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Chapter 116: Marching into the Redwood King“s Mansion

Chapter 116: Marching into the Redwood King's Mansion

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  At the residence of the Xi Men Feudal Lords, businesspeople from every clothing shop in the city had gathered. They filled up five to six tables.

These merchants had no idea what Patriarch Xi Men was playing at. Yet, none of them dared to utter a word of objection. In the Southcloud State City, it was considered a supreme privilege for the Xi Men Feudal Lords to invite you.

Finally, after everyone had taken their seats, Xi Men Yu walked out from the back. Next, to his side, a handsome young man followed him.

Xi Men Yu said with a smile: "Everybody, I summoned you guys because I wanted to introduce an exceptional young man to you all."

He pointed at Qin Wushuang with a smile: "This Young Master Qin had come from Eastwood Town of Southcloud’s River County. I believe that those of you that were quick to receive the news already know that presently, this Young Master Qin holds an extraordinary status. Perhaps, in the next ten days or half a month, he will become an offspring of a Royal Family."

Bewildered, these merchants all exploded into whispers when they heard Xi Men Yu’s introduction. Recently, the name of Qin Wushuang had become incredibly famous. A two-time victor of the Martial Arts Student Exam, a young man bestowed the rank of Marquis, all these titles had already had become a hot topic nationwide.

Unexpectedly, Patriarch Xi Men had invited everyone to introduce them to such a prestigious youth.

Those smart businessmen had already made some guesses: "Could it be, when the Eastwood Qin are conferred the title of Royal, they'll need to change their family’s entire clothing?"

"Oh my, this is a fantastic opportunity. It's an absolute honor to make clothes for a new Royal family."

Each of these businessmen quickly thought of ideas in their heads. They were already starting to think of the particular advantages they could offer within their circles and how to stand out among this fierce competition.

Xi Men Yu observed everyone's expression and said with a smile: "I invited all of you at Young Master Qin's request. Currently, something is bothering Young Master Qin, and he needs everyone's utmost help. I don't know if you’re all interested in resolving his worries?"

Those merchants all agreed: "It’s our honor to help Young Master Qin, how could we dare to decline? Please ask!"

"Haha, it’s an honor for us businessmen to help out a future offspring of a Royal family. Patriarch Xi Men, thank you for facilitating this."

"There is no need to thank me." Xi Men Yu remained a face full of a smile: "As long as all of you can help out Young Master Qin, then it's all your achievement."

"Please tell us."

Patting their chests, all the merchants made claims they would use their best efforts.

Qin Wushuang nodded and raised the wine cup: "I am deeply touched by your sincerity. This drink, although it may not be enough, please count it as my thanks beforehand."

When he raised the cup, those merchants did not dare to dawdle, and they all said they would not dare.

"Let’s drink it first." Qin Wushuang tilted his head back and drank the entire cup. Those merchants also quickly tilted back their heads and drank theirs. Although the alcohol quickly went down their mouth, it sweetened their heart.

Not anybody could enjoy the pleasure of a future offspring of the Royal family proposing a toast to them.

"Ok, everyone. I have a piece of fabric that I would like you guys to examine. Is this piece of clothing trending in our Southcloud State City, or any other Counties?"

Instantly, those merchants were stunned. Then, they understood he did not come to order custom-made clothing. Still, with enthusiasm, each of them wanted to go up to examine first and to show off their skills as an expert in this field.

"No need to hurry, we will go by tables. After looking at it, everyone can share your opinions."

Xi Men Yu maintained order. Since that case had nothing to do with the Xi Men Feudal Lords, then he must use this opportunity to build a closer relationship with Qin Wushuang.

He felt joyful that he had made a smart decision in the beginning. Earlier, he chose not to become enemies with Qin Wushuang. On the contrary, he accepted his suggestion to make peace.

At that time, if he had still stubbornly insisted on his ways and did not decline the marriage and throw his weight as a Feudal Lord around, then the Xi Men Feudal Lords would most likely be in deep trouble right now.

After that piece of fabric was passed around, those merchants were all flustered and discussions became heated as they each had their own opinions after close inspection of the fabric.

Xi Men Yu pressed down his arm and motioned everyone to quiet down: "Each of you speak one at a time, no arguing."

"Boss Qiu, you first." Xi Men Yu pointed to one of the merchants he knew.

That Boss Qiu stood up with a huge belly and said respectfully: "Patriarch, Young Master Qin, this is the highest-quality satin that is made from pure silver silkworms. The handiwork is meticulous. In our Southcloud State, including Southcloud State City, we have not reached such luxurious levels. I think that the Blue Moon Royal Territory is rich in producing such silkworms. Silk made from these silkworms are quite exquisite in producing the highest-quality silk fabric. I heard that only the Royal and the Kings' families used such fabric. Other lower aristocrats could not even purchase it."

"Are you sure this is genuine silkworm made fabric?" Qin Wushuang asked.

That Boss Qiu did not dare to speak with one hundred percent confidence: "All of us have decades of experience in this field. Although we may argue with each other, most of us feel this should be silk. If Young Master Qin wishes to verify, you should go to Redwood Royal City and even go to the imperial capital to ask the silk fabric bosses over there. You will have a bigger chance."

Although they did not give a precise answer, Qin Wushuang was not disappointed. At least, he could cross out Southcloud State as a suspect.

It seemed he still must go to the Redwood Royal City. When he thought about that city, Qin Wushuang suddenly remembered Tong Yao. Didn’t she say, he could ask for her help whenever he wanted if she could be useful?

Coincidentally, Tong Yao's family also had a strong intelligence network. Perhaps, he could ask her to get a piece of silkworm fabric clothing to compare.

When he thought there, he became determined. After a few other drinks, he showed his gratitude and went through this banquet.

When everyone had left, Qin Wushuang departed from Southcloud State.

When Xi Men Yu saw that Qin Wushuang had left, he finally let out a sigh of relief. He could distinctly feel that within Qin Wushuang's body, he was accumulating a wave of terrifying resentment.

Once this wave of resentment was released, the opponent would suffer deeply.

The Xi Men Feudal Lords were not his enemies. It was enough. Regardless of who they were, the Xi Men Feudal Lords only had to sit and watch the show. They would never be part of it.

In less than ten days, Qin Wushuang arrived at the Redwood Royal City once again. With Tong Yao's reminders on his mind, he moved around much more carefully. Without acting ostentatiously in the slightest, nor did he expose his identity.

He was not afraid of the Redwood King, but because he did not want a new branch to grow out of a knot to create another trouble. Since you, the Redwood King, could not tolerate my exam result that had surpassed your son's, do I, Qin Wushuang, still need to consider your face?

It was not Qin Wushuang’s style.

Regardless whether they were a Royal or Feudal Lord, there was only one sentence for them—Do not mess with me.

He came to that desolate place that Tong Yao had led him to last time. After a moment of waiting, Tong Yao arrived. When she saw Qin Wushuang, she also asked with a sympathetic tone: "How did it go, did you find any clues?"

"I have one clue, and I need your help." Qin Wushuang did not act pretentious either and handed over half of the fabric, "Could Missy Tong please investigate this piece of fabric and whether it had come from the Blue Moon Territory’s silkworm produce."

"Pure silkworm fabric?" Tong Yao was slightly surprised.


"Pure silkworm fabric are luxury goods only enjoyed by the Royal and the Kings’ families. Why are you looking into this?"

"Is it true that only the Royal and the families of the King are eligible to use it?"

"To put it precisely, only people from the Royal and the Kings’ family. As long as they had the status, they are eligible to use it," Tong Yao corrected with seriousness.

"This way, in the Bai Yue Country, only the people next to the He Emperor, and the four Royal families had the privilege to use it. Are those mighty warriors beneath them eligible to wear it?"

"Yes, in the Royal and the Kings' families, the social status of those mighty warriors are much higher than those offspring born from the concubines. Of course, they are eligible."

Qin Wushuang’s expression became slightly gloomy and more complicated thoughts emerged: "Royal family, King… In the Bai Yue Country, it would be impossible for ordinary people to pretend to be them. However, to use a piece of clothing to act as a decoy, it would be easy. Could that piece of fabric be a diversion? To make me think in the wrong direction?"

With such thoughts, Qin Wushuang decided to treat this case with more caution. Before he could grasp a clue on the matter, he must control his temper.

Affairs of life were unpredictable. Although he must be cautious of the possibility of stalling tactics, he must also not cross out the suspicion of the Royal and the Kings' families. Whether these were correct or incorrect, truth or lies, only what he saw with his own eyes would be the absolute truth.

He decided to pay a visit to the Redwood King’s mansion.

Thinking about how young girls from the Redwood Royal Territory had kept going missing in the recent years, and as the supreme leader of the Territory, the Redwood King should not have been doing nothing.

Based on this point, the Redwood King mansion was not free from suspicion.

In the late night, Qin Wushuang changed into a combat clothing and wore the mask provided by Tong Yao. Instantly, he appeared like an entirely different person.

It was moonless and a good night to pay a visit in secret.

After Qin Wushuang had moved a little in secret, he arrived at the end of the street next to the Redwood King’s mansion. Then, he moved in flash toward a shadowy corner to hide. After all, the Redwood mansion was the supreme existence in the Redwood Royal Territory. Of course, the levels of defense inside were formidable. If he went in recklessly, although he may not have to worry about getting trapped, he must still be cautious of those mighty warriors inside the mansion.

If the Xi Men Feudal Lords had Stage Nine Warriors of the Genuine Force, surely the Redwood mansion would have more than one of the Stage Nines.

Just as he was observing, he suddenly felt a few shadows arriving quickly from the west side street. With a few shouting and jumping, they arrived at the corner under the wall of the mansion’s backyard.

The leader squeezed his lips and mimicked a few sounds of the nightingale. In a moment, the same response came from the inside. Next, these four figures flipped across the wall and disappeared in a flash.

Qin Wushuang grabbed this opportunity and climbed on top of the wall as if his body was light as a swallow. He looked inside and also dropped into the yard.

Then, he followed those figures.

In the yard, under a big willow tree, one seemingly young-looking man stood there like a ghost. And four guys dressed in black kneeled before him.

The youth asked with a light voice: "Is everything good?"

"Second Young Master, it’s all done. In total, sixty-seven old men and women had gone to the imperial capital. All of them returned without any results. We have waited til they were halfway and killed them all. We also took care of the corpses, and did not leave any traces."

"Good, excellent." That Young Master said with a harsh voice: "Old rules, no one is allowed to reveal any of it, or else, heads off."


"Ok, you guys, go now! Remember to return the same way, and no one can see you." That Young Master waved his hand.

Those four black guys dressed in black nodded and turned to leave.

Before they had taken a few steps, a strange light suddenly flashed across the brows of the youth. He raised the folding fan in his hand, and next—Whoosh!

Like sharp arrows, or as if they were a viper, four of the spines on fan shot out and drilled into the back of those four men!