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Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace

Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace

It was quite evident from Jun Mobai’s tone that he also wasn’t a true Regal Pill Palace disciple. Jiang Chen felt quite sad for the Myriad Domain all of a sudden. It looked to be a solid entity on the surface, but who knew that it’d been penetrated to this level? Just how many external pawns were hidden in the various great sects?!

However, Lin Hai didn’t seem to want to admit to things to readily. He snorted coldly several times after his shock, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jun Mobai, are you going to scram or not? I’m giving you your last chance.” He seemed to be at the limits of his patience and was erupting in open hostility.

“Scram?” Jun Mobai’s tone was as removed as ever. “You don’t have the chance to run now even if you want to. If I guess correctly, Lin Hai, you’re a disciple of the Eternal Celestial Capital, aren’t you?”

The Eternal Celestial Capital? Jiang Chen’s heart sank. He’d made an in-depth study of the Divine Abyss Continent these years; the book Huang’er had given him years ago had several notes regarding the Divine Abyss Continent, so he now had a more thorough understanding of this plane of existence. He knew that the Eternal Celestial Capital was also a first rank sect, another heavyweight of the Upper Eight Regions. It was relatively on par with the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

Jiang Chen felt his head ache. He’d always thought that it was only the Ninesuns Sky Sect infiltrating the Myriad Domain, but now it seemed that everyone in the Myriad Domain had been too naive. The region was a fat piece of meat! But just what was so tantalizing about it? He had no answer for this either.

The ancient herb garden of Mt. Rippling Mirage? Although there were some sky rank spirit herbs there, that wasn’t enough to entice a first rank sect to make decades of preparations. The heritage of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect? The outside world didn’t know of the heritage. Although the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was indeed stronger than many first rank sets, it wasn’t the strongest of the ancient sects. Besides, if the outside world had known of such a heritage, they likely would’ve barged in directly instead of making preparations for decades. He couldn’t figure it out no matter how he contemplated the matter. There had to be a reason he didn’t know, and it was a reason that couldn’t be trumpeted too loudly. This was why they were all seeping in like this.

A thread of shock appeared in Lin Hai’s eyes as he fixed his gaze onto Jun Mobai. “This is to say, you’re a disciple of the Ninesuns Sky Sect?”

The two were on guard against each other as the atmosphere at the scene had suddenly turned tense. It was apparent that since both their identities had been revealed, they both understood each other’s intentions and knew that this would be a fight to the death.

“Speak, how do you want to resolve this?” Lin Hai actually calmed down after their masks had been ripped off, and his tone became cool and composed.

Jun Mobai smiled faintly, “Simple, you die.”

Lin Hai smiled in his anger and looked meaningfully at Jun Mobai. “Kid, you are indeed a Sky Sect disciple. That overweening attitude speaks volumes.”

“As long as you know it,” Jun Mobai smiled faintly. “We’re all smart people here, you being here means that all of our goals are the same.”

Lin Hai laughed heartily, “This means you’re also here for Emperor Featherflight’s legacy?”

Emperor Featherflight?

Jiang Chen was unfamiliar with this name. Although he had an understanding of the Divine Abyss Continent, he’d truly never heard this name before.

“Legacy?” Jun Mobai cackled. “Lin Hai, we don’t have to fight if you want his legacy. You can have it all, I just want a few things on his body.”

“Dream on!” Lin Hai sneered. “ I was just testing you, but it seems that you really know the details.”

Jiang Chen didn’t really understand the undercurrents of their mind games, but he’d guessed that the two were chasing after a Titled Great Emperor, and that was Emperor Featherlight.

“Stop putting on an act, Lin Hai. Our two sects chased Emperor Featherflight a thousand years ago, but he escaped into the Myriad Domain. However, no one knew where he was hiding, and to think that he passed on in this Paramount Realm! How astonishing,” Jun Mobai rubbed the ring in his hand as he spoke. “Lin Hai, you must have the tracking symbol of the Eternal Celestial Emperor, which is how you’ve sensed his final place after entering the Paramount Realm. Have I guess correctly?”

“No shit, aren’t you the same as well?” Lin Hai’s tone was quite dismissive, seeming to think Jun Mobai was speaking utter nonsense.

“Heh heh, Lin Hai, final chance. You can have Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance, and I’ll take all the other items.” Jun Mobai’s tone was remote, but there was a type of pressure within it that didn’t permit question.

Jiang Chen was inwardly solemn as he observed nearby. These two bastards hid their strength alright! They’re at least at peak earth sage realm, and might even be seventh level sage realm! These two bastards pretended to be initial sage realm, and even put on that act of forfeiting in the ceremony! He hadn’t fought with these two, so had no idea that they were both hiding their true strength.

Lin Hai smiled dismissively, “Kid, those who don’t know you really would be frightened by you. You’re still a bit wet behind the ears to threaten me. Bring it on if you dare!” He made a grabbing motion with one hand as he spoke and summoned a flag. He waved it, sending rays of light shooting forth and cutting into the waters of the lake, as if a waterfall descending from the heavens.


The waters were instantly parted, and a long, thing abyss revealing itself. Lin Hai’s expression was removed as he looked at Jun Mobai, “I’ve already parted the lake, dare you enter?”

Jun Mobai chuckled, “Heh, I’ll go in if you do.”

“Is that so?” Lin Hai suddenly grinned and waved the flag in his hand, sending the waters hurtling towards Jun Mobai. “If that’s the case, have a taste of these waters of death first!”

Two gouts of water churned towards Jun Mobai with a wave of the flag. Jun Mobai’s face charged slightly. He hadn’t expected that Lin Hai would be so despicable. He summoned forth a paper fan with a wave of his hand and waved it into dance, creating energy ripples that formed strange layers of defensive circles to protect himself.

This brackish water was patently very frightening. Ear-piercing sizzles sounded as soon as it touched the ground, devouring even the yellow sounds. It was a good thing that Jun Mobai’s defensive circle was very strong as it enabled him to barely managed to withstand this attack. When he came back to his senses, Jun Mobai had already leapt into the depths of the lake. He gritted his teeth and waved the fan around defensively, jumping down as well.

However, the two hadn’t jumped in for long before two enormous waves suddenly surged on the lake, throwing the two back to the shore in a bit of a bedraggled fashion. They found their footing with difficulty as shock appeared in both of their eyes. They fixed their stares onto the lake with faces full of incredulity.

The black-green water began to agitate violently, as if a large pot was cooking beneath and causing the boiling of the water to become ever more pronounced.


Countless waves suddenly shot upwards as a palace floated up beneath the water. Yes, a palace!

It wasn’t large, roughly a hundred acres, but it was indeed a palace. The sight stunned even Jiang Chen watching from the shadows. He hadn’t thought that there would be a palace beneath the lake, and that it’d emerge like this! I wonder if those two fellows triggered some sort of restriction that made the security measures of this palace to activate, causing it to rise from the bottom of the lake? Regardless of what it had been, this also made Jiang Chen feel slightly surprised. But the question circled back to, just what was with this palace? A Titled Great Emperor would be able to refine such a palace, no matter how strong they were. Even an ancient sect such as the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect could only create some secret places through the use of formations and arts of space. They also had to rely on the geographic terrain to do so.

However, this palace could move around and it looked like it wasn’t so simple a matter as creating it based off terrain. From Jiang Chen’s experience, this was someone’s residence, and a mobile one at that. These kinds of residences could shrink to the size of a mustard seed through certain space arts, just like the magnetic golden mountain could expand and shrink as well. A Great Titled Emperor couldn’t possibly refine such a residence, they’d have to at least be an empyrean cultivator. Only through the recognition of the heavenly dao would one have the right to utilize the energies of heaven and earth, to be able to create via these sorts of space arts.

“Just who was Emperor Featherflight?”Jiang Chen was also full of curiosity in this instant. He understood that Jun Mobai and Lin Hai weren’t fighting over the cultivator’s heritage, but some other secrets he possessed. He had a sudden flash of inspiration that hinted at just why the Ninesuns Sky Sect had spent so much time and effort to seep into the Myriad Domain. It must have to do with the reason why Emperor Featherflight chose this place as his place of rebirth. Although he didn’t know what it was for now, it was certainly very important as even a first rank sect such as the Sky Sect kept coveting it.

Lin Hai and Jun Mobai exchanged glances, greed in both their gazes. “Lin Hai, you and I fighting here and going all out may benefit others instead. What if someone rushes here and sees the two of us barely alive? Wouldn’t that be benefiting the fisherman as the snipe and clam are locked in combat?” Jun Mobai seemed a bit wary.

Lin Hai laughed heartily, “What’s the use of sprouting this bullshit? Do the other people have the chance to come to the transcendent region? Besides, they wouldn’t be able to find this place without the tracking symbol.”

This symbol was a mark that the two heavyweights of their sects had left on Emperor Featherflight. The cultivator had been deeply injured and unable to purge the symbol from his body. This was why he’d escaped to the Paramount Realm and secluded himself from the outside world. Therefore, the two sects had come up empty-handed after searching almost all of the Myriad Domain over the last thousand years.

Inspiration had finally struck in the form of remembering about the Paramount Realm. This was why they’d made these moves. Lin Hai and Jun Mobai were all pieces arranged by the first rank sects, and their mission was to search for the remains of Emperor Featherflight. The sects had spent a great deal of effort in searching for Emperor Featherflight before them, but had come up empty-handed. Thus, they hadn’t held much hope and had only wanted to try their luck in the transcendent region, but who knew that the tracking symbol would actually detect a hint of something! This was how they’d found this place.