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Chapter 822: Kin’s Blood

Chapter 822 – Kin’s Blood

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Ling Chen… is it you?” Xuanyuan Dia Wu walked forwards, trying to get close to him.

“Don’t go near big brother!”

“Dia Wu! Don’t go over there!”

2 cries sounded out. One came from Tian Tian. Because of her strange memories, she understood the state that Ling Chen was in. The other cry came from Fey. She grabbed Xuanyuan Dia Wu, saying as she frowned, “Dia Wu, haven’t you noticed that he’s still brimming with killing intent even though only we are left?”

With Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s abilities, how could she not feel the immense killing intent from the Shura? However, he was Ling Chen… her Tian Ya!

“He’s big brother… but don’t go near him.” Tian Tian put her arm out in front of the big sisters and aunty behind her, her eyes becoming teary. She wanted to leap into Ling Chen’s embrace more than anyone else, but she also knew better than anyone else that they absolutely could not go near him. She said sorrowfully, “In order to become a Shura, one must fall into despair and wipe away their consciousness and nature in exchange for the power to destroy everything… big brother must have thought that we all died, falling into anguish and despair, becoming a Shura… upon becoming a Shura, his consciousness was replaced with boundless killing intent. Right now, big brother won't’ recognise us, and he might even want to… kill us as well…”

Tian Tian’s words stabbed into everyone’s hearts like an ice spike, causing the joy from seeing Ling Chen to freeze.

“No, he’s big brother Ling Tian; he wouldn’t hurt us,” Xiao Qi said when the Shura turned to them, his killing intent billowing out, locking on to all of them. They felt as if there was a thousand kilogram-heavy stone weighing down on them, making it almost impossible to breathe. In an instant, the Shura walked towards them. He had only taken a single step, but he seemed to pass through space, instantly appearing in front of them, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, which destroyed Earth, piercing towards them.

“Big brother… No!!”

The girls’ pupils all contracted… facing Ling Chen, even though Tian Tian had said that he had turned into a terrifying god of death, it was difficult for them to feel true fear towards him, nor could they believe that his consciousness was completely gone and that he would kill them. However, when Ling Chen’s killing intent covered them and he attacked them, they felt as if their hearts had shattered.

They did not fear death, but they would never have thought that they would die under Ling Chen’s hands.

The terrifying Wan Chong and Rahu were unable to take a single attack from the Shura, much less them. The Shura could lightly wave his hand and kill all of them in an instant. When the Shura’s spear shot towards them, Tian Tian subconsciously spread out her arms, trying to protect those behind her, and she cried out, her eyes squeezed shut…

Tian Tian’s cry travelled far in the night sky and gradually died down. 1 second, 2 seconds passed… Tian Tian, who had closed her eyes in despair, opened her eyes in confusion. She saw the Shura standing less than 10 steps away from her, the spear pointing towards them, but his actions had stopped, and his killing intent had become quite chaotic.

“Ah…” Tian Tian stared at him dumbly. In her memories, the Shura was cold-blooded and would mercilessly continue kill. No matter who it was, he would not show any hesitation or mercy. However, the Shura in front of her had stopped because of her cry as if he was hesitating, and his chaotic killing intent seemed to be struggling.

Could it be… Could it be…

As if she saw a glimmer of light in the darkness of despair, Tian Tian almost sobbed with joy and yelled out, “Big brother! Big brother… I’m Tian Tian! I’m Tian Tian… we didn’t die! Look at me, I’m Tian Tian…”

“Big sisters… Aunty! Big brother didn’t attack us… this means that his consciousness has not been completely erased, and there’s still a shadow of us in his mind. Otherwise, with the Shura’s nature, he wouldn’t have stopped just then. Let’s all call out to big brother… maybe we’ll be able to wake him up!!”


The Shura’s strange actions and Tian Tian’s words caused everyone to feel a slight trace of hope. Xuanyuan Dia Wu’s body trembled, and she stepped forwards, hurriedly yelling, “Ling Chen, I’m Dia Wu. Hurry and look at me. I’m your Dia Wu, and you’re my Tian Ya… not the Shura!”

“Adam, look, we’re all here; we didn’t die. You should wake up. You told me that you conquered the Shura’s power from the Lunar Scourge, so you’ll be able to conquer this too… you’re the invincible Adam!” Fey yelled with a penetrating voice.

“Big brother Ling Tian, I’m Qi Qi! We know you turned into this for us… but we’re really fine, so please wake up… you’re Ling Tian, the most powerful person in the world, and there’s nothing you can’t do.”

“Big brother Ling Tian, I’m Su’Er… you haven’t carried out the promise we made, and you can’t go back on your word,” Su’Er yelled pitiably.

“Master, we’re Chao Ying and Chao Xi; we’ve promised to be with you for life, so please wake up.”


The Shura’s body started to slightly tremble, and the black fog around him started to chaotically swirl around, his killing intent becoming more and more uncertain. The Shura shouldn’t have been able to be affected by anything because Shuras did not have hearts, only boundless killing intent. However, there were no absolutes – if there was something that could affect the Shura’s heart, it was only them, who should have died already.

Because Ling Chen had thought that they had died, Qi Yue’s lies, and the fact that Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb had been taken away from him, he had fallen into utter despair and had become a Shura. However, their ‘deaths’ seemed to have been reversed, and they now stood before him alive. Their voices were like heavy hammers pounding on his silent soul, trying to wake it up.



The Shura’s body started to sway, and he bestially roared. His roar seemed to be one of pain and struggle, and he started to shakily retreat.

Seeing the Shura react like this, Tian Tian felt delighted… so her memories weren’t completely correct: in front of the Shura’s closest people, he could still be woken up. Tian Tian brought her hands in front of her chest and shouted with hope, “Big brother, I’m right here. Aunty Gu, big sister Xiao Xue, big sister Meng Xin, big sister Fey, big sister Yola, big sister Dia Wu, big sister Su Su, big sister Qi Qi, big sister Bing Yao, big sister Ying, and big sister Xi are all here. We’re all fine, so big brother, come back to us; come back to us immediately… do your best big brother! You… You can definitely do it.”


The Shura’s voice became even more pained, and his aura fluctuated as his expression twisted. The red glow within his eyes sometimes glowed and sometimes disappeared. At this moment, he heaven-shakingly roared, his killing intent suddenly increasing by more than 10 times before he rushed forwards and thrust the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear towards Tian Tian’s chest…

Tian Tian had been filled with hope, and she had not expected everything to fall apart so suddenly. When she saw Ling Tian rush towards her filled with killing intent, she froze, and her body became incredibly pale… the attack was not very fast, but in her despair, she could not move at all, her eyes losing the light within them…


The girls all stared in shock, and just as Ling Chen’s spear was about to pierce into Tian Tian’s body, a figure leapt out from behind Tian Tian, knocking Tian Tian away… the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear did not pierce through Tian Tian, and it instead stabbed through Gu Qing Han’s chest and went through her back. Blood exploded out from Gu Qing Han’s chest, falling on the Shura’s hands…


“Aunty Gu!!!!”

Seeing this, the girls all cried out in heartache and horror.

The Shura’s attack was incredibly terrifying – Wan Chong and Rahu’s bodies, which were tougher than steel by tens of times, had been obliterated by a single attack. One could only imagine what would happen to a human body. However, after the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear stabbed into her, Gu Qing Han’s body did not explode… because when Gu Qing Han’s blood landed on the Shura’s hands, he completely froze.

Gu Qing Han was unable to hear the girls’ voices clearly, and she couldn’t even feel the pain anymore. She knew that her consciousness was dissipating, and soon, she would be gone. She opened her eyes, looking at the Shura’s face… this was the first time they had been so close. She slowly used all of her strength to raise her arms and hug the Shura’s body…

“Ling Chen… my child… hurry and… wake up… they’re all… your loved ones… don’t hurt them… after you wake up… don’t blame yourself… because… after hugging my son before dying… I have no regrets…”

Gu Qing Han’s voice became weaker and weaker, and as her eyes closed, her body fell against the Shura. There was a beautiful smile on her face as 2 streaks of tears flowed down her face.

She was smiling because she could finally hug her child, making her feel completely satisfied… this hug had been bought with her life.

However, she still had some regrets… she still wanted to hear him call her ‘mother’... and wanted to use her time to make up for the past 20 years or so to him… and wanted to watch him start a family… and have his own children…



The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear disappeared and the Shura grabbed his head with one hand, howling painfully like a wolf. His other hand held onto Gu Qing Han’s unconscious body, refusing to let go. Finally, the Shura heavily kneeled on the ground, and Gu Qing Han’s body lost its support, falling in front of him. He stared at Gu Qing Han’s bloodied body, his aura becoming incredibly chaotic as his face and body shuddered…

“Save her… Ying, Xi… save her… hurry and save her…”

The Shura said incredibly hazily and with great difficulty. The red glow in his eyes flashed, his body no longer struggling and his expression no longer twisted. Instead, it was pained and terrified…

“Master, y-you’re awake?”

“Save her… hurry up and save her!!” the Shura grabbed at his face as he roared.