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So What If Its an RPG World

Author:Qiye Kai Wen

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Hey? Why is there a HP Bar and a Title above your head? Why do you know magic? Hey, why are there people slashing their swords at me!? What’s wrong with this world? Why is it so much like an RPG!? HEY!!
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 1
Chapter 1: This Violent Girl is Scary!
Chapter 2: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG
Chapter 3: There’s No Explanation on How to Leave the Village at All
Chapter 4: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside?
Chapter 5: Why Not Just Eat Whatever that is Already Served?
Chapter 6: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lie Ahead
Chapter 7: A World Which Only a Neet Will Understand
Chapter 8: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go as Planned
Chapter 9: A Magician Sure is Convenient
Chapter 10: Pioneering is a Painful Process
Chapter 11: As I Thought, Hierarchy and Stuffs are not Fun at All!
Chapter 12: King? Demon King?
Chapter 13: Completing a Main Quest Sure is Rewarding
Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuuni Magician
Chapter 15: It Seems I can Learn any Magic
Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?
Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Unexplored Dungeons
Chapter 18: Why Did This Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?
Chapter 19: It’s Obligatory for the Elder to Lead the Younger
Chapter 20: Even if it’s Sil**t Hill, I Still Need My Weapons, Right?
Chapter 21: There Should be an Exit in this Mysterious Hospital
Chapter 22: A Human Head was Stolen?
Chapter 23: Change in the World
Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio
Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions
Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best
Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work
Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 2
Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life
Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life
Chapter 3: Lack of Main Quests? Side Quests May Make You Cry
Chapter 4: Princess Michelle
Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!
Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying
Chapter 7: I Accidentally… Died
Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace
Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets
Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human
Chapter 11: Since I’m No Longer Human, I Feel Like I Lost My Human Rights
Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels
Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong
Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History
Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil
Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle
Chapter 17: Happy Live Exercise
Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise
Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise
Chapter 20: Slow Travelling Live Exercise
Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise
Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise
Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise
Chapter 24: Mysterious Live Exercise
Chapter 25: Imagining About Elves During the Live Exercise
Chapter 26: Difficult Future Ahead of the Live Exercise
Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise
Chapter 28: Cute Live Exercise
Chapter 29: Convenient Live Exercise
Chapter 30: Lucifer Live Exercise
Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise
Chapter 32: Many Deaths in this Live Exercise
Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise
Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise
Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise
Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise
Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise
Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise
Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise
Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 3
Chapter 1: Same Academy Life as Usual
Chapter 2: Keep a Low Profile, Otherwise You Will Be Forced to Work
Chapter 3: The Young Knight Girl With Red Hair
Chapter 4: Armor Break!?
Chapter 5: Unconscious Campus
Chapter 6: Unconscious Comrade
Chapter 7: Unknown Fear
Chapter 8: Inverted Pyramid
Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me
Chapter 10: Quest Completion
Chapter 11: I’m Always the Scapegoat
Chapter 12: School Transfer
Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body
Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude
Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (I)
Chapter 16: Bone-Piercing Ice and Blazing Heart (II)
Chapter 17: The Feeling of Being a Celebrity
Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor
Chapter 19: New Path
Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible
Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile
Chapter 22: Bounty
Chapter 23: Inexplicable Murder
Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy
Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?
Chapter 26: Operation Fake Death (I)
Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)
Chapter 28: Lightning Doll Master
Chapter 29: Doll War
Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom
Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic
Chapter 32: Mentor System
Chapter 33: The Girl on the Wheelchair
Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)
Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)
Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household
Chapter 37: Secret of the Smuu Household
Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night
Chapter 39: Terminal
Chapter 40: The Dark Library
Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 42: Theft Failure
Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation
Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill
Chapter 45: So You’re Here to Bully Newbies!
Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole
Chapter 47: Cage
Chapter 48: Tainted Wing
Chapter 49: Can’t Even Dig My Own Grave
Chapter 50: Academy Tower
Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 4
Chapter 1: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work
Chapter 2: Ice Empire
Chapter 3: QTE and Counter
Chapter 4: Imperial City
Chapter 5: Snow White
Chapter 6: Cold Flames
Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon
Chapter 8: 1F
Chapter 9: 1F – Boss Battle
Chapter 10: 2F – Meeting Snow White
Chapter 11: Under the Seal
Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal
Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite
Chapter 14: Death and Revival
Chapter 15: Pryn, Coming Back to Life
Chapter 16: Freezing Point City
Chapter 17: Undead Holy Angel
Chapter 18: The Gentleman and the Maiden of War
Chapter 19: A High Class Place Needs a High Class Status
Chapter 20: Dark Chill, the 4th Demon God
Chapter 21: Life Crisis
Chapter 22: Trade
Chapter 23: For Equipment, I Can Even Give Up on Peace
Chapter 24: Fallen Angel
Chapter 25: Defeat and Death
Chapter 26: Update
Chapter 27: Les Miserables
Chapter 28: M
Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret
Chapter 30: War of Ice and Dolls
Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism
Chapter 32: Memory Magic and the Bishop Slaughterer
Chapter 33: Memory Alteration
Chapter 34: Battle of Blades
Chapter 35: Lin Oyado
Chapter 36: The Next Journey
Chapter 37: Mercenaries in Disguise
Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market
Chapter 39: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 40: Principles
Chapter 41: Infiltration Start
Chapter 42: We’re Not Robbing! This is Justice!
Chapter 43: Dolls and Human Morals
Chapter 44: Bad Guy
Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries
Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People!
Chapter 47: Journey Begins
Chapter 48: Raid (1)
Chapter 49: Raid (2)
Chapter 50: Everyone seems to be Good People
Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast
Chapter 52: Tragic Victory and New Team Members
Chapter 53: The Three from the Eastern Continent
Chapter 54: Doll Massacre
Chapter 55: The Arrow Which Pierces Through the Battlefield
Chapter 56: Sweeping the Battlefield
Chapter 57 – Rest in Peace
Chapter 58: Setting Off Once Again
Chapter 59: Shikigami
Chapter 60: War of Shikigamis
Chapter 61: Report
Chapter 62: Crisis in the Imperial City
Chapter 63: Airborne Assault
Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements
Chapter 65: Blazing Ripper
Chapter 66: The Strongest Onmyouji
Chapter 67: Summon – The Strongest Ghost
Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too
Chapter 69: Final Battle
Chapter 70: Forget About Afterwords, Vol. 5 is About to Begin!
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 5
Chapter 1: If This Can be Called Peace
Chapter 2: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death
Chapter 3: The World of an Ultra Certified Alchemist
Chapter 4: Academy Conflict
Chapter 5: Prelude to the Academy War
Chapter 6: Intercontinental Academy War
Chapter 7: Team Establishment
Chapter 8: I Possess a Special Battle Technique
Chapter 9: Actually, Everyone Here is Weird
Chapter 10: To a Dark Place
Chapter 11: Plan B
Chapter 12: It’s Not the Time to Battle
Chapter 13: Unfortunate Fate?
Chapter 14: Challenge and Being Challenged
Chapter 15: War Begins
Chapter 16-17: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 18: Sion’s Door
Chapter 19: The World and 【World】
Chapter 20: Demonic Blade
Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai
Chapter 22: All-Out War
Chapter 23: NEET VS Blue Seas
Chapter 24: Blue Thunderclap
Chapter 25: Ghostify
Chapter 26: Complete Victory
Chapter 27: Professionalism
Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits
Chapter 29: Challenging the Squad Leader
Chapter 30: Black Chesspiece
Chapter 31: Black World
Chapter 32: Stalker
Chapter 33: Packaging
Chapter 34: Crisis and Suggestion
Chapter 35: Berserk
Chapter 36: Release
Chapter 37: It Has Nothing to do with Me
Chapter 38
Chapter 39: Common Sense
Chapter 40: Comparing Evil
Chapter 41: Finishing Touches
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 6
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33: Quest Begins
Chapter 34: Purchasing Books
Chapter 35: Eyepiece of Truth
Chapter 36: Puzzle
Chapter 37: Bounty Hunter
Chapter 38: You Denied it, but Your Body is Rather Honest
Chapter 39: Assault
Chapter 40: Squad Battle
Chapter 41: Faction Selection
Chapter 42: Sneaking In
Chapter 43: Destruction
Chapter 44: Seeking Death Everyday Puts One in a Good Mood
Chapter 45: New Quest
Chapter 46: Everyone Has Their Own Strange Intentions
Chapter 47: Windslicer
Chapter 48: Quest Change
Chapter 49: The Different Races Rescue Plan
Chapter 50: Escape
Chapter 51: Can I Touch Your Ears?
Chapter 52: Death Notice
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 7
Chapter 1: It’s Sure Good to Use Money
Chapter 2: I Had Never Gone Along with a Quest
Chapter 3: The Strong-Willed Irlin
Chapter 4: Intel
Chapter 5: A Bloody Case Initiated from a Doll
Chapter 6: We’re All People With Big Brothers
Chapter 7: All of Us Are Weird People
Chapter 8: Can’t We Have a Nice and Peaceful Talk?
Chapter 9: The Upcoming Follow-Up Challenge
Chapter 10: Mission Impossible
Chapter 11: The Alliance of Vengeance
Chapter 12: Pitiful Mitchell Kingdom
Chapter 13: Interlude
Chapter 14: Out of the Plan
Chapter 15: Undead Atrium
Chapter 16: The Super Lazy Church
Chapter 17: Biomedical Silent Hill
Chapter 18: Tower of the Ancients
Chapter 19: Mana Depletion
Chapter 20: Learn Your Sciences Well…
Chapter 21: If I Can Raise My Levels, There’s Nothing I’m Afraid of
Chapter 22: I Have Bombs, And I’m Proud of That
Chapter 23: Tower Demolishing
Chapter 24: Open Sesame
Chapter 25: For Treasure Chests
Chapter 26: Bashing My Most Beloved Together
Chapter 27: Second Stage Undead Transformation
Chapter 28: Death Tribute
Chapter 29: Dungeon of Death VS Godsaint Lighthouse
Chapter 30: I Don’t Want Credit, Just Give me the Goods
Chapter 31: After the War
Chapter 32: Returning to the Academy
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 8
Chapter 1: A Knight’s Honor and Strength
Chapter 2:【Eraser】
Chapter 3: Unexpected Surprise Attack
Chapter 4: Plot and Invitation
Chapter 5: False Injury
Chapter 6: Illusion
Chapter 7: Displaced World
Chapter 8: Illusionist Child
Chapter 9: Dispel
Chapter 10: Watchman
Chapter 11: Information Broker
Chapter 12: Snake’s Eye
Chapter 13: Medusa
Chapter 14: The Academy Which Fell into Darkness
Chapter 15: Underground Passage
Chapter 16: The Way Out
Chapter 17: Finding the Exit
Chapter 18: Idle Chatter Along the Way
Chapter 19: Blackgold Age
Chapter 20: Third Resting District
Chapter 21: The Girl who has no Sense of Anxiety
Chapter 22: Illusionist
Chapter 23: Passageway
Chapter 24: Dazzling Shine and Destruction
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 9
Chapter 1: Bored People without an Aim
Chapter 2: Escort Begins
Chapter 3: It Hurts Not Having EXP
Chapter 4: Underground Killer
Chapter 5: Mana Shortage
Chapter 6: Changing Equipment
Chapter 7: Darkening! Bai Yueguang Going Berserk!
Chapter 8: Slaughter
Chapter 9: Purewhite Returns
Chapter 10: Witts Empire
Chapter 11: Rise of the Magic Beasts 1 Blue Lake City Crisis
Chapter 12: Rise of the Magic Beasts 2 Strange Magic Beasts
Chapter 13: Rise of the Magic Beasts 3 Empty City
Chapter 14: Rise of the Magic Beasts 4 Magic Beast Attack
Chapter 15: Rise of Magic Beasts 5 Exploding Magic Beast
Chapter 16: Rise of Magic Beasts 6 Treating Others As They Treat You
Chapter 17: Rise of Magic Beasts 7 Affairs of Dukes
Chapter 18: Rise of the Magic Beasts 8 8 :00 Prime Time
Chapter 19: Rise of the Magic Beasts 9 Night Bloodbath
Chapter 20: Rise of Magic Beasts 10 Last Cards
Chapter 21: Rise of the Magic Beasts 11 Aliyah’s Return
Chapter 22: Rise of Magic Beasts 12 I Just Wanted to be a Low-Profile Guy
Chapter 23: Rise of Monsters 13 Multiple Dangers
Chapter 24: Rise of Monsters 14 Mission Select
Chapter 25: Rise of Monsters 15 Deluxe Restaurant
Chapter 26: Rise of Monsters 16 Once Again……
Chapter 27: Rise of Monsters 17 Internal Troubles and External Aggression
Chapter 28: Rise of Monsters 18 Harsh Battle with a Flying Dragon
Chapter 29: Rise of Monsters 19 Double Sanctions
Chapter 30: Rise of Monsters 20 Chase
Chapter 31: Rise of Monsters 21 Temple
Chapter 32: Rise of Monsters 22 Meeting an Old Acquaintance
Chapter 33: Rise of Monsters 23 Strange Labyrinth
Chapter 34: Rise of Monsters 24 Loathed Labyrinth
Chapter 35: Rise of Monsters 25 Skull Rain
Chapter 36: Rise of Monsters 26 Harassment
Chapter 37: Rise of Monsters 27 Treasure Chest
Chapter 38: Rise of Monsters 28 The Ancient Tower
Chapter 38: Rise of Monsters 29 Sea of Trees
Chapter 39: Rise of Monsters 29 Sea of Trees
Chapter 40: Rise of Monsters 30 Elf Territory
Chapter 41: Rise of Monsters 31 Elven City
Chapter 42: Rise of Monsters 32 Elf Queen
Chapter 43: Rise of Monsters 33 The Origin of the Monsters
Chapter 44: Rise of Monsters 34 Juvenile, Show of Arms, Coming to Fight
Chapter 45: Rise of Monsters 35 Necromancy and the Elves
Chapter 46: Rise of Monsters 36 Elves Are Really Strange Creatures
Chapter 47: Chapter 47: Rise of Monsters 37 Elf Cuisine
Chapter 48: Rise of Monsters 38 Continental War
Chapter 49: Rise of Monsters 39 Exposed
Chapter 50: Rise of Monsters 40 Total War
Chapter 51: Rise of Monsters 41 Monster Assault
Chapter 52: Rise of Monsters 42 Evolution Gene
Chapter 53: Rise of Monsters 43 Behind the Monsters
Chapter 54: Rise of Monsters 44 Departure
Chapter 55: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 1 Goal
Chapter 56: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 2 Kidnapping
Chapter 57: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 3 Encountering the Duke
Chapter 58: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 4 Golden Ticket
Chapter 59: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 5 Return
Chapter 60: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 6 Second Prince
Chapter 61: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 7 Information
Chapter 62: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 8 Imperial College
Chapter 63: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 9 Nightsteel City
Chapter 64: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 10 Chaotic Noble Kidnapping
Chapter 65: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 11 Deep Underground
Chapter 66: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 12 Brocon
Chapter 67: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 13 Under the Conspiracy
Chapter 68: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 14 Exchanging Money
Chapter 69: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 15 More Kidnappers
Chapter 70: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 16 Pursuers
Chapter 71: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 17 Art
Chapter 72: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 18 Bait
Chapter 73: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 19 Escape
Chapter 74: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 20 Free Lunch
Chapter 75: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 21 Everyday Mercenary
Chapter 76: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 22 Assassin? Ninja?
Chapter 77: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 23 Ninja Dragon Girl
Chapter 78: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 24 Punches and Arrival
Chapter 79: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 25 Hitting a Pedestrian
Chapter 80: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 26 End, Begin
《So What If Its an RPG World》 Volume 10
Chapter 1: Campus Drama, Opening
Chapter 2: Restless Campus
Chapter 3: Unsuspenceful Sparing
Chapter 4: Trench Warfare
Chapter 5: Weakness
Chapter 6: Personal Life
Chapter 7: Shopping Problems
Chapter 8: Unexpected People
Chapter 9: Ice Empire Intelligence
Chapter 10: Night Mission
Chapter 11: Seal
Chapter 12: Conversion
Chapter 13: The New Identity
Chapter 14: Infiltration and Erotic Humiliation
Chapter 15: I’m Not A Pervert
Chapter 16: Unable to Live Casually
Chapter 17: I’m Rich
Chapter 18: Chilly Women’s Clothes
Chapter 19: Fir, Sleepover
Chapter 20: The Reunion of the Strongest Trio
Chapter 21: Ice Phantom
Chapter 22: Exam Finish
Chapter 23: Busy Campus
Chapter 24: Confusion
Chapter 25: Reinforcements
Chapter 26: Attack
Chapter 27: Shiki
Chapter 28: Ghosts Fear Fire?
Chapter 29: Passing On
Chapter 30: Ming Luoxin
Chapter 31: Unfortunate Gender Change
Chapter 32: Momiji Speech
Chapter 33: Fellow Actors
Chapter 34: Real Trouble
Chapter 35: Definitely Can’t Be Idle
Chapter 36: Helping Each Other
Chapter 37: No One Left Out
Chapter 38: Bumping into
Chapter 39: Down To Hell
Chapter 40: Walking in Hell
Chapter 41: Hell of Iron Trees
Chapter 42: Continuous Traps
Chapter 43: Modernized Abyss
Chapter 44: Return of the Demon King
Chapter 45: Pitiful Abyss
Chapter 46: Attacking and Defending
Chapter 47: Practical Explosives Education
Chapter 48: Origin
Chapter 49: What Do You Want?
Chapter 50: Finding Food Isn’t Easy
Chapter 51: Stolen!
Chapter 52: Air Raid
Chapter 53: Group Beating
Chapter 54: Difficult Domestic Work
Chapter 55: Into