told you that it’s impossible for you to be a threat to Xing even if you have the Lunar Scourge. The Lunar Scourge can help you ignore the difference in levels or grade, and even if you were LV0, you would be able to freeze the Moon Goddesses. However, the difference between you and Xing cannot be bridged: you’re a human, while Xing has 80% Godhood, and she has surpassed even Demigods. She is almost a True God, while the power of the Lunar Scourge is only on the level of ‘humans’. No matter what you do, it won’t be able to restrict Xing, who is almost a True God. At most, it can make her pause or move slower, but that’s it.”

“Hmph, what a waste of time. Let’s go, Yue.” Qi Xing waved her hand, and the blue God Sealing Barrier containing Sha Sha rose to her side. Qi Xing did not bother looking at Ling Chen as she turned and prepared to leave.

“Did I allow you to leave!!”

Despite being completely suppressed and even his most powerful skills failing, as long as Ling Chen wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t allow them to take Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb away.

“Yama… Curse!!” As Ling Chen softly spoke, an explosion sounded out in his mind. Following this, he felt his mental energy rapidly growing, causing his vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to become incredibly acute to the point that he could sense particles and elemental essence in the air. His mind and thoughts became incredibly clear, and it was as if he had entered an indescribably marvellous world.

“Ding… you have activated the Feng Chen Forbidden Curse [Yama Curse]. In the next 10 seconds, all Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses you use apart from the Yama Curse will have no cooldown time or usage limits, and they will have complete certainty of success.”

“Ding… [Yama Curse] remaining uses: 1/3.”

The Yama Curse was Ling Chen’s final trump card. Even if he sacrificed everything, he wouldn’t allow them to take away Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb.

At this moment, Ling Chen raised his head, a cruel smile on his face. He looked at Qi Xing’s beautiful complexion and stared into her eyes. His expression did not change as his pupils suddenly dilated, and a strange light soundlessly shot out from within Ling Chen’s eyes towards Qi Xing. Immediately, his eyes locked onto Qi Yue, and a similar, formless power swept towards Qi Yue…

“Soulstealing Curse!!”

With the Yama Curse, anything below the True God level would not be able to resist his Feng Chen Curses… Qi Xing and Qi Yue, under the Soulstealing Curse, become my slaves!!

As Ling Chen released the strange light from his eyes, his mental energy grew to the extreme. However, in the next second, he did not see a haziness that usually indicated the Soulstealing Curse’s success, but rather… a hint of coldness.


Ling Chen felt as if his mind had been stabbed by tens of thousands of steel needles, and his vision turned dark. He cried out in pain, wrapping his arms around his head as he powerlessly collapsed, trembling from the pain.

“The Yama Curse is something that originates from the gods of the Langya Group, and combined with their unique Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, they can control any creature below the level of gods. As such, they became a god clan that was feared by all humans, and even True Gods could fall for their curses, making them feared by even True Gods,” Qi Xing said slowly as she narrowed her eyes. “But evidently, it’s impossible for you to have a godly soul from the Langya Group, so your power must have come from a legacy. Putting aside normal Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, the Yama Curse requires at least 30% Godhood to inherit it. You evidently have a human’s body, but you have mental energy that can rival 30% Godhood; this surprises me greatly.”

Qi Yue started to speak, “Aiya, Xing, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the Mad Scientist’s God Creating Plan. He is the most successful creation from the Mad Scientist’s God Creation Plan. The Mad Scientist used cruel methods to raise his mental energy from ordinary levels to a realm that surpassed the limits of humans. However, the Mad Scientist said that Ling Chen’s mental energy had approached the level of gods and that it might not be much weaker than yours. It’s not as simple as 30% Godhood… however, he has a human body and does not have godly power, so even though he has mental energy that surpasses 30% Godhood, being able to use 20% Godhood is already quite extraordinary, and that should be his limit. He’ll be forever unable to use mental energy that will be able to threaten you, Xing. Because he has incredible mental energy defending him, even the Lunar Scourge’s Shura’s power was unable to destroy his consciousness.”

“Hmph, so it’s like that.” The surprise on Qi Xing’s face disappeared as she said in a cold voice, “Without godly power, no matter how powerful your mental energy is, it will be useless. To think that the Mad Scientist had a way to raise a human’s mental energy to such a level…”

“I think it’s best that you don’t think about this question or try to work out how the Mad Scientist did it because those methods are simply too chilling. For this human to endure to the end was an incredible miracle,” Qi Yue said as she smiled. “But just as I expected, he tried to use the Yama Curse on you. He’s naïve to the point that my heart aches.”

She turned to look at Ling Chen and said with a slight smile, “Even for a Langya True God, the Yama Curse can only be used 3 times in their lifetime. Once the Yama Curse is used, no one below the True God level will be able to resist their curses. However, it’s a pity that even though Xing has 80% Godhood, her mental energy has been ‘refined’ to the True God realm! This is a secret that only I, her big sister, know. With Xing’s mental energy, let alone you, even if a Langya True God used the Yama Curse and then a Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curse, it would not be able to affect Xing. If it wasn’t for your mental energy defences being quite powerful, the recoil from just then would have destroyed your mind completely.”