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Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain

Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain

“When did you break through to the origin realm, Jiang Chen?” Dan Chi suddenly asked this random question out of nowhere.

Jiang Chen started, “A few days ago actually. I’ve been solidifying my grasp over my breakthough all this time.”

Truth be told, he’d actually held back on his words.

He’d actually broken through today, and the phenomenon in the heavens that had been triggered as a result all had to do with him.

Except, this matter was simply too astounding, and so he subconsciously wanted to conceal it.

Dan Chi sighed lightly when he heard this, seeming to have not received the answer he wanted. He wasn’t discouraged however, “Did you see the stunning phenomenon earlier today?”

Jiang Chen grew cautious as he nodded his head. “I saw it in the Precious Tree Garden as well. This disturbance was the reason why I stopped training and prepared to leave.”

His response was flawless.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was a fake person or that he purposefully wanted to lie to anyone, but that he knew if he admitted that he’d caused such a stunning disturbance in merely breaking through to the origin realm, the effects from his words would cause utter chaos.

He would absolutely become the center of attention if he spoke truthfully.

This was an unwise decision for Jiang Chen. The more he had the limelight before he had enough strength to dominate the Divine Abyss Continent, the more dangerous it would be for him.

That a mere origin realm like him to have caused so much disturbance would certainly elicit the interest of many old monsters, not to talk of anything else. If anyone became curious and nabbed him for further study, he’d be in great trouble then.

Therefore, he decided to craft a white lie with regards to this question.

The look in Dan Chi’s eyes suddenly became exceedingly deep.

“Everyone, the current situation in the sixteen kingdoms is but the tip of the iceberg. According to my calculations, the Myriad Domain will encounter even more chaos from now on, with possibly turbulent times ahead for the entire Divine Abyss Continent. This may be the arrival of a grand era, or the harbinger of great disaster.”

“Perhaps you might think I’m being a bit of an alarmist, but the truth is, the Myriad Domain will certainly fall into chaos within ten years, and the entire situation of the Continent falling into disarray as well.”

Dan Chi’s tone had suddenly become quite grave.

A thought struck Ye Chonglou as he heard these words, having the feeling of great minds thinking alike.

He’d said similar in the Precious Tree Sect the other day, mentioning that the territory of the sixteen kingdoms was where the seal of the ancient demons were located.

“Sage Dan Chi, does your disturbance have to do with the ancient demon race?” Ye Chonglou plucked up his courage to ask.

Dan Chi sighed. “Not just the demon race. Different races stand in great numbers throughout the Divine Abyss Continent, with thousands and tens of thousands of different factions. From my vantage point, I am completely unable to foresee how the future of the world will look.”

If even an expert at Dan Chi’s level was saying so, that made the others even more apprehensive.

“Jiang Chen, I have been inferring the development of the Myriad Domain everyday for the last twenty years. There are no factors outside the scope of my deductions. However, you are an unknown factor. I have never deducted your appearance, but there is a subtle fortune about you that even I am unable to predict. If the great disaster arrives in the future, then you may be the only one in the Myriad Domain who is able to break through the stalemate.”

“What?” Even Vice Head Xuan Zhen, at Dan Chi’s side, was slightly surprised by his head’s words. “Palace Head, even you are unable to resolve the situation?”

Dan Chi laughed slightly. “Me? Xuan Zhen, although I am proud and certain of myself, I am only the mere head of a fourth rank sect in the end. When this disaster arrives, even the first rank sects may not be able to remain unscathed, much less than me, a mere Dan Chi!”

Everyone felt an immense weight press down on their hearts after these words. All felt quite stifled.

Forefather Thousandleaf couldn’t help but ask, “Honored sage, just how strong is a first rank sect?”

“How strong?” Dan Chi’s tone was full of admiration and yearning. “I’m unable to describe how strong they are, but ten Regal Pill Palaces, even a hundred of us may not be enough to contend against a first rank sect. The heavyweights of the first rank sects are all Titled Great Emperors.”

“Titled Great Emperors?” Thousandleaf and Ye Chonglou exchanged glances. They were wholly unfamiliar with this division.

“The emperor realm ranks above the sage realm, and only those at the peak of the former have the right to attempt to be a Titled Great Emperor. To become a Titled cultivator, one must have two victories over two other Titled cultivators or have four other Titled cultivators vouch for them to receive this title.”

Any of the Titled Great Emperors were highly proud personages with unparalleled self assurance. A group vouching for a candidate was almost impossible.

Therefore, the only way to become a Titled Great Emperor was to defeat two in battle and remain undefeated by them.

“Sage One, how many Great Emperors might there be in the many domains of the Divine Abyss Continent?”

“How many?” Dan Chi shook his head with a wry smile. “Those who are known to the outside world aren’t that many, but the true number of Great Emperors are absolutely not as few as they appear. The lifespan of a Great Emperor is at least three thousand years. Apart from those who have accidentally fallen in death, how many reclusive Titled Great Emperors might there be since ancient times? This is a tough riddle to answer.”

A Great Emperor could live at least three thousand years, at most six thousand. If they grasped even more profound secrets to life, it was possible that they could even live beyond ten thousand years.

Therefore, to Titled Great Emperors, the conflicts of the mundane world were often insufficient the arouse their interest.

Their pursuit lay in the even more mysterious heavenly law, garnering the ability to cast off their mortal body and peep at the heavenly law, ascending to an even more advanced stage of life.

The Divine Abyss Continent was as vast as the open seas, the size of its territory was far beyond the imagination of Thousandleaf and the others. Even the numbers of Titled Great Emperors were unable to be calculated, much less the total number of experts in the emperor realm.

“Setting aside the Titled Great Emperors, experts in the emperor realm are numerous in the Continent. However, there isn’t a single one in the Myriad Domain. With this contrast, this should be enough for you all to understand the gap between the Myriad Domain and the truly preeminent powers.”

There wasn’t a single emperor realm expert in the Myriad Domain, yet there were many in the entire continent.

“Ai, our sixteen kingdoms have always been frogs at the bottom of a well. We’ve always been worried that the various powers in the Myriad Domain would give up on us, but now it looks like that the Myriad Domain is in an equally awkward position in the Continent.”

Ye Chonglou was widely travelled and had seen his fair share of things. If even he was expressing such sentiment, then it was easy to imagine the emotions in the hearts of others.

“The Myriad Domain shouldn’t have been thus. We weathered a catastrophe six hundred years ago, with several of our emperor realm cultivators falling during it. The once mighty Myriad Empire also disintegrated as if a house of cards. From then on, the Myriad Domain was gravely injured and never regained its former glory. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have absolutely no emperor realm cultivators at all even if we are just a lower region.”

None in the Precious Tree Sect knew of this old history.

The Myriad Empire?

“This is to say that the Myriad Domain once had emperor realm cultivators?” Ye Chonglou was shocked.

“Naturally. There are more or less a few emperor realm cultivators holding down the fort in the other lower regions. the Myriad Domain is an anomaly. There is less than a hundred years until the redrawing of the territories that occurs once a millennium. If we do not produce an emperor realm cultivator in the next hundred years, then our downfall will be desolate indeed. We either be swallowed by others or become their vassals, or we might be thoroughly split up and lose the title of one of the lower regions.”

Jiang Chen found this a bit hard to believe. “None of the forces in the Myriad Domain have a hidden emperor realm cultivator?”

Dan Chi shook his head resolutely. “Absolutely not. If there was, this expert only needed to step out and raise a cry to rebuild the Myriad Empire and unite us all. We wouldn’t need to worry about losing the title of a lower region even if we don’t revive the glories of yesteryear.”

“Then it looks like the Sky Sect was betting on this in deciding to make their move in the Myriad Domain, and in such an unbridled fashion as well.” Jiang Chen analyzed.

“Indeed.” Dan Chi nodded. “The various factions of the Myriad Domain now are all trying their best behind the scenes, bringing all their force to bear. Everyone wants to be the first to unite the Myriad Domain, rebuilding the Empire again. It’s a pity that the royal family has been thoroughly exterminated. If any sect boasted of an emperor realm cultivator one day, that sect would have the right to become the protector sect of the nation and can suppress the other faction. Although this isn’t a written rule, everyone privately acknowledges this idea.”

Whoever first boasted of an emperor realm cultivator would have the right to speak, and the initiative to rebuild the Empire!

“Sage One, just what catastrophe did the Myriad Domain experience that year, that the royal clan was exterminated? This is simply a bit too ridiculous, isn’t it?” Ye Chonglou asked out of curiosity.

“Ai, it’s truly a shame of the Myriad Domain. When the Myriad Domain was mighty and proud, the royal sons had likely grown accustomed to doing as they would in the bordering territories. One particular royal son actually used despicable methods to sully a girl as he was traveling the Divine Abyss Continent. However, the girl had a very extraordinary identity. She was the sacred girl of a mid region who was experiencing the mundane world. The ruler of that mid region was enraged that their sacred girl had been violated and declared war on the Myriad Domain. One mid region possesses strength that is at least five times that of a lower region. He gathered the forces of some of his vassals and practically ground the Myriad Domain into the dust. If it wasn’t for someone in one of the upper regions speaking out on our behalf, telling them that enough was enough, the entire Myriad Domain would’ve likely been annihilated. Even so, all of the cultivators at the sky sage realm and above were slaughtered, and the entire royal clan exterminated, not even a chicken or dog allowed to live.”

Even though it’d been six hundred years already, the matter still seemed extremely grisly when Dan Chi spoke of it.

The listeners seemed to be able to feel the tyranny and dominance of the mid region faction from Dan Chi’s words, and could almost smell the bloodshed from six hundred years ago.

The slaughter of all those in the sky sage realm and above, and the extermination of the royal bloodline.

It was likely that all within the Myriad Domain would’ve been razed had the one in the upper region not spoken out.

This incident had always been the same of the Myriad Domain, and all of the sects happened to act with great accordance together in making this part of history taboo, utterly sealing off this humiliating memory.

If it wasn’t for Dan Chi, Ye Chonglou and Thousandleaf would’ve had no way of learning about this.