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Chapter 827: Quasi-God Weapon: Falling Star

Chapter 827 – Quasi-God Weapon: Falling Star

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As Ling Chen quickly advanced, he could feel himself drawing closer and closer to Qi Xing. He had been able to easily find Qi Xing because Qi Xing was the only one with power that was at a similar level to his, and her aura was even greater than his, so he could naturally sense her easily. Of course, only those who were near Qi Xing’s level had the right to detect her aura.

Half an hour later, Ling Chen completely left the Xiya Star and entered the vast space.

It was impossible for normal beings to survive in space, but Ling Chen was evidently an exception to this now. He now had vigorous lifeforce and an incredibly durable body from the Shura’s power, making it so that he no longer had to breathe to live. Moreover, the temperature and cosmic particles could not affect him at all. Even the gravitational pulls from other bodies could not affect, let alone restrict, his movements.

Traveling through space was something that Ling Chen had never even thought about before, yet he was doing it right now. The scene before his eyes was so incredibly mysterious and grand that it rendered him speechless. However, he quickly collected his thoughts and found a chaotic flow in space. As he entered, he travelled nearly 10 times as fast, and he did not have to protect himself from any damage, nor did he have to use any of his strength.

As time passed, Ling Chen drew closer and closer to where Qi Xing was. Ling Chen became calmer and calmer, his gaze becoming sharp. During this time, Qi Xing’s aura had not changed, meaning that she had not absorbed the Godchild’s power. To Ling Chen, this was the best-case scenario.

I will definitely take Sha Sha back!!

If Ling Chen could detect Qi Xing’s position, she could naturally sense Ling Chen. After discovering that the Godchild had disappeared from right in front of her, she had searched the space around her but found nothing. Just as she was about to lose her patience and destroy everything around her, she felt an aura that was no weaker than hers quickly speeding towards her.

Qi Xing looked over, her expression darkening. She looked north for a while, feeling that aura draw nearer as she coldly laughed, muttering condescendingly, “I didn’t even go to find you, yet you’re taking the initiative to rush me. What a joke. Do you really think that you have the right to challenge me just because you have 80% Godhood as well… hmph, that’s good as well – since you want to die, I won’t have to worry about you wasting my time in the future! Even if the Godchild has really escaped, after getting rid of you, I’ll be able to create another Godchild! No one will be able to stop me!”

Qi Xing stopped looking for the Godchild and turned into a ray of light as she flew towards Ling Chen.

After exiting from the chaotic flow, Ling Chen detected Qi Xing’s aura rapidly approaching him. After feeling slightly startled, his eyebrows tightened as he coldly harrumphed, speeding forwards…

10 minutes later, the 2 of them were less than 1,000 metres away from each other. Qi Xing and Ling Chen simultaneously stopped, looking at each other from 1,000 metres away.

“It’s you? How can it be you?!”

Qi Xing was already quite surprised towards this person, who had suddenly appeared with 80% Godhood, and she wanted to know how such a person had suddenly come into existence. After seeing Ling Chen, there was a look of deep shock on her face… because she had seen Ling Chen only half a day ago, and even putting aside how he had arrived here from the Mystic Moon world, back then, he had not been able to take a single blow from her. Even with the Lunar Scourge, Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, and Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, he could only release the power of 30% Godhood. Only 12 hours had passed, so how could…

Was it someone who just looked like him?

However, after seeing the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour on Ling Chen’s body, Qi Xing immediately cast that thought away, and her gaze darkened as she looked at Ling Chen, wanting to know just what had happened. Every 10% increase in Godhood was a completely different realm! Even though there was only a 10% difference in Godhood between Wan Chong and Rahu, Wan Chong could be easily defeated by Rahu. Raising one’s Godhood in this god-less age was incredibly difficult… no, it was essentially impossible! This was because everyone with Godhood had awakened it naturally, and it was not something that could be developed or cultivated, becoming weaker from generation to generation. The Godchild Plan was the only way she knew how to raise one’s Godhood. This method required much time and effort, and it was incredibly cruel and heaven-defying.

And yet, the person in front of her had increased his Godhood to 80% in 12 hours! How was Qi Xing supposed to accept this?

“Heh, why can’t it be me?” Ling Chen coldly laughed, summoning the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and discourteously pointed it towards Qi Xing. “Qi Xing, you should know why I’ve come to find you. Return Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb that Qi Yue took!”

After speaking, his arm trembled as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear gave a resonant whistle, a berserk aura and a chilling killing intent enveloping the space in front of him, and his eyes shined with a blood-red glow.

Even the unrivalled Qi Xing felt a chill through her body upon sensing the Shura’s aura. She had never felt such a violent aura or such cold killing intent before, and when she saw Ling Chen’s blood-red eyes, her expression flickered as she cried out, “Eyes of Extermination!! You… could you be… a Shura?”

“That’s right, I’ve become a true Shura,” Ling Chen said as he narrowed his eyes, speaking in a cold and calm tone. “I was forced into becoming a Shura by you and Qi Yue.”

Qi Xing’s gaze started to change. The gods had been destroyed by the first Shura, and the owner of Qi Xing’s godly soul had also died under the Shura’s spear. As such, when facing this Shura, who had the Eyes of Extermination, her soul started to tremble. However, she was not a god, and the effect on her was quite weak. This sort of trembling lasted only for a short while before she said slowly, “So that’s the case. No wonder why your power suddenly exploded to such a level… what shocks me is that you still have your consciousness!”

“No one said that a Shura had to forever lose its consciousness,” Ling Chen coldly replied. “I lost my consciousness and committed grave sins, but in order to punish you for your crimes, I had to climb out from that abyss!”

“Punish me for my crimes? Hahaha…” Qi Xing disdainfully laughed. There were too many people who had died because of her, but no one had dared to stand in front of her and say that they were going to punish her for her crimes. “From the looks of it, you don’t know where the Godchild went either. When I first saw you, I wondered if you did something to take the Godchild away from me, but it seems that I overestimated you.”

“What do you mean? What happened to Sha Sha?” Ling Chen frowned.

“That’s not important.” A calm, cold smile appeared on Qi Xing’s beautiful face as she brought down her crossed arms. “Because this doesn’t matter to you and me right now. To me, I can always find her if I spend the time to look, and even if I can’t find her, I can just create another one. It’ll just take some time and effort. As for you, regardless of where she is, you won’t be able to see her again. Right now, you’re able to slightly threaten me, but now that you’ve shown up voluntarily, I’ll grant you… a complete death!!”

As Qi Xing spoke, a blinding light flashed in her right hand, condensing into a six-pointed star that was about half as long as her body and gave off a dark light. “This star is called the ‘Falling Star’, and it is a Quasi-God Weapon that can destroy everything in the world. Even though it can’t compare to the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear in terms of strength, it has been with me for over 1,000 years and has almost become a part of my body, while the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear has only been with you for a year. In terms of quality, my weapon is inferior to yours, but in terms of compatibility, you’re far inferior to me… however, even if I’m at a disadvantage, I don’t think I’ll lose.”

Raising the Falling Star, Qi Xing casually smiled. This was not a forced smile, and it was one that came from her absolute confidence. Even though their Godhood was on the same level and her weapon was inferior to his, she did not feel that she was any weaker. “It’s been a few hundred years since my darling Falling Star drank blood; you should feel honoured.”

Ling Chen did not say anything. He had to kill Qi Xing, or the consequences would be unimaginable. Today, either he or Qi Xing would die. Since that was the case, there was no need to waste words with each other. Ling Chen’s breathing was calm, and his mental state quickly went into its calmest state as his power rose to its peak…


As an extremely soft sound sounded out, Ling Chen’s body disappeared and reappeared 1,000 metres away, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear sweeping towards Qi Xing with immense force…


The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and Falling Star collided, the resulting shockwave causing the nearby asteroids to deviate from their courses. An explosion of silver light also burst forth, looking like a silver sun…

However, despite this almighty impact, neither person retreated, and their gazes clashed…

“Looks like you really have 80% Godhood; you’re actually the first person who hasn’t been blasted away by my Falling Star,” Qi Xing said calmly.

“I’m going to be the person to reduce you, you female demon, into nothing!” Ling Chen roared in a low voice as he spun the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, once again landing a berserk strike.

“Egotistical and ridiculous!”

Qi Xing beautifully spun, bringing the Falling Star to clash with the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear again and again. In just a few moments, they had clashed nearly 1,000 times, the blinding light repeatedly flashing about them.


Xiya Star.

It was nearing dawn, and it was the quietest time of the day. However, Fey still did not sleep; after Ling Chen left, she continued to lean against the large rock, not feeling sleepy at all.

At this moment, she suddenly saw a large silver flash of light to the south. She instantly became fully alert, staring south because a round silver ‘sun’ had appeared! There were many smaller silver lights flashing around the silver ‘sun’, and this light was not only blinding, but it also gave her a sense of suffocation.

“Could it be…”

Fey’s eyes were glued to the south, unable to look away.

Adam… you have to come back alive…