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Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head

Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head

Dan Chi sank into deep contemplation, continuously simulating the three matches. If the Precious Tree Sect was unable to win theirs, then it was very likely that they’d lose the bet.

“Well? Dan Chi, I’ve heard that you’ve quite a bit of charisma in the Myriad Domain and are full of drive and ambition. If we lose the bet of three matches, the Sky Sect promises to no longer interfere in the alliance between the Precious Tree Sect and Regal Pill Palace. If you lose, then go back wherever you’ve come from!”

The look that the tenth rank inspector was shooting over was overbearing in provocation.

He and Sect Head Zhu of the Tristar Sect had coordinated from within and without in order to create an atmosphere of forcing the Regal Pill Palace down a path of no retreat. They could only answer the call of battle.

This kind of method was much better than just attempting to bathe the Regal Pill Palace in blood.

The Sky Sect was strong, but not invincible. Their foundations weren’t strong particularly in the Myriad Domain. If they fought head to head with the Regal Pill Palace, they would face resistance from the other sects when they tried to make a move into the Myriad Domain.

The Regal Pill Palace was the local snake—the regional tyrant of the Myriad Domain after all. It was said that even a strong dragon wouldn’t suppress a local snake.

If the Sky Sect engaged in a bloody fight with the Regal Pill Palace, they would absolutely have to pay a heavy price. This was at obvious odds with the Sky Sect’s plans.

Not to mention that the Regal Pill Palace must have a patron backer if they dared do so.

Dan Chi sank into a dilemma.

Ye Chonglou’s ears suddenly twitched as a trace of surprise appeared on his face. Following that, he walked up and spoke a few words next to Dan Chi’s ear.

Dan Chi’s expression froze momentarily, revealing a look of inquiry.

Ye Chonglou nodded very firmly.

Dan Chi thought briefly and suddenly laughed heartily. “Alright, we’re decided on three matches then. However, how do I know if your words can represent the Sky Sect?”

The tenth rank inspector was contemptuous when he saw Dan Chi and Ye Chonglou’s surreptitious actions. He smiled proudly. “I am Feng Beidou, a tenth rank inspector of the Sky Sect.”

“Alright, since this is so, it is indeed a pleasant matter to have the issue settled through force. Who will you send out to fight?” Confidence was writ all over Dan Chi’s face.

Dan Chi’s change was just a show to maintain his calm in Feng Beidou’s eyes.

“You and I are both the heads of our groups and naturally need to take the field. In addition, this ninth rank inspector is the heart of my Sky Sect and will of course be taking his place. As for the Purple Sun Sect, Sunchaser is the natural representative.”

Sunchaser had kept quite a low profile this time as he kept to the rear of the entourage. He was well aware that in a situation like this, he was just a hangers-on.

Even one he was afraid of, Zuo Lan, was just a follower. How much of a right to speak did he have then?

Sunchaser’s heart trembled with emotion when the inspector said that he would be participating. A look of eager anticipation was on his face as he looked forward to achieving certain accomplishment in this battle and winning Master Feng’s favor.

Sunchaser had had a long nurtured confidence that he would be able to fully win out over the Precious Tree Sect. Even Thousandleaf had long been weaker than Sunchaser, and quite obviously weaker at that.

As for the others, such as Ye Chonglou, they weren’t on the same level as Sunchaser at all.

Dan Chi smiled faintly when he heard this and surveyed those behind him. “Who is willing to fight with me from our Regal Pill Palace?”

Several senior executives immediately stepped forward to express their intentions.

They were all top cultivators in the Palace, with all of their cultivation levels having exceeded the origin realm and were all in the mortal sage realm.

Dan Chi was very satisfied to see that everyone had a strong desire to do battle.

He selected one of the strongest, “Xuan Zhen, you accompany me.”

The called-upon Xuan Zhen was one of the vice heads of the Regal Pill Palace, boasting of second level sage realm and had the highest cultivation level amongst all of the Palace’s mortal sage realm cultivators.

His cultivation level was second only to Dan Chi, an earth sage realm expert.

Xuan Zhen had a head full of silver hair and a face as expressionless as a zombie’s, giving off an exceedingly frosty air.

“Haha, there is an abundance of talent in the Regal Pill Palace. Good, good!” Feng Beidou smiled faintly. “I wonder who are you sending out to do battle from the Precious Tree Sect side?”

The senior levels from the Precious Tree Sect all looked at each other. Who would be able to stand up against old monster Sunchaser?

A removed voice sounded from the air at this time. “I will.”

When those words rang out, a golden silhouette suddenly appeared, as if a beam of sunlight shooting down from the high skies.

Feng Beidou’s forehead creased as he looked at the newcomer.

This person was young, his brows vigorously detailed. There was a starry, iridescent pair of eyes sparkling in his hand some face, and his well defined face seemed to be the most excellent work of creation. It was exceedingly stereoscopic, giving one a firm and indomitable feeling.

“Jiang Chen!”

Exclamations sounded forth from the Precious Tree Sect.

Forefather Thousandleaf was also a bit surprised. Ye Chonglou however, had all within his grasp. Jiang Chen had walked out from the Precious Tree Garden a moment ago and sent a message to him.

Jiang Chen had learned of all that had happened, and decisively asked to take the field when he heard of bet of three matches.

Feng Beidou frowned, looking at the subordinate next to him in obvious inquiry of who this young man was.

Zuo Lan hastened to say, “Master Feng, this is Jiang Chen.”

Feng Beidou’s gaze focused as a sharp beam of light surged out from his eyes like lightning. It shot towards Jiang Chen, wanting to see straight though him.

Jiang Chen removed as unmoving as a mountain, lifting an eyelid slightly and looking remotely at Feng Beidou.

Although he could feel the immense pressure from an earth sage realm aura, Jiang Chen’s strength of heart had advanced more than five times over since breaking through to the origin realm.

Add to that the Evil Golden Eye and God’s Eye, Jiang Chen was able to ignore all arts of the eyes.

Feng Beidou’s gaze was as if a rock thrown into a golden ocean, causing not even a small splash.

“Mm?” Feng Beidou was enormously surprised. His glance just now had contained only twenty percent of his aura. He’d thought that he would be able to see through Jiang Chen with one glance, perhaps even make Jiang Chen make a fool of himself.

He hadn’t thought that it would be as ineffective as a rock sinking into the ocean.

A trace of surprise appeared in Feng Beidou’s eyes.

He’d heard of Jiang Chen’s name before, a fellow who had defeated some gray-clad inspector. Standing from the height of Feng Beidou, he was completely unmoved to think of fighting someone in the spirit realm.

Therefore, he didn’t have a deep impression of Jiang Chen.

However, after this glance, he knew that this name would be deeply branded into his consciousness.

Eyes turn bloodshot when enemies meet.

Sunchaser cackled, roaring out, “Jiang Chen, has everyone in the Precious Tree Sect all died? A mere spirit realm cultivator such as you dare takes the field? That’s just as well. It’s to my taste that you’re courting death! I vow that I am less than human this time if I don’t kill you!”

This was a hatred to soared up to the skies. Anyone could make out the vengeful hatred in Sunchaser’s tone.

It was obvious that after coming off worse for the wear multiple times after engaging Jiang Chen, Sunchaser’s hatred for Jiang Chen wouldn’t abate until Jiang Chen was dead.

Everyone was filled with anxiety in the Precious Tree Sect.

Forefather Thousandleaf urged in a low tone, “Jiang Chen, Sunchaser is one step away from breaking through to the earth origin realm. You…”

“Indeed Jiang Chen, don’t do something out of your reach.” Ye Chonglou was also deeply concerned.

“Forefathers, the grudge between Sunchaser and me needs to be ended at some point. I’ve just entered the origin realm and need someone to test myself with. Sunchaser would do so wonderfully.”

“What?” Thousandleaf was dumbfounded, astonishment blossoming on his face as he stammered, “You… you broke through to the origin realm?”

Jiang Chen nodded lightly.

Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou looked at each other, not knowing what to say in that moment. The speed of this breakthrough had been simply too astounding.

Jiang Chen hadn’t even entered the earth spirit realm when he participated in the initial selection.

He’d continuously broken through in less than two years and had reached the skies in a single bound via entering the origin realm!

One had to know that whether it was Thousandleaf or Ye Chonglou, they had both built up to the step for far, far too long and waited countless of years before taking this step.

Ye Chonglou in particular had almost despaired before Jiang Chen had woken him with a single word.

However, Jiang Chen had easily stepped across the juncture of the origin realm just like that!

So the saying went, making comparisons would be the death of one.

It was a good thing that Jiang Chen was one of theirs and part of the Precious Tree Sect.

The two forefathers could see delight from each other’s eyes. They knew that the enormous gamble they’d taken with Jiang Chen had paid off in spades.

Sunchaser had no patience for the Precious Tree Sect to catch up with each other. He hopped straight into the ring.

A murderous aura flared as his eyes were shot through with red. He roared, “Who is representing the Precious Tree Sect, come swiftly to your death! Jiang Chen you little mutt, aren’t you trying to pretend that you’re all that? Get the hell in there!”

Jiang Chen suddenly glared with his God’s Eye when he heard these words, killing intent exploding within him.

“Forefathers, please allow me to chat with you later. Wait for me to behead Sunchaser’s dog of a head first!”

The word of “mutt” was absolutely Jiang Chen’s bottom line.

He was extremely respectful towards his fathers in both lives. Calling him a mutt wasn’t just an insult to him, but one to his fathers of both lives.

Golden light flashed as Jiang Chen swept to the opposite side of Sunchaser.

“Shut your noise, old dog Sunchaser. The era of your Purple Sun Sect dominating the sixteen kingdoms is over. Let me personally bury the tyrannical power your sect has enjoyed over the years with our match today, personally end this era, and send you to the underworld to reunite with your old mistress!”

Jiang Chen stood with his hands behind his back as he spoke, his presence awe inspiring and as prominent as a tall mountain.

His enormous origin power soared to the skies like a thousand meter mountain, boundless, majestic, invincible, and grand. There was the faint hint of thunder rolling through his words that shook the heavens and earth.

“Mm? Jiang Chen has broken through to the origin realm?”

“How is that possible? Even if he has, how could his aura be this strong?”

“This aura is absolutely on par with that of an earth origin realm expert! When did he break through to the origin realm?”

Those voicing these words were all from the four great sects in the sixteen kingdoms.

The folks invited from Myriad Domain were all inwardly grave when they saw this scene, whether or not they valued Jiang Chen before.

Even the proudest of the young Myriad Domain geniuses had to list Jiang Chen as a strong rival in the future when he circulated his aura!