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Chapter 299: The Disappearance of the Magnetic Golden Mountain

Chapter 299: The Disappearance of the Magnetic Golden Mountain

Since the Lord of the Golden Seal had thought through things, then this blow with ten percent of his strength was just following the words of the original master’s rules.

If he didn’t follow the rules and went against his master’s will, the Lord of the Golden Seal would be immediately wiped out and his consciousness dispersed, only able to passively await the next time he awoke.

Legs as thick as columns charged forward and stomped heavily on the ground. The entire mountain seemed to be trembling.

“Watch my blow!”

The being’s muscular arms waved out a punch.

Although there was only ten percent of the being’s strength in that blow, it still encompassed the essence of the mountain and froze even the air around Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen only felt that a mountain was charging forward at him, and a mountain that bristled with gleaming blades at that.

Laughing wryly, he had to admit that the strength of the Lord of the Golden Seal was incredible indeed. Even if he’d decreased the level of his strength to ten percent, the power behind this punch was still something that a third level spirit realm would be able to handle.

Six lotuses formed a neat wall as their petals seemed to be layers of tenacious air walls, holding up beneath the brunt of this punch.

The six lotuses bent backwards beneath the force of the invincible punch.

However, flexible petals still fully blocked all of strong boxing aura.

As strong as the Lord of the Golden Seal was, the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice didn’t rank in the top five of all plant spirits for nothing.

Although its currently evolved was less than that of the Lord of the Golden Seal, it was six against one now, and the golden being had only used ten percent of its strength in this blow. So although the Lotus was currently a bit weaker, it didn’t suffer any damage.


The Lord of the Golden Seal looked at the six lotuses, then raised its fist and looked at its hand, shock written all over his face.

“Jiang Chen, there’s something odd about your lotuses.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “Don’t underestimate this Lotus. If it evolves into its final form, then even yourself at your peak may not be its match.”

If the Lotus was to evolve to its final form, even the supreme experts of all planes of existence would find it to be a thorny opponent. This Lord of the Golden Seal was just a spirit creature on the magnetic golden mountain. When their ultimate forms faced off, it truly wasn’t a match for the Lotus.

“That strong?” The Lord of the Golden Seal asked in amazement.

“The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice can rank amongst the top five of all plant spirits. How strong do you think it is?” Jiang Chen chuckled as he countered with a question.

“Top five?” The Lord of the Golden Seal was flabbergasted. It murmured, “Jiang Chen, you really are a perverse existence. You don’t seem like a third level spirit realm practitioner at all. Some origin realm practitioners may not even know as much as you, nor have as good equipment as you.”

Jiang Chen was indifferent. “The magnetic heart?”

The Lord of the Golden Seal threw back its head and said loudly, “Don’t worry, since you’ve passed the test, the mountain is immediately passed down onto you according to the will of the original master. The magnetic heart is here!”

The Lord of the Golden Seal suddenly extended its arms. They started endlessly transforming amidst shimmering golden lights and had transformed into two sharp swords after a short while.


It waved its arms and the swords turned into severe golden light, cutting into the ground.

A crack slowly formed and continued to grow.

Golden light shot to the heavens from the crack, like the golden rays of the sun spilling out over the earth, giving one an exceedingly holy feeling.

The being’s arms pointed upwards as the golden light dissipated into mist and continued to rise.

A golden item the size of a goose egg slowly rose from the ground into the mist.

“Go!” The Lord of the Golden Seal pointed its arms. The golden item turned into a beam of light as it shot towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen mobilized the lotuses to solidly catch this item.

“The magnetic heart?”

The Lord of the Golden Seal nodded. “The mountain is yours after refining this magnetic heart. You will inherit it and can manipulate it as you will. It can be big or small and answers to your thought.

Joy crept over Jiang Chen’s face. He’d striven so hard for so long and had finally welcomed the moment in which the magnetic heart appeared.

The organizers of the third trial were rather bored.

Six to seven days had passed. Most of the candidates had either been disqualified, or had no strength to continue on after the fifth level.

Of course, the numbers of people who exited didn’t quite match up to the numbers that had entered.

However, those who hadn’t made it out by now was very unlikely to emerge, unless they continued moving forward and continuously assailed the highest peak of the mountain.

However, according to the knowledge of the organizers, these ordinary practitioners basically had no possibility of taking another step further after making it to the eighth level.

“I’ve heard that the freak of the boulder’s heart has yet to emerge?”

‘Indeed, it’s the seventh day already. If he still hasn’t come out, he should’ve made it to the ninth level by now. The magnetic storms of the ninth level are quite frightening. Ai, I hope such a great genius doesn’t fall in the magnetic storms.”

“I doubt it. A genius is a genius and is born with immense luck. Didn’t someone say he would die in the cavern of the vein of skyfire? And what now?”

“That’s true. A true genius is different from the masses. If this freak of the boulder’s heart is really that kind of genius, he will possess his own kind of luck and won’t fall that easily.”

“Right, so let’s wait patiently. No one is certain what’s happened inside before the timeline of ten days is reached. The mountain will automatically bounce him out if he’s still alive after ten days. If he died within the mountain, then the so-called genius was just a shooting star.”

“Ai, the sixteen kingdoms have been quiet for so long with nothing exciting happening in the four sects. How many years has it been since such a perverse genius has appeared? I really don’t want such a good seed to fall just like this.”

“Who knows? It looks like there’s less than twenty thousand left after this third trial?”

A beam of golden light filled the void betwixt the sky and heavens as they were talking. It lit up the skies, piercing everyone’s eyes so that no one could open them.

Everyone closed their eyes involuntarily and didn’t dare take a direct look, as if the golden light was ending the world.

Bam crash thud!

Enormous thuds like the sounds of the order of heaven and earth collapsing rang out, as if countless numbers of gods were crashing about in the heavens, or akin to thunder and lightening rampaging wildly across the skies. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked, great sound explosions ringing out continuously.

That golden light accompanied the noise and become brighter and brighter, lighting up everything. There was only this golden color left in the world, and no one dared open their eyes.

in that moment, even the forefathers had the feeling that armageddon had arrived. Their bodies seemed to be lonely craft floating amidst a wild ocean, buffeted to and fro as their fortunes weren’t under their control.

There seemed to be an invisible force around them that was restraining them, making their footsteps heavy and their bodies clumsily leaden.

“Magnetic force?” The forefathers were privately astonished. How would they not know this feeling!

The enormous magnetic force gave them the impression that their bodies, their very lives weren’t under their own control.

“What’s going on?” Sunchaser’s face darkened and was about to open his eyes to take a look when the terrifying golden light seemed to pierce towards his eyes like sharp swords.

A sense of danger swept him as he immediately closed his eyes, not daring to face this light.

The other forefathers were also all shocked and in similar circumstances to Sunchaser. However, in this situation, they were powerless to do anything and could only activate all their defenses, protecting their sect and probing about with their consciousness, trying to see what was going on.

However, the golden light seemed to have swallowed everything. It was a hazy mist of golden light no matter where their consciousness traveled and probed. It was an unformed world of chaos without any clues, any hints at all.

It was a good thing that this golden light didn’t maintain for long.

It started slowly fading out and disappearing after fifteen minutes.

The immense oppressive feeling also faded from around the forefathers. Everything was as usual when they’d opened their eyes again. All of the organizers were also crawling out of various corners with looks of shock and astonishment.

Judging from everyone’s expression, no one knew what had happened.

Suddenly, an organizer looked dead ahead as his entire face twisted, the muscles on his face twitching rapidly.

He extended a finger and pointed ahead as if he’d seen a ghost, “Look… look. Everyone, hurry and look. Look…”

“Look what? A ghost?” Another organizer beside him said with ill temper as his eyes followed his colleague’s finger.


“Eh, wheres the Endless Mountain?”

“The magnetic golden mountain disappeared!” The organizer who’d sneered at the other for having seen a ghost now also looked like he’d seen a ghost as he started crying out exaggeratedly.

Everyone looked to the front after hearing these words, with their expressions becoming unified as they did so. Everyone looked like they’d seen a ghost.

The magnetic golden mountain, that towering and boundless mountain had truly disappeared!

Everything was flat to the eye, as if there had never been any mountain!

It was as if a god had moved away that awe inspiring, endless mountain.

“What’s happened? Was that golden light the dismantlement of the mountain?”

“That’s crazy! What kind of power would make the magnetic golden mountain fall to pieces?”

“Can it really be a god having descended and moved the mountain away?”

The organizers discussed hotly as they were full of shock, confusion, and befuddlement. They’d never heard of anything like this, much less seen anything like it.

A towering mountain had disappeared, just like that.

How great must one’s arts have been to move such a mountain?

Even the forefathers had likely never heard of anything like this, much less the others present?

The stronger one became the more one trained in martial dao, that was true.

However, to destroy a small mountain in one blow, even the forefathers likely couldn’t do this.

But to move a towering mountain away, even the forefathers couldn’t do so if their strength increased by ten times!

Moving mountains and shifting seas, chasing the stars and stealing the moon, those arts only existed in legends.

Even origin realm practitioners couldn’t do so.

But, where was the magnetic golden mountain? If no one had moved it away, then where had it gone?