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Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm

Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm

“That direction is… the Myriad Domain? What’s happened there?”

“Can it be that a peerless powerhouse has appeared there?”

“Such a frightening phenomenon must be the precursor to the emergence of a great being who can shake the foundations of the Divine Abyss Continent!”

The old monsters of the Divine Abyss Continent all stared in the direction of the Myriad Domain, full of speculation, confusion, and astonishment.

This phenomenon persisted for roughly two hours before slowly fading away. Everyone still hadn’t taken in their fill of it and they all stood there insensate, looking dumbly at the skies and unable to believe that what they’d just seen was real.

Jiang Chen sat cross legged beneath the Precious Tree, as if a stone statue.

The circulation that had formed in his body at this moment was the exact same tempo as the various celestial forms in the sky, calling out to them.

He never would’ve thought that he would trigger such terrifying phenomenon when he ascended to the origin realm.

In the memories of his past life, those who could form such an astounding scene were only cultivators at the peak of the mortal plane ascending to the heavenly plane.

In that moment, a seal that wavered in and out of existence appeared in his consciousness.

There were nine dots circulating the edges of the seal, as if water droplets forming another seal in the shape of a chain.

There was a mysterious seal within this chain, something that Jiang Chen was unable to probe.

But as his consciousness operated, he could feel the frightening power within the seal, as if it contained a demon from ancient times or an ancient, violent beast that would destroy the entire Divine Abyss Continent if it was set free.

“Can it be that my reincarnation wasn’t just happenstance, but had something to do with my Celestial Father? Otherwise, why the seal in my consciousness?”

Jiang Chen would never believe that even if he’d trained the Boulder’s Heart in this life, a seal of this tremendous power wouldn’t have appeared out of nowhere.

He felt countless iron needles stabbing towards his soul if he even tried to slightly meditate upon that mysterious strength.

With the current level of his consciousness, he was unable to scratch even the surface, much less uncover this mysterious power.

Jiang Chen guessed that this strength must have something to do with his father in his past life.

In the moment that he broke through to the origin realm, his consciousness had circulated at a high speed and and his body had cycled swiftly, accidentally touching the seal and triggering the phenomenon.

Jiang Chen had been a bit dumbfounded in that instant.

It was a good thing he’d seen much in his past life and guessed that this phenomenon had something to do with his breakthrough. He’d hastily controlled his consciousness and avoided the seal in his mind. Otherwise, the phenomenon might have been even more ridiculous and persisted for a longer duration.

Countless old monsters lying in wait in the entire Divine Abyss Continent all cast sideways glances full of wariness at the Myriad Domain.

Jiang Chen submerged himself in the gains he’d made and the joy of breaking through to the origin realm.

Once the great door to the origin realm was open, countless numbers of doors to martial dao became open as well.

The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice was growing at a rate visible to the human eye, having developed another step in its functions after Jiang Chen entered the origin realm.

He could now simultaneously manipulate seventy two fire and ice lotuses.

The most critical thing was that many of the attributes of the Lotus were being slowly excavated after he’d entered the origin realm. Since there was a “yao” character in its name 1, it embodied quite a few magical attributes.

Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t overlook them.

“The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice is also known as the Illusory Lotus of Fire and Ice. Now that I’ve entered the origin realm, I can use the Lotus to make illusory copies of my body and have the Lotus simulate my self, bewitching my opponents.”

He would meet drastically different opponents after entering the origin realm. Jiang Chen knew that he would have to continuously innovate new techniques, else his methods be completely grasped by ever stronger opponents and he be completely suppressed in battle as a result.

Apart from the art of “illusions”, the “Supernova Point” that Jiang Chen was cultivating as well could be melded with the Lotus.

The Supernova Point was a divine art, one that concentrated tens of thousands of spirit power into one finger and spontaneously exploded out with the power to destroy all.

Jiang Chen’s “Supernova Point” naturally wasn’t strong enough to destroy a planet just yet, but he could leverage the Lotus for a source of power.

A vast amount of strength from the ice and fire lotuses would turn into incredible lethal power when concentrated on his finger.

He’d conducted a small experiment against the Sky Sect inspector Wu Chen.

But he’d only scratched the surface of this technique then, and had yet to venture further into training it.

Now that he had broken through to the origin realm and received an enormous increase to his strength, there was an endless source of origin realm feeding through to his spirit ocean that further enhanced his strength several times over.

The forms of the Lotus had also increased multiple times over.

The sources of his strength were even more abundant this way, at least five times over what he had access to in the spirit realm.

“The Supernova Point has innumerable mysteries. I can’t train the more difficult ones right now either. Simple origin power attacks will possess enough destructive force for me to do as I wish within the origin realm.”

Jiang Chen would only train three moves for now.

The first: Skyblaze Supernova Point

The second: Profound Dark Supernova Point

The third: Galaxy Supernova Point

The first absorbed boundless fire elemental energy to concentrate into an attack that scorched the skies, as if a volcano erupting with incredible destruction in an instant.

The second absorbed endless ice elemental energy to focus into a mysterious, dark power of frosty ice, giving one the feeling of being crushed by a hundred ice mountains all of a sudden and freezing even the meridians.

The third was the most powerful as it absorbed limitless metal elemental energy and combined magnetic power to lock the opponent in a prison of space, slicing it into fragments in an instant. This move was a metal elemental attack of the highest density and would churn one to death instantly.

These three moves were all heavenly technique with astounding mysteries to them. The current level that Jiang Chen was training at wouldn’t result in even a hundredth of their peak forms.

But even so, Jiang Chen was confident that even if he faced off against that envoy Zuo Lan at this moment, he had absolute guarantee in fighting him face to face.

The advantages of the memories of his past life became even more apparent after he’d entered the origin realm.

When he’d been in the spirit realm, he’d been confined by various reasons and hadn’t been able to deploy his memories to their maximum advantage. He’d only been able to use the barest sliver of the magnetic golden mountain and the Lotus.

But now, his treasure vaults would be slowly uncovered and brought to him a spontaneous, explosive increase of battle strength.

Apart from the Lotus, the magnetic golden mountain could also bring to Jiang Chen boundless fighting abilities!

He’d been focused on summoning the magnetic storm throughout this time of training in the magnetic power.

The magnetic power wasn’t a particularly strong restraining force against opponents, and was unable to influence opponents stronger than the bearer during a battle.

However, a magnetic storm was different. That was the berserk version of magnetic power. It was similar to the mysteries of wind. A refreshing breeze was no threat, but it was a different story when it formed a storm.

Such was the strength of the magnetic storm.

Once it was formed, it would devour everything like a rampaging wild beast. Even a cultivator stronger than him would be thrown in disarray, if not swallowed, when suddenly caught by the storm.

Wouldn’t his opponent be easy pickings then?

The potential of the magnetic golden mountain was astounding, and the magnetic power a boundless, limitless source.

Apart from the magnetic storm, Jiang Chen’s training of the Evil Golden Eye was slowly progressing down the right path. His mastery over it was only at the novice level. His power was limited to only attacking someone on the same level once, or to trample the lower level cultivators.

After entering the origin realm, the power of the Evil Golden Eye had also increased greatly. A single glance could shoot directly into his opponent’s soul. Even if he was challenging someone stronger than him, a single glance would be enough to make his opponent lose their concentration.

Jiang Chen was quite confidence that if he matched up against Zuo Lan now, he’d be able to distract the other with the Evil Golden Eye.

He could clearly feel his strength increase holistically since entering the origin realm. His various techniques and methods were all improving in spades.

“The origin realm is a different realm entirely alright. Perhaps I’ll be able to refine the magnetic golden mountain another step further after some more time and summon the golden monsters, or even the Lord of the Golden Seal.”

If he could fully activate the magnetic golden mountain, he would absolutely gain an enormous treasure.

Jiang Chen lost himself in the joy of breaking through to the origin realm and continued training, ignoring all the happenings and words of the outside world.

At this precise moment, those who had come to witness the ceremony in the outskirts of the Precious Tree Garden had yet to recover from the phenomenon they’d just observed.

That scene had given them too much psychological impact and was wholly outside their range of comprehension.

Those present were all heavyweights in the Myriad Domain. There were even those over 500 years old, but they’d never even heard of such a scenario like this, much less see it with their own eyes.

It took them a long time to recover from the impact it brought to their hearts.

Dan Chi was the first to recollect himself and suddenly laughed loudly. “Good, good! This heavenly phenomenon is a greatly auspicious omen. No matter for what reason it has arisen, that our alliance has received such a display and borrow such a fortuitous start is absolutely an indicator of the best of luck. This is foresight that the alliance between the Regal Pill Palace and the Precious Tree Sect is a match made in heaven.”

Dan Chi had borrowed the fortunes resulting from such a phenomenon and he naturally wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to connect it with the alliance ceremony.

In the world of martial dao, talk of fortune and luck would always exist, however subtly.

No one could refute Dan Chi’s words. They were all still caught up in the unexpected happenings that had just occurred and had no way to challenge his words.

To be honest, the presence and momentum of what had just happened had been too astonishing. They truly didn’t dare speak out of line of this, lest they angered the gods.

In that moment, those against the alliance couldn’t help but suspect, could it truly be that the gods had shown favor upon this alliance and created such a stunning phenomenon?

It went without saying that those in the Precious Tree Sect were all filled with delight. They all felt exalted and knew that no one would ever dare look down on them in the Myriad Domain in the future.

“Daoist Thousandleaf, the heavens find favor with our alliance and this was truly fated in the stars!”

Thousandleaf was also beaming broadly and nodded repeatedly.

“Bullshit!” A loud censure suddenly travelled in from the distance.

1. Yao is translated as Bewitching here, due to the other properties of the Lotus that we’ll see. Yao is a type of demon/monster/unnatural spirit/impish spirit in Chinese culture. As you can see, there are a lot of meanings for it!