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Chapter 821: Reunion

Chapter 821 – Reunion

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Hearing their gentle voices, Tian Tian’s tense heart also relaxed. She knew better than anyone that she could definitely not defeat Wan Chong in her current state, much less Rahu. Even stalling for time so that the others could run away was impossible. With her current strength, no matter how much she struggled, she would not be able to change the outcome.

Tian Tian’s heart became incredibly peaceful, and she did not feel anxious anymore. She did not struggle anymore, and she instead leaned against Gu Qing Han behind her, enjoying the warmth. “Aunty Gu, are you really… big brother’s mummy?”

“That’s right… but we were separated when he was born,” Gu Qing Han softly replied.

“Thank you, Aunty Gu.”

Gu Qing Han felt quite surprised. “Why are you thanking me?”

Tian Tian smiled. “Because Aunty Gu is big brother’s mummy. Without Aunty Gu, big brother wouldn’t exist, and I never would have met big brother…”

Gu Qing Han’s body slightly trembled. She could not say anything, and she could only gently hug this little girl. She could feel this girl’s resignation, but in the final moments of her life, what she displayed was her love for Ling Chen. With just a few words, she melted Gu Qing Han and all of the girls’ hearts.

“Heheh, what are you doing? I can’t believe you were able to receive an 80% blow from me using your Skyfall Demon Clan’s power, which isn’t suited to physical fighting at all. However, it looks like you used half of your life to receive that blow.” Wan Chong coldly smiled as he spoke arrogantly, swinging his arms about as he started to laugh, “Girl, I’ll only use 80% again this time, so try to receive it again. If you can’t, apart from you, everyone will turn to dust, hahahaha… oh?”

Wan Chong suddenly stopped laughing as a look of surprise appeared in his eyes. This was because he found that the gazes of the people in front of him had suddenly changed. Their hateful looks became hazy as they stared ahead, and their eyes all widened as if they had seen the most unbelievable scene in the world… and they were clearly looking behind where Wan Chong and Rahu were.

Rahu also detected the change in their gazes, and he turned around at the same time as Wan Chong.

Even though it was midnight, the bright stars made it easier to see in the darkness. In the dim lighting, they could see a grey figure. He was tall and seemed to be wearing a thin armour that gave off a dark silver light. In his hand was a silver spear that was longer than his body.

The instant they saw this person, Rahu and Wan Chong felt their hair stand on end. This was because the figure was less than 5 steps away from them, but they had not detected him at all, and it was as if he had appeared extremely silently and stealthily. This was the first time they had experienced such a thing, and they felt a chill through their bodies.

“Big brother… Big brother… is it you? Is it you?”

The figure was about 30 steps away from them, and in the dim lighting, they could only roughly make out his figure and equipment. However, when Tian Tian saw the figure, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning, and tears uncontrollably poured out of her eyes. Even though she could only see a hazy figure, she had always been by Ling Chen’s side, so she felt a sense of familiarity in her soul, making her able to immediately recognise him.

“Ah… you’re… he’s… big brother Ling Tian?” Tian Tian’s words sounded like a peal of thunder in everyone’s ears.

“Big brother Ling Tian? Is it really… Is it really…”

“Ling Chen, is it you… is it you?!” Li Xiao Xue took a step forwards and called out.

Xuanyuan Dia Wu also stared ahead for a long time before muttering emotionally, “I’m sure of it… it’s him. Tt’s really him!”

With Tian Tian’s cry and Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s incredibly sure words, everyone’s still hearts became incredibly excited.

“Oi! Who the hell are you? You dare to act all mysterious in front of your lord Wan Chong?” After the initial fright, Wan Chong became furious. This person had made him suddenly feel fear, humiliating him.

The figure did not respond to the girls’ cries or to Wan Chong’s furious yell. He silently stood there… as a dark fog swirled around him.

“Heh, you dare to look down on your elder?” Seeing that the person did not reply, Wan Chong became even more infuriated. He raised a fist and smashed it towards the person. “You can go die then!!”



The first cry came from the girls, who felt incredibly worried. They had just seen how terrifying Wan Chong’s arms were; even a massive boulder would be reduced to dust by such a punch.

The second cry came from Wan Chong.

As his fist smashed into the figure’s chest, a muffled explosion sounded out, causing the surrounding ground to tremble. However, the person did not move at all, and the sound of bones cracking sounded out as Wan Chong screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

Wan Chong was sent flying like a rubber ball and fell to the ground in a sorry state. He cradled his broken right arm and howled, his face turning green.

At this moment, Rahu’s normally calm expression greatly changed. He knew just how terrifying Wan Chong’s power was. Even he did not dare to directly receive a strike from Wan Chong. And yet, not only had this person taken Wan Chong’s punch without defending against it, but he had also not moved at all, and the result had been Wan Chong’s arm being broken…

Only someone with at least 70% Godhood could be able to do such a thing! In this world, the only person who had above 50% Godhood was Qi Xing! When had such a terrifying person appeared?

“Who are you?!” Rahu’s muscles and nerves were all incredibly taut, and he stared at the grey figure. When he was able to see the person clearly, he deeply frowned, saying, “It’s you?!”

That silver armour and silver spear… this person’s attire was the same as the earthling who Qi Xing and Qi Yue had spared before!

Ling Chen!!

No, Shura!!

Wan Chong’s heavy blow seemed to awaken the demon god. The Shura suddenly moved, instantly arriving in front of Wan Chong. Even Rahu had not been able to see when he had moved. Before Rahu could even make a sound, the silver spear stabbed Wan Chong’s body and pierced through his chest and out his back…


Wan Chong cried out as he stared at the silver spear stabbing into his chest, unable to believe that his incredibly tough body had been pierced through like tofu. His lips parted as if he wanted to say something, but at this moment, the Shura’s power mercilessly exploded. Before he could make another sound, his body exploded, turning into tiny fragments… until nothing was left.

“Ahh… Ahh…” Rahu’s eyes bulged, his mouth wide open as a trembling voice sounded out from the back of his throat. He simply could not believe or imagine how such a powerful person like Wan Chong… had been instantly killed.

The Shura slowly turned, emotionlessly staring at Rahu. In that instant, Rahu felt as if he had fallen into an icy cavern, an indescribable chilling feeling spreading across his body. In the next instant, he saw the spear that had destroyed Wan Chong going towards his chest…

“Ahhh!!” Rahu roared and jumped up, avoiding the Shura’s attack, using all of his strength to escape. Facing this incredibly terrifying person, who was not necessarily any weaker than King, he could only think about escaping because he did not even have a trace of hope in winning. If he didn’t run, he would end up like Wan Chong.

Rahu was incredibly fast, and he disappeared from the girls’ vision in the blink of an eye. However, nothing that the Shura had locked on to could escape from him. The Shura slowly opened his palm towards where Rahu had escaped…

Rahu had travelled quite far, and in the blink of an eye, he could see nothing behind him. He let out a sigh of relief. He suddenly felt a massive attractive force from behind him, dragging him backwards helplessly… the wind howled in his ears, and by the time he stopped, he could smell the scent of death.

This was because his back was pressed against the Shura’s outstretched palm.

“Who… Who are you…”

“Argh!!!!” After giving this final, pitiful howl, Rahu’s body was shattered into tiny pieces as blood splattered everywhere. This demon god, who had taken countless lives, never thought that he would die in such a manner.

The evening wind blew, bringing with it the heavy scent of blood and gore. In this god-less age, Wan Chong and Rahu were within the top 5 most powerful existences, and they were beings that could singlehandedly destroy planets. And yet, these 2 terrifying people had been incredibly helpless in front of the Shura, and they had been destroyed in an instant.


Another place.

“Hm?” Qi Xing’s eyes suddenly opened as she frowned.

“What is it?” Qi Yue looked over and asked.

“Rahu and Wan Chong… died!!” Qi Xing said in a low voice.

“What?” Even Qi Yue was shocked. “Impossible! In this world, apart from you, no one can defeat Rahu… and Rahu and Wan Chong were together... there’s virtually nothing that can threaten them.”

“The reality is that they’ve indeed died, and they died immediately after each other.” Qi Xing’s frown became deeper and deeper. Qi Yue was right – there was no one apart from her who could defeat Rahu, so she was incredibly shocked at Rahu and Wan Chong’s deaths. Following this, she closed her eyes, and after falling silent for a moment, she opened her eyes, a deep look of shock within them…

“Xiya Star… the power of 80% Godhood!” Qi Xing said slowly and darkly.

“What? Impossible! The only person who has above 50% Godhood is you. If there was someone else, you would have detected them long ago!” Qi Yue stood up and said in shock.

“Even though it’s quite inconceivable, I’m certain about this. In this universe, there’s actually someone who also has 80% Godhood like me.” Qi Xing slowly stood up, her eyes flashing coldly. “And this person appeared on Xiya Star, killing Rahu and Wan Chong. Looks like that person is my enemy… who would have thought that there was someone who could actually threaten me.”

“Now that Rahu and Wan Chong have died, the Burning Heavens Plan can’t continue, and now, someone like this has happened… looks like I can’t wait until the Godchild matures; I must absorb the Godchild’s power right now! Even though she’s still quite young and not very powerful yet, she still contains the power of a True God, and adding on my True God-level soul… perhaps this power will allow me to step into the realm of True Gods! When that time comes, I’ll immediately go and destroy that person!”

The appearance of someone else with 80% Godhood and Rahu and Wan Chong’s deaths caused Qi Xing to feel an unprecedented sense of danger. She immediately made a decision and walked towards the space where the Godchild was.

“Alright, I’ll help you.” Qi Yue got up and followed Qi Xing.