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Chapter 455: A Fight Between Earth Sage Realm, Golden Lotuses Surge

Chapter 455: A Fight Between Earth Sage Realm, Golden Lotuses Surge

The sect heavyweights of the Myriad Domain continuously sent silent messages to their sect geniuses, explaining some of the essences of this battle.

The first rate sects had all brought their premier geniuses this time. Although they were quite a ways away from the sage realm, they had witnessed many things, including matches between those of the sage realm thanks to being born of the great sects.

They naturally comprehended much thanks to the analysis of their sect powerhouses.

As for the young geniuses of the second and third rate powers, their potential was a bit worse to begin with, and their powers of comprehension a bit less. Add to that the strength of their sect’s experts were far removed from that of the first rate sects, it was obvious that their explanations were much were crude.

Only Jiang Chen had no need for a running commentary.

Dan Chi didn’t seem inclined to pay him any attention either. Rather, he leisurely watched the match with a slight smile on his face.

Dan Chi had quite a stratagem up his sleeve at the moment.

Whether Xuan Zhen won or lost, neither outcome would affect his dao heart.

In fact, Dan Chi rather wished that Xuan Zhen wouldn’t win, so that he would have the opportunity to fight Feng Beidou.

Dan Chi deeply yearned for this battle.

He craved the challenge of facing off with a tenth rank inspector of the Sky Sect. This fight would be the one that spread his name throughout the Myriad Domain.

Suddenly, Dan Chi looked sideways in Jiang Chen’s direction.

He saw that Jiang Chen was watching with great interest, missing not the slightest detail from the ring. The light of contemplation and theorization even appeared in his eyes as the fight progressed.

“Mm?” Dan Chi found this interesting. “Jiang Chen looks thoughtful at a match between the sage realm. Can it be that he understands it?”

Dan Chi found this incredible.

He looked again at the origin realm cultivators around him. Although they were all watching intently, the look swirling in their eyes indicated that they only understood parts of this match.

However, Dan Chi saw traces of something else from Jiang Chen.

“Astounding, simply astounding. If it wasn’t for tangible evidence, I would never believe that this genius is only twenty years old. Just what kind of feng shui does the Eastern Kingdom boast to have cultivated this kind of genius?”

Dan Chi was quite curious about Jiang Chen at this moment.

“The mysterious elder issued repeated reminders for me to pay attention to Jiang Chen. It looks like he must be a genius who the mysterious elder has personally raised and is fated to rise in the Myriad Domain.”

Dan Chi recalled Elder Shun and although the latter had never told Dan Chi is name, the mysterious senior had long since possessed the status of a god in Dan Chi’s heart.

Seven days worth of pointers from Elder Shun had been worth more than ten years worth of effort and accumulation from Dan Chi.

Pointers at his stage of cultivation were something that no legacy or pills were able to help him with.

It was just like how one saw vastly different scenery and worldview from a thousand meters versus ten thousand meters.

Increasing his martial dao cultivation was one thing, the most vital thing was that Elder Shun’s pointers had improved his knowledge of martial dao.

Dan Chi couldn’t help but speculate when he looked at Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen must have an inexplicable relationship with the mysterious senior. The senior must be a reclusive expert from the Upper Eight Realms. He might even be an ‘emperor realm’ cultivator!”

The emperor realm was after the sage realm.

Those at the peak of the emperor realm were hailed Great Emperor.

Great Emperors were the pinnacle of existence in the entire Divine Abyss Continent.

These characters almost never ventured out. If they did, a mere stop of their foot was enough to make the entire Continent shake.

From Dan Chi’s understanding of the Continent, the Upper Eight Realms were of the highest existence.

Even he only somewhat knew of the even more mysterious places beyond. He heard of them occasionally, but didn’t know what was true or false.

“Even if this mysterious senior isn’t a Great Emperor, he is surely at the peak of the emperor realm. That I, Dan Chi, could receive seven days worth of pointers from him is good fortune of three lives. If Jiang Chen is the personal disciple of that senior, then his future is without bounds! However, I wonder why the senior has let him remain in the Myriad Domain. There must be a covert reason behind this. Since the senior wishes to act through my Regal Pill Palace, then I cannot shirk from this responsibility. Not only is this my chance, it is an opportunity for the Regal Pill Palace!”

Dan Chi had long since revered Elder Shun as a deity, and was treating Elder Shun’s words as infallible law.

Suddenly, a thought struck Dan Chi as he moved lightly to Jiang Chen. He smiled faintly, “Young friend Jiang Chen, I am Dan Chi, the Palace Head of the Regal Pill Palace.”

A light winked through Jiang Chen’s eyes when he saw Dan Chi.

“Jiang Chen greets Sage Dan Chi.”

“Haha, no need to stand on ceremony. Everyone has been belittling, slandering and suspecting me, or even thinking that I’ve gone mad in allying with the Precious Tree Sect. But from now on , they will envy, admire, or even hate that I’ve found picked up a treasure.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Sage Dan Chi is no ordinary person and thus does no ordinary actions.”

No ordinary person and thus does no ordinary actions.

This judgement greatly pleased Dan Chi and he became wreathed in smiles. He looked upon Jiang Chen with a great deal more favor after these words, and he vaguely felt that someone who understood him stood in front of him.

Dan Chi had always had a unique style in the way he did things. He never did followed protocol and often did things out of the ordinary.

His methods were completely embodied by Jiang Chen’s words.

Indeed, he was no ordinary person, so his actions were often unexpected and therefore extraordinary in the eyes of outsiders.

“Good, good!” Dan Chi lauded. “Jiang Chen, I only have on thing to say, and that’s the doors of the Regal Pill Palace are always open to you. Of the talents in the younger generation that I know, if you rank second, no one will dare rank first.”

This was an exceedingly high compliment.

Jiang Chen didn’t attempt to humbly decline the compliment as he smiled openly and then looked to the ring again.

“Jiang Chen, what do you think of this match?”

“Every move and technique of those in the sage realm all trigger reactions in the heaven and earth and are full of meaning. Vice Head Xuan Zhen does not have a high chance of winning this match.”

Jiang Chen spoke candidly.

Dan Chi also laughed heartily. “My compliments! Few origin realm cultivators can have the same foresight as you. Jiang Chen, even if I were to place you in the rankings of the Myriad Domain geniuses right now, you would absolutely make it into the top thirty.”

“Top thirty?” Jiang Chen chuckled. ‘It looks like there is much motivation for me to train well.”

Top thirty?

This wasn’t the ranking that Jiang Chen wanted.

Even top ten or five wasn’t the ranking that Jiang Chen wanted, much less top thirty.

What he desired was always that highest position. If he didn’t climb to the peak of the Divine Abyss Continent, then to him that meant he hadn’t succeeded.

The son of the Celestial Emperor, a million years in his past life. If he couldn’t reach the top of a continent in a plane of existence with these advantages, then he would’ve truly failed from beginning to end.

The situation in the ring changed as they spoke.

A loud explosion rang out.

Xuan Zhen and Hua Qianshan had slammed their palms at each other more than a dozen times. Xuan Zhen took a few steps backwards as their figures flashed to and fro, with Hua Qianshan retreating a dozen steps as well.

Xuan Zhen clutched his chest with an ashen face and sighed bitterly, “Palace Head, your subordinate is incompetent.”

Although Hua Qianshan had won, it had been a very hard fought battle.

“Master Feng, your subordinate was lucky enough to not fail my mission.” Hua Qianshan raised his hands in a cupped fist salute, but both combatants suddenly opened their mouths at the same time and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Although Hua Qianshan had won a hard fought battle, he’d paid the price with a mouthful of blood.

Feng Beidou nodded slightly, but he actually felt extremely awkward.

He even wished that Hua Qianshan had lost in that moment. That way, he wouldn’t have to take the field.

Even when he returned to the Sky Sect, he could point to Hua Qianshan and Sunchaser as the ones responsible.

But now with Hua Qianshan’s win, he had to take the field as well.

Unfortunately, Dan Chi was absolutely commanding the mood of their match. Feng Beidou and been adjusting his mentality during the previous fight, but the crack that had appeared in his heart was yet to be repaired.

He knew that as long as this crack didn’t heal, he would have a slim chance of winning in a fight against Dan Chi.

Whereas Dan Chi obviously planned on not giving Fei Beidou a single chance. He barked out in laughter, “Envoy Feng, it looks like our match is unavoidable. Whether it’s your Sky Sect taking up position in the sixteen kingdoms alliance, or my Regal Pill Palace successfully allying with the Precious Tree Sect, the winner of our match will determine the outcome!”

Dan Chi had a grand presence to him as he circulated his qi as he spoke, golden light flaring out behind him and soaring to the clouds. Sage realm qi currents continuously flowed out of him to form golden lotuses as he took each step.

“Golden lotuses surging out of the earth!”

“It’s golden lotuses! He’s an earth sage realm expert alright!”

Three flowers over one’s head was the sign of the mortal sage realm, whereas golden lotuses was the hallmark symbol of an earth sage realm cultivator.

Suddenly, the golden currents drew Dan Chi’s body upwards as he shot into the sky in a beam of light.

“Feng Beidou, although we’re not of the sky sage realm, our cultivation has reached the level of fighting in the air. The Precious Tree Sect territory is small and likely will not hold up beneath our movements. Why don’t we fight in the air for our match. Are you brave enough to take the challenge?”

Sage realm cultivators could fly through the air through their own arts.

When they reached sky sage realm, it was as if they’d grown wings and possessed full freedom of movement.

Although Feng Beidou and Dan Chi were of the earth sage realm, they too had certain abilities to fly through air. Although they wouldn’t be as carefree as those in the sky sage realm, they could still fly smoothly through the air via certain arts.

Everyone was taken aback by Dan Chi’s proposal.

It wasn’t that no one fought in the skies, but that this was usually done through steeds.

True fighting in the skies from only the cultivators themselves was quite rare.

It was an impossible sight in the sixteen kingdoms.

Blood thrummed through Jiang Chen’s veins and adrenaline surged as he watched Dan Chi rise into the air in a column of golden colored light.

“Sage realm cultivators can fly through the air. It looks like I still have a long path to walk until I reach this step!”

Jiang Chen sighed, full of anticipation for the sage realm.