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Chapter 437: One Point, One Palm. Astounding His Opponents

Chapter 437: One Point, One Palm. Astounding His Opponents

This point encompassed the strongest power of fire essence that Jiang Chen currently possessed. He’d absorbed the Fire Raven King’s core, assimilated another two caverns worth of fire essence spirit veins, and now had refined the Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn. The fire essence power running through him had reached a frightening stage.

This point was a technique that he’d practiced during his closed door cultivation, called “Supernova Point”. This technique could destroy a plane of existence or an entire continent when trained by the proper cultivators. Its power was astounding.

Jiang Chen had only scraped the surface of this art, but when he focused the power of fire essence onto his fingers, the power behind the sudden outpouring of the blazing essence was enough to destroy everything.

It was a good thing that Wu Chen had quickly withdrawn his hands. But even so, his hands had still been burned by the residual heat from the immense fire essence power. His entire palm would’ve likely been crippled it hadn’t for the mysterious gloves.

The frightening scene shocked Wu Chen beyond belief. His expression changed greatly as he stumbled back a few steps and looked at Jiang Chen in fright.

Wu Chen had previously crushed Li Yuan of the Precious Tree Sect and Wang Tuo of the Myriad Spirit Sect one after another. His confidence had been greatly inflated and he’d felt immensely superior to the cultivator sin the sixteen kingdom alliance.

Therefore, when he’s napped his whip over, he’d thought that he could thoroughly destroy Jiang Chen. He never would have thought that this opponent would be completely different from all his previous ones.

Jiang Chen had used almost the same way that Wu Chen himself had used on his previous two opponents to absolutely dominate Wu Chen.

He was Jiang Chen alright, the situation was completely turned around as soon as he made a move.

The previously overweeningly proud Wu Chen was now ashen faced. He wore a completely panicked look and made those of the other three sects all feel that they could puff out their chests and lift their heads with pride.

Although Jiang Chen had yet to complete the induction ceremony, all of them now were viewing him as the spokesperson of the three sects.

He was their only hope to save face and salvage a losing situation.

The forefathers all exchanged several looks and could reach from each other’s gaze a sliver of comfort. It was obvious that they saw hope from Jiang Chen.

Zuo Lan had also not anticipated that Jiang Chen would be so different.

He was well aware of Wu Chen’s strength. Although Wu Chen was ninth level spirit realm, he could absolutely put up a fight when facing a spirit king of the sixteen kingdom alliance level.

But this Jiang Chen however, had used one finger to destroy the whip that Wu Chen was proud of and almost took his hand in the process.

Even Zuo Lan hadn’t seen just what method this had been.

Wu Chen had come off worse in the exchange, and Gu Xiong’s large body immediately jumped out, grasping the broadsword in his hand and raising it with a flourish, calling upon the strength from the ninth heavens and cleaving down on Jiang Chen’s head with the momentum.

“Are you even worthy of using a blade?”

Jiang Chen snorted derisively, taking a step forward and rising to meet the blade’s momentum, neither dodging nor evading. He seemed to be throwing himself to the blade’s edge.

“What’s he doing??” Those watching beneath the ring were all dumbfounded.

The forefathers also stared at each other, at a loss of what to do. They didn’t know what Jiang Chen was cooking up.

Even though Zuo Lan was of the earth origin realm, he too found this scene incredulous. He knew better than anyone just how strong the strength behind Gu Xiong’s blade.

Jiang Chen was so careless as to charge headfirst into the momentum of Gu Xiong’s blade, was he seeking death?

Jiang Chen was indeed no courting death. As he moved, his God’s Eye circulated quickly as he clearly saw through the trajectory of Gu Xiong’s stroke.

Although his stroke was fierce and fast, his movements were all dissected under the function of the God’s Eye, as if in front of a slow motion lens.

Jiang Chen was able to see through clearly and form a counter to Gu Xiong’s stroke with one glance.

Gu Xiong’s movements then seemed to become a naughty child playing with a wooden sword in front of Jiang Chen, posing no threat at all.

Jiang Chen suddenly flicked his wrist and used his palm as a blade, cleaving out diagonally with one slice.

An eye piercing flash of golden colored light appeared with his hand blade, striking unerringly on the back of Gu Xiong’s blade and giving rise to a metallic collision sound.

Gu Xiong felt the area between his thumb and index go numb as a bizarrely strong surge of strength traveled up through the back of his blade up to his hand, spreading throughout his entire arm and invading his organs.

Gu Xiong felt like lightning had touched him, instantly becoming paralyzed.

Jiang Chen sliced out again with his palm.

Another crisp breaking sound rang out as Gu Xiong’s broadsword was broken into two halves.

“You dare parade your blade techniques with such a dilapidated piece of scrap metal? Get the hell off the stage!”

Jiang Chen roared lowly and stomped one foot onto Gu Xiong’s stomach.


Gu Xiong flew out like a sandbag that had been kicked off, flying out more than ten meters in bedraggled fashion and landing with a thud, kicking up a mess of dust.

Gu Xiong, who’d just defeated the head of the Precious Tree Sect, seemed to be as helpless as a child who’d just started walking in front of Jiang Chen.

Wu Chen and Gu Xiong had both trampled several senior executive powerhouses of the three great sects not too long ago, but they had been revisited with the same cruelty in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Chen had crushed them with an ease that was more than ten times what they’d displayed against the senior sect levels just now.

“Thousandleaf, I, Ninelion, have lived for quite some time and have never been jealous of any innate constitution, but I’m really quite jealous of your Jiang Chen.”

Icemist also sighed with a complicated tone, “The Precious Tree Sect’s foundations are solid with this extraordinary genius. It would be an easy matter to pass on your legacy for tens of thousands of years.”

Thousandleaf was enveloped by bliss at the moment. He didn’t know what to say and could only grin foolishly. He’d already speculated about Jiang Chen’s abilities to the greatest of his abilities.

However, Jiang Chen’s performance had still exceeded his estimations.

To be honest, when the forefathers had seen Wu Chen and Gu Xiong easily roll over the sect executives, they’d truly felt helpless and resigned in that moment.

But Jiang Chen had swept away everyone’s dejection with his appearance and completely turned around the battle situation. He’d even used the same methods as their opponents and had even done so in a more stunning fashion.

Ye Chonglu was the happiest amongst the forefathers. A mix of emotions assaulted him when he saw Jiang Chen’s performance.

He’d always firmly believe that Jiang Chen was exceed him, but he’d never thought that this day would arrive so quickly. With Jiang Chen’s current display, he absolutely had the right to be mentioned in the same breath as Ye Chonglou, even though he was still only of the spirit realm.

The three great sects were all excited beyond belief.

Zuo Lan and the Purple Sun Sect however, all felt incredulous. It was as if Wu Chen and Gu Xiong had been swapped out for someone else. They completely lacked the bearing they’d had earlier in crushing the three great sects and had been thoroughly trampled instead.

“Just what kind of fortuitous occurrences has that scum Jiang Chen received? Why has his strength risen so quickly?!” Sunchaser was the epitome of dejection.

From the momentum and strength behind his moves, Sunchaser could see that Jiang Chen had improved greatly from his battle in the Shangyang Kingdom. It could even be said that his strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

How would he know that after Jiang Chen had taken the Divine Fruit of Rosy Dawn, he’d broken through and not only entered ninth level spirit realm, but he’d continued to climb and charged into the peak of the spirit realm. He was even worthy of the title of spirit king.

Since entering the peak of the spirit realm, Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye had had tangible improvements, and his eye for detail had now entered the aspect of noticing the most minute details.

Cultivators on the same level as him wasn’t on the same level at all.

He’d trained the “Nine Transformations of the Demons and Gods” to the third level, where he was now training his tendons and bones. His hardened body of immensely solid tendons and bones were now stronger than a nine times refined spirit weapon. Add to that the inner armor that he’d refined from the scale of the Redscaled Firelizard, it’d enabled his body to attain and enormous breakthrough.

Therefore, the force behind his hand blade just now had been in excess of ordinary nine times refined spirit weapons. Add to that his unique advantage in his spirit ocean, this enabled his use of spirit power to be far beyond his peers.

Gu Xiong and Wu Chen had both received enormously good heritages from the Sky Sect, and their cultivation and equipment were all far beyond cultivators in the sixteen kingdom alliance.

Such were their advantages.

But these were only advantages compared to those of the sixteen kingdom alliance.

Jiang Chen was an exception. Compared to Jiang Chen, none of their techniques or equipment were of any use in front of Jiang Chen.

This was particularly true for techniques. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, as advanced as their methods were, that was still just a method. With Jiang Chen’s experience from his past life and the God’s Eye that he trained in this life, he could see through to the heart of his opponent’s technique with almost just one glance.

Once Gu Xiong and Wu Chen lost their advantages, they were no different from the senior executives of the four great sects.

This was why Jiang Chen had so easily trampled his opponents with one point and one palm, destroying two weapons and their fighting spirit.

This wasn’t a simple crushing of cultivation level, but also one of martial dao knowledge and a holistic victory.

“Do I need to say this one more time? Just one of you isn’t enough, all there of you can come at me.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was faint. Although he wasn’t purposefully strutting around, his words and strong attitude was enough to make those of the three sects feel greatly proud of themselves.

After continual humiliation from Wu Chen and Gu Xiong, they’d now returned it to the two in spades.

“Jiang Chen is it?” Zuo Lan suddenly spoke. “I admit that I underestimated you before. That Long Juxue of the innate constitution actually did not die a wronged death in your heads. However, the fate of a low birth is a disadvantage that you will never be able to overcome. How about this, pledge allegiance to me and I shall mentor you. Be one of my envoys and work for me. This will be better than living out your life in drudgery in this backwater.”

“As long as you agree, all previous matters can be forgotten!” Zuo Lan was very domineering as he didn’t seek opinions from Sunchaser or the Purple Sun Sect at all.

Zuo Lan was actually recruiting Jiang Chen! The forefathers of the three sects all had mixed emotions in that instant, deeply worried about losing something precious to them.