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Chapter 48: Origin

Chapter 48: Origin

“So I have a sapper team?”

Looking down at the at the group of people that were excitedly making bombs and landmines, the Demon King gave me a wry smile.

“Well, wan’t it efficient?”

“Haa……but Night Demons should be used for assassination……”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

I waved my hand.

“Think about it. Taking advantage of the Night Demon’s reclusive nature, send them into the enemy camp during the night to plant bombs and land mines, and blow up the enemy so they don’t have quite as much power in combat. Isn’t it more efficient this way?”

“……I have to agree with you. Indeed, bombs that contain magic powder can do a great deal of damage to typical demons. While they don’t have much of an effect on higher levels, they are generally powerful……”


“Therefore nothing!”

She hit me on the head.

“Doesn’t it take money to make bombs? It’s fine for you, you can happily earn money. But the resources of the Demon realm are limited. The resources and manpower required needed isn’t proportional to the output.”

“Reduce the number of soldiers being used.”


The Demon King hit me again.

“You’re right.”

“You hit me while saying I was right!”

“I’m unhappy! Well, you guys don’t train so just wait in the city. You’ve created a mess, so that guy is most likely going to come.”

The Demon King seemed unhappy as she said that.


“The guy that took your body.”

So there was one more unhappy person.

“Speaking of which, have you seen that guy?”

I asked curiously.

“The guy that took my body and my name. What does he want to do?”

Hearing me say this, they turned their attention to me.

“It’s just that……”

The Demon King said, stroking her chin.

“I think it’s most likely that the soul inside your body was originally an Undead Holy Angel. An average person wouldn’t have been able to adapt so quickly to your strangely constructed body. The fact the he was able to get all of the rest of the Undead Holy Angels to listen to him meant that he had quite a high level of authority amongst them.”

“Was there anyone like that in history?

Bai Yueguang quickly asked,

“If that’s the case then maybe that person’s soul is in there.”

“Who is it? I’m not really clear on the history of the Abyss.”

I said looking at the Demon King.

“Well……there is someone.”

The Demon King smiled.

“If you really want to hear about the distant past, the Undead Holy Angels were members of the winged race that had mastered the power of life and death. For a long time they were the symbol of the Abyss and the strongest amongst them became the Demon King and reigned over the Abyss. Their power was absolute, even to the point that they could reverse the cycle of life and death. Well, it’s basically the same as automatically renewing life.”

Our resurrection from graveyards is basically a bug, automatically renewed life…… what’s that? Putting in coins for extra lives?

“But to do that sort of thing you needed the power amplification ability of the Demon Crown in the Demon King’s Castle, so that was also a symbol of the rule of the Undead Holy Angels. Except……things changed at some point. Well, little Sloth. Get me a cup of tea. I’m thirsty.”

The Demon King said to Sloth, who had been standing by her. But after some time there there was no response.

“She seems to be……”

Hei Luoli quickly walked over and looked at her face from below.

“She seems to be fast asleep.”

……All of us were silent, looking at her with pitying eyes.

The Demon King was also embarrassed. With a bitter smile, she was about to get up and pour water when Greed’s golden mask appeared in front of them.

“Lord, drink tea.”

Greed instantly teleported away once the Demon King had taken the cup.


Awesome. What a convenient little brother.

Oyado tugged on my side.

“It would be no problem for me if elder sister wanted me to do the same.”

“Oyado, you should do it the normal way. I feel like this way isn’t good for a person’s heart.”

“I think so too.”

The Demon King nodded.

“It feels as if I have no privacy.”

It seems that the Demon King has a deep understand of the feeling that somebody is going to suddenly appear next to you. Even though it doesn’t scare me to death, the thought of having someone around all the time, waiting to be summoned, always staring at you……

Is absolutely terrible!

“Well, have you finished your tea? Keep talking.”

“Ohh. You don’t say, I almost forgot.”

The Demon King nodded

“What was I saying?”

“The Undead Holy Angel was the symbol of that era”

“Ohh, that’s right. The Undead Holy Angels were too strong back then. With their ability to control life and death they lost compassion for other demons.”

“So the other demons came to destroy them and locked up the rest?”

“Pretty much. After that period they were basically dead.”

“Basically? In other words, there was still something?”

“That’s right.”

The Demon King nodded.

“The last person who changed from being a human to an undead holy angel had at one point lead the Undead Holy Angels in a counterattack and nearly took the entire Abyss.”

“Eh? Then why did they go back?”


The Demon King took another sip of tea.

“The Undead Holy Angels were defeated and his soul was sealed in a weapon called the Dagger of Death.”


Oyado and I were both stunned.

“That’s……what caused all of this?”