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Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense

Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense

The match between two sage realm cultivators had surpassed everyone’s imagination. However, the two drifted further and further away, rising higher and higher as they fought. They were soon two black dots that were vanishing in the endless heavens.

This made those who were observing the match quite depressed.

The younger disciples in particular all wanted to summon their steeds and follow up on this match.

However, they halted by the heavyweights of their own sects.

“Boss, don’t you have a Goldwing Swordbird? Let’s go and take a look?” Tang Hong walked over with his eyes shining brightly with interest. It was obvious he wanted to witness the face off between sage realm cultivators.

Jiang Chen smiled leisurely, shaking his head slightly.

His powers of understanding weren’t less than those of the heavyweights of the Myriad Domain in the slightest. He was naturally aware that there was an accord between Palace Head Dan Chi and Feng Beidou.

No matter who won, this match would involve the dignity of the sage realm cultivators.

Therefore, no matter who lost, no one wanted those beneath them to see them in such a state.

This was why the two had fought increasingly higher until they’d disappeared in the sky.

It was apparent that they wanted to find a place where they could give free reign to their abilities and battle to their heart’s content.

If anyone was insensible at this time and followed to watch the match, they would offend both parties.

The powerhouses of the Myriad Domain were all slippery foxes and naturally understood the subtleties in this, which was why they’d prevented their disciples from acting on their impulses to observe the match.

“Heh heh, Tang Hong, your powers of comprehension are strong, but they’re still less than Jiang Chen’s. Palace Head Dan Chi and that Envoy Feng do not wish to be disturbed by the outside world. Whoever goes to watch the match will be offending both experts.”

Forefather Thousandleaf walked over and issue an earnest warning.

Tang Hong mused for a bit and then grinned, looking up at the vast skies and sighed, “When will I, Tang Hong, be as strong as them?”

Jiang Chen laughed. “All is possible.”

On the Myriad Domain side, many were speculating about the fight that they couldn’t see.

Most still favored Dan Chi.

There weren’t any tricks to an exchange between experts. Whoever possessed a more dominating momentum would normally hold the initiative. It was easy enough to predict the outcome when one side controlled the initiative.

Although Feng Beidou hailed from the Sky Sect, it was a large sect after all. Even though his position was high, he wasn’t at the peak of his sect.

There were many at his level in the Sky Sect, so even if he’d received the heritage from the Sky Sect, he wouldn’t enjoy an unbelievable amount of resources from the sect.

Dan Chi was completely different. He was the Palace Head of the Regal Pill Palace, the one who held the greatest right to speak.

Therefore, he had the first right to divvy up all of the resources within the sect.

There was also no ground for criticism amongst all this. After all, his strength was the strongest and he made the greatest contributions to the Regal Pill Palace, and was the critical factor why the Regal Pill Palace was on par with the other great powers within the Myriad Domain.

Therefore, when it came down to Dan Chi versus Feng Beidou, there wasn’t much of a difference that one was from a fourth rank sect and the other a first rank sect. The proportion of resources that both received were precisely the opposite.

Feng Beidou shared the Sky Sect’s resources with countless others at the same level as him, after those stronger than him had had their pickings.

Dan Chi, on the other hand, could use whatever he wished from the Regal Pill Palace.

Forefather Thousandleaf’s countenance was grave as he looked at the vast skies.

Although nothing could be seen from the clear skies, his eyes never shifted away from them, not even for a moment.

His posture spoke volumes of just how nervous he was.

This match that they couldn’t see would determine the fate of the Precious Tree Sect.

If Feng Beidou won, the the Precious Tree Sect would forever be relegated to being a Sky Sect vassal.

If Dan Chi won, then the Sky Sect would never interfere in the alliance between the Precious Tree Sect and the Regal Pill Palace.

This was two vastly different fates.

“Jiang Chen, who do you think will win this match?” At some unknown point, Lordmaster Ye Chonglou had started viewing Jiang Chen as one on a higher plane of existence as he sought Jiang Chen’s opinion.

“Palace Head Dan Chi has at least a seventy to eighty chance of winning.” Jiang Chen had his own way of judgement.

Forefather Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou looked at each other, the nervous in their hearts abating slightly.

The two venerated origin realm cultivators couldn’t help but admire the calm in Jiang Chen’s demeanor.

Compared to his calm, the mindset of the two of them where far less than Jiang Chen’s.

When they looked at the location of the previous match and how there were old bloody fragments left of Sunchaser, Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou were both assailed with a mix of emotions.

That overweeningly dominant Sunchaser had been annihilated, just like that.

Although they had predicted that Jiang Chen would one day end his grudge with the Purple Sun Sect, they hadn’t thought that this day would come so quickly.

The Purple Sun Sect was utterly done for with Sunchaser’s death.

A beam of light flashed through the sky roughly two hours later. An astonishing arc drew across the skies like a flash of lightning as it suddenly fell to the ground.

The gazes of those assembled hurriedly flicked over. It was Dan Chi!

The envoys from the Sky Sect seemed to receive some sort of silent summons at almost the same time. Their expressions all changed greatly as they left rapidly.

Folks with faster reactions immediately understood what had happened with these series of changes.

“Sage younger brother Dan Chi, it looks like congratulations are in order.” A sect heavyweight gave a long peal of laughter.

“Indeed, sage brother Dan Chi is a young ruler of great talent and bold vision in the Myriad Domain alright, to be able to defeat a Sky Sect tenth rank inspector. Congratulations, felicitations!”

Everyone walked up to offer their well wishes.

Although these words didn’t represent the true thoughts in their hearts, such was the situation and no one would possible erupt in open hostilities with Dan Chi. They would have to keep faking it even though it was a sham.

Those of the Tristar Sect was all bizarrely taken aback. They were a side division of the Sky Sect was were naturally stunned to see the sect’s envoy defeated by Dan Chi.

But their reactions couldn’t appear out of the ordinary at this time. They could only pretend to remain calm and walk up to tender their congratulations.

Still, there was someone who couldn’t help but ask, “Sage younger brother Dan Chi, just how did the fight between you and Feng Beidou go?”

Everyone saw that Dan Chi was still neat and orderly, not the slightest bedraggled hint about him. It looked like he’d taken that win quite easily?

This was something that no one was able to accept.

Dan Chi could win, but if he’d done so so easily against a tenth rank Sky Sect envoy. Then that was no good for any of them.

Even if he’d dogged the footsteps of the Sky Sect entering the Myriad Domain, Dan Chi was a hotly ambitious fellow. There would come a day in which he was the greatest threat in the Myriad Domain.

This was making to denying a tiger the front door, but having a wolf slip in the back.

However, Dan Chi was someone of the Myriad Domain and no one could come up with any reason to kick him out.

Dan Chi laughed leisurely with a mysterious smile. “Feng Beidou comes from he Sky Sect and his strength is no small thing. It was difficult to determine who was more superior between the two of us, and I had to rely on my glib tongue in the end to convince him to back out.”

No one believed this excuse.

However, Dan Chi offered no other response no matter how they asked.

He only continuously brought out fine wine to treat all of the guests.

Jiang Chen had given off great splendor in this match, and was now naturally the focus of all sorts of powers.

Countless geniuses kept coming up to toast him. Jiang Chen declined no one and offered the fullest courtesies.

However, he also noticed that those who came to toast him were the disciples from the second rate, or even third rate sects in the Myriad Domain.

The geniuses of those top sects were each more demure than the last. They would only occasionally use a sort of measuring look to size up Jiang Chen.

There was a hint of provocation and even a desire to incite something in their gazes.

It was apparent that they didn’t plan on happily welcoming his sudden appearance in the Myriad Domain.

Jiang Chen didn’t care in the slightest.

The experiences of his two lifetimes had crafted his noncommittal attitude.

He wouldn’t purposefully curry favor with anyone, nor would he purposefully take a dislike to anyone.

As for whether or not someone else liked or accepted him, it mattered not to Jiang Chen at all. He was well aware that there would be boundless scenery in the path of martial dao, and those who would cross paths with him weren’t that many.

Everything else was but illusions of smoke, not worth paying attention to.

The banquet lasted for a few more hours before ending.

The guests patently didn’t wish to spend too much time in a place like the Precious Tree Sect, and they all took their leave.

Dan Chi suddenly started laughing loudly when all the guests had left. He rose and gazed upon the arc of the bright moon that had risen in the night sky.

“We see not the moon of ancient times, yet the moon of today has once shone upon those in ancient times. Powerhouse cultivators have been as numerous as a school of silver carps moving down the stream since ancient times, yet how many have witnessed eternity? If those of my generation do not achieve the limitless dao, then we will one day become a mark in history as we sit drinking happily beneath this moon, destined to never keep this moon company. Jiang Chen, do you feel that there eternity exists in the world of martial dao?”

Dan Chi suddenly felt an upwelling of emotion as he asked, gazing upon that bright arc in the sky.

Dan Chi’s words had also triggered some of Jiang Chen’s emotions.

The moon hanging in the sky had shone upon countless years, generation upon generation, great waves washing away the sands. How many once unsurpassed experts ultimately became a pile of white bones in the end?

On the path of martial dao, if one couldn’t achieve eternity, it was all for naught no matter how much strength and power one possessed.

Sighing softly, Jiang Chen nodded decisively. “We seek immortality in our pursuit of martial dao. I firmly believe that if there is a peak to this path, then that peak will enable us to surpass reincarnation and obtain eternity.”

No one had more authority to speak on this matter than Jiang Chen.

This was because his past father, the Celestial Emperor, was one who had surpassed the cycle of reincarnation.

However, Jiang Chen had no clues as to whether his father was still alive after the cataclysm from the heavenly law.

But as the ultimate peak of martial dao, eternity surely did exist at the limits of the universe.

Jiang Chen had never doubted this.

Dan Chi laughed heartily upon seeing this. “Good! Great minds think alike. Jiang Chen, you are one in my Regal Pill Palace from now on. Do you have any objections?”

“The sage one has committed such an earth shaking action for me. If I were to refuse, would that not be incredibly ungrateful? From henceforth, the Regal Pill Palace and Precious Tree Sect are both my sects.”

Jiang Chen didn’t have any lofty, stirring words, but this expression was more trustworthy than any promise.

Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou both looked at each other, deeply gratified.