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Chapter 831: A Strike Of Dignity

Chapter 831 – A Strike Of Dignity

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Editor: Modlawls123

He had to end the battle quickly – the longer the battle dragged on, the less hope he would have in defeating Qi Xing…

However, in her current state, could he really kill her quickly?

Ling Chen raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, his gaze becoming extraordinarily calm. The Shura’s power was gathered to the extreme, and he rushed forwards, his body appearing in different places before arriving right above Qi Xing. He stabbed downwards, thrusting the spear towards her neck.

An explosion sounded out as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear was stopped by the Falling Star. However, the force from the impact was not enough to send Ling Chen backwards, and he rapidly stabbed out tens of times, creating spear images and covering Qi Xing’s entire body. His intention was very clear: he did not focus his strength into massive attacks, and despite it being more taxing and riskier, he instead used the Shura’s power to the extreme by engaging in close combat!

This was because he simply couldn’t afford to waste any time, so he had to use all of the Shura’s power as quickly as possible!

At the same time, even though Qi Xing had lived for more than hundred times longer than he had, she had received her 80% Godhood right after she had awakened her power. Even though her power was quite stable, since she had begun at the peak, she did not experience any real ‘battles’ in her life. Even though Ling Chen was only 20 or so years old, he had experienced countless life and death battles, and he was confident that he was superior to Qi Xing in battle sense, skills, and experience!

The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear released silver afterimages, continuously colliding with the golden Falling Star. Now that Ling Chen and Qi Xing were fighting in close quarters, their clashes were incredibly frequent, and their weapons crashed against each other tens, if not hundreds, of times every second. Massive shockwaves continuously rolled out, causing the nearby planets to tremble. The sound of the collisions was loud and low enough to kill any beings that even came close.

“Shattered Moon… Hah!!”

Ling Chen pointed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear forwards, gathering a moon of energy and blasted it towards Qi Xing. After coming close to her body, it suddenly exploded, becoming 10 or so smaller moons of energy as they flew towards her vitals. Qi Xing spun her body, twirling the Falling Star as she sent out 3 waves of light, perfectly dispelling Ling Chen’s attack.

Their battle had now reached its climax, and neither of them held back at all. Because Ling Chen was racing against time, every one of his attacks was unleashed with his full strength, completely disregarding defence. He left himself full of openings in order to unleash as many devastating attacks as possible, and Qi Xing correspondingly met Ling Chen’s attacks with her full strength.

The golden light in the Dark Sun Domain glowed brighter and brighter as the temperature continued to rise.

Explosions continuously sounded out from around them. The golden glow coming from Qi Xing’s body became brighter and brighter. Even though Ling Chen’s attacks were all incredibly powerful and ferocious, the red light around his body was slowly dimming. As the battle continued, Qi Xing’s expression remained calm and composed while Ling Chen’s chest started to heave as he began to gasp for breath.


The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and the Falling Star once again crossed, and Qi Xing looked at Ling Chen’s sweat covered face and his ragged breathing as she coldly smiled. “My strength is already 150% greater than before, but I’m still unable to suppress you, which I’m quite shocked about. However, it’s a pity that no matter how strong you are, you’ll only end up consuming more strength, while within this Dark Sun Domain, not only do I not use up any strength, but I’ll also become more and more powerful. It’s impossible for you to win!”

Ling Chen looked over at Qi Xing’s body, the golden light giving her an air of holiness and temptation. However, it was a pity that the owner of the body had a beautiful exterior but the interior of a demon. He stared at her body, a red glow flashing in his eyes, causing the body in his vision to also become crimson-red…

Kill her… Kill her… Kill her!!!!!!!

As Ling Chen inwardly roared, the red light in his eyes became more and more intense…

At this moment, Qi Xing suddenly felt a deadly pain within her body slowly spreading. At the same time, she noticed the intense red glow in Ling Chen’s eyes, and her pupils contracted as she used all of her strength to push the Falling Star forwards.


As an explosion sounded out, Qi Xing and Ling Chen shot away from each other. In that moment, Qi Xing coughed up a large mouthful of blood, her face becoming incredibly pale. Nearly hundred bloody wounds also opened up on her chest, neck, arms, and legs.

“I actually… forgot about the Eyes of Extermination!” Qi Xing coughed as she pressed her hand against her chest. Every time she coughed, she coughed up large amounts of blood… as well as small fragments of her organs. Under Ling Chen’s Eyes of Extermination, she suffered not only external wounds, but her internal organs had also been ripped open. The Shura’s red eyes, the ‘Eyes of Extermination,’ terrified the gods because those eyes could soundlessly tear through anything. Back then, the Shura’s Eyes of Extermination had soundlessly torn through countless gods’ internal organs, causing them to die without even realising how they died.

“Heh…” Ling Chen breathed raggedly as a mocking look appeared on his face. “Qi Xing, you’re too arrogant; this was an opening that people who have ‘absolute confidence’ often reveal. I was waiting for you to become giddy with delight and lower your guard. Die!!”

Qi Xing’s body and internal organs had suffered massive damage, and her battle strength was reduced by at least half. This was Ling Chen’s last chance, so he gathered his strength to its limits and madly rushed at Qi Xing.

Qi Xing gritted her teeth, but she was unable to stop the blood flowing out of her body. How could the wounds inflicted by a Shura be so easy to heal? Seeing Ling Chen once again come near, she knew that his attacks would be able to kill her quickly.

At this moment, her body suddenly released another orb of golden light, which flew towards Ling Chen with great force, knocking him away before he could come near.

“What… What is this?!” Ling Chen retreated as he crossed his arms in front of him. He saw the half-squatting Qi Xing slowly stand up, the golden light around her body doubling in intensity. At the same time, her wounds recovered at a visible rate, and even her aura quickly grew.

What’s going on… Ling Chen inwardly gnashed his teeth.

“Hahahaha… looks like fate is standing on my side.” After being covered with this stronger light, Qi Xing wildly laughed. Within the golden light, she stretched out her body, enjoying the feeling of her body recovering and her strength growing. “At this perfect time, the Dark Sun Domain’s power has reached the second stage. At this stage, my strength is 200% greater, and no matter what sort of damage I take, the sunlight will quickly heal me, hahahaha!”

The hope that Ling Chen had just gained was instantly destroyed by that golden light. Ling Chen nearly ground his teeth to dust and tightly clenched the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear in his hands as he gave a low roar, charging at the golden Qi Xing with shocking killing intent, “Today… you must die!!”

“Hmph, how naïve. Do you really think you have even a sliver of a chance?” Qi Xing arrogantly said as she coldly harrumphed, smashing the Falling Star forwards.

A massive explosion sounded out as the Falling Star crashed against the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, twisting the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear’s trajectory and causing it to slam against Ling Chen’s chest. Ling Chen grunted as he was sent backwards. By the time he steadied his body, he was covered with cold sweat.

This was the first time that Ling Chen had been in a disadvantageous position in a clash of pure strength. Just then, when the Falling Star clashed with the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, the massive force caused the blood in his chest to toss and turn, and he almost coughed up blood.

The Falling Star flew back into Qi Xing’s hand, and she glowed with golden light as she slowly walked towards Ling Chen, a calm smile on her face. “This is my current strength; I feel that I’m not too far away from the level of True Gods. Even the Eyes of Extermination won’t be able to harm me anymore. Do you feel despair, Shura?”

Ling Chen pressed his hand against his aching chest, gasping for breath. He had finally taken advantage of an opening to deal a severe injury to Qi Xing, but because of the golden light, she had not only been fully healed, but she had also become even stronger. Facing such a situation, anyone would feel infuriated to the point of madness. However, Ling Chen’s gaze and expression became colder and colder, and even his aura became incredibly calm.

Stay calm! I need to stay calm! The more powerful my enemy is, the calmer I have to be!

I’m Adam, Ling Chen, a Shura! No matter which name it is, it represents utmost pride and dignity. I can be injured or die, but I can never allow myself to be defeated!!

Even though my strength isn’t enough, I have my experience, skills, and willpower gained from walking the boundary between life and death!!

“Even if you become a True God… I’ll still… kill you!!”

Ling Chen’s eyes became completely red, and facing Qi Xing, who was now stronger than him, his aura did not become any weaker. This caused Qi Xing’s expression to freeze before she coldly laughed, “Looks like the Shura is the type of reckless being that is arrogant to the extreme. After I kill you, there won’t be a third Shura.”

“Star of Ruin!!”

The Falling Star flew out from Qi Xing’s hand towards Ling Chen. As it spun, it became 2, 4, 6, 8 Falling Stars… by the time they came close to Ling Chen, there were 18 of them, flying at him from 18 different places.

If it was before, he would have used the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear to knock these 18 Falling Stars flying. However, this time, his gaze became cold as he rushed forwards, creating many afterimages. He swept past the attacks of the 18 Falling Stars as he stabbed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear towards Qi Xing’s throat.

In response, Qi Xing only coldly laughed. She did not try to evade, and she instead stretched out her hand and grasped the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear’s spearhead, holding onto it tightly. Ling Chen’s reaction was extremely fast – the instant Qi Xing grabbed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, he decisively let go of the spear, his body continuously moving forwards as he raised his right elbow, slamming it towards Qi Xing’s abdomen.

Ling Chen had experienced countless battles, and there were many times when his weapon was sent flying or even taken from him. Facing such a situation, normal people would be at a loss, and they would focus their efforts on recovering their weapon. However, Ling Chen would not do such a thing… when Qi Xing arrogantly grabbed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, he reacted instinctively.

The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear was his body, but every part of his body was also his weapons!


Ling Chen’s elbow slammed in to Qi Xing’s body, and the berserk Shura’s power was released without reservation from his elbow. Qi Xing’s beautiful face twisted from the massive pain, crying out in agony. She was sent flying backwards like a meteor, causing her to let go of the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. Ling Chen once again grasped it, rushing up and stabbing it towards Qi Xing, who was off-balance.