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Chapter 820: Rahu, Wan Chong

Chapter 820 – Rahu, Wan Chong

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“The earth… was destroyed… by big brother… completely destroyed…”

The image in the Full Moon Mirror disappeared, and the Full Moon Mirror became a normal mirror again.

Today, they encountered many things that they would never would have even dreamt about. This single day had flipped many things they knew upside down, and it made them feel as if they had jumped into a legend.

They had thought that they were going to die, but after opening their eyes, they found that they were still alive on another planet… after calming down, they thought that no matter what else happened, they would be able to accept it.

However, Tian Tian’s words caused them to feel giddy as if their heads were rapidly spinning.

Earth had been destroyed… this sort of thing would occasionally happen in movies, but no one had ever thought that such a thing would actually happen. They had somehow been transported from Earth to here, and what they wanted most was to return because that was where their family, friends, memories, and experiences, as well as where their most important person was…

Now, Tian Tian had told them that the Earth had been completely destroyed by the person who was the most important to them. Earth disappearing from this universe meant that their relatives, friends, and everything else on the earth had disappeared forever…

“No… impossible… this can’t be… impossible…” Hearing this sort of news was a massive blow to all of them, and even Li Xiao Xue’s face was completely pale.

“No… this must be a lie… it must be… dad, aunty, uncle… wuu…” Su’Er covered her mouth, her face covered with tears.

“Is this a nightmare…” Fey raised her head, looking at the starry sky as she muttered.

“Then… what about him? He couldn't have…” Xuanyuan Dia Wu came to Tian Tian’s side and asked in a trembling voice. Ling Chen was her only attachment, and even if the entire world perished, it was not as important as Ling Chen to her.

“I… I don’t know… I don’t know…” Tian Tian vigorously shook her head, feeling incredibly panicked. “Why did things turn out like this… just what happened… big brother… big brother…”

Just as darkness and an oppressive pain covered their hearts, 2 dark figures quickly flew towards them from the distance. After drawing near to them, one of the figures stopped, a look of shock appearing in his calm eyes.

The other person also stopped, asking in confusion, “What is it, boss? Why did we suddenly stop… oh? Heheheh, I thought this region has already been ‘cleaned’ before but looks like some fish slipped out of the net.

The first figure did not reply and suddenly descended, landing heavily on the ground. He stood in front of the girls, coldly looking at them. The other figure also descended, causing a massive explosion as he landed.

As they descended, the girls came to their senses and looked over their shoulders. When they saw the person in front, a look of shock and fear appeared on their faces.

“… Rahu!” Fey’s expression instantly darkened, her heart falling to an icy valley.

“It’s… It’s that person! Why… Why is he here?!”

The first person who had descended was someone who they would never forget because just a few hours ago, this person had struck them with deathly fear. Even the invincible Fey was completely powerless in front of him. In the end, they had nearly been killed by him, and they never thought that they would once again see this terrifying person after coming to this distant world.

“Oh? Boss, they actually know your name and seem to know you. That doesn’t seem right; with boss’s abilities, I don’t think anyone could escape from your hands.”

Rahu’s body was tall and muscular, while the person beside him was even taller and more powerfully-built. He was 3 metres tall and 3 times thicker than a normal person. Just by standing there, he gave a formless pressure. He was the Oracle Emissary who was in charge of the Xiya Star’s Burning Heavens Plan: Wan Chong!

Rahu once again ignored Wan Chong’s words. He looked at the girls and said calmly, “Even though I don’t know how you didn’t die or how you arrived here, none of that’s important. Since you’re the people who Yue told me to kill, if she found out that you were still alive, she would be very unhappy. This time, I’ll kill you completely so that a miracle can’t happen again.”

“You wish! I… I won’t let you harm them!”

Tian Tian rushed to the front, spreading her arms out to shield the people behind her. She gritted her teeth and yelled in a low voice to Fey, “Hurry up and leave… take the big sisters and aunty and leave… I’ll… I’ll stop them!”

Tian Tian’s heart felt incredibly icy. When she found out that she had returned to the Xiya Star, she brought everyone else to a peaceful place, slowly waiting for her power to fully awaken. This process took a day, and when that time came, she had the confidence to defeat the terrifying Wan Chong. During this period of time, what she feared most was being discovered by Wan Chong.

Who would have thought that she had not only been found by Wan Chong but also Rahu, who she still would not be able to defeat even if she fully awakened her power.

“Eh?” Looking at Tian Tian, Wan Chong’s eyes widened. “It’s you! It’s actually you!”

“Hmph! You’re the big bad guy who killed my daddy and so many of my friends. I… I definitely won’t forgive you!!” Tian Tian clenched her fists, her gaze full of hatred and fury as she yelled as loudly as she could.

“So it really was you.” Wan Chong smirked as he laughed, “Heheh, boss, remember how I told you before that there was a person with a Demigod godly soul on the Xiya Star? That’s right, it’s this little girl! She escaped last time, and I never thought she would come back… hahahaha! This is great; her soul will be the best nourishment for the Godchild, and it can compare to the souls of 10 million people!”

“So it’s like that; she’s the one you were talking about?” Rahu looked over and slowly nodded. “Her godly soul has awakened, but it has only been a few hours. If we gave her another day, even you wouldn’t be able to take her down.”

“Oh? Awakened? But her age… Hmph! Forget it. Since she’s awakened, we have to get rid of her. Boss, you shouldn’t trouble yourself with these small matters, so I’ll take care of it!” As Wan Chong spoke, his massive body rushed forwards, his thick, steel-like hands grabbing towards Tian Tian.

“Watch out, Tian Tian!”

Fey was quite far away, but she still felt a pressure like that of a mountain descending. One could only imagine just how terrifying the power within Wan Chong’s massive arms were. This sort of power could flatten a mountain, while Tian Tian was only a small girl.

As Tian Tian watched Wan Chong’s arms come closer and closer, she gritted her teeth, raised her arms, and crossed them, yelling in her tender voice, “Big White… Attack!!”


A massive roar sounded out as a massive white bear appeared in the air, rushing towards Wan Chong. The sudden appearance of the massive white bear gave Wan Chong a big fright, and he subconsciously shrank back, slamming into the big white bear with his body.


A deafening explosion sounded out as the ground trembled. Wan Chong was sent flying into the air and flipped more than 10 times. By the time he landed and steadied his body, he was in a sorry state. His eyes widened as he stared at the large white bear.

“She awakened a god from the ancient Skyfall Demon Clan, and their divine power is extremely strange – they can summon beings from other dimensions. However, she has only just awakened and has awakened perhaps one-third of her 50% Godhood. You should be able to deal with her,” Rahu said expressionlessly.

“So it’s like that. I was wondering where this thing came from.” Wan Chong gritted his teeth as fury appeared in his eyes. The powerful him had been beaten back by a little god; this was an intolerable humiliation.

Wan Chong raised his arms, and as grinding sounds sounded out, his incredibly thick arms suddenly became even thicker. He looked at Tian Tian and coldly laughed, “Who cares about what sort of godly soul you awakened. Under my divine power, everyone will be crushed… don’t worry; I won’t kill you instantly because your soul is very precious, ahahahahaha!” As Wan Chong madly laughed he blasted his arms towards Tian Tian, the power seeming to be able to make the heavens fall and split the earth.

“Hurry up and run… go!!” Tian Tian once again yelled as she looked at Wan Chong’s attack. She did not try to evade because if she evaded instead of blocking the attack, Wan Chong’s terrifying power would destroy the people behind her.

“Do your best Big White!!” As Tian Tian cried out, the big white bear roared as it once again leapt towards Wan Chong, its massive paws swiping towards Wan Chong’s huge arms.

A massive explosion rang out as Big White cried out in pain. Under this collision, the big white bear was sent flying and turned into a ray of white light as it disappeared. Wan Chong’s arms continued forwards, coming incredibly close to Tian Tian.

“I won’t lose!!” Tian Tian still did not doge. Rather, she met Wan Chong’s body with her much smaller body, punching with her own hands, and she met Wan Chong’s heavy fists.

Wan Chong’s body stopped in mid-air, his fists, which were like thousand-kilogram hammers, stopped by Tian Tian’s tiny hands. Even the force behind the punch had been completely dispelled by Tian Tian so that no one behind her was injured. Even though Wan Chong’s might had been reduced by more than half by Big White, the fact that Tian Tian was able to do such a thing with her skinny body was already a miracle… because the Skyfall Demon Clan’s divine power was focused on transformation and summoning instead of strength and constitution.

The scene persisted for 2 or 3 seconds before Tian Tian was blasted away. She stumbled back 7 or 8 steps and fell heavily to the ground, a trace of blood trickling out of her mouth.

“Tian Tian!”

The girls hurriedly came over and helped Tian Tian up. Tian Tian’s eyes were slightly unfocused, and she said powerlessly while looking at the big sisters around her, “Hurry… and run… I’ll… stop them… I can do it…”

As she spoke, she struggled to stand properly, vigorously wiping the blood away from her mouth. However, her face was shockingly pale.

“Tian Tian, we won’t run. How can we throw you behind and run away?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu supported Tian Tian’s body as she spoke softly.

“Mm! If we abandon Tian Tian and run away, we might as well just immediately die,” Xiao Qi said seriously.

“Remember, we’re your big sisters. Big sisters protecting their little sisters is the right thing to do. Big sisters should never leave behind their little sisters,” Li Xiao Xue said gently as she gently stroked Tian Tian’s hair.

“Tian Tian, you’re so amazing. No wonder why he likes you so much,” Yola said with an expression of admiration.

“Of course, Tian Tian is master’s treasure. Back then, she even saved master’s life,” Chao Ying said as she smiled.

It was not just Chao Ying who was smiling. Facing the god of death, all of their fear slowly disappeared. They gathered around Tian Tian, feeling incredibly peaceful. Seeing this young, resolute little girl using her tender body to protect them, their hearts were filled with warmth, melting away all negative emotions.

Even though they were about to die, what was there to be afraid of? Earth had been destroyed, and everything was gone. Perhaps dying would be better. That way, they wouldn’t have to live on this strange planet in sadness. Perhaps this life was just a dream and this was the end of the dream. They would face the end of this dream with smiles and a peaceful state of mind.