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Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser

Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser

“Be careful Jiang Chen, this are the true flames of the origin realm, something that the flames of the spirit realm are unable to measure up to.” Thousandleaf couldn’t help but speak up in reminder on the outskirts of the match.

Although Dan Chi hadn’t made a sound and appeared quite at ease, he couldn’t help but be a bit worried internally.

Having received Feng Beidou’s treasure, Sunchaser’s strength was sure to have been enhanced. Otherwise, a mere Sunchaser would’ve never displayed such terrifying strength with this move alone.

If this match had occurred before he’d broken through to the origin realm, Jiang Chen would’ve never dared use the Lotus to meet these true flames of the origin realm.

But now—

The Lotus had had a tangible breakthrough in its form after breaking through to the origin realm.

It was a heavenly level of spirit creature to begin with. Even that spirit pearl of fire and ice was far less than the Lotus in terms of quality.

However, the Lotus was currently far from evolving into its ultimate form.

It’s just that Jiang Chen had tapped into all of its strengths after breaking through to the origin realm.

He’d made up his mind to thoroughly chase after and trounce Sunchaser this time.

He wouldn’t reduce any of his momentum in caution in matter what treasure Feng Beidou gave to Sunchaser.

A cold smile played about the corners of his lips.

Suddenly, whooshing sounds came into being around Jiang Chen as seventy two vines grew almost in unison around him, as if seventy two wild lesser dragons rising up from the abyss.

Thirty six fire lotuses were arranged on the outer layers, with thirty six ice lotuses arrayed inside, protecting Jiang Chen in the core zone.

The evolved Lotus had more of a fey and unnatural presence to it.

Petals shifted as they overlapped, with the petals from the ice lotuses forming thirty six defensive walls around Jiang Chen in an instant.

The vines of the fire lotuses rise even higher, fighting for space in the air as if the lesser dragons were fighting for to be first.

The petals of the fire lotuses opened like the bloody, yawning maws of ancient beasts. They swallowed each gout of flame as fast as lightning.

This situation seemed to be one in which the heavenly fires were locusts filling the air, and the fire lotuses were birds that were devouring the locusts, making swift and clean work of their prey.

The fire lotus vines twisted and swayed, agile to the extreme. When thirty six fire lotuses all moved at the same time, the impressive scene was actually one in which the hundred or so gouts of flame were unable to break through the blockade of the fire lotuses.


Feng Beidou was surprised when he saw this play out. “This lotus is quite eerie and bizarre. What is it?”

“This lotus actually has attributes of both fire and ice!” Dan Chi was also slightly startled by this. Joy bloomed on his face. “He is one of great fortune indeed.”

When everyone saw that Jiang Chen was actually able to hold up beneath Sunchaser’s attack, those in the audience were equally astonished.

Thanks to the effects of the spirit pearl of fire and ice, Sunchaser’s attack was more than double what he could muster at his peak condition.

This kind of attack put him on par with an expert of the earth origin realm.

But Jiang Chen, a twenty year old young man had dispelled his attacks with such a magnificent presence!

“What?!” Incredulity shot out of Sunchaser’s eyes. He knew that Jiang Chen had a miraculous lotus, which was why he’d used most of his strength in this attack.

However, his true flames at the origin level had been completely devoured by the other. This was simply too great of a blow to Sunchaser’s confidence.

This was the move that he was most proud of and the one that he thought was fatal without question!

If Jiang Chen had used all of his strength and barely managed to block it, then Sunchaser might not have been as surprised then.

But to have it all swallowed by the fire lotuses, this feeling was like a punch at full strength had landed on cotton, as if a stone had been chucked into the ocean without the slightest ripple resulting from it.

Jiang Chen had deployed the Lotus with his fullest strength just now out of caution as well.

He too was privately startled when he saw the fire lotus devour all of the flames, and his ice lotus defenses remained completely unused.

Jiang Chen had only known that the Lotus has greatly increased in power following his breakthrough to the origin realm.

He never would’ve thought that the fire lotuses’ devouring abilities would’ve risen so much all of a sudden. He’d thought that the fire lotuses would be insufficient and a portion of the fires would land, putting the ice lotus defenses to use.

Who knew that the Lotus would give Jiang Chen such an enormous surprise!

He became more confident in that moment.

Having experienced Sunchaser’s trump card, Jiang Chen’s bearing became much more confident as he laughed heartily.

“Old dog Sunchaser, if this is all you’ve got, then this day next year will be your memorial day!”

After the thirty six fire lotus vines had swallowed the flames, their forms were enhanced even more. Each fire lotus was as if a gluttonous wild beast, broiling forth with overbearing momentum and pouncing towards Sunchaser with intersecting light from the flames.

Sunchaser sucked in a breath when he saw the fire lotuses bearing down on him. He could feel the noticeable difference in momentum between the attack from the Lotus this time and the one he’d weathered last time.

He’d been able to hack off multiple vines when he swung his broadsword last time.

This time, the bones had obviously improved many times over from no matter what aspect one looked at it.

The thirty six fire lotus vines continued to extend, intersecting and entwining with each other in midair, forming narrow cages in the air in the blink of an eye.

The most frightening thing was that when the fire lotuses neared Suncahser, they had become obviously much thicker, the girth of a grown man’s thigh.

In addition, the fire lotus vines were noticeably more tenacious than last time.

Sunchaser swept sideways with one stroke.

One vine was severed and fell to the ground.

However, Sunchaser’s momentum was also halted. There was actually no more power behind this stroke after his first cut.

“How is this possible?! I could hack off multiple vines with just one stroke last time. But now, sixty to seventy percent of my strength was enough for only one vine?”

The other vines all circled forth when this thought traveled through his mind, continuously pressing forward as if they wanted to crush the very air around Sunchaser.

The vine that he’d chopped away at returned to normal with a quick shake of itself.

Unless the Flaming Heart of Ice was destroyed, cutting off the vines were absolutely not sufficient to extinguish the life of a Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice.

A trance of fear and panic swept through Sunchaser’s heart when he saw this.

The strength and tenacity of the evolved form of this unnatural lotus was far beyond his expectations.

He continued to swing his sword, severing a vine with every swing, but the speed of his movements couldn’t keep up with the fire lotuses’ shifts at all.

The air around him was being gradually conquered after a while, forcing him into an ever decreasing circle.

When he saw this scene, Feng Beidou’s face was as dark was the deepest water. He’d obviously witnessed the extraordinary aspects of Jiang Chen.

Sunchaser wouldn’t be able to hold up at all at this rate.

Dan Chi’s feelings were precisely the opposite of Feng Beidou’s, feeling that he’d picked up a treasure. A twenty year old young man was able to suppress an old monster in the origin realm having just entered the origin realm himself!

Even if he surveys everyone within the Myriad Domain, Jiang Chen was an eye catching existence nonetheless.

Although Dan Chi’s eyes remain firmly fixed on the battle, his consciousness was covering the entire area and had long since witnessed the reactions of the young geniuses of the Myriad Domain.

“Heh heh, these young geniuses in the Myriad Domain have always thought quite highly of themselves and never even looked properly at a remote place such as the sixteen kingdoms. Jiang Chen’s performance today is forcing them to set aside their egos and properly look at this genius from a faraway place!”

It was just as Dan Chi was thinking, the young Myriad Domain geniuses present was finding it difficult to recover from the shock in their hearts.

They had heard of Jiang Chen’s repute as a genius, but only truly understood in the moment why his name would spread from a mere sixteen kingdom alliance to the entire Myriad Domain.

Even the most preeminent genius in the Myriad Domain had to admit that this level of cultivation would ensure that Jiang Chen was listed in the future lists of geniuses in the Myriad Domain.

Feng Beidou’s expression was dark, whereas Zuo Lan behind him felt as if he’d fallen into an icy cavern. He had a feeling that if Sunchaser failed, the Sky Sect’s plan to enter the sixteen kingdoms would be an utterly failure.

He would also be affected as a result.

When his thoughts travelled here, Zuo Lan couldn’t reign his temper in as he shouted, “Sunchaser, if you cannot win this fight, then the entire Purple Sun Sect will be your funeral object!”

Zuo Lan no longer stayed demure at this time.

Sunchaser was hit with a jolt to the heart when he heard this. Even though Zuo Lan didn’t represent Feng Beidou’s intentions when he spoke, he wasn’t that far off either.

“The envoys of the Sky Sect all have hearts of stone and will surely do as they say. If I lose this match, the sect will surely be done for!”

Sunchaser’s heart burned with anxiety, but all his methods were unable to break through the defenses of that bizarre lotus.

He was incredibly conflicted for a moment as the domineering Lotus had sealed off all space around him.

Scenes of hate and prior grudges flashed continuously through his mind.

“Jiang Chen!” The flames of fury burned within Sunchaser, turning his eyes bloodshot as he rasped out, “Don’t be too cocky too early! I’ll drag you down with me even if I die!”

Sunchaser had the sudden thought of going down in a blaze of glory with his enemy.

Jiang Chen snorted derisively as waved with a single hand, sending forth an explosive ray of golden light.

The golden light coalesced into a gale wind the next moment, churning into a terrifying storm cloud and shining throughout the entire area.

“Mm? What’s that?”

Everyone was dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the golden light that had now roiled into a golden tornado with the backdrop of a storm.

Sunchaser felt his body sink into what felt a swamp in the next moment. It completely ignored his commands.

“No! What evil tricks has the kid used this time?!” Sunchaser roared continuously and tried to circulate his qi, attempting to detonate it and take Jiang Chen down with him in a suicide attack.

However his wishful thinkings were all confined in the restraints of the magnetic storm.

The magnetic storm was like golden mud, opponents being unable to escape from it unless they had a great divine art.

The golden light turned and formed a vortex, quickly sucking Sunchaser’s body in like a leaf.

The golden light seemed to be a millstone, grinding but once after taking in Sunchaser’s body and causing a ghastly cry to ring out.

Blood splattered everywhere in the next second.