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Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat

Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat

The Myriad Domain group could obviously hear their conversation too. Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat as surprise shook them on the inside. They had thought that there was no way the Regal Pill Palace could break through the encirclement with their weak numbers. Contrary to their expectations, Regal Pill Palace had actually succeeded in their attempt. Literally no one had expected this outcome. For a time, everyone in the Myriad Domain was wracked with regret. Honored Master Tian Ming especially wanted to slap his own face.

He was such good friends with Dan Chi, but because he’d hesitated during a critical moment and failed to listen to his friend, he had missed out on an opportunity to break free of this besiegement. It would be incredibly difficult to escape now that he and his sect were trapped like turtles in a jar by four emperor realm cultivators.

Dejection, regret and all sorts of emotion rocked everyone’s hearts for a time. However, the Great Scarlet Mid Region sects were more shocked. Someone had actually managed to slip through their perimeter? This was a mark of extraordinary shame and humiliation! Even if they were to annihilate everyone in this place, this battle wouldn’t be considered perfect any longer.

Their emperor had ordered them to suppress the Myriad Grand Ceremony, and by that he meant destroying everyone present with no exception. Their achievement would be imperfect if even one person managed to slip through their grasp, much less an entire group. They would be shamed when they were to report back after the completion of their mission. Every dispatched fourth rank sect had their own missions to fulfill during this operation. Obviously, they were competing amongst each other too. Now that one sect had slipped through their grasp, there was no doubt that their merits would be greatly diminished!

As the leading sect who was responsible to guard the southeast area, the Bamboo Sect’s share of responsibility was without a doubt the greatest. The blue clad and blue eyebrowed Sect Head Leng was already wearing a dark expression to begin with. His expression now turned even more sadistic as he swept a slow glance across the Myriad Domain.

“Who wishes to live?” The question came out of nowhere. Everyone on the Myriad Domain’s side were casting puzzled glances at him, and there were also plenty of people who looked ashen because they felt crushed by the aura of an emperor realm expert. They didn’t know what this cultivator was planning to do next. “I’ll give this one chance to one person only!”

Sect Head Leng stretched out a finger, “Who amongst you will tell me which sect made their escape? The first one to answer shall spared from death.”

His offer was a thunderclap in the ears of the Myriad Domain denizens. There were plenty of people who were moved by the offer. A hint of curiosity crept into their eyes. They were obviously wondering whether or not he was telling the truth. Their instinct to live caused some to grow restless.

“I will count to five. You can squander this opportunity if you want to.” That Sect Head Leng stretched out his five fingers and began counting, “One, two, three…”

Many people began to breathe rapidly in the crowd. It was obvious that many were tempted by the offer. They all wanted to step forward and seize this opportunity to escape death. After all, this battle was too one-sided. They had no doubt that they would die if they were to continue the fight. Therefore, this opportunity was the chance of a lifetime. However, anyone who stood up under such circumstances would become a Myriad Domain traitor. They would be labeled as a traitor for the rest of their lives.

“I-I’ll tell you!” While everyone else was still struggling to make a decision, a voice suddenly piped up. It was none other than the Sacred Sword Palace’s Wang Han. He walked out of the crowd with a dark expression on his face.

Loud boos resounded from the Myriad Domain group. While there were plenty of people who were sorely tempted by the offer, still no one was more despicable than Wang Han. Hisses and jeers resounded from every direction. The majority of the crowd looked down on Wang Han’s cowardice. They couldn’t believe that he was willing to turn traitor. Meanwhile, a small number of people were regretting profusely for not being quick enough in coming to a decision.

“What is your name?” Sect Head Leng stared indifferently at Wang Han.

“Lord, this humble one is Wang Han, a disciple of the Sacred Sword Palace. I’ve long since admired the Great Scarlet Mid Region, and now I finally have the opportunity worship you all in person. Wang Han wishes strongly for the experts of Great Scarlet to take him in. I believe that even working like an ox or horse in Great Scarlet would be a hundred times more interesting and filled with potential than a hopeless place like the Myriad Domain.” Wang Han forced himself to say this with a deep tone even though he was quite nervous.

For a time, all four emperor realm experts were stunned by his words. They obviously didn’t expect Wang Han to voluntarily surrender to them. In their views, Myriad Domain and Great Scarlet Mid Region were sworn enemies, how could something like this possibly happen? The other three emperor realm cultivators wore ruminating smiles on their faces.

“Sect Head Leng, not only did this kid voluntarily surrender himself to us, he seems to possess a bit of talent. He may even turn out to be an unpolished jade if we take him back with us.”

“Hehe, Sect Head Leng, this kid is more flexible than those people. It’s obvious that his powers of comprehension is excellent. He is good material, don’t you think?”

Sect Head Leng’s face changed slightly as he assessed Wang Han and smiled indifferently, “Talk. Which sect’s escaped?”

Wang Han hardened his heart. He had came this far already and had tossed all notions of life and death to the back of his head. He decided to make a dangerous gamble.

“Lord Sect Head, this junior had betrayed the Myriad Domain with only one wish in his mind, and that is to obtain your protection. If this humble one may obtain your protection, then I have more secrets to tell you. I believe that all the experts here would be very interested to know them. Not only can I tell you about the sky rank spirit herbs…” Wang Han had just said this when the stooped Zither sect head Qin Mo abruptly shifted and appeared before Wang Han. He immediately grabbed Wang Han, lifted him into the air and leaped to a corner.

Sect Head Qin Mo’s sudden movement shocked the other three emperor realm experts greatly. Sect Head Leng was especially unhappy with this. Wang Han had asked him for protection, and thus Sect Head Qin Mo’s unwanted interference angered Bamboo Sect Head Leng immensely. “What do you mean by this, Daoist Qin Mo?”

The old man cackled, “Younger brother Leng, since you’re apparently uninterested in taking him as your disciple, this old man has reluctantly decided to do so for you. Alright, let’s cut the nonsense. Let us so settle upon this happily.” This old man was at third level of emperor realm, a full level higher than all three other sect heads. Therefore, although both the sect heads of the Qitian Sect and the Golden Glyph Sect were tempted and exchanged glances with each other, they didn’t claim Wang Han in the end.

Sect Head Leng’s darkened face was filled with reluctance and anger, but when he considered his current strength, he ultimately decided to swallow his irritation, “Brother Qin Mo, we all serving under the emperor. Don’t you think you’re being a little overbearing with this little act of yours?”

The old man smiled indifferently, “Does that mean you want to teach me how to do my work, Sect Head Leng?”

The old man’s voice was raspy, but when his face darkened, a mountain-like pressure instantly descended upon on Sect Head Leng, causing the latter to feel incredibly threatened. He had no choice but to back off grudgingly in face of absolute strength, “Very well. I will be sure report everything about this to the emperor.”

The old man chuckled repeatedly in an odd tone, “Do what you want. I serve the emperor, and my conscience is clear.” As he said this, he put Wang Han on the ground and began assessing him with a stern gaze. He said indifferently, “Kid, I can give you a chance to earn your protection. I may even consider taking you as my disciple. However, you must think this through, are you sure your intel is useful to me?”

Wang Han pointed at the sky and vowed, “If my intel is false, then this junior will willingly take a palm strike from you and die.”

The old man Qin Mo nodded indifferently and asked, ‘Tell us this first, what is the name of the sect that escaped this place?”

“It is the Regal Pill Palace.”

“Regal Pill Palace?” Old Man Qin Mo abruptly recalled what the Great Scarlet Emperor had specially reminded them of before they departed. He asked, “Is it the Regal Pill Palace who refined the Longevity Pill?”

Wang Han nodded hurriedly, “Yes, they are. Do you know about Regal Pill Palace, my lord?”

Seeing that this Lord Qin Mo seemed to be strongest out of everyone here, he spoke with the intention of taking credit for an achievement, “My lord, not only does this Regal Pill Palace have the Longevity Pill, they also have plenty of sky rank spirit herbs too. I am sure that the group of people who broke through the perimeter and escaped possesses some sky rank spirit herbs!”

These claims changed old man Qin Mo’s expression and made his heart itch a little. Forget the sky rank spirit herbs, he couldn’t even claim all the earth rank spirit herbs that he wanted to for himself. As an emperor realm cultivator, their cultivation had to be buttressed by earth rank spirit herbs. Only then they would have the opportunity to continuously break through to the next level. However, earth rank spirit herbs were also precious plants. Although he was the master of a sect, the amount of earth rank spirit herbs he could obtain was limited. Therefore, he was very much tempted when he heard that that Regal Pill Palace possessed over a hundred earth rank spirit herbs. It was only natural that he felt a little irritated when he heard that the group who escaped was none other than the Regal Pill Palace.

He knew that Regal Pill Palace would be running to their doom even if they managed to escape back to their sect. However, if that was the case, then all the good stuff would fall into the hands of the two sects heading towards Regal Pill Palace: the Thunder Note Hall and the Great Roc Sect. When that happened, all the profits they obtained would have nothing to do with him at all!

The old man hesitated greatly for a time. He had the great responsibility of suppressing the Myriad Grand Ceremony on one hand. On the other, he had to face the temptations that the earth and sky rank spirit herbs represented. To put it bluntly, if he acted alone and caught up to Regal Pill Palace’s group, there was no way the emperor would notice if he turned in four sky rank spirit herbs to him and kept one for himself. As long as he offered up the rest of the sky rank spirit herbs, the emperor would even praise the effectiveness of his work. As for the earth rank spirit herbs, everything he obtained belonged to himself. Therefore, this was an extremely attractive proposal for Sect Head Qin Mo.

The old man stared at Wang Han and asked, “Kid, what is the strongest level of cultivation in the Regal Pill Palace? What kind of special ability do they possess that actually helped them to break through?”

Wang Han thought for a moment, “The Regal Pill Palace’s martial power is ordinary, but I heard that they managed to beat back a true disciple of the Ninesuns Sky Sect previously. It seems that there is a mysterious expert aiding them in secret.”

“Mysterious expert? What level are they?” Old man Qin Mo frowned and asked.

Wang Han hastily said, “I’m not sure about their rank, but I heard that true disciple of Ninesuns Sky Sect is at peak ninth level sage realm.”

“Peak level sage realm, huh?” A smile appeared on Old man Qin Mo’s face. He was at the third level of emperor realm. How could a mere peak level sage realm possibly match up to him?

Seeing that old man Qin Mo was tempted to hunt down the Regal Pill Palace, Wang Han hastily messaged him in secret and said, “Senior, I actually have even more important information to tell you.”

“What is it?” Old man Qin Mo grew solemn when he saw that Wang Han had purposely messaged him instead of voicing it aloud.

“What you’ll obtain from hunting after those people may not necessarily be better staying here. There is a kid called Jiang Chen in the Paramount Domain. He previously obtained many sky rank spirit herbs from Mt. Rippling Mirage and even more earth rank spirit herbs. Moreover, he is of a dragon’s bloodline, and he possesses many strange treasures. He was the one who refined the Longevity Pill too…” Wang Han did hate Regal Pill Palace, but the one he hated the most was Jiang Chen. Naturally, he was going to divert the heat of the Great Scarlet Mid Region and burn Jiang Chen with it!

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