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Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Heavens

Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Heavens

They smeared the blood of animals on their lips and swore to the heavenly law.

The alliance ceremony had been conducted in a very formal fashion. The two made their vows and worshipped the heavens.

“Heh heh, it looks like the Precious Tree Sect are some lucky bastards. What does the Regal Pill Palace see in them anyways?”

“I hear that they’ve got their sights set on a genius disciple called Jiang Chen?”

“What genius disciple? Do you see any genius disciples amongst the Precious Tree Sect disciples?”

“A so-called genius disciple is likely just a pretext, isn’t it? The Regal Pill Palace’s true goal is probably the Precious Tree?”

“Heh heh, that’s probably it. The Regal Pill Palace is most well versed in the dao of pills. If there’s anything about the Precious Tree Sect that attracts the Palace, is must be the Divine Fruits.”

“How laughable! The Precious Tree Sect thinks a meat pie has fallen from the sky in their good luck, but don’t know that this is leading the wolf into the house.”

“Heh heh, sheep allying with wolves. They’re looking to die!”

“Oh come now, perhaps the Palace is really wanting that genius? I’ve heard that genius killed the Purple Sun Sect’s innate constitution disciple and suppressed the inspector from the Sky Sect?”

“Hmph, suppressed the inspector from the Sky Sect? Who nows if that’s true or not? Did you see it with your own eyes? It’s very possible that the Precious Tree Sect exaggerated things to give themselves face.”

“But it doesn’t feel like it… I’ve seen information about that Jiang Chen, and the momentum of his rise is very odd. He was originally the heir to the small duke of a third rate kingdom in the sixteen kingdoms, and rose up rapidly within a few years to walk amongst the clouds. It all feels quite miraculous.”

“Hmph, I still think the rumors exaggerate. Otherwise, why doesn’t this genius show his face today and open everyone’s eyes?”

Similar discourse rose and fell in every corner of the guests’ area.

It was apparent that no one looked favorably upon this time’s alliance. Most felt that the Regal Pill Palace had ulterior motives.

The ritual involving worshipping the heavens and smearing beasts’ blood on their lips came to an end at this time.

The sect heads on both sides exchanged token objects to indicate the successful formation of the alliance.

Dan Chi’s face was filled with delight as he said with a laugh, “From now on, my Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect are allies. All the fellow daoists present please bear witness. From henceforth, the Precious Tree Sect and the Regal Pill Palace are brother sects. Please take care of the Precious Tree Sect disciples as they travel around in the future.”

These words were delivered subtly, but it was a warning to everyone that when those of the Precious Tree Sect walked about the jianghu in the future, you better not bully them like they come from a small sect or house. The Regal Pill Palace is backing up the Precious Tree Sect now, whoever bullies them is pitting themselves against the Palace.

Those assembled could still decipher the connotations behind these words.

Forefather Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou looked at each other, a hint of joy flashing through their eyes. Dan Chi’s attitude at least, was filled with sincerity.

A voice rang out from the guests’ area at this time. “Sage Dan Chi, it is indeed a great thing that the Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect have allied. However, there are numerous rumors swirling these days and everyone is rather curious, why has the Regal Pill Palace chosen to ally with the Precious Tree Sect at this critical moment?”

“Indeed, Palace Head Dan Chi, we’ve heard that this sect is the prey of the Sky Sect. Isn’t the Palace’s actions making an enemy out of the Sky Sect?”

“Heh heh, I’ve rather heard that the palace head employed utmost charisma for a genius youth in order to formulate this alliance. Palace Head Dan Chi, just who is this genius youth? Why not show himself so everyone can take his measure and see if the palace head’s actions were worth all this?”

Those running their mouths were all heavyweights in the Myriad Domain and great personages who’d come form the six first rate powers in the Domain.

Only these sorts of people dared speak such words at such an occasion. It was blatant that there were many who were privately irked that the Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect had formed an alliance.

They subconsciously felt that this was the Regal Pill Palace expanding its territory. As another first rate power in the Myriad Domain, the Regal Pill Palace was actually a latent threat the others.

Compared to the heavyweights of these sects, Dan Chi lacked much in terms of age and experience. However, he occupied a superior position and exuded the aura of one such.

Dan Chi smiled remotely at these provocative questions.

“The consequences of whether or not my actions were worth it will fall on only my Regal Pill Palace. I will know the warmth and cold of the aftereffects, what need is there for you to assess the worth? As for the Sky Sect, the Myriad Domain is our territory. Does everyone think that preventing the Sky Sect from encroaching onto the Myriad Domain is the responsibility of only my Palace? If we allow the Sky Sect to expand as they will, all of us present will be their vassals in less than a hundred years. I’m afraid you’ll since your own sect being made a fool of before you can mock my Palace.”

Dan Chi laughed heartily, not affected at all by the slander from the outside world. Look favorably upon my actions or not, I do as I wish.

“Palace Head Dan Chi is a forthright person alright, but we’ve all traveled such a great distance to participate in this ceremony. You should at least let us broaden our world views, hmm? Just how amazing is the genius that Palace Head Dan has looked upon?”

“Indeed, see how many geniuses in the Myriad Domain have come because of this news? They want to see just how impressive the genius from the sixteen kingdoms can be. Palace Head Dan can’t just dampen spirits like this.”

“I heard that the genius killed one with an innate constitution and suppressed the inspector of the Sky Sect?”

“The rumors are so ludicrous, they’re making a mountain out of a molehill, no?”

Everyone could only refocus on Jiang Chen when they saw that they couldn’t affect Dan Chi at all. It was alright if they poked at the rumored genius that Dan Chi wanted, right?

If this was a fake genius, then Dan Chi’s intentions behind this alliance were suspect. If this was so, everyone could make use of the opportunity to wax eloquent.

If this genius really did have a bit of talent, then everyone could hoist high the banner of sparring and send out their elites, thoroughly trouncing the genius and suppressing his light. They could terminate the genius’ path and suppress the weighty momentum behind this alliance, indirectly wrecking this alliance.

Dan Chi was contemplating when a shrill scream suddenly rang out.

“Eh? What’s that?!”

This voice stood quite by quite a bit and shifted everyone’s focus towards him.

The man’s face was incredulous as he pointed at the sky, stammering out with agitation, “Look… look at the sky!”

Everyone was curious and looked towards the boundless skies in the direction of his finger.

Their expressions all changed drastically with a single look.

A strange phenomenon had appeared in the skies as they’d conducted verbal exchanges.

At this moment—-

Clouds were filling the heavens, with one side of them black and the other side white, splitting the sky into two. It seemed to be a clash between two waves of clouds, forming an enormous vortex and churning up the entire sky. The black and white clouds were clearly defined, each keeping to their side and forming the shape of two fish in a yin yang—the Taiji fish.

This enormous Taiji fish vortex loomed over the entire horizon.

Thick layers of cloud continued to intertwine and be sucked into the yin yang vortex.

The center of the vortex seemed to travel straight to a secret realm in the universe. It embodied countless profound mysteries and made all the black and white clouds roil towards that center.

Suddenly, the center of the vortex shot forth with tremendous rainbow light that abruptly radiated down over the earth of the Myriad Domain.

Mesmerizing splendor rained down over a wide span of territory and a peaceful presence descended.

In that moment, the vividly colored air currents actually formed rainbow bridges in the air!

The cloud layer continued to coalesce, grow, and change—solidifying into a magnificent view of the shapes of numerous celestials!

There were deities, fiercely glaring Buddha warrior attendants, dragons and lions, goddesses of the nine heavens, immortal mountains and treasure towers, tall buildings and pavilions, seats for Buddha, blades and swords, spears and halberds…

Dragons soared and brightly plumed phoenixes danced through the sky.

Chirp chip!

At this moment, countless bird chips traveled in from the four corners. Numerous auspicious birds flocked in from all directions to gather around the celestial beings, emitting happy cries.

There were azure lesser phoenixes, rainbow colored lesser phoenixes, vermillion birds, and divine phoenixes all gliding in elegant dance around the figures in the skies.

It seemed that all the living beings on the earth had been startled as well. They ran out of their own territories and headed for high ground, continuously baying and roaring in reaction to the strange phenomenon.

In that instant, everything below and within the heavens raged and roared as all living beings seem to form a marvelous communication and created this phenomenon that resonated between the skies and earth.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene.

They all held their breaths and looked incredulously at the scene in front of them, unable to come back to themselves for the longest time.

Huang’er was playing on her instrument within the Precious Tree Sect. Her guzhen’s strings paused briefly and they emitted a mute vibration, disturbing her thoughts.

She too was extremely surprised when she lifted her head and saw the phenomenon. She put down her instrument, rose softly to her feet and looked incredulously at the landscape painting itself across the boundless skies.

She had been entertaining herself just now and had entered a state in which she was conscious of nothing and no one. This kind of status was a type of extremely deep meditation of the heart.

This kind of state was absolutely on par with Jiang Chen’s Boulder’s Heart.

However, she’d been startled even so. This was enough to prove how much influence this phenomenon exercised.

Huang’er’s gaze was deep as she looked at the scene in front of her. Suddenly, her slender eyebrows quirked as a trace of surprise appeared. She looked to the direction of the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn.

This was because she could faintly feel that the center of the Taiji fish, the radiant splendor shooting in all directions, the communication with the earth, and the source of everything, had come from the Precious Tree Garden!

A thought struck Huang’er as she looked astonished. She murmured, “Can it be… can it be that Sir Jiang has broken through to the origin realm and triggered this phenomenon? It’s impossible for a cultivator to cause this even when breaking through to the sage realm!”

Although Huang’er felt this incredulous, she had an unique cultivation method that bestowed upon her exceedingly strong observation skills. She could subtly grasp that the source of this phenomenon was Jiang Chen, cultivating in the garden.

“Elder Shun… Huang’er is truly in awe of your foresight. If you were here at this moment, you would likely want to take him as the heir to your cultivation?”

Huang’er sighed lightly, genuinely happy for Jiang Chen from the depths of her heart.

“Ask not where a hero comes from. Sir Jiang is a remarkable prodigy with great wisdom, immense breadth of mind, and a magnanimous bearing. Indeed, even phenomenon in the skies and on earth have arisen because of him. This is a sign of the rise of an unparalleled powerless. The heavenly law cannot be hoodwinked. Only Sir Jiang is worthy of such enormous fortune.”

The entire Divine Abyss continent was startled and disturbed by this occurrence, even some old monsters who normally withdrew from the world were completely taken aback.

How many years had it been since this level of phenomenon had occurred?