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Author:Ni Cang Tian

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Updates:Chapter 1032: The Abyss Channel at the Bottom of the Sea

Thirty thousand years ago, the Heaven Fighting Race who called themselves “Gods” invaded the Spirit Realm. Hundreds of races rose up in resistance, but ultimately suffered a crushing defeat. The Human Race was the first to concede, and the rest of the Hundred Races soon followed in succession. During the subsequent ten thousand years, all of the races were enslaved by the Heaven Fighting Race. They were cruelly treated, and lived beneath the shadow of terror. The Heaven Fighting Race’s march of conquest did not stop there. With the Spirit Realm as the starting point, they invaded other secret dimensions, and spread war to all corners of existence. After greatly exhausting their combat strength, they were finally defeated by the Hundred Races who took advantage of this opportunity. With no other choice, they fled to the starry skies outside the realm. Thirty thousand years later, in an era where the Heaven Fighting Race has already faded to become ancient legend, an amnesiac youth possessing the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline is being fostered in an insignificant household. Whilst struggling to live on, he silently awaits the day of the bloodline’s awakening.
《Spirit Realm》 Chapter 0001-1000
Chapter 1: Small Town Youth
Chapter 2: Herb Mountain
Chapter 3: Probing
Chapter 4: Thoughtless Tranquility
Chapter 5: Soul Suppressing Orb
Chapter 6: Attracting Lightning to Oneself
Chapter 7: Solitary Ridge
Chapter 8: Testing the Waters
Chapter 9: Assimilation
Chapter 10: Sixth Level of Refinement!
Chapter 11: Shattered Ice Manor
Chapter 12: Thunderous Fury
Chapter 13: Windfall!
Chapter 14: Living While Being Cared For
Chapter 15: Engagement Ceremony
Chapter 16: Forced Abdication!
Chapter 17: Settlement
Chapter 18: “Ling Lie’s” Face
Chapter 19: Seclusion
Chapter 20: Who is that amazing person?
Chapter 21: Four Spirit Diagrams
Chapter 22: Training Hard for Three Months
Chapter 23: Holding Hands
Chapter 24: Celestial Wolf Mountain
Chapter 25: High Grade Spirit Materials
Chapter 26: Undercurrents
Chapter 27: Imminent Danger
Chapter 28: Hunted
Chapter 29: Encounter
Chapter 30: Bloody Battle
Chapter 31: Power Revealed!
Chapter 32: Dual Powers
Chapter 33: Mind Invasion
Chapter 34: Have You All Gone Mad?
Chapter 35: Repairing a Spirit Artifact
Chapter 36: Silver Winged Demon Wolf
Chapter 37: Sculpture
Chapter 38: Heavy Encirclement
Chapter 39: Demon Wolf King
Chapter 40: Looting the Spoils of War
Chapter 41: An Accidental Meeting by the Pond
Chapter 42: Intimacy
Chapter 43: Returning to the Mountain
Chapter 44: Heavy Pressure
Chapter 45: Discipline Hall Elder
Chapter 46: All Sorts of Unfavorable Circumstances
Chapter 47: Coming Out
Chapter 48: Nebula Token
Chapter 49: Eighth Level
Chapter 50: Back Figure
Chapter 51: Practice
Chapter 52: To Keep up with Your Footsteps
Chapter 53: The First Success
Chapter 54: Parting
Chapter 55: Icestone City
Chapter 56: Armament Pavilion
Chapter 57: Li’s Shop
Chapter 58: Spirit Gathering Board
Chapter 59: First Transaction
Chapter 60: Amplification Spirit Diagram
Chapter 61: Strong Wine
Chapter 62: Nebula Pavilion
Chapter 63: Great Master Yao
Chapter 64: Target Locked
Chapter 65: Borrowing Books
Chapter 66: First Contact with Artifact Forging
Chapter 67: Creation on the Spirit Sea
Chapter 68: Study
Chapter 69: In One Go
Chapter 70: Combining Spirit Diagrams
Chapter 71: Resonance With Thunder
Chapter 72: A Reason to Move Forward
Chapter 73: Accumulation
Chapter 74: The Risks of Artifact Forging
Chapter 75: Defective Product
Chapter 76: Mend
Chapter 77: Trade
Chapter 78: Inspector
Chapter 79: Ghost Bird and Profound Nether Beast
Chapter 80: The Leaders of the Four Sides
Chapter 81: Turned Around
Chapter 82: Harsh Battle
Chapter 83: Receiving the Blade!
Chapter 84: The Heavens Haven’t Forsaken Me!
Chapter 85: Reversal!
Chapter 86: Taking With Force
Chapter 87: Soul Devouring Beast
Chapter 88: Split Mobilization
Chapter 89: Luring Them Out
Chapter 90: Variant Spirit Beast
Chapter 91: Scurry
Chapter 92: Unstoppable
Chapter 93: Novel Spirit Artifact
Chapter 94: Eight Extreme Trigram Fire Formation
Chapter 95: Vile Souls!
Chapter 96: Imminent Danger
Chapter 97: Giant Demon Mirage
Chapter 98: Activate
Chapter 99: The Sky Darkens
Chapter 100: Heaven Shaking Thunder
Chapter 101: Soul Link
Chapter 102: The First Natal Palace
Chapter 103: Ten Thousand Contribution Points!
Chapter 104: Battle Armor
Chapter 105: Pains
Chapter 106: Terminator Profound Bomb
Chapter 107: Taking Over the Artifact Forging Hall
Chapter 108: Splurge
Chapter 109: Bad News
Chapter 110: Loss of Power
Chapter 111: First Hall Master
Chapter 112: I Will Kill You!
Chapter 113: Some Laughed and Some Cried
Chapter 114: Street Challenge!
Chapter 115: Center of Attention
Chapter 116: Behead!
Chapter 117: Entire City Shaken!
Chapter 118: I Will Kill Your Entire Family!
Chapter 119: Weeds… Must Be Cut at the Roots!
Chapter 120: Rampage
Chapter 121: Let Him Come!
Chapter 122: Suffer the Consequences
Chapter 123: You Have Ten Steps, Withdraw, or Die!
Chapter 124: Ice Crystal World
Chapter 125: Frost Concept
Chapter 126: Armament City
Chapter 127: Cutting the Line
Chapter 128: Examination
Chapter 129: I’m on Fire!
Chapter 130: Bearing Curses…
Chapter 131: Lucky Fellows
Chapter 132: Wind Agent
Chapter 133: The Twelve Spirit Pattern Pillars
Chapter 134: Hard Labor
Chapter 135: Pang Feng
Chapter 136: Super Trick?
Chapter 137: Special Gift!
Chapter 138: A Foot in the Door
Chapter 139: Eclipse Insect
Chapter 140: Whispers
Chapter 141: Concept
Chapter 142: Creating a Spirit Skill!
Chapter 143: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 144: Uncalled Disaster
Chapter 145: A Grand Occasion in the Sect
Chapter 146: Improving Rapidly
Chapter 147: Step Aside!
Chapter 148: You Are Mistaken!
Chapter 149: Stepping into the Inner Sect
Chapter 150: Middle Stage of the Natal Opening Realm!
Chapter 151: Meeting Without Knowing
Chapter 152: Relentless
Chapter 153: Ancient Diagram
Chapter 154: Killing Intent
Chapter 155: Free Trade Street
Chapter 156: Crush You with Spirit Artifacts!
Chapter 157: Fight
Chapter 158: Difference in Status
Chapter 159: Fall into a Trap
Chapter 160: Phantasmagoria of the Ancient Era
Chapter 161: Abandoned
Chapter 162: I Will Help You Take Back Everything!
Chapter 163: Exterminate a Genius!
Chapter 164: Snowfall under the Blazing Sun
Chapter 165: Watched by the Entire City!
Chapter 166: I Can Do Whatever I Want From Here On Out!
Chapter 167: Beyond Miracles!
Chapter 168: An Immortalized Spectacle!
Chapter 169: Armament Sect Will Give You Whatever You Want!
Chapter 170: Blood Spear Lang Xie
Chapter 171: Unparalleled
Chapter 172: The Weight of His Words!
Chapter 173: Turn of the Tides
Chapter 174: Blood Pool Body Refinement
Chapter 175: The Body as the Artifact!
Chapter 176: Beauties Entering the City
Chapter 177: I Will Do It Myself!
Chapter 178: The Seventh Natal Palace
Chapter 179: Reunion
Chapter 180: A Familiar Feeling…
Chapter 181: Profound Heaven Alliance and Eight Extreme Sanctuary
Chapter 182: Danger
Chapter 183: Moved
Chapter 184: I Want Them Alive!
Chapter 185: Caught in a Trap
Chapter 186: Old Grudge
Chapter 187: Explode!
Chapter 188: Split Earth!
Chapter 189: I’ll Be Waiting for You to Kill Me in the Future
Chapter 190: Two Affectionate People
Chapter 191: Respect
Chapter 192: Fight to One’s Heart’s Content!
Chapter 193: Crossroads Street
Chapter 194: Nothing is Certain
Chapter 195: Sealed
Chapter 196: Tease
Chapter 197: The Final Spirit Pattern Pillar!
Chapter 198: The Mummy-like Old Man
Chapter 199: The Past
Chapter 200: Xue Li
Chapter 201: Old Demon
Chapter 202: Soul Seal!
Chapter 203: Five Forces Gathered
Chapter 204: Blood Progenitor
Chapter 205: Bloody Backing
Chapter 206: A Fiendish Aura That Reaches the Heavens!
Chapter 207: Turn The Tides!
Chapter 208: A Word for Love
Chapter 209: I Am Qin Lie!
Chapter 210: Things Are Different Now
Chapter 211: Seal Released
Chapter 212: The Knot in Qin Lie’s Heart
Chapter 213: Taking Over Armament Sect!
Chapter 214: Qin Lie’s Counterattack!
Chapter 215: The Might of Three Fingers!
Chapter 216: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 217: An Object Which Could Turn the Tide!
Chapter 218: You Are Not Qualified!
Chapter 219: Old Friend
Chapter 220: Negotiation Breaks Down
Chapter 221: Creating Another Natal Palace!
Chapter 222: The Eighth Natal Palace!
Chapter 223: Internal Strife
Chapter 224: Astral Projection
Chapter 225: Temple Envoy
Chapter 226: Dead End
Chapter 227: Wailing and Despair Abound
Chapter 228: Holy Spirit God and Giant Blood Colored Demon!
Chapter 229: All I Can!
Chapter 230: Tu Shixiong
Chapter 231: Six Loud Explosions!
Chapter 232: Nowhere Left to Run!
Chapter 233: The Spirit Pattern Pillar That Soared to the Sky!
Chapter 234: Yet Another Miracle!
Chapter 235: Stunning Change
Chapter 236: Change
Chapter 237: Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 238: Demon Armor Insects and Spirit Corroding Beasts
Chapter 239: Spatial Spirit Artifact
Chapter 240: Slipping By
Chapter 241: Poisonous Bog
Chapter 242: The Python Tattoo On His Neck
Chapter 243: Lightning Field
Chapter 244: Song Tingyu
Chapter 245: Denied!
Chapter 246: Terrifying Charm
Chapter 247: Sinking into Two Lifetimes of Love
Chapter 248: Fiancé?
Chapter 249: Acting
Chapter 250: Snuggle
Chapter 251: The Nether Demonic Energy Spreads
Chapter 252: Negotiation
Chapter 253: Hand in Hand
Chapter 254: Falling into the Nether Realm
Chapter 255: Blast out a Bloody Route!
Chapter 256: Hard March
Chapter 257: Interpreting Memories
Chapter 258: A Tale of Life
Chapter 259: Forming the Soul Lake!
Chapter 260: Those Who Seek Death
Chapter 261: Destroy!
Chapter 262: To Go Back or Not to Go Back…
Chapter 263: Turning Back!
Chapter 264: Thunder’s Divine Might!
Chapter 265: Universal Celestial Sealing Formation!
Chapter 266: Demon God Mountain Range
Chapter 267: Lightning Pool!
Chapter 268: The Mountain Shatters and the Evil God Emerges!
Chapter 269: Kid, Let Me Borrow Your Body!
Chapter 270: The Four Ferocious Beings!
Chapter 271: Gazing From Afar
Chapter 272: Almost Broke It…
Chapter 273: The Wooden Sculpture’s Change
Chapter 274: Spatial Compartment
Chapter 275: Ultimate Blood Ground
Chapter 276: Xue Li’s Temptation
Chapter 277: Blood Crystal Altar
Chapter 278: Main World
Chapter 279: End of the Sky Stairway
Chapter 280: Return
Chapter 281: Seeing Wealth Provokes Evil Designs
Chapter 282: Ruthless Move
Chapter 283: Meeting Yi Yuan Again
Chapter 284: A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
Chapter 285: Invitation
Chapter 286: Just Who Are We, Really?
Chapter 287: Herb Mountain’s Bizarre Diagram
Chapter 288: A Dust Covered Letter
Chapter 289: The Eruption of the Ling Family!
Chapter 290: Ling Yushi’s Change
Chapter 291: End of the Line
Chapter 292: Purple Blood!
Chapter 293: Song Tingyu’s Response
Chapter 294: Going in for the Kill!
Chapter 295: The Clash Between Two Women
Chapter 296: Odd Occurrence
Chapter 297: Blood of the Evil God
Chapter 298: Joyful Union Sect
Chapter 299: Tranny Fan Le
Chapter 300: Conflict
Chapter 301: Not Let Down Our Conscience!
Chapter 302: Fan Le’s Chrysanthemums
Chapter 303: The Him Before He Was Ten…
Chapter 304: Erupt!
Chapter 305: Wild Arrogance!
Chapter 306: Boldness
Chapter 307: Change
Chapter 308: Xue Li’s Request
Chapter 309: Spirit Arts Fusion
Chapter 310: Entering Profound Heaven City
Chapter 311: The First Stage
Chapter 312: You… Are Still Too Green!
Chapter 313: The Second Stage
Chapter 314: The Nether Realm’s Three Treasures
Chapter 315: Star Rank Foreign Delegate
Chapter 316: Determining the Direction
Chapter 317: The Mentor That Illuminated His Path
Chapter 318: Qin Lie’s Gift!
Chapter 319: Wicked Reputation
Chapter 320: Breaking the Tormented Soul Barrier
Chapter 321: Nine Hell Evil Scripture and the Blood of the Evil God
Chapter 322: Sneaking in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 323: The Imprisoned Demons
Chapter 324: Reward
Chapter 325: Dispersing the Mist
Chapter 326: White Bone Nether Spirit Altar
Chapter 327: Growth
Chapter 328: Integrating with the Evil Scripture
Chapter 329: Shocking Change!
Chapter 330: Surging Nether Demonic Energy!
Chapter 331: Came Knocking on the Door!
Chapter 332: Qin Lie’s Remedy
Chapter 333: Can’t Wait Any Longer!
Chapter 334: Evil Soul Binding Curse
Chapter 335: Standoff
Chapter 336: Nowhere Left To Run
Chapter 337: Fighting With One’s Life at Stake!
Chapter 338: Thunder of the Ninth Heaven
Chapter 339: Killing the Three Great Reverends!
Chapter 340: Creating a Diagram in Midair!
Chapter 341: Break Out!
Chapter 342: Do You Recognize This?
Chapter 343: Three Thousand Years Ago!
Chapter 344: The Dark Nether Race
Chapter 345: Pact
Chapter 346: Entering Dreams
Chapter 347: Taking Risks
Chapter 348: Fox Skin Mask
Chapter 349: The Love Rival From Back Then
Chapter 350: What’s Your Name, Beautiful?
Chapter 351: Pressuring At Every Turn
Chapter 352: Stirring Liu Ting’s Affections
Chapter 353: Revisiting Herb Mountain
Chapter 354: Spatial Teleportation Formation!
Chapter 355: Playing Tricks
Chapter 356: Endless Taunting
Chapter 357: Kill Them All!
Chapter 358: The Eye of Frost’s Wondrous Change!
Chapter 359: Entering the Late Stage of the Manifestation Realm!
Chapter 360: Exchange
Chapter 361: A Dark Night with High Winds
Chapter 362: Betrayal
Chapter 363: Fall Out!
Chapter 364: Defeated
Chapter 365: Taking on Heavy Responsibility!
Chapter 366: A New Hope!
Chapter 367: Gathering of the Three Forces!
Chapter 368: Complete Transfer
Chapter 369: The Origin of the Spirit Pattern Pillars
Chapter 370: Counterattack from Dire Straits!
Chapter 371: Self-satisfaction
Chapter 372: Unsealing the Giant Beasts!
Chapter 373: Have You Ever Thought Such a Day Would Come?
Chapter 374: Tear Them Apart!
Chapter 375: Giant Thunder Lightning Ball!
Chapter 376: You Can Die Now!
Chapter 377: Forbidden from Taking a Single Step In!
Chapter 378: Wielding a Heavenly Sword
Chapter 379: Meeting Li Mu Again
Chapter 380: Reconciliation
Chapter 381: Five Sword Tokens
Chapter 382: Saying Farewell
Chapter 383: Long Journey
Chapter 384: Half a Soul Destroyed
Chapter 385: The Giant Hand That Stretched Out of the Sea
Chapter 386: Dead Men’s Riches
Chapter 387: Disrupting the Situation!
Chapter 388: The Corpse of a Headless God Under the Sea!
Chapter 389: Soul Extraction
Chapter 390: The Bloody Battle Under the Sea
Chapter 391: Rampage!
Chapter 392: Eight God Corpses!
Chapter 393: Snatching the Tombstone!
Chapter 394: Song Tingyu’s Resentment
Chapter 395: Relieved
Chapter 396: Blood Progenitor
Chapter 397: Blood Aura Body Reconstruction
Chapter 398: Sea Moon Island
Chapter 399: Spirit Artifact Store
Chapter 400: Astral Thunder Hammer
Chapter 401: The Scream in the Darkness
Chapter 402: Making Out Like a Bandit
Chapter 403: Netherpassage!
Chapter 404: Scanning the Island
Chapter 405: The Sixth Heavenly Sword
Chapter 406: Reunion
Chapter 407: Together
Chapter 408: Remember My Face!
Chapter 409: Black Jade City
Chapter 410: One Cult, Two Mountains, Three Sects, Three Families
Chapter 411: Blood Cloud Mountain Range
Chapter 412: Survivor
Chapter 413: Half of the Blood Codex
Chapter 414: Lost Contact
Chapter 415: Floating Island
Chapter 416: The Top Nine Genius Ringers!
Chapter 417: Things Unknown
Chapter 418: Graveyard of Gods!
Chapter 419: Friend or Foe?
Chapter 420: Burning Soul Firebeam!
Chapter 421: The Tombstone That Flew Back On Its Own!
Chapter 422: Bitter Battle!
Chapter 423: Blood of the Fire Qilin!
Chapter 424: Fire Demon’s Rampage!
Chapter 425: Refining Blood Essence!
Chapter 426: Voodoo Toxin
Chapter 427: Head-on Clash!
Chapter 428: Burning the Voodoo Insects!
Chapter 429: Eight-winged Centipede Queen
Chapter 430: Thunder and Lightning Soul Refinement!
Chapter 431: Chance
Chapter 432: Attack First!
Chapter 433: Meeting
Chapter 434: Joining of Multiple Forces
Chapter 435: Winning Respect!
Chapter 436: This is a Misunderstanding!
Chapter 437: Illusory Demon Orb!
Chapter 438: Lock On!
Chapter 439: Ambush
Chapter 440: Intolerable!
Chapter 441: Bloody Fight!
Chapter 442: Fearsome!
Chapter 443: Trading Injury For Life!
Chapter 444: Accumulation Pill
Chapter 445: Soul Control
Chapter 446: Paranoia
Chapter 447: Breakthrough
Chapter 448: Suppression
Chapter 449: Joint Attack
Chapter 450: Out Of The Way! Allow Me!
Chapter 451: He Did It For A Woman…
Chapter 452: Controlling the Crux!
Chapter 453: Quarrel!
Chapter 454: I Won’t Give!
Chapter 455: Curing the Voodoo Toxin!
Chapter 456: Luo Chen Kneels!
Chapter 457: New Lease on Life
Chapter 458: Recovery
Chapter 459: Deference
Chapter 460: Flesh Sacrifice
Chapter 461: The Forest of Death
Chapter 462: Difficult to Avoid One’s Enemies
Chapter 463: Collision!
Chapter 464: The Wooden Sculpture’s Change!
Chapter 465: Demon Sealing Tombstone!
Chapter 466: Wood Spirit
Chapter 467: Spring of Life
Chapter 468: Seal!
Chapter 469: Difference in Opinion
Chapter 470: Beauty Over Friendship?
Chapter 471: A Present from the Demon Sealing Tombstone!
Chapter 472: Hallucination
Chapter 473: Hidden Pawn!
Chapter 474: Black Crystal Sky Scorpion
Chapter 475: Forbidden Land of Thunder
Chapter 476: Hunter!
Chapter 477: Having Ulterior Motives
Chapter 478: The Seven Spirits!
Chapter 479: Thunder Lagoon
Chapter 480: Breaking the Facade
Chapter 481: I, Qin Lie, Am The True Master Of This Place!
Chapter 482: Lightning Controller!
Chapter 483: One Against Many!
Chapter 484: Let Bygones Be Bygones
Chapter 485: Pure Soul Spring
Chapter 486: Three Miraculous Uses!
Chapter 487: New Cracks
Chapter 488: To Each Their Own!
Chapter 489: Detecting the Thunder Spirit
Chapter 490: Summoning the Strong
Chapter 491: Luo Chen’s Choice!
Chapter 492: Relationship
Chapter 493: So What?
Chapter 494: Arrogance!
Chapter 495: He Wei’s Regret
Chapter 496: Soul Break!
Chapter 497: If You Can Do It Yourself, Then Do It!
Chapter 498: Staying Out
Chapter 499: Unknown Enemy!
Chapter 500: Eastern Barbarians
Chapter 501: Kill Them Slowly
Chapter 502: Colorful Arrow Rain
Chapter 503: Thunder Crystal Beast
Chapter 504: Electrical Dampening Field
Chapter 505: Seal Broken!
Chapter 506: The Thunder Spirit’s Confession
Chapter 507: Sudden Change!
Chapter 508: Putting A Matter To Rest
Chapter 509: Absolute Frost Concept
Chapter 510: Merge!
Chapter 511: Nurturing the Soul
Chapter 512: Great Danger
Chapter 513: Weak
Chapter 514: Frozen to Death?
Chapter 515: Leave!
Chapter 516: Out of Control
Chapter 517: White Barbarian Girl
Chapter 518: Let Them Go!
Chapter 519: We Will Be Enemies When We Meet Again!
Chapter 520: Finally Free!
Chapter 521: Devious Invasion
Chapter 522: Arrival!
Chapter 523: Meteor Shower
Chapter 524: The Power To Topple Mountains
Chapter 525: Bloodthirsty Dragon!
Chapter 526: Intense Battle!
Chapter 527: Soul Curse
Chapter 528: Force Feed
Chapter 529: Ice Storm!
Chapter 530: Great Calamity!
Chapter 531: The Rampaging Bloodthirsty Dragon!
Chapter 532: The Remains of the Blood Progenitor
Chapter 533: The Remains of the Voodoo Progenitor, the Evil God, and the Arrow God
Chapter 534: Five Progenitors and Three Emperors
Chapter 535: Soul Suppression!
Chapter 536: Wave of Destruction!
Chapter 537: Terrible Scourge
Chapter 538: Blood Energy That Reached The Sky
Chapter 539: Watching From The Sidelines
Chapter 540: Blood Puppet
Chapter 541: The First Voodoo Creature!
Chapter 542: Colossal Collapse
Chapter 543: Jiang Zhuzhe
Chapter 544: Twisted Ideals
Chapter 545: Blood Web!
Chapter 546: Soul Pagoda
Chapter 547: Shatter
Chapter 548: Escape of the God Corpses
Chapter 549: Ruling for a Hundred Thousand Years!
Chapter 550: Return
Chapter 551: Consequences
Chapter 552: Following Him Like a Shadow
Chapter 553: The Search of the Nine Forces
Chapter 554: What Have You Come For?
Chapter 555: Evil God
Chapter 556: Dead End
Chapter 557: Sixteen God Hands!
Chapter 558: Eaten Alive
Chapter 559: Not Completely Dead…
Chapter 560: Splitting the Spoils
Chapter 561: The People of God
Chapter 562: Gold Sun Island
Chapter 563: Xing Shengnan
Chapter 564: Three Wives
Chapter 565: Flustered
Chapter 566: Nine New Essences!
Chapter 567: Outsmarted!
Chapter 568: Resolution
Chapter 569: New Life!
Chapter 570: Feeding
Chapter 571: Utmost Care
Chapter 572: Heart-breaking
Chapter 573: Playing with Fire
Chapter 574: Actually Doing It
Chapter 575: You Cannot Kill This Person!
Chapter 576: Cannot Forget Your Roots
Chapter 577: A Clever Plan!
Chapter 578: Rebellious
Chapter 579: Provocateur!
Chapter 580: The Right Move!
Chapter 581: Direct Disciple of Forefather Terminator
Chapter 582: Significant Change In Attitude
Chapter 583: Mutual Understanding
Chapter 584: Inside Job
Chapter 585: Setting Sun Islands
Chapter 586: Falling Out
Chapter 587: You Need to Die!
Chapter 588: A Surprising Turn of Events!
Chapter 589: Leave None Alive!
Chapter 590: Stealing Food from the Mouth of a Tiger
Chapter 591: You Are My Big Sister
Chapter 592: A Sky Filled With Blood Energy!
Chapter 593: Bloody Intimidation
Chapter 594: Black Heaven Swallowing Art!
Chapter 595: I Can Do It!
Chapter 596: The Carrot and the Stick
Chapter 597: The Die Is Cast
Chapter 598: Subdue!
Chapter 599: New Direction
Chapter 600: Released!
Chapter 601: Absorb!
Chapter 602: Thunder God’s Roar
Chapter 603: The Third Space!
Chapter 604: Soul Sealing
Chapter 605: Spirits of Void and Chaos!
Chapter 606: The Price of Evolution
Chapter 607: Undercurrents
Chapter 608: Green Moon Valley
Chapter 609: The Miao Family Makes Trouble
Chapter 610: Shock!
Chapter 611: Break Free!
Chapter 612: Breakdown in Negotiations
Chapter 613: Great Sect Protecting Formation!
Chapter 614: Banquet
Chapter 615: Preparation
Chapter 616: Seven-level Soul Altar!
Chapter 617: A Difficult Choice
Chapter 618: Facing the Future Head On
Chapter 619: Unspoken Rules
Chapter 620: Blazing Profound Bomb!
Chapter 621: Personal Artificer
Chapter 622: Making a Fortune!
Chapter 623: Come at Me!
Chapter 624: A Battle of Souls
Chapter 625: Exaltation!
Chapter 626: Getting Rich Overnight!
Chapter 627: Blood Fiend Ten Elders!
Chapter 628: The Magical Uses of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!
Chapter 629: Lang Xie Returns
Chapter 630: Unprecedented Pressure
Chapter 631: Go Back?
Chapter 632: Number One
Chapter 633: Black Voodoo Cult Pope
Chapter 634: Hatred
Chapter 635: Bad News
Chapter 636: Black Scaled Poisonous Centipede!
Chapter 637: Bloody Battle!
Chapter 638: Soul Altar Expert!
Chapter 639: Restrained
Chapter 640: Duan Qianjie
Chapter 641: Powerful
Chapter 642: Infinite Potential!
Chapter 643: The Limit Sublimation Art!
Chapter 644: Blood Drinkers!
Chapter 645: Appreciation
Chapter 646: An Interesting Person!
Chapter 647: A Favor
Chapter 648: Battle Soul Crystals!
Chapter 649: Resistance!
Chapter 650: Li Mu’s Account
Chapter 651: Casualties
Chapter 652: Qin Lie’s Contributions!
Chapter 653: A Conversation at Night
Chapter 654: Restless
Chapter 655: Breaking the Shield!
Chapter 656: Discarding a Pawn to Save the King
Chapter 657: Miao Fengtian!
Chapter 658: Recognize Reality!
Chapter 659: Returning to the Scarlet Tide Continent!
Chapter 660: Their Status Today!
Chapter 661: On The Verge of a Breakthrough
Chapter 662: Bloodline Awakening
Chapter 663: Pretending To Be Dead
Chapter 664: The Result of Greed
Chapter 665: An Extremely Deep Impression
Chapter 666: Dark Fiend Valley
Chapter 667: Who Do You Want Dead?
Chapter 668: I Understand, But You Do Not!
Chapter 669: Arrogance
Chapter 670: Influence!
Chapter 671: Wealth!
Chapter 672: The Tu Family’s Benefactor
Chapter 673: Merrymaking
Chapter 674: Profound Heaven Alliance’s Request
Chapter 675: Resolving The Matter That Gnaws One’s Mind
Chapter 676: Return Trip
Chapter 677: Island Master Qin!
Chapter 678: Blood Fiend Sect’s Sincerity
Chapter 679: Getting Rich!
Chapter 680: Building a Sect!
Chapter 681: Ruined Lands
Chapter 682: Blazing Flames!
Chapter 683: Setting Off Landmines Everywhere
Chapter 684: Ghost Eye Race
Chapter 685: Survivor
Chapter 686: Found it!
Chapter 687: Ancient Divine Language
Chapter 688: Extreme Hunger
Chapter 689: La Pu Trapped
Chapter 690: Frost Island
Chapter 691: Sealed Island
Chapter 692: Negotiation
Chapter 693: Meetup
Chapter 694: The Terror that Came from the Blood
Chapter 695: Silver Snake of Profound Ice
Chapter 696: Ice Phoenix
Chapter 697: Frozen
Chapter 698: Transform
Chapter 699: Fortune from Misfortune
Chapter 700: An Opportunity
Chapter 701: Scheming
Chapter 702: Intelligence and Bravery
Chapter 703: Compromise
Chapter 704: Argument
Chapter 705: Did You Ask Me?
Chapter 706: Bidding Farewell
Chapter 707: Recovery
Chapter 708: You Have To Take Responsibility!
Chapter 709: Prism Continent
Chapter 710: Moonstone City
Chapter 711: Infamy
Chapter 712: Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 713: Raking in Money
Chapter 714: Suspected Identity
Chapter 715: Moon Worshipping
Chapter 716: Continue!
Chapter 717: A Flash of Memory
Chapter 718: Conciliation
Chapter 719: Two Letters
Chapter 720: Returning What Rightfully Belongs
Chapter 721: Snatching Food
Chapter 722: The Outer Realm Will
Chapter 723: Alarmist Talk?
Chapter 724: Calamity
Chapter 725: Chaos
Chapter 726: A Community
Chapter 727: Bringer of Disaster
Chapter 728: Private Chat
Chapter 729: The Outsiders’ Origin
Chapter 730: Natives
Chapter 731: Piles of Corpses
Chapter 732: Three Emperors
Chapter 733: Clash
Chapter 734: Pursuit
Chapter 735: Furor
Chapter 736: Reawakening
Chapter 737: The Blaze Imprint From Several Tens of Thousands of Years Ago
Chapter 738: Qin Lie’s Value!
Chapter 739: Eye of Imprint
Chapter 740: Undercurrents
Chapter 741: Nan Zhengtian
Chapter 742: Forefather Terminator’s Benefactor
Chapter 743: Gift
Chapter 744: Reunion
Chapter 745: Tian Yu
Chapter 746: Anger
Chapter 747: Melee
Chapter 748: Clash of Bloodlines
Chapter 749: Qi Yang’s Ambition
Chapter 750: Secret Discussion
Chapter 751: Profound Thunder Heart
Chapter 752: Shen Yue
Chapter 753: Illusory Demon Sect’s Oppression
Chapter 754: Another Strong Enemy
Chapter 755: Repairing the Flying Sword
Chapter 756: Heaven Grade Spirit Artifact
Chapter 757: The Three Ghoul Races
Chapter 758: Meteor Shower
Chapter 759: In the Limelight
Chapter 760: The Enormous Bloody Spear
Chapter 761: We Need You!
Chapter 762: Ambushed
Chapter 763: The Three Great Battlefields
Chapter 764: Schadenfreude
Chapter 765: Invitation
Chapter 766: Absolute Yin Graveyard
Chapter 767: Graveyard of Evil Dragons
Chapter 768: Ancient Artificer!
Chapter 769: Gilbert
Chapter 770: Conversing with the Dragon
Chapter 771: Join Hands
Chapter 772: Victory on the Ground
Chapter 773: Celestial Artifact Sect’s Conditions
Chapter 774: Negotiations Fails!
Chapter 775: Moving Away from the War
Chapter 776: Entering the Ruined Lands Again
Chapter 777: Refining the Bloodline
Chapter 778: Chaos Blood Realm
Chapter 779: Bosses
Chapter 780: The Big Picture
Chapter 781: Island Besieged
Chapter 782: Heavenly Mirror
Chapter 783: Reverse Dragon Recall Technique
Chapter 784: Lift a Siege
Chapter 785: Instant Refusal
Chapter 786: Fallacious Reasoning
Chapter 787: White Bone Island Changing Masters
Chapter 788: Promise
Chapter 789: Choosing an Location
Chapter 790: Returning to Flaming Sun Island
Chapter 791: Brimming with Vigor
Chapter 792: Heaven Cloud Armor, Thunder Soul Blade!
Chapter 793: Xue Li’s Change
Chapter 794: Ancient God’s Men
Chapter 795: Coming to Challenge
Chapter 796: Three Day Deadline
Chapter 797: Predicament
Chapter 798: God Corpses’ Soul Returning
Chapter 799: Great Ring of the Burning Sun
Chapter 800: Declaring War!
Chapter 801: Boosting Support!
Chapter 802: I Am Your Opponent!
Chapter 803: Thousand Illusion Treasure Flag
Chapter 804: Thunder with a Thought!
Chapter 805: The True Power of Flaming Sun Island!
Chapter 806: Regathering Scattered Souls!
Chapter 807: Moon God Guard
Chapter 808: Beautiful Evolution!
Chapter 809: Soul Altar Devourers!
Chapter 810: Victor as King!
Chapter 811: The Miao Family Submitting
Chapter 812: Famed All Over
Chapter 813: One Hundred and Eight Lifeblood Essences
Chapter 814: Amazing Wealth Accumulation Ability!
Chapter 815: The Seven Hidden Experts!
Chapter 816: A Single "Blaze" Character!
Chapter 817: Forming An Agreement
Chapter 818: New Danger
Chapter 819: Son of the Moon God
Chapter 820: Celestial Ice Crystal Mine
Chapter 821: Body Refinement
Chapter 822: Ice Spirit Body
Chapter 823: A Corpse Demon
Chapter 824: Turin Cave
Chapter 825: Helian Zheng
Chapter 826: Turning Back!
Chapter 827: Like Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 828: Blood Escape
Chapter 829: The Moon Demon’s Corruption
Chapter 830: Misunderstanding?
Chapter 831: Yet Another Miracle!
Chapter 832: Never Afraid of Being Surrounded!
Chapter 834: Asking for Peace
Chapter 835: Sacrificial Offerings of Blood and Flesh!
Chapter 836: Suppressing the Moon Demon!
Chapter 837: A Tragic Victory
Chapter 838: Windfall!
Chapter 839: Profound Uses of the Bloodline
Chapter 840: An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 841: The Hidden Experts of the Ruined Lands!
Chapter 842: Bane of Vile Souls!
Chapter 843: As Cold as Iron
Chapter 844: Verbal Spar
Chapter 845: Feed
Chapter 846: Great Blood Soul Art!
Chapter 847: Resisting the Temptation
Chapter 848: Gains
Chapter 849: The Obsidian Palace
Chapter 850: A Natural Breakthrough
Chapter 851: The Nine Great Leaders
Chapter 852: Negotiation Failed!
Chapter 853: The Arrogance of Forefather Terminator
Chapter 854: Family
Chapter 855: Thunder Emperor Mark
Chapter 856: Void Worm
Chapter 857: Lightning Pool Refinement
Chapter 858: Leaving
Chapter 859: Unknown World
Chapter 860: Gold Giants!
Chapter 861: Silver Moon Mark
Chapter 862: Demon Dragon Kin
Chapter 863: Drifter Realm
Chapter 864: Bringing Hope!
Chapter 865: Foreign Race Kin
Chapter 866: The Lifting of the Millennium Oath!
Chapter 867: Negotiator
Chapter 868: As Busy as a Marketplace
Chapter 869: Demon Dragon Barett
Chapter 870: Holy Artifact of the Serene Moon Race
Chapter 871: Tremors at the Earth's Center
Chapter 872: Old Ape
Chapter 873: Unaffected
Chapter 874: Destruction
Chapter 875: Blurry Consciousness
Chapter 876: Crazy Training!
Chapter 877: Rank Five Bloodline!
Chapter 878: Three Latent Abilities!
Chapter 879: Reversal of the Situation!
Chapter 880: Balanced Development
Chapter 881: Battle Beyond Realms!
Chapter 882: Flipping Out Faster Than Flipping Books!
Chapter 883: You Are Our Hope!
Chapter 884: Fighting For a Glimmer of Hope!
Chapter 885: Alone in the Tiger's Cave!
Chapter 886: Mysteries of Blood!
Chapter 887: Hua Yuchi
Chapter 888: The Qin Family!
Chapter 889: Two Generations of Heroes!
Chapter 890: A Fourth Sun!
Chapter 891: The Path to Fragmentation!
Chapter 892: A Stone in the Water That Draws a Thousand Ripples!
Chapter 893: Condensing Energy into Crystals!
Chapter 894: Teng Yuan’s Helplessness
Chapter 895: Dazzle
Chapter 896: Rank Nine Vermillion Bird!
Chapter 897: A New Turn
Chapter 898: I've Come To Take You Back!
Chapter 899: Relationships
Chapter 900: Resolving Misunderstandings
Chapter 901: Moon’s Tear
Chapter 902: Fountain of Moon Energy!
Chapter 903: Awakened Elder!
Chapter 904: Divine Artifact
Chapter 905: Return Journey
Chapter 906: Fair Trade
Chapter 907: To Go Crazy for Love
Chapter 908: Two Drops of Blood
Chapter 909: Return
Chapter 910: Skyrocketing Strength!
Chapter 911: Gathering Power
Chapter 912: Together
Chapter 913: Change of Mind!
Chapter 914: Moving Deep
Chapter 915: Rank Nine Evil Dragon
Chapter 916: Turn of Face
Chapter 917: Bloodline Ability
Chapter 918: Inextinguishable Fire
Chapter 919: The Power of a Holy Artifact!
Chapter 920: Suddenly Giving Up
Chapter 921: Mysterious Master
Chapter 922: Eternal Friends!
Chapter 923: Secrets of the Inheritance
Chapter 924: Just a Gift...
Chapter 925: Storm Rises Again
Chapter 926: The Horrid Nature of Races
Chapter 927: The Staunchest Ally
Chapter 928: Disagreement
Chapter 929: Li Mu’s Promise
Chapter 930: Flesh Filling Tombstone!
Chapter 931: Growth
Chapter 932: Eye for an Eye
Chapter 933: Road Block
Chapter 934: The Key Figure
Chapter 935: Blood Dyes the Night
Chapter 936: In Control of the Situation
Chapter 937: Sweeping Away the Turbidity
Chapter 938: Being Generous
Chapter 939: Heavenly Blood Divine Beam!
Chapter 940: Totaling Scores!
Chapter 941: Sue for Peace
Chapter 942: Celebration
Chapter 943: Difference Between Realms
Chapter 944: The Flame Demon Pulling Strings
Chapter 945: On The Move
Chapter 946: Decline of the Foreign Races
Chapter 947: Life Flame Crystal
Chapter 948: The Same Enemy!
Chapter 949: Artifact Soul You Ye
Chapter 950: Winning Respect
Chapter 951: Nether Continent
Chapter 952: Another Ling Town
Chapter 953: To Confide in Each Other
Chapter 954: War of Bloodlines!
Chapter 955: Epoch-Makers!
Chapter 956: Acknowledgement
Chapter 957: Perfect Blood!
Chapter 958: Bringer of Hope
Chapter 959: The Fifteen Strongest Bloodlines!
Chapter 960: Recruiting
Chapter 961: The Eastern Barbarians Return!
Chapter 962: Harsh Reality
Chapter 963: Giant Race
Chapter 964: A Bright Path!
Chapter 965: A Change in Status
Chapter 966: Close Friend
Chapter 967: The Mystery of the Demon God
Chapter 968: Arrow God’s Remain
Chapter 969: Escape from the Clutches of Death
Chapter 970: Chaotic Streams of Space
Chapter 971: Meditation
Chapter 972: Unknown World
Chapter 973: The Fight of The New Generation!
Chapter 974: Crystal Moon Core
Chapter 975: The Evolving Power of Divine Artifacts
Chapter 976: Kill Them All!
Chapter 977: Chopping Vegetables
Chapter 978: Advent of the God Race
Chapter 979: Captive
Chapter 980: Past Grievance
Chapter 981: Surging Killing Intent!
Chapter 982: Unexpected
Chapter 983: One More Chance!
Chapter 984: The Thunder Emperor’s Name!
Chapter 985: You Screwed Us Hard
Chapter 986: The Dark Soul Beast’s Skull
Chapter 987: Tearing Apart the Memory Restriction
Chapter 988: Symbiosis Between Souls
Chapter 989: Concession
Chapter 990: Sky Full of Corpses!
Chapter 991: The Trees Long for Peace but the Wind Will Never Cease!
Chapter 992: Disruptor
Chapter 993: Latent Ability—Corrosion
Chapter 994: Heavengold Mirror
Chapter 995: The Key to the Secret Realm
Chapter 996: The Connecting Realm
Chapter 997: The Second Heart
Chapter 998: The Remains of the Three Progenitors
Chapter 999: The Icy Figures Within the Icy Stream
Chapter 1000: The Darkness Family
《Spirit Realm》 Chapter 1001-2000
Chapter 1001: Come With Me!
Chapter 1002: Breaker!
Chapter 1003: Breakthrough!
Chapter 1004: Return Trip
Chapter 1005: Suluo Realm
Chapter 1006: Coming to an Agreement
Chapter 1007: Returning to Chaos
Chapter 1008: On Flaming Sun Island
Chapter 1009: Miao Fengtian's Choice
Chapter 1010: The Human Race’s Bloodline Mentor!
Chapter 1011: Dare Not Disobey
Chapter 1012: The Crown Bearer Must Bear The Crown’s Weight!
Chapter 1013: The Soul Progenitor Isn’t Completely Dead...
Chapter 1014: Repressing the Evil Soul!
Chapter 1015: The Riddle of the Soul Beast!
Chapter 1016: The Cause of the Internal Conflict
Chapter 1017: Compromise
Chapter 1018: Growth
Chapter 1019: The Resources of the Ghoul Races
Chapter 1020: A War That Lasted Three Centuries!
Chapter 1021: Giant Wraith!
Chapter 1022: Turning of Tables
Chapter 1023: Dicing the Arrow God
Chapter 1024: The Ambitions of the First Voodoo Creature
Chapter 1025: No Separation of Friend and Enemy
Chapter 1026: A Sea of Voodoo Insects!
Chapter 1027: Spirit Sealing!
Chapter 1028: Jiang An's Surrender
Chapter 1029: Exposure of Identity!
Chapter 1030: He’s Still Alive!
Chapter 1031: Secrets
Chapter 1032: The Abyss Channel at the Bottom of the Sea