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Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change

Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change

The three of them began to pour wine for each other and started chatting about all topics beneath the heavens. Finally, Fatty Lu asked to be excused when it was past midnight.

He could feel the beast blood on his body and the immense aura emanating through the flask. This made his heart itch and he couldn’t wait to go back earlier and refine the beast blood.

Jiang Chen smiled and sent Fatty Lu on his way.

Liu Wencai felt a bit awkward and smiled, “He’s just like this, don’t think much of it Brother Boulder. He still has his principles in critical moments and is worthy of a deeper friendship.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “This is precisely what is cute about him, why would I blame him? Come, let’s keep drinking.”

The two returned to the yard and continued drinking.

When Fatty Lu had been present just now, Jiang Chen had been afraid that he wasn’t one who could keep his internal thoughts private and hadn’t said anything. Now that there was only Liu Wencai left, Jiang Chen said, “Wencai, this beast blood may be ten times more effective for you than fatty. I’ve spared with you for a few months and have felt that the power in your body has yet to be tapped. There is still potential that hasn’t been deployed. You should refine this as soon as you go back, you’ll have unexpected gains from it. You may even be able to make it into the sky quadrant after three months.”

“What?” The light of surprise dawned in Liu Wencai’s eyes. It was already a legend that he’d made it into the top 100 from a ranking at the bottom of the earth quadrant.

Make it into the sky quadrant?

To be honest, Liu Wencai had never even thought about this. If Jiang Chen had remained within the earth quadrant and they could’ve sparred every day, he might’ve had a bit of confidence in that claim then.

But now that Brother Boulder was leaving, Liu Wencai felt that his rate of improvement would absolutely not be that swift in the future.

“Remember, don’t doubt your potential and don’t suspect this flask of beast blood. Right, let me gift you something else that might be able to become a very useful weapon for you.”

Jiang Chen took out another item that was as thick as a child’s arm. It was an ivory color and gave one a very noble feeling.

“This is a bone from the same beast in which the blood originates from. If you can request a strong weapons refiner to meld all sorts of divine patterns and formations into it, its battle strength will certainly be stunning. Even in its natural form right now, even any six or seven times refined spirit weapon will be no match for it.”

A spirit weapon was just a spirit weapon in the end.

This bone had been taken from the body of the Redscaled Firelizard. Thus, the durability of saint rank spirit creature was easy to imagine.

Liu Wencai now listened to everything Jiang Chen said. He accepted the spirit bone and toyed with it a bit, sensing the enormous power that seemed to have a natural resonance with him. The strong spirit ripples it sent out created a formidable aura.

“This bone is something else alright.” Bright light shone out of Liu Wencai’s eyes. “Brother Boulder, I’ve discovered that I owe you more and more. If I were a girl, I would’ve promised myself to you already to repay you for all this.”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, “Oh stop it!”

Liu Wencai chuckled, “Don’t be mad, don’t be mad. Come, let’s drink.”

The two of them drank to their heart’s content, with Liu Wencai finally taking his leave when the night was about to draw to a close. Jiang Chen walked him out as well and clapped his shoulder, “Remember, study the scroll when you go back.”

Liu Wencai felt it odd that Jiang Chen was mentioning the scroll again. He nodded subconsciously, “Brother Boulder, I will see you again if fate brings us together.”

“I hope to see you in the sky quadrant in three months.” Jiang Chen said faintly.

Sky quadrant? A strong sense of confidence formed in Liu Wencai’s heart for the first time.

He bade Jiang Chen farewell and returned to his residence. Liu Wencai was in no hurry to refine the flask of blood and unfurled the scroll first.

“Mm? What’s this?”

Liu Wencai immediately discovered that the contents of this scroll wasn’t what he’d given Jiang Chen.

The scroll was still that scroll, but the contents weren’t what they were before.

“This…” Liu Wencai’s eyes lit up. “These are reflections in the area of spirit beast taming. And! This has to do with refining beast blood, and…”

Liu Wencai was quite shocked when he took a closer look. He discovered that every word was exceedingly profound.

Even the most precious tomes of the Myriad Spirit Sect had content that was less than this scroll.

“Amazing, truly amazing!”

The more Liu Wencai read, the more he was astonished and wreathed in smiles. He discovered that he’d picked up a treasure! If even forefather Ninelion of his sect picked up the scroll and read it, he would likely be so astonished that he wouldn’t be able to speak.

“Just what kind of perverse existence is Brother Boulder to give me such a precious scroll? Is… is he the reincarnation of an omnipotent god?”

Liu Wencai’s hand was almost shaking in his shock and excitement. He put the scroll away carefully and stored it in his storage ring.

“I’ll need a few decades a least to digest all the knowledge in this scroll. I need to treasure it well and not let it leak out at all. Otherwise, countless numbers of geniuses within the sect will set their sights on me, and perhaps even the heavyweights of the sect will make try to take it from me.”

Liu Wencai knew the value of the item in his hand. If it was claimed by the sect, it would absolutely become the treasure of the sect.

“Brother Boulder isn’t an ordinary person at all. I’m but a passing acquaintance with him and we’ve struck up a friendship, but he’s gifted me with such a treasure. I, Liu Wencai, must do well and not let him down!”

“Brother Boulder, three months! I will make it to the sky quadrant in three months and reconvene with you!” Liu Wencai had a sudden explosion of confidence.

He knew more fully than anyone that he’d met a one who’d changed his life.

He was also more aware than anyone else that although Brother Boulder came from the ordinary world, he was destined to soar to the skies. Even the candidates in the sky quadrant might not be able to hold him down!

Liu Wencai suddenly thought of his initial invitation to Jiang Chen in the mystic quadrant, and that Guo Ren from the Purple Sun Sect had also invited Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had mocked Guo Ren then that he was a frog at the bottom of a well, seeing only the sixteen kingdom alliance in his eyes and knowing only the four great sects.

It now looked like Brother Boulder had vast aspirations that had long since exceeded the boundaries of the sixteen kingdoms. He was considering problems from a higher vantage point.

“It looks like the four great sects are just Brother Boulder’s springboard. How laughable that Master Shuiyue was such a pathetic little character. With Brother Boulder’s stunning talent, is that something that an old woman like her can hold back? I can already predict that in the moment Brother Boulder reveals his true colors, all of the geniuses of the four sects will look dim in comparison!”

“Mm, I must hurry up. Right, Brother Boulder reminded us several times that this blood isn’t ordinary. I trust that it’s no common item either.”

Liu Wencai could use the scroll to deduce that there was much about this beast blood, and that bone!

He felt that he’d changed from a poor little kid to a millionaire in the span of a second. He felt quite fulfilled and very excited.

When his thoughts traveled here, Liu Wencai took out the blood and began to refine it.

In the instant that the blood entered his body however, Liu Wencai seemed to feel something collapse with a roar inside of him, and his entire body started howling like the waters bursting through a dam.

Crack crack crack.

Crisp sounds rang out from all over Liu Wencai’s bones.

And then—

Every single one of his bones, every single drop of blood, every inch of flesh and blood seemed to be smashed to pieces, reassembled, smashed again, and reassembled again.

“What… what’s going on?”

There seemed to have been a vault of energy in Liu Wencai, and this vault was explosively opened all of a sudden in this moment.

All of his clothes exploded into tatters and fell to the ground. His taut and study muscles were all exposed to the outside air.

At this moment, numerous strange glyphs appeared over his skin. They were as thin as tadpoles, giving one an exceedingly mysterious feeling.


Liu Wencai emitted a dull roar like a beast. His eyes appeared quite violent due to being bloodshot.

“What… what kind of beast’s blood is this?” The thought flashed through Liu Wencai’s mind.

Refining beasts’ blood was an ordinary occurrence for cultivation in the Myriad Spirit Sect. But he’d never bumped into such a happening.

The endless collisions finally slowed down. Liu Wencai laid on the ground, utterly exhausted and listless.

“Mm? Wait, the purity of my blood seems to have changed. There’s also a difference in my spirit ocean. How is this possible? How could my spirit ocean have become so clean all of a sudden? Where are all the impurities? The impurities within my blood are also gone as well!”

This discovery made Liu Wencai spring to a sitting position.

“How… how is this possible? A flask of beast blood could cast off my old self and completely change me? No, this wasn’t a rebirth. It just cleaned the impurities in my body. Right, I felt an enormous power awaken in my body just now. Can it be that the power in my body helped me turn into a completely new person?”

“I remember Brother Boulder saying that some potential seemed to be hidden in my body. can it be that this blood tapped into my internal potential?” Liu Wencai’s mind was a chaotic mess right now. He only knew that his potential wouldn’t lose out to those preeminent geniuses in his sect now.

Looking at the purity of his spirit ocean, it was practically ethereal!

Liu Wencai was awash in delight as he wasn’t able to explain this sudden change either. However, this was without a doubt a very good phenomenon. He knew that his potential had suddenly increased three to five times.

The wildness exuding from his body was also several times bigger than before. The Myriad Spirit Sect always pursued the untamed beauty. This was needed to tame spirit creatures. In the Myriad Spirit Sect, wildness was an allure and a charisma, the symbol of strength and potential.

The wild nature within Liu Wencai was perfectly released at this time. There was an explosive presence to him now, a symbol of an extremely strong life force!