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Chapter 823: The Godchild Who Disappeared Again (1)

The Godchild Who Disappeared Again (1)

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Indeed, the Shura had woken up. After being covered in his kin’s blood and being called by his mother, he had finally woken up… this should have been a joyous occasion, but no one could feel happy. As he woke up, Gu Qing Han’s life was slipping away.

Tian Tian leapt over to Gu Qing Han’s body, sobbing uncontrollably. The other girls also came over, their eyes red, feeling completely devastated. Tian Tian was crying, and she stretched out her hand, pressing it on Gu Qing Han’s wound as a gentle white light started to glow.

“Tian Tian, she… she…” Seeing the white light in Tian Tian’s hand, Ling Chen felt as if he had seen a glimmer of hope in the boundless darkness.

Tian Tian raised her head, tearily looking at him. To be able to look at him so closely, she felt quite blissful and satisfied, and she sobbed, saying, “Aunty Gu’s internal organs… have been badly damaged… and… and… this is the healing art that mummy taught me, but back then, I only liked to play and didn’t learn it properly… so I can only let aunty keep going for a little while… I should have… I should have studied like my life depended on it… wuu… wuuuuu…”

Ling Chen had returned, but none of them were able to even say ‘welcome back’ before sinking into despair again. Ling Chen’s face was incredibly pale… he had woken up, but his strength had not been reduced at all. However, all of his strength was focused on killing and destroying, and he had no healing abilities. Looking at Gu Qing Han, whose life was flowing out of her, tears welled up in Ling Chen’s eyes, and he ground his teeth so tightly that he felt that they were going to break.

“If… If mummy was here, things would be okay… mummy’s the best healer on the Xiya Star, and no matter how bad an injury is, she can heal it…”

Ling Chen, who had sunk into despair, suddenly grabbed Tian Tian and hurriedly asked, “Tian Tian, where’s your mummy? Hurry and tell me where she is!”

Ling Chen completely trusted Tian Tian’s words. There was a Priest profession in the Mystic Moon world, and that profession had incredible healing abilities. The Mystic Moon world was actually the Mystic Moon planet, meaning that Priests indeed existed. Qi Yue had mentioned that the Xiya Star’s people were slightly more powerful than those of the Mystic Moon planet, so it was only natural that the Xiya Star had such people. Since Tian Tian said that her mother was a powerful healer, it was likely that she really could perfectly heal Gu Qing Han!

“I… I don’t know.” Tian Tian’s expression became grim as she shook her head. “I want to find my mummy, but I’ve left here for more than 1 year, and I don’t know where she is, or if she… she…”

Ling Chen did not say anything else. He leaped into the air and stopped there, closing his eyes and sending out his senses… with his current power, his mind could cover the entire Xiya Star. However, putting aside whether Tian Tian’s mother was still alive, even if she was, the Xiya Star was incredibly big, and there were countless beings on it. Finding her would be like finding a needle within a sea. Ling Chen could only pray that Tian Tian’s mother, the queen of the Xiya Star, would have something that made her easy to find.

Just as he gathered his thoughts, a strange but familiar feeling came from his mind. Ling Chen suddenly opened his eyes… this feeling… could it be…

“Cai’Er?” Ling Chen said hesitantly.

As he called out, a jade-green light suddenly flashed in front of his body, and a pair of cute little wings emerged from the light before the rest of Cai’Er’s little body floated out.

“Ah! It’s Cai’Er! Why’s Cai’Er here?” Seeing Cai’Er, who belonged in the Mystic Moon world, appear here, Su’Er cried out.

“Whew, I finally got out… big brother seems to have woken up. If you didn’t wake up soon, we would have been scared to death,” Cai’Er said in a scared and grumbling voice. However, there was also a hint of delight within her voice. Before Ling Chen could reply, she beat her wings and flew over to Gu Qing Han with a ‘whoosh’, closing her eyes and spreading out her hands…

“Nature’s Light!”

A pure, jade-green light slowly descended from Cai’Er’s hands, falling on Gu Qing Han and all of the girls. Immediately, they felt as if a gentle and refreshing wind had blown over them, making them feel incredibly comfortable. The life-threatening wound on Gu Qing Han’s chest stopped bleeding, and the flesh there recovered at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye… in just a few seconds, the wound was completely gone, replaced by new skin that was not scarred in the slightest. Her incredibly pale face also had a glow of redness to it.

“Ah! Heavens! Is this… actually happening?” The girls’ mouths all dropped open as they watched this incomprehensible scene, filling them with disbelief.

“Aunty Gu’s injury… has been completely healed?”

“My injuries have been fully healed too!” Xuanyuan Dia Wu suddenly cried out. She moved the shoulder that had been injured by Rahu reflecting her sword qi. That injury had been quite severe, but after being bathed by Cai’Er’s light, it had completely disappeared, and she did not feel even a trace of discomfort anymore.

“Same with me.” Fey moved her right arm as she looked at little Cai’Er in shock.

“Hehehehe, of course. Our Fairy healing magic is the most powerful healing magic!” Seeing how shocked and delighted they looked, Cai’Er gave a pleased laugh.

Ling Chen rushed down from the air and hugged Cai’Er. He did not care why he could summon Cai’Er here, nor did he even think about it. Right now, he was feeling too emotional. “Cai’Er, this is… too great! You’ve helped me so much!”

“Ahhhh… big brother, don’t hug me so tightly… I can’t breathe…”

Gu Qing Han’s injury had been fully healed, but because of how much blood she had lost, her body was still quite weak, and she did not wake up immediately. However, her life was not in danger anymore, and if she rested, she would make a full recovery.

They went to a normal village in the Xiya Star where there were no residents. After putting Gu Qing Han in a room, Ling Chen looked at her for a long time before walking out. He sat on a large rock outside the house, silently staring at the night sky as his memories flashed chaotically in his mind.

“You must be feeling confused.” Fey walked over and sat by Ling Chen’s side.

“Oh, I’m not just feeling confused,” Ling Chen laughed self-mockingly as he stretched out his hands, speaking in a low, hoarse voice, “Just what did I do… before, we killed so many people, but that was because we had missions to do, and they were all essentially evil people. Today… I killed so many innocent people and… ha, I destroyed Earth! Hahahahaha… I destroyed Earth! I can’t believe that such a ridiculous-sounding thing is true!!

“The earth exploded, and apart from us, everyone is dead. Meng Xin, Su Su, Qi Qi… their relatives and friends are all gone… even Gui Ya and the others; they’re all dead! I killed them all!” Ling Chen looked at his hands as he said blankly, “But I’m still alive and awake… I should be punished to death by the heavens!!”

Fey shook her head, saying, “What we were afraid of the most was that you would think like this. I’m fine, but they all have their own families and friends. However, after you woke up, none of them mentioned it or even blamed you. Just then, they were all completely terrified, but they knew that you lost your consciousness because of them. If it wasn’t for how much you loved them, why would you have become a Shura? Moreover, the one who killed so many people and destroyed the earth was not you, Ling Chen, but the Shura. They won’t blame you, and they will instead worry that you’ll blame yourself for this.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Fey smiled. “Even if it’s for their sincere hearts, you should put down the shackles in your heart. Take responsibility for their futures and don’t disappoint them, alright?”

Ling Chen fell speechless for a while before slowly nodding. Afterwards, he raised his head, asking, “Fey, Qi Yue told me that you were all killed by Rahu. When I left the game, I saw that our home, the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, had been turned into ruins… how did you all survive, and how did you get here?”

“I don’t know either; that’s what we’ve been wondering about this whole time,” Fey said as she slightly frowned. “Back then, I could not take a single blow from Rahu, and Dia Wu and I were both injured. Afterwards, Rahu threw a heavy punch down at us from the air, and I thought we would all immediately die… but after I closed my eyes, I didn’t feel us being attacked, and even the scent of the air changed. When we opened our eyes, we found that we had come here. We thought that we had all died and went to heaven, but Tian Tian told us that this was her home and that it was called the Xiya Star.”

“Just like that?” Ling Chen felt incredibly shocked.

“Just like that.” Fey nodded. After mysteriously coming to the Xiya Star, everyone had felt incredibly confused, feeling as if they were in a dream.

“What about you? What happened to you back then? And… what about Sha Sha? Did you find her?” Fey asked.

Fey’s question caused Ling Chen to think back to what happened at the summit of the Godchild Peak. He gritted his teeth and hatred flashed in his eyes as he said in a low voice, “Was it Rahu who wanted to kill you all?”

“No!” Fey shook her head and narrowed her eyes. “The terrifying Rahu seemed to be searching for something, but after not finding it, he was preparing to leave when Qi Yue… she suddenly appeared and told Rahu to kill all of us.”

Ling Chen’s chest heaved… Qi Yue had not only lied to him, but she had also cruelly ordered them all to be killed… this was why he had become a Shura, killed countless people, and had destroyed the earth.

In other words, Qi Yue was the source of all of these disasters! After hearing this from Fey, the hatred within his heart towards Qi Yue increased by many times. Ling Chen clenched his fists, saying in a low voice, “Qi Yue, if I see you again… I’ll definitely kill you with my own hands!

“Sha Sha was taken away by them,” Ling Chen said bitterly as he closed his eyes.

“Taken away? Why was she taken away? Isn’t she just an orphan?” Fey asked in surprise.

Following this, Ling Chen told Fey about the ancient legends and Shadissika and Qi Yue’s identities. He told her how he had obtained the Lunar Scourge, how he had met Qi Yue, the truth behind the Mystic Moon world… all of it. Everything he said was incredibly shocking, but at this moment, the best person for him to vent to was undeniably Fey.