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Chapter 817: Sea Of Blood

Chapter 817 – Sea Of Blood

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“What… What’s going on??” Yun Feng yelled as he desperately covered his ears.

They had clearly seen how powerful Ling Chen was during the demon beast disaster. However, even though he could easily kill Demon Emperors, he shouldn’t be powerful to the point that he could kill millions of players with a roar! This was something that only gods in legends could do. What’s more, the dark fog around him, his red eyes, and his aura made them feel that this person was different from the Ling Tian they knew… he gave them a sense of fear and an unapproachable feeling.

“Ling Tian! Ling Tian!! Can you hear me?” Yun Feng picked up his communication device and roared into it, but he received no response.

The Shura slowly descended from the air, and a baleful, berserk, and oppressive aura swept towards everyone around him, causing their bodies to feel a chill. The Shura’s baleful aura was simply too intense, and it was to the point that it almost took form. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder just what sort of experiences one had to go through to release such a monstrous, baleful aura. Within this baleful aura, there was also a sense of ruthlessness and killing intent.

The Shura opened his eyes, a dense blood-red colour within them. These were the Eyes of Extermination that Ling Chen had used to kill the modified Instructor Hell. Before, Ling Chen could only release these Eyes of Extermination in the most hopeless situations, but now that he had transformed into a true Shura, his Eyes of Extermination had been fully released.

His blood-red eyes looked ahead, seeing the sea of people that extended as far as the eye could see. Some of the people were just a few steps away from the Shura, while others were kilometres away. However, those who the Shura looked at, no matter how far away they were, clearly saw a pair of blood-red eyes. Even though they were quite far away, they seemed too close…

Thump… Thump… Thump… Thump…

The world seemed to fall completely silent to the point that no one could hear anything except their hearts violently beating. Slowly, their gaze became bloody and hazy, and they opened their mouths, but they could not make a single sound. As their hearts rapidly thumped and spasmed, they felt a sense of rupturing from their hearts…

In an instant, a scene that was as terrifying as hell… no, a scene thousands of times more terrifying as hell appeared as blood started to cover the ground…

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Sounds of explosions chaotically mixed together, but they were not the sound of items exploding or explosions of power…

Hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of bodies, under the Shura’s gaze, violently trembled and exploded. The instant those players lost consciousness, they saw their mangled bodies… which had become bloodied and mushed… and their pulverised hearts… as well as their blood spraying everywhere…

Countless terrified screams sounded out, sounding like the howls of demons. However, these cries did not come from the players whose bodies had been destroyed by the Eyes of Extermination because their bodies had instantly exploded. These cries came from those who had not been killed by the Eyes of Extermination. They stared as the people near them exploded into fragmented body parts and blood, the hellish scene making them feel as if their minds were going to explode from terror. Even those who were usually quite brave started to scream and howl, their faces becoming incredibly pale. Countless players collapsed to the ground in fear, scrambling backwards as they tried to get away from the bloody hell.

Before coming to fight, everyone was prepared to die. However, they were only prepared to lose levels and equipment because in this game world, they could not feel pain, see blood and gore, or die a true death.

They had never thought that they would encounter such a gory hell in the game world. Actual conflict in the real world was very rare in these times, so not many people had encountered blood or gore before… even if the scene was one thousandth of what it was, most people still would not be able to accept it.

Normally, after dying, players would not be able to clearly see how they had died. However, even while their bodies were exploding, the players personally saw a scene that would haunt them for the rest of their lives…

Sometimes, death was not very scary. However, seeing their own bodies being blown into bits was truly terrifying… what was even more terrifying was that they still had not truly died. That scene would forever remain in their hearts, giving them nightmares forever.

Countless body parts and massive amounts of blood flew into the air and covered the ground, turning into a hell of gore, terror, and screams. Not a single person had a complete corpse remaining, nor were they able to even tremble or cry out before they died… some of the weaker-hearted players immediately fainted. Under the single gaze from the Shura, the battle immediately stopped because everyone had fallen into a deep terror, and they had no mind to fight anymore.

Yun Feng’s face became incredibly pale as if he had been horribly sick. In just a few breaths, he had madly vomited 3 times. He was not a cowardly person, but at this moment, his head was hanging low, not daring to see the hellish scene in front of him.

“Was this… done by Ling Tian? What… What sort of ability was that?!” Xiao Qiu Feng, who had never known fear, said with a violently trembling voice.

After this hell, an even more terrifying hell appeared, because the Shura once again acted… the first time, he killed millions of people with a roar, and then he opened his Eyes of Extermination. This time was the first time he had properly attacked. He raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, which was covered with a dark fog, and roared as he swept it forwards…


Every corner of the Forgotten Continent felt a massive quake.

Everyone’s hearing was once again drowned out, and their vision became incredibly dark… it was not because more dark clouds had appeared but because the 50 kilometres of ground in front of the Shura had been completely lifted up, sending millions of players flying up thousands of metres into the air. In an instant, the heavens and earths seemed to be flipped, and the ground sank down by tens of metres. The sky became filled with dirt and screaming players. However, their screams only lasted for a short while before their bodies were completely annihilated by the berserk power.


The dirt rained down back to the ground, but none of the millions of players fell back down… because there were only tiny fragments of flesh. Let alone whole corpses, there was not even a whole finger.

When the dirt landed back on the ground, it was no longer a greyish yellow but a shocking dark red colour, and it was filled with countless fragments of bodies and equipment. Above the ground, countless large and small black holes twisted from the remnants of the Shura’s power.

Everyone felt completely suffocated. Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng’s eyes widened, unable to even breathe properly. They simultaneously pinched themselves… it hurt greatly, but they still felt that they were in a dream.

Just then, when the Shura had attacked, it was only a casual, single-handed attack… an area of 50 kilometres had been destroyed, and more than 80% of the invaders had been utterly annihilated… that was nearly 23 million players! What’s more, it wasn’t just the invading players, but nearly 2 million Chinese players had been caught within that attack as well.

“D-Demon… Demon… Demon!!!!”

Tens of millions of people had been completely obliterated in just an instant. The remainder of the invading players had their wits completely shocked out of them, and nearly half of them wet their pants. The players who had relatively stronger minds screamed as they scrambled away into the distance. As they ran, they felt as if their hearts were going to leap out of their chests… this was a nightmare! It was definitely a nightmare! That person… was definitely a demon!!

In front of the Shura was a black hole that was tens of metres in diameter and looked like a demon’s mouth that was twisting and turning. To the current Shura, tearing open spatial cracks and creating spatial black holes was incredibly simple. Looking at the blood-red ground in front of him, an excited look shone in the Shura’s eyes. He held the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear as he walked forwards… into that massive black hole…


The instant he entered the black hole, it instantly disappeared… no one knew where he had been sent.

Thump… Yun Feng heavily knelt onto the ground. After the Shura left, the massive feeling of suppression had disappeared, and Yun Feng gulped down a few breaths, his entire body drenched in cold sweat.

After bitterly battling for many hours, they had not been able to beat back the invading forces, but in the few seconds that Ling Tian had arrived for, he had roared, stared, and attacked once, completely destroying their army. However, Yun Feng did not feel a trace of joy or excitement, and he was only filled with extreme shock and fear.

“Was… Was that really Ling Tian? Was that really him? How could he be so terrifying… and this feeling… it felt like it wasn’t him!”


While Yun Feng was shocked, his communication device sounded out – it was someone calling from the real world. Yun Feng shakily answered it, and after listening for a while, his hands suddenly trembled, and his already-pale face became even paler. “What… What did you say?!?!”

“What… What happened?” Xiao Qiu Feng was given a big fright by his reaction.

“Im.. Impossible! It can’t be true…” Yun Feng fell onto his bottom, his eyes completely dim and hollow as if he had lost his soul. “They said… the Bamboo Sea Wonderland was destroyed… and everyone inside… has died without any traces remaining.”


By now, many police cars and media crews had gathered around the destroyed Bamboo Sea Wonderland. When the first rescue team arrived at the centre of the destruction, Ling Chen’s body, which had been kneeling within the ruins, strangely and slowly disappeared.