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Chapter 833: Extreme Dark Sun God Domain

Chapter 833 – Extreme Dark Sun God Domain

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“You… shameless bastard!!”

Qi Xing was completely infuriated. Even though she was a tiny bit away from being a True God, she was first and foremost a woman. She had looked down on all beings for over a thousand years, and when had she ever suffered such humiliation before?

Under the sunlight’s protection, her entire body was unkillable, but what Ling Chen attacked was the only place that she could not protect. Moreover, she never thought that a Shura would be so despicable as to attack such a place, causing her perfect body to be marred by his 3 fingers. After losing her hymen, her purest energy would slowly flow out, making it many times more difficult to become a True God. Before, she only had to absorb a single Godchild’s power, but now, she needed 3 times as much!

“Stars of Ruin!!”

In her fury, Qi Xing unleashed all of her power, and the Falling Star, surrounded by a terrifying energy storm, flew towards Ling Chen. Under the suppression of her power, Ling Chen was barely able to move and was struck heavily by the Falling Star. The Falling Star passed through his body… enough to instantly kill him.

The Lunar Scourge Divine Armour flashed, once again nullifying the fatal damage.

Qi Xing in her 300% more powerful state was simply too terrifying, and even if Ling Chen was in his strongest state, he would not be able to stop her, let alone the current Ling Chen. He struggled to his feet, his entire body swaying, but his wild smile remained on his face as he slowly but arrogantly extended the 3 blood-stained fingers towards her.

“You!!” Qi Xing became even more infuriated, and she rushed towards Ling Chen, heavily slamming her fist towards his chest. As the punch connected, Ling Chen felt as if all of his internal organs had shifted positions within his body, and Qi Xing raised the Falling Star, mercilessly slicing it towards Ling Chen…

The Lunar Scourge Divine Armour flashed a third time…

Then a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time…

If it wasn’t for the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour protecting him, Ling Chen would have long since fallen under Qi Xing’s Falling Star. However, even with the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, Ling Chen could only wait for death, and he was unable to change his situation…


Xiya Star.

“Big sister Fey, where did big brother go?”

After the ground continuously trembled and explosions constantly sounded out, Tian Tian was woken up many times and was unable to keep sleeping. However, after calling out many times, she still could not find Ling Chen, causing her to worriedly ask Fey.

Fey had been staring eastwards for a long time and had not noticed Tian Tian coming closer. Only when she heard Tian Tian’s voice did she come back to her senses, and a smile quickly appeared on her face. “He had something to do so he had to leave for a while. I think he’s getting food for tomorrow. Why aren’t you sleeping, Tian Tian? Today was a tiring day, and if you don’t rest, you won’t feel well tomorrow. With me here standing guard, there won’t be any danger.”

“Ahh… I see.” Tian Tian nodded trustingly and yawned before anxiously asking, “How long has big brother left for? When will he come back? I’m used to sleeping next to big brother, so without him by my side, I won’t be able to sleep well.”

“… He just left and should be back soon.” Fey smiled. No matter if it was her expression or eyes, there was not even a trace of an inconsistency with what she was saying. “Hurry and go to sleep. When you wake up again, you’ll be able to see him again.”

“Mm… okay. Sorry for troubling you, big sister Fey. You were so tired during the day, but you’re still standing on guard for us at night.”

“Haha, don’t worry; I’ll be fine even if I don’t sleep for a few days. Go sleep,” Fey said as she smiled.

“Mm!” Tian Tian nodded. Just as she was going to turn and leave, a low explosion sounded eastwards. Tian Tian subconsciously looked over and cried out in shock, “Big sister Fey, look… there are strange lights and sounds coming from over there!”

A faint marble white light appeared in the east, and even though the sky was filled with stars, the light in the east was extremely eye-catching, and the low explosions seemed to be coming from there. Fey hurriedly explained, “It is probably a special meteor shower, so don’t feel too worried… hmm?”

Fey only completed half of her sentence before her eyebrows jumped, and she quickly got up, looking southwards. There, she felt many people slowly approaching.

Tian Tian discovered them at the same time as Fey. However, her reaction was different because she could clearly feel that those auras belonged to her clansmen. Soon, familiar faces appeared, and when she saw the woman in the centre, Tian Tian froze before sobbing and rushing up. “Mummy!!”

“Tian… Tian Tian!!”

The ones who had just arrived were the Xiya people who Ling Chen had saved. After telling them that Tian Tian was here, the Queen of Xiya disregarded how weak she was feeling and immediately headed over. After finally seeing her daughter, tears also streamed down her face, and she tightly hugged Tian Tian. The mother and daughter were finally reunited.

“Princess! It’s really the princess!!”

“Thank goodness, the Xiya gods have protected the princess!”

The Xiya people were also incredibly excited. After the Xiya Star’s disaster had been resolved, this was a great comfort and joy to them.

After seeing Tian Tian being reunited with her mother, Fey did not go near, and she instead smiled before looking eastwards…

Adam, Tian Tian has been reunited with her mother. You need to bring Sha Sha back soon as well…



As Ling Chen cried out in pain, Ling Chen’s body was heavily smashed onto a small star, causing the star to instantly shatter, turning into space debris… one could only imagine the force that Ling Chen had been hit with.

After suffering this attack, Ling Chen’s body fell completely still, and the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour once again flashed… this was the 10th time that it had flashed today, and its light dimmed. The silver light completely disappeared, causing the armour to become quite dim.

The Lunar Scourge Divine Armour’s 10 times of protection had finally been exhausted.

“Haha, looks like you’re left with 1 life… no, half a life.”

Seeing the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour grow dim, Qi Xing floated in front of Ling Chen as she coldly smiled and stretched out her palm towards him. “You have less than 10% of your strength remaining, and if I casually flick you, I’ll be able to kill you… say, how do you think I should kill you?”

The wounds on Ling Chen’s body were too many to be counted, and there was not a single area that was unharmed. Within his body, his internal organs had also been badly damaged. And yet, he struggled to his feet, and his body swayed as he said hazily, yet resolutely, “How… can I… die here?!”

“Looks like you won’t give up until you’re dead,” Qi Xing said as she coldly harrumphed. “You’re still delusionally thinking that you can leave here alive? Alright, it’s nearly time. Before you die, I’ll let you have a taste of true despair!”

As Qi Xing spoke, the sunlight within the Dark Sun Domain gathered to the extreme, and Qi Xing’s body erupted with even brighter golden light. Even her hair, eyebrows, and eyes became completely golden. Her golden hair flew around her, and it looked like they were golden flames. At this moment, her terrifying power once again grew.

“That’s right; it’s this feeling! The feeling of becoming a god!” Qi Xing’s eyes flashed with excitement. At this moment, she could clearly feel that she had half a foot into the realm of gods, and the amount of power flowing within her body was simply unbelievable.

“Shura, do you know what sort of state I’m in?” Qi Xing said in a pleased manner.

The power emanating out from Qi Xing completely surpassed anything Ling Chen could imagine. Let alone the current Ling Chen, even in his strongest state, he would have been suppressed to the point that he could not breathe. He looked at the golden Qi Xing and said with great difficulty, “Super… Saiyan?”

“!@#$%^&*........ you’ve watched too much anime!! Right now, my Dark Sun Domain has reached its most powerful state, giving me 400% my normal power and an invincible body!” Qi Xing raised her hand, her gaze becoming incredibly proud. “Now, even if all of those lowly humans combined their strength, they wouldn’t be able to harm me even a bit. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to experience this feeling again before I become a god. After you disappear, I won’t ever use the Dark Sun God Domain again.”

Qi Xing looked down and met Ling Chen’s gaze, and it was as if she was looking at an ant that she was about to step on. “Shura, you were only a lowly human, and to be able to die under such power is the greatest honour of your life… goodbye, second Shura. Turn into dust under this near-True God level power!!”

Qi Xing no longer dallied and slowly raised her golden hand… with her current power, she was able to easily reduce Ling Chen to dust.

“Huff… Huff… Huff…” Ling Chen breathed incredibly heavily. By now, he almost couldn’t feel his own existence. When Qi Xing had been 200% more powerful, it had been enough to suppress him, and Qi Xing at 300% more powerful was enough to make him despair… this was much more so for Qi Xing in her ultimate form.

When Qi Xing raised her hand, Ling Chen’s gaze became dim, and his willpower began to dissipate.

I can’t lose… and I can’t die…

But this time, I’ve truly given it my all… and there’s simply nothing I can do…

I’ve… already tried… everything…

Ling Chen’s head lowered, causing his gaze to fall on the Lunar Scourge. He bitterly laughed, muttering, “Lunar Scourge… you gave me the Shura’s power… but I was unable to even make you complete… I hope your next master… won’t disappoint you…”

As Ling Chen muttered, he suddenly raised his eyebrows because the Lunar Scourge started to glow with an intense silver light all of a sudden. It was more intense than any time in the past, and it was to the point that he almost did not dare to look at it directly. At the same time, he could feel that a dark silver light had pierced through the sun’s golden light.

Qi Xing froze, and she looked up before her expression changed. “What… What?!”

Ling Chen also quickly looked up behind him. Through the dense sunlight and the boundary of the Dark Sun Domain, he saw a bright moon silently hanging there, giving off cold, pure moonlight.

That was… the moon?!