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Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!

Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!

The two had already exchanged multiple blows within their words.

Ouyang Jian maintained a surface look of being rock solid, he was still stunned behind belief in his heart. He’d attempted to create a certain atmosphere just now and pull his opponent into his tempo.

But judging from the other’s noncommittal attitude, his efforts had been completely futile.

“This country animal does have a few tricks up his sleeve. No wonder Guo Ren had been frightened into an internal demon.” Ouyang Jian slightly revised his opinion of Jiang Chen upwards. “However, meeting me on this ring of fire means that he can only complain that he was unlucky!”

Ouyang Jian suddenly glared with both eyes as he shook his arms. The ring turned into an ocean of flames as countless waves of fire set the surroundings ablaze like a greedy beast from ancient times.

“Kid, you’re my prey in this ring of fire, hahaha…” Ouyang Jian made a grabbing motion with his right hand as a long broadsword shimmered in and out of existence on his arm, as if a python entangling itself on his arm.

“This is the Fire Python Sword!” The Purple Sun Sect disciples cried out with surprise beneath the ring.

“Tsk tsk, Ouyang Jian has finally successfully refined the Fire Python Sword. He’s as if a fish in water now and will claim the limelight in the earth quadrant!”

“When it comes down to it, this secular kid was truly unlucky to come into the hands of Ouyang Jian, and force him to activate the Fire Python Sword in the ring of fire.”

“Indeed, refining the Fire Python Sword means that his strength will be at least doubled. Add to that the advantages the ring of fire confers, I’m afraid that even the highest ranked in the earth quadrant will find it difficult to triumph over Ouyang Jian in this kind of circumstance.”

This wasn’t exaggeration. Every cultivator had different talents.

This ring of fire was an advantage for Ouyang Jian, but torture for other cultivators with ordinary potential for the attribute of fire.

“Haha, that kid is about to be done for. This is the Raging Tide of Flames that Ouyang Jian has created using the ring of fire. He’s been surrounded by it, and will be cooked to death even if Ouyang Jian doesn’t make another move.”

“This is what happens to those who move against my Purple Sun Sect, die!”

“Damn straight! Kill anyone who besmirches the dignity of my sect!”

“Freaking hell, I’d thought that Ouyang Jian was a a sick sight to my eyes earlier, but now this kid doesn’t look that much of an asshole anymore!”

The Purple Sun Sect disciples beneath the stage were all highly fervent and enthused. They naturally felt great addition to their face when another one of their sect was flaunting his prowess in the ring.

Jiang Chen held his ground, as if meditating. The fiercely burning flames seemed but an illusion in his eyes. No trace of panic or dismay could be found in his being or face.

Ouyang Jian’s eyes widened slightly as he sent out red splendor, calling out, “Kid, you only have the right to be my opponent if you can hold out for fifteen minutes in the face of my Raging Tide of Flames!”

Ouyang Jian formed a hand seal as the Fire Python Sword continued to dance in his hand, directing the raging fiery current around him to gather from all directions and continuously advance on Jiang Chen, encircling him.

The Purple Sun Sect disciples started agitating below the elevated ring. They knew that the highlight of the show had arrived!

Once the raging flames surrounded an opponent, then the only thing left would be the destruction from the fires of hell, absolute torture and death!

Ouyang Jian’s expressed twisted, all was in his grasp!

The strong flames continued to surge towards Jiang Chen from all directions of the stage. The balls of flame seemed to have their own life of their own as they closed in on their prey like vicious beasts.

Jiang Chen yet remained as unmoving as a mountain. The expression on his face didn’t even flicker and his lashes didn’t even bat.

“This kid is putting on airs and pretending to be calm. Does he want to hop out of the circle in the instant that the spirit fires surround him? Huh! Who can jump out once they’ve been surrounded by my Raging Tide of Flames? The flames are as if furious tidewaters, each interlinking to the next. No matter where he jumps to, he’ll be unable to evade this besiegement!”

The smile of a victor had almost appeared on Ouyang Jian’s face.

“Die, kid!” Ouyang Jian’s Fire Python Sword increased his speed, as did the furious flames in the surroundings, all churning towards where Jiang Chen was.

“Are you taking out this level of spirit fire to publicly humiliate yourself?”

Jiang Chen, having remained as unmoving as a mountain until now, suddenly lifted his eyelids. A radiant light also shot forth from his eyes as he lifted his hands slightly, turning his palms towards the outside and making a motion like slamming a door in someone’s face.

Something strange happened in this moment.

The fiercely encroaching flames suddenly halted in their path, as if crashing into an invisible wall or seeming to suddenly voluntarily stop their momentum.

The enclosing movements of the raging flames halted about three meters away from Jiang Chen. Balls of flame had encircled him outside this range, but could no longer advance.

Looking at the flames, it seemed that there was a force within this three meter radius that made them tremble and fear. The balls of fire actually seemed to be slowly dying down.


“What’s going on?”

“What’s Ouyang Jian doing? Toying with his prey?”

“Conclude the battle quickly, don’t put on a show.”

“Heh heh, I think he wants to torture his prey slowly to death. Don’t you think that it’s really boring to kill your opponent in one second?”

Although the disciples beneath the ring felt it a bit odd, they still all felt that this was Ouyang Jian deliberately making things look mystifying and toying with his prey.

However, up on the elevated ring, Ouyang Jian suddenly stared with a look of shock across the ring.

Yes, he too had discovered that the Raging Tide of Flames was slowly weakening, as if having met a terrifying power. These spirit power infused flames actually moved no further forward and began to slow down.

Although these flames weren’t alive, they did indeed have some consciousness, and a primal sort of fear made these spirit flames unwilling to proceed.

It was as if surging forward another step would cast them into a boundless abyss and be completely devoured.

Jiang Chen softly voiced a long whistle. “Ouyang Jian, is this your so-called Raging Tide of Flames? Too damn weak! Even an old granny would find your flames too weak. Now break!”

Jiang Chen waved his sleeves as an enormous power covered the surroundings, shaking the very air and devoured all the raging flames around him.

Those overweeningly dominant flames were all extinguished like they were mere candles!

This scene petrified all the Purple Sun Sect disciples catcalling beneath the ring. They had been running their mouths a second before, chattering about their prowess, as if their enemy was a turtle caught in a jar, dead without a doubt.

But in the next moment, that Raging Tide of Flames they were so proud of and constantly boasting about were all extinguished like pitiful candles with a wave of one’s sleeve.

Was… was this a battle?

This had been too easy? What kind of aura had Ouyang Jian’s Raging Tide of Flames possessed? They’d all been suppressed neatly with a wave of one’s sleeve?

This kind of power was as if an enormous elephant stepping on a little bunny.

There was a kind of description that compared something “as easy as blowing away a speck of dust”. This was truly all the other had used in extinguishing the flames.

The most depressing thing was, Ouyang Jian was most proud of his Raging Tide of Flames and they’d been reduced to being absolutely worthless, that even an old granny would find them insufficient… this was a thorough slap to the face!

Ouyang Jian was thrown into disarray.

This scene was beyond his comprehension abilities. He’d thought of all sorts of possibilities and had simulated all sorts of situations that might arise.

His opponent using some sort of treasure to withstand the flames for instance, and then resisting stubbornly before his defenses were slowly broken and his opponent finally falling in defeat.

Or his opponent having no way to defend themselves and were swallowed whole by the tide and burnt to a crisp.

Or another instance in which this fellow’s speed was uncommonly fast. He’d attempted to jump out of the flames’ encirclement, but still had no place to escape to and eventually died an ignoble death beneath the Raging Tide of Flames.

In conclusion, he’d simulated all sorts of possible outcomes, but had never envisioned this one. He’d never even considered the possibility of failure in the ring of fire.

It was because of this that once this scene appeared, Ouyang Jian was completely thrown for a loop. His brain couldn’t even react for the moment. He only had one thought, how is this possible, how is this possible?!

Reality was harsh.

The Raging Tide of Flames was put out like it was a light flickering in the breeze. Ouyang Jian’s dao heart spasmed uncontrollably once as a trace of fear flashed through the depths of his eyes.

He’d been absolutely confident before in the ring of fire.

But now, an unrestrainable feeling of fear rose to the fore.

His opponent was too bizarre.

When the most adept and well versed method of a supremely confident person was easily broken by another, this was a fatal blow to their confidence.

“What did you say just now? You said that I only had the right to be your opponent if I could endure 15 minutes of your Raging Tide of Flames?”

Jiang Chen laughed leisurely and said faintly, “I also want to tell you now that with your little bit of ability, you truly don’t have the right to be my opponent.”

These words stabbed into Ouyang Jian’s dao heart like the most terrifying blade in the world.

Ouyang Jian’s body twitched as a violent grimace dawned on his face. He roared furiously, “Kid, you must’ve used some treasure to cheat! What are you being cocky about? The Raging Tide of Flames was just the appetizer. You can boast only if you live through Sixteen Blows of my Raging Python of Flames!”

He’d transformed into a ball of red light as he spoke, the Fire Python Sword in his hand sweeping through the void and transforming into sword aura that filled the air. Its speed was uncommonly fast as it slashed down madly at Jiang Chen.

The Sixteen Blows of the Raging Python of Flames was a berserk sword technique. It could be said that it was a strong sword technique tailored for Ouyang Jian.

It speed was astoundingly fast and the sword aura madly violent. When accompanied with techniques of fire, its power was shocking when deployed and the wielder could often win, even from a weak position and deploy boundless fighting strength.

“The fire shadows fill the skies as the sword is as if a mad python. So fast, so strong!”

“It looks like Ouyang Jian has been thoroughly enraged!”

“Yeah, he’s brought out his speciality. Add to that the Fire Python Sword, a spirit weapon refined at least six times over, this kid looks like he’s dead without a doubt because he pissed off Ouyang Jian!”

“That makes sense. This fellow just broke through Ouyang Jian’s Raging Tide of Flames. He must’ve had some treasure that helped him cheat, and it wasn’t his true strength at all. Let’s see how he cheats beneath the Sixteen Blows and the mad sword aura!”

The Purple Sun Sect disciples were still unwilling to accept what had happened in the end. They didn’t feel that this ordinary brat had truly suppressed the Raging Tide of Flames based on his own abilities.