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Chapter 816: Thunderous Death

Thunderous Death

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


Ling Chen raised his head and gave a despairing, bestial roar.


A blinding white light flashed in Ling Chen’s hand as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared. However, the current Lunar Scourge Divine Spear was covered with dark fog, and there was a red glow at its spearhead… as if it had awakened along with Ling Chen.


Ling Chen once again roared, shaking the heavens and earth as he thrust the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear forth with incredible power…


The Forgotten City, Ling Tian City, Azure Dragon City, Vermillion Bird City… in every region of the Forgotten Continent, the ground violently trembled as countless beings suddenly fell to the ground. Innumerable structures collapsed, many large mountains were split, and many rivers were destroyed.

“What… What’s going on?”

“What that an earthquake?”

“What was that explosion just then… it sounded like it came from very far away!”

People looked around in shock for the origin of the explosion and the tremors. At this moment, they felt the lighting dim, and when they looked up, the clear sky was covered with suffocating dark clouds. The dark clouds became darker and lower, and it was as if they covered the entire Forgotten Continent. The atmosphere became incredibly heavy and oppressive, making everyone feel as if there was an iron board weighing down on their chests. An ominous destructive atmosphere hung over the Forgotten Continent, if not the entire Mystic Moon world.

Outside of the Fairyland Mountain Range, there was a Fairyland Town that was about 110 kilometres away from the centre of the Fairyland Mountain Range, the Godchild Peak. This was the closest human settlement to the Godchild Peak. There were not many residents here, and the first thing they did when they woke up every day was earnestly pray towards the Godchild Peak. In their hearts, the incredibly tall Godchild Peak was like a True God watching over them, making it something they worshipped.

Because they were the closest to the Godchild Peak, the earthquake that they felt was the most intense. More than half of the houses within the village collapsed, and the shocking roar caused many of the residents to blank out. When they looked at the Godchild Peak in surprise, the scene that greeted them caused them to cry out in shock and terror.

A dark crack rapidly extended from the top of the Godchild Peak, reaching the bottom in an instant…


As the massive crack formed, the tallest mountain in the Mystic Moon world slowly split into 2 halves…

Screams filled the Fairyland Town because the Godchild peak had split right before their eyes…

They never could have imagined that this was not some sort of terrifying natural disaster but the result of a Shura’s roar.

The mystic ice that had been gathered on the Godchild Peak for countless years completely shattered, and it was sent flying by the Shura’s power, landing all over the Fairyland Mountain Range. Many of the Fairyland Mountain Range’s high-level monsters madly escaped, and countless died just from the fear and terror they had felt.

At the summit of the Godchild Peak, numerous dark cracks appeared… people who were strong enough would be scared into screaming because all of them were spatial cracks! What’s more, after these spatial cracks appeared, they did not immediately disappear. Instead, they were maintained by the Shura’s power, which had not dissipated.

Ling Chen started to walk forwards, and with every step he took, the cracked Godchild Peak trembled. After taking 5 steps, he came to a spatial crack, but he did not stop. His stiff and heavy footsteps entered the spatial crack and disappeared within it.

Eastern border of the Forgotten Continent.

This place had become a massive battlefield, and there was a sea of people. Tens of millions of players, split into 2 factions, madly yelled and launched skills at each other, filling the heavens and earth with the sounds of fighting. This massive-scale battle had lasted for a long time, and the casualties were simply innumerable.

At the start, the 12 allied countries only had tens of thousands of players, which Ling Tian City could easily deal with. Soon, they started to use large-scale teleportation channels, and their numbers skyrocketed. In 3 hours, their numbers had increased to over 30 million players.

It was impossible to imagine how those 12 countries had worked out their agreement and had gathered such a monstrous force. Ling Tian City’s strength was undeniable, but the terrifying scale of their army was completely outside of what they could handle. After all, this was a player’s battle, so NPCs could not get involved. Ling Tian City’s defenders became more and more suppressed, and the speed at which their reinforcements arrived was completely dwarfed by the allied countries’ reinforcements. Soon, some defensive lines began to crumble.

“Huff… Huff… these bastards! Why are there so many of them?! Even if 12 countries allied together… they shouldn’t be able to move so many people so quickly… and this is our territory!” Yun Feng breathed raggedly. He didn’t know how long he had been desperately fighting for, or how many people he had killed. In the game, one did not feel any physical tiredness, but this was not so for one’s mind. After fighting for so long, his mind started to feel dizzy. In terms of average strength, the Chinese players’ strength greatly surpassed any other country, but even though the invading players’ casualties were far greater than the Chinese players’, they could feel their own numbers decreasing while the other side’s numbers were quickly increasing.

“Are you seriously asking… they must have been planning this for a long time… attacking while we’re still recovering from the demon beast disaster is their best opportunity!” Xiao Qiu Feng roared while slashing. Wherever the Cold Magistrate’s heavy Celestial grade sword passed, many people instantly died. No one could survive a single attack from his heavy sword.

“No matter how many people they have… this is our territory, so why are we being suppressed. I don’t understand… I don’t accept this!” Yun Feng replied as he savagely killed a few invading players who had come close to him and drank 2 HP potions.

“In international battles, players who are killed can’t fight again within 2 hours. This applies to everyone, so it doesn’t matter if we’re in our own territory… the only advantage we have is that it’s easier for us to come here… but do you think all players are like those in Ling Tian City… most of them are fighting for their own personal gain and glory, and even 1 out of 10 people who aren’t part of Ling Tian City fighting is already amazing! This is basic human nature!” Xiao Qiu Feng roared back.

“Ling Tian City has mobilised 14 million players, and only 3 million are defending the city. Apart from Ling Tian City, there are hundreds of millions of players, yet not even 10 million have come to defend… I really feel like killing those cowards who fear death!”

“It’s useless. Even if you’re angry – this is reality! Haven’t you contacted Ling Tian yet?”

“I couldn’t talk to him properly… I feel like something has happened, which makes me feel quite worried. However, right now, we don’t have time to worry about that. Godfreakingdamnit! If we were able to use items, I would have used the Underworld God Cannon to blow these bastards to kingdom come already!!”

“All in all, we just have to desperately recruit reinforcements; we can’t let them attack the Azure Dragon City… otherwise, even if we beat them back, this will be our shame!!”

As one of Ling Tian City’s highest-ranking leaders, Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng had both rushed to the frontlines, doing their best to kill the invading players. However, the speed at which reinforcements came made it impossible to change their fortunes. Yun Feng and a few others had already sent many messages in the Region Channel to call Chinese players to defend, but very few came… because most people thought that it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t go because of how many people there were in China or other selfish thoughts… now that the game had reached the late stages, levelling had become incredibly difficult, and dying once meant that it would take usually half a month to climb back to where they had been, and they might even lose the equipment that they worked so hard for. Very few players were willing to take such a risk… even if this battle concerned the pride and dignity of China.

Ling Tian City’s defensive lines started collapsing. Right behind them was the Azure Dragon City, and once their defensive lines completely broke down, the invading players would flood towards the Azure Dragon City, destroying one of the most important places to Chinese players.


At this moment, an ear-piercing slashing sound came from above the battlefield, and a dark spatial crack appeared. At the same time, a person holding a silver spear and wearing silver armour appeared, and the person was covered with a dark fog.

“What… What is that?!” Xiao Qiu Feng unconsciously raised his head.

“That equipment… could it be… Ling Tian!! Ling Tian has come!” Yun Feng yelled excitedly.

“That’s indeed Ling Tian, but the feeling he gives me…” Ling Chen’s appearance caused Xiao Qiu Feng to let out a breath of relief, but he suddenly frowned as he looked at Ling Chen with shock.

Through the spatial crack, Ling Chen had coincidentally been sent to this chaotic battlefield. The instant he appeared, the sky suddenly became dark, and the chaotic battlefield suddenly felt incredibly suppressed. Everyone felt as if a massive pan had descended from the sky, making it difficult for them to even breathe…


There were countless people fighting and killing, and the cries and deaths caused Ling Chen’s eyes to glow with a bloody light as he bestially roared.


This roar sounded like a massive peal of thunder in the players’ ears, causing everyone to instantly lose their hearing, and their minds went blank. In the thundering roar, the millions of players who were closest to Ling Chen fell to the ground, covering their ears as they screamed in pain. Their bodies spasmed, and some even stopped moving… they had been killed just by Ling Chen’s roar!