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Chapter 818: Massacring Cities

Chapter 818 – Massacring Cities

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


A spatial black hole appeared above a certain place on earth. From the black hole, a person wearing silver armour and a black mask walked out, and his body was wrapped in a dark fog.


After walking into a black hole in the Mystic Moon world, he had been sent to earth!!

In his hand was the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear that he could only summon in the Mystic Moon world, and he was wearing the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour and Evil God’s Mask. On his wrist, the Lunar Scourge shined with a faint black light.

This was a bustling business district, and people and cars were everywhere, making it look like a lively place. When the Shura detected the countless living beings and the atmosphere of the city, boundless killing intent erupted from his body…

Destroy everything…

Destroy this world that brings only lies, pain, and despair… as long as I destroy everything, I won’t have to experience lies, pain, and despair anymore!!


As the Shura landed from the sky, the solid granite ground cracked under his feet. When he appeared, he instantly became the focus of the people around him.

“Eh? What’s up with this person? Did he just fall from the sky? Is this some sort of special performance?”

“Wah! He looks so cool; I want to take a closer look… eh! Why does my body suddenly feel so cold…”

“He looks quite familiar… eh? Isn’t that Ling Tian? Why did that despicable Ling Tian appear in Japan? What the hell!”

When the Shura landed, 2 security guards nearby immediately came over and said with a stern expression, “Oi, oi! Who are you? I don’t care if you’re a person invited by a company to perform; dropping down like that was very dangerous, you know? If you’re not careful, you could have hur-”


A dark spatial crack appeared as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear slashed through the air. As an ear-piercing tearing sound sounded out, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear did not touch anyone, but the 2 security guards’ bodies suddenly became bits of diced up flesh and blood. Only their heads were fine, and there were terrified looks in their eyes as they fell to the ground, rolling some distance.


Countless screams filled the air. This sudden, bloody scene caused the people nearby to completely panic. Their fear of death and gore caused them to madly run away, sending the entire street into complete chaos. Countless alarm bells rang out from all around them, causing everyone to madly rush about…

However, how could these humans escape the Shura’s massacre?

The Shura lowered the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, pointing it at the ground with a calm expression…


Just like in the Forgotten Continent, the sky suddenly turned dark as the surrounding 10 or so kilometres was lifted up. Countless buildings, cars… and people and pets were sent flying hundreds of metres high in the air… before being turned into tiny fragments by the berserk power…


All of the screams disappeared, and not a single body could be seen in the air. Everything had turned into fragments and fine powder, and it all rained down like a bloody rain…

All of the buildings, people, and prosperity had disappeared, replaced by a bloodied ruin, burying countless beings.

Police sirens wailed from the distance, and the regions beside the destroyed parts of the city descended into total chaos. Looking at the bloodied ground, the Shura remained just as impassive as if he was looking at some dust, and he walked on slowly with heavy footsteps.



“Impossible! This can’t be true! How come a single person can’t be found… that’s right! Li Xiao Xue! What about the Li family’s big miss? Contact her immediately… what… s-she… impossible! Go and look for them! They must have hidden somewhere; it’s impossible that you can’t find them. Make sure you find them even if you have to dig under the ground!”

The past few minutes had been hell for Yun Feng. His face was completely pale, and his eyes were completely bloodshot. The news from Su Hang City had sent his heart spiralling down into an icy abyss, and he had a terrifying feeling in his heart. However, he repeatedly reassured himself that it definitely wasn’t true. After ending the call, he fell to the ground, his hands clutching his head.

His phone once again rang, and Yun Feng came back to his senses and looked at the screen. He immediately picked it up, roaring in a trembling voice, “Old Xiao! Do you have any news on your side? You found them, right? Right?!?”

“… Look at the news,” Xiao Qiu Feng’s bitter voice said out from the other end.

Yun Feng paused in surprise before leaping over to his TV and turning it on.

“… Japan’s Dainichi City has suffered the worst terrorist attack in history. In just a few minutes, half of Dainichi City was turned into ruins… and the one who caused this terrorist attack was a person wearing silver armour… this attack was like the descent of a demon, and this is completely true! The entirety of Japan has fallen into terror, and the Japanese army has moved out… these are some pictures and videos that many people obtained by sacrificing their lives…”

A blurry grey figure appeared on the screen. Even though it was quite blurry, the instant Yun Feng saw it, his eyes widened. That was clearly Ling Chen’s figure and equipment; how could he be mistaken?

“What’s… going… on…” Yun Feng muttered in shock. He suddenly felt incredibly unfamiliar with this world.




Death, screams of pain, blood, and destruction…

As a massive explosion sounded out, shaking all of Japan, Dainichi City was completely destroyed, and it was as if it had evaporated from this world without a trace remaining. The Shura advanced, walking incredibly slowly. However, he walked 1,000 metres in just a blink of an eye, and it was as if what he walked on was not ground but space. Wherever he went, he left behind destroyed ruins. Behind him were mountains of fragmented corpses, red ground, and rivers of blood…


The Shura stopped walking. In front of him were Japanese soldiers in heavy armour and tanks, while 10 or so combat helicopters flew towards him in the air. In this massive disaster, the Japanese army’s response was incredibly fast. When that terrifying figure appeared in their line of sight, the combat helicopters released many missiles at him. The tanks also locked onto the Shura, continuously shooting at him…

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom……..

In an instant, the Shura’s surroundings had been completely blasted, turning into an ocean of destruction. The combined firing power of the 10 or so combat helicopters and 10 or so tanks was incredibly terrifying. The Shura’s surroundings were now filled with sand and dust, and the deafening explosions could be heard from tens of kilometres away.

This sort of might was used to deal with a single person. Anyone would feel that this was ridiculous even if it was against someone who could single handedly destroy a city.

By now, the soldiers could not see anything because of the sand and dust, and they had been deafened by the repeated explosions. After a while, the attacks finally stopped, and the soldiers looked at the scene in front of them. They could only imagine how it looked after all of those explosions. After all of those attacks, even a mountain would be reduced to nothing, much less a person. They felt that moving out 10 or so combat helicopters and 10 or so tanks against a single person was simply incredibly exaggerated.

Tap… Tap… Tap…

After countless weapons had fired, it should have been impossible to hear a person’s footsteps. However, no matter if it was the soldiers in the tanks or in the combat helicopters, they could clearly hear a set of heavy footsteps. Those footsteps seemed to be stepping on their hearts, causing their hearts to beat faster and faster…

The sand and dust gradually cleared up, and soon, the soldiers could see a silver figure walking closer and closer towards them. The figure had a deathly aura about him and walked with even steps. He did not seem injured in the slightest, and even his clothes were not damaged at all. It was as if their terrifying attacks had been just an illusion and had not harmed him at all.

A chilling feeling spread through the soldiers’ bodies, causing them to uncontrollably tremble. Now, they knew that they had met a real demon!