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Chapter 834: God-Killing Moon

Chapter 834 – God-Killing Moon

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Moon! That was the moon!

The familiar light, shape, and intense reaction from the Lunar Scourge was the best evidence! Moreover, that wasn’t just the moon but a full moon! The only difference was that it looked nearly 10 times bigger than when on Earth!

The moon was about 380,000 kilometres away from the earth, so from how big this moon looked, it was only about 340,000 kilometres away from here!

“Moon? That’s impossible! How could the moon appear here?!” Qi Xing’s eyes widened, staring at the full moon that shouldn’t be here. In the universe, there was a sun in the north, south, east, and west, but there was only a single moon, and it belonged to Earth! This place was unbelievably far from the earth, so it should be impossible to see the moon… not even a tiny speck of moonlight!

And yet, the moon had somehow appeared here. It had appeared incredibly suddenly, and even with her strength, she hadn’t realized when it had appeared. It had simply appeared out of nowhere, and it was incredibly close to where Qi Xing and Ling Chen were.

The moonlight pierced through the sunlight, reducing the intensity of the sunlight and the temperature within the Dark Sun Domain. Under the moonlight, the Lunar Scourge madly flashed, and Ling Chen seemed to be able to feel the Lunar Scourge’s emotions… boundless excitement and desire, and soon, he could feel the Lunar Scourge start to tremble.

A strange feeling came from above, and Ling Chen looked up, seeing a spot of light… this spot of light should not have been visible under the sunlight and moonlight, but Ling Chen was able to strangely see it clearly. That light seemed to be attracted by some mysterious force, and it arrived before him in an instant.

It was a semi-transparent orb about the size of a palm. It was silver and had a sun-like mark inscribed on it. As it drew near, the Lunar Scourge’s flashing became even more intense.

This orb… could it… could it be…

As Ling Chen’s pupils dilated, the silver orb flew towards the Lunar Scourge, perfectly socketing itself into the socket for the Sun God Orb.

The Lunar Scourge stopped trembling and flashing, but it continued to shine with a gentle and warm light. The light of the 15 orbs covered Ling Chen’s surroundings – this was the light of perfection of the Lunar scourge.

This is… the complete Lunar scourge! Ling Chen inwardly cried out.

Qi Xing saw this scene as well. The instant the Shura’s item, which destroyed the gods, was completed, she felt a trace of fear within her despite being in her ultimate form. “Impossible… Doesn’t Yue have the Sun God Orb… how could it be… could it be that after the full moon suddenly appeared, the Lunar Scourge gained enough power to forcibly attract the Sun God Orb over?”

This was the only explanation. Even though Qi Xing was completely confident in herself in her ultimate state, the Lunar Scourge was the first Shura’s ultimate weapon. Now that it had been completely restored and the real moon had appeared, its power might completely exceed her imagination! The strange sense of fear and terror within her was the best warning of this.

The scene of her being greatly restricted by the Lunar Scourge before flashed in her mind. Back then, the Lunar Scourge had not been completed, and the moon had been merely a fake moon. Now, the Lunar Scourge had suddenly been restored, and the true full moon had appeared. In that case, the Lunar Scourge would be able to release True God-level power! Even if she was 400% stronger, she did not dare to face it directly.

Qi Xing immediately made the decision that she thought was correct – she raised her hand and pointed it towards the full moon. “Be destroyed!”

Destroying the moon created by the Lunar Scourge was incredibly easy for her, and destroying the real moon would be the same! She could destroy planets easily, much less a tiny moon!

The instant Qi Xing raised her hand, Ling Chen immediately knew what she was going to do. His pupils contracted as he roared, “Stop!!!”


As Qi Xing cried out, the full moon, which had just appeared, suddenly exploded…

The moon had been completely shattered by Qi Xing’s monstrous power, and the beauty of its explosion was indescribable. It looked as if a crystal full of light had exploded, releasing incredibly bright light all around it.

The incredibly bright moonlight filled the entire space, and it was so intense that it was difficult to see the fragments of the moon. Even the golden light of the sun had been slightly covered.

After the moon was destroyed, the Lunar Scourge, which had just settled down, started to madly flash again. No matter if it was the frequency of the flashing or the intensity of the light, it was more intense by many times than before… Ling Chen’s eyes also slightly flickered.

“Hahahaha, what a beautiful scene.” Looking at the moon being destroyed, Qi Xing madly laughed, “Even though I don’t know why the moon suddenly appeared here, but… heheh, Shura, did you think that the moon’s appearance would save you? Destroying the moon that you create and the real moon is incredibly simple to me. Do you feel so much despair that you want to die?”

Facing Qi Xing’s laughter, Ling Chen’s gloomy expression became calm, and he slowly raised his right hand, once again summoning the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear.

If Qi Xing had not attacked the moon just then but Ling Chen, perhaps he would have been completely obliterated. However, Qi Xing’s fear towards the Lunar Scourge made her immediately destroy the moon, and she wildly laughed as she saw the moon shatter.

She knew about the Lunar Scourge’s existence and some other things about it. However, she was not the Lunar Scourge’s master, so she did not know everything about it. She only knew that it could only release its true power under real moonlight, but she didn’t know… that the Lunar Scourge would release its ultimate power in a certain situation!

And that was when the moon was destroyed... [Broken Moon]!

The light of [Broken Moon]… was the light that the moon released when it had been destroyed! It was the moon’s final, beautiful song!

That was a beautiful scene created from the destruction of the moon, allowing the Lunar Scourge to temporarily release extraordinary power!

Ling Chen could feel that the Lunar Scourge was on the verge of exploding, and its light was so bright that he did not dare to look at it directly. His gaze became cool as he stood up, thrusting the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear forwards with all his might…

“God… Killing… Moon!!!!!”

Condenses heaven’s power, gathers moonlight, causes demons to weep, slays gods, and destroys buddhas… this was the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear’s ultimate skill that could be released with the [Full Moon] or [Broken Moon] – an ultimate skill that could kill gods.

As Ling Chen roared out the 3 words in a low voice, the Lunar Scourge released a dense silver light, covering Ling Chen’s entire body. The light was incredibly dazzling, and Ling Chen’s figure could not be seen within it. Following this, a boundless energy started to spread out as a heavy might descended from above, and it was as if it covered this entire chaotic space.

Qi Xing stopped laughing as shock appeared on her face. She felt an aura that caused her to feel fear and suffocation; this was the most terrifying power that she had ever experienced in her life. It was much stronger than her even in her ultimate form, and it was even more powerful than what she imagined True Gods to be like.

In front of this power, she felt a terrifying sense of inferiority.

What’s more, the source of this power was evidently the orb of light that surrounded the Shura!

“Impossible… Impossible… How can he release this sort of power… how can such power exist?! He’s nearly dead… no, this must be an illusion! An illusion!!”

As this terrifying power moved towards her, Qi Xing’s heart uncontrollably thumped, an unsettling and terrifying feeling rapidly growing within her heart. She leaned back and quickly brandished the Falling Star, sending a destructive wave of energy towards the silver orb of light. Qi Xing in her 400% stronger state could easily destroy a large planet, but when her attack fell on the orb of light, it was like a drop of water had fallen into the sea, and it was soundlessly devoured without even a ripple.

At this moment, the Dark Sun Domain suddenly started to tremble, and the power of the sun started to dissipate under the silver orb of light’s might… more accurately speaking, it was silently devoured by the silver orb of light’s terrifying power. The golden light within the Dark Sun Domain quickly became dimmer as the temperature lowered. Contrastingly, the orb of silver light covering Ling Chen slowly grew, releasing more and more terrifying power.

The trembling in the Dark Sun Domain started to grow as its boundaries started to crack, and it was as if it would shatter at any moment. Qi Xing’s face became incredibly pale, and feeling this monstrous power in front of her, she could barely breathe. She stared with wide eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing. “Impossible… How could this sort of power exist… it must be fake!!”

“Qi Xing…” Within the silver light, Ling Chen said in a low, vengeful voice, “What goes around comes around. This is the law of the heavens… this is what you deserve! Disappear… forever!!”

As Ling Chen spoke that last word, the massive orb of light grew to form a small moon, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to kill gods, slay buddhas, and devour the heavens, as it rushed towards Qi Xing.

Qi Xing’s face twisted, and after being locked onto, she was unable to run at all. She gritted her teeth and gathered all of her strength into the Falling Star as she met the ‘God-Killing Moon’…

As the God-Killing Moon collided with the Falling Star, in just an instant, the Falling Star, filled with Qi Xing’s power, was shuttered into tiny particles. The massive silver moon continued forwards, slamming into Qi Xing’s body, her body devoured by the silver light. The berserk power suddenly exploded, filling the space with blazing silver light that seemed to extend to the edges of the universe…


Qi Xing’s mournful cry echoed in this chaotic space…