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Chapter 441: A Hundred Flowers Bloom When Huang’er Smiles

Chapter 441: A Hundred Flowers Bloom When Huang’er Smiles

Jiang Chen sat beneath the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn, perceiving this towering tree with senses. Spirit entities such as the Precious Tree all possessed their own consciousness.

Although this consciousness may not give rise to a living being, one could still conduct a formless sort of communication through careful comprehension.

Jiang Chen had eaten a red fruit and had partook of some of the critical factors melded into the fruit. It was as if he’d formed a wondrous mental connection with this towering tree all of a sudden. This relationship was different to that of flesh and blood, but felt even more subtle and mysterious compared to it.

Forefather Thousandleaf’s sensational words weren’t enough to waver Jiang Chen’s dao heart or brainwash him. However, Jiang Chen’s feelings had somehow, unknowingly integrated into the Precious Tree of the Rosy dawn.

Of course, it wasn’t because of Thousandleaf’s words, but that Jiang Chen had somehow built a bridge with the Precious Tree in his meditations, bringing forth a kind of communication.

He felt that this kind of communication was quite useful and would have great benefits on training his strength of heart.

Time passed in seconds and minutes. Jiang Chen sat cross legged as if an old monk deep in his meditations, entering a profound and mystical state.

After who knew how long, Jiang Chen suddenly opened his eyes to see that the stars had dotted the sky, scattering over the heavens as if on a chessboard. It was actually already twilight.

The mid and senior level executives next to him had long since disappeared.

“Heh heh, Jiang Chen, you’re finally awake.”

Forefather Thousandleaf’s voice suddenly sounded from the other end of the Precious Tree, and his body walked out in short succession.

“Forefather.” Jiang Chen rose to bow and greet the forefather.

Thousandleaf waved his hand. “Jiang Chen, you no longer need to bow in greeting when you see me from now on. You have the right to, and I care not about these details.”

Jiang Chen could feel the sincerity in the forefather’s words and smiled faintly. “Forefather, I’ve sat here for a day and rather provided quite a laugh for everyone.”

“Hahaha!” Forefather Thousandleaf laughed heartily and lifted his head to look at the immense, starry skies, laughing merrily. “Jiang Chen, you say that you’ve sat there for a day?”

“Can it be more than a day?” Jiang Chen was taken aback. He’d fully immersed himself and enjoyed that condition. It was as if the immortals had entered closed door cultivation. There was no sun or moon in the mountains, and so he had no idea just how much time had passed.

Thousandleaf extended three fingers.

“Three days?” Jiang Chen was quite surprised.

“Thirty days, precisely a month. It was a day of the waning moon when you entered this garden, and now it is another starry night of a waning moon a month later.”

Thirty days!

Jiang Chen also found this hard to believe. He hadn’t thought at all that he’d end up sitting down for thirty days in one go. However, he quickly accepted things when he thought about it.

After thirty days of meditation, Jiang Chen could noticeably sense the immense rise in his strength of heart, and that his mindset was a lot calmer.

Inspiration about all aspects of martial dao also burst forth in endless streams.

“Jiang Chen, your destiny has much to do with the Precious Tree at this time. Otherwise you wouldn’t have sat underneath it for a month in meditation.”

Forefather Thousandleaf handed a token to Jiang Chen. “This is the entrance token for the Garden of the Precious Tree. You can enter and train anytime with this token. But remember, do not go near the Divine Fruits. There are strong restrictions placed on all of the fruits. If you attempt to touch the fruits without removing the restrictions, you will surely be attacked.”

Although the Divine Fruits of Rosy Dawn were precious, Jiang Chen had no more use for them in his current stage, except if a purple fruit was produced.

“Be at ease forefather, I am not a greedy person. I have already taken a red fruit and have another green on my hands. I would never steal what has been entrusted to my care.”

Thousandleaf laughed heartily, “Good, Jiang Chen. I have not viewed you wrongly after all.”

Jiang Chen had gained much after a month of meditation. When he returned to his own residence, he discovered that his followers hadn’t been overly worried.

They’d all heard that Jiang Chen was training in the Garden of the Precious Tree and were very excited to see him return.

It was many that they’d heard many of the legendary heroics of their young master over the year. The overwhelming dominance of the Sky Sect envoy that day, continuously defeating the experts of the three great sects, with Jiang Chen strongly emerging out of closed door cultivation in the critical moment when even the forefathers were helpless. He visited upon the intruders the same treatment they’d given the three sects and broke through their arrogant aura, turning the situation with one move.

It could be said that everyone within the sect had been discussing Jiang Chen over the course of this month, discussing the genius who was second only to the two great forefathers.

That battle had been quite obvious. Even the sect head had been unable to defeat Sky Sect’s Gu Xiong, but Jiang Chen had easily trampled Gu Xiong in the end.

What did this mean?

It meant that Jiang Chen’s strength was invincible in the spirit realm and was enough to crush all spirit realm cultivators. He was an absolute spirit king.

“Have you all grown accustomed to life in the Precious Tree Sect?” Jiang Chen swept his gaze across all their faces.

Judging from their expressions, they were all very satisfied with life in the Precious Tree Sect and was living quite a good life.

“Good, none of you have disappointed me.”

Jiang Chen was indeed a bit surprised that after a month, Guo Jin, the Qiao brothers, and Wen Ziqi had all broken through to the spirit realm and become true spirit realm cultivators.

Xue Tong had even broken through to the third level spirit realm.

Gouyu had even more astonishing results, ascending to the fourth level and becoming a true earth spirit realm expert.

The Precious Tree Sect boasted of a superior environment and rich resources that made their cultivation level advance by leaps and bounds. But of course, this had an inseparable connection with Jiang Chen’s aid.

His Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill had brought very noticeable changes to them. However, when they’d been in the Skylaurel Kingdom, their cultivation hadn’t advanced rapidly due to environmental limitations.

Now that they’d entered the sect and could enjoy the benefits of abundant resources in a wondrous environment, the advantages of the Five Dragon Opening Heavens Pill were fully displayed.

Jiang Chen thought about things again and again and decided to gift the green fruit to Gouyu.

Gouyu’s age was eldest and was the leader of his followers. Her strength was the strongest now, and having the green fruit would be akin to giving wings to a tiger.

With her potential and level, she would absolutely have the ability to assail the sky spirit realm within a year.

As for Xue Tong and the others, they were younger and thus their cultivation was a level lower. They wouldn’t be able to make full use of the fruit even if he gave it to them.

Although Jiang Chen had much in resources, he would only use it where it was needed the most.

After divvying up some of the resources, Jiang Chen spoke a few more words of encouragement and dismissed the others, leaving only Gouyu behind.

“Young master, do you have further instructions?”

“Gouyu, there are no outsiders here. Calling me ‘young master’ feels quite odd. Oh right, I happened to rewarded with a green Divine Fruit of Rosy Dawn when I accomplished the achievements against the Sky Sect on a fluke. I have not much use for this fruit, and it wouldn’t be a waste to give it to you.”

“Green fruit?” Gouyu was startled and cried out hoarsely. “A fruit of the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn? I have heard that it produces fruit only once every hundred years.”

“A red fruit comes about only once every hundred years, a green fruit once every three hundred. This green fruit will unconditionally help you rise two levels in the spirit realm.”

Jiang Chen tossed the fruit and it drew a beautiful arc over to Gouyu.

Happiness had come too swiftly for her. She was a bit caught off guard as she subconsciously caught the green fruit. Her sexy lips trembled as she patently found things hard to believe and was deeply agitated.

What was the concept of an unconditional rise in two levels in the spirit realm? It was absolutely flabbergasting!

And yet the young master had given a fruit like this to her just like this.

Gouyu was truly assaulted by a mixture of emotions at this moment. She wasn’t only thankful for her original decision to follow Jiang Chen now, but was also completely shocked by just how immense the young master’s genius was. Even something like the green fruit that all the geniuses of the Precious Tree Sect salivated over was not much use in his eyes!”

This was what Gouyu felt was the most incredible and shocking.

“Young master, just… just what level are you?”

“I’m but one step into the origin realm.” Jiang Chen smiled. “However, I don’t know whether when I’ll be able to take this final step. I hope those of the Sky Sect cause trouble later rather than sooner. I have a feeling that meditating beneath the Precious Tree seems to be advantageous in me training my strength of heart. After taking a red fruit, I seem to have built up a mysterious connection with the Precious Tree.”

“The origin realm? One step away?”

Gouyu was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

When she thought back to the Hidden Dragon Trials and how Jiang Chen had found it difficult to gather even three meridians true qi, she didn’t know how to describe a genius who was now touching the doorstep of the origin realm in the span of a few years.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “I’m going to go visit Miss Huang’er.”

Jiang Chen had a question in his heart that he wanted to ask. Although he didn’t feel that Miss Huang’er would admit to things, he wouldn’t feel right if he didn’t ask it.

“Sir Jiang, why do you not enter when you hover outside the door?”

Huang’er’s gaze seemed to be able to cut through all obstacles and sense that her visitor was Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen started. He’d just arrived with light footsteps because he didn’t want to alarm Miss Huang’er. He’d been worried that Miss Huang’er was practicing her music or reciting scripture or something and couldn’t be disturbed.

He hadn’t though that Miss Huang’er would point out his actions with one word.

He pushed through the door and entered the small yard. Miss Huang’er had cleaned it up quite nicely, and there were many plants and flowers placed within the yard, giving it a lively appearance.

Jiang Chen was also temporarily mesmerized when he saw that there was another world within the yard. Although he was no expert, he too had some thoughts when it came to gardening.

The layout of the yard was open and grand, with the placement of the flowers and plants giving subtle rise to another kind of meaning in their layout.

“Sir Jiang, Huang’er has heard that you’ve made a great accomplishment as soon as you entered the Precious Tree Sect. Congratulations and felicitations! True gold can shine anywhere it is.”

Miss Huang’er’s soft and clear voice had a kind of warm closeness in it, warming the hearts of listeners.

“It’s no major accomplishment. The one who scared off the Sky Sect envoys with a few music notes however, is the person who has truly rendered this meritorious service. Miss Huang’er…”

Huang’er laughed softly, her smile as radiant as a hundred blooming flowers in that instant. “I’d planned on concealing it from you but couldn’t in the end. Alright, Huang’er admits to doing so then.”