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Chapter 243: The Fourth Test [Part 1]

Chapter 243: The Fourth Test [Part 1]

After he was kicked by Gen Xingming, Bel obviously recalled that there were specific places for specific topics because he let out a few laughs and kept quiet after he walked back. He couldn’t help but stare oddly at Teita though.

Cillin had no idea what was so strange about Teita’s identity, but he didn’t pursue it knowing that this wasn’t the right spot to ask. He would know when it was time to know.

Bel looked at Cillin’s five-man team and asked about the tests they went through earlier. Then, he turned around and asked Ulaganuo, “So Gaga, what do you think? Should we team up with them?”


Libero and the others turned towards Ulaganuo in unison. No one realized that he had such a funny nickname until now.

In fact he generally went by “Ula” in AF3, and “Ganuo” to a small set of close friends such as his royal relatives only. As for Bel and Gen Xingming, they just called him “Gaga” because they were best friends. Almost no one else got to call him that, and those who tried when they didn’t deserve it either ate a bullet or got beat up badly.

Thanks to Bel’s explanations, Cillin and his group finally learned what the fourth cooperative test was about.

The “cooperation” part of this test was between the examinees and the AF3 students. The mandatory number of people per team was between five to eight. Of course, there were no rules that forbad them from making up a team of AF3 students only or test examinees only.

That being said, most examinees and the AF3 students desired to work with each other. AF3 wished to borrow the examinees’ martial strength, and the examinees wished to learn the information that they lacked. After all, not only this test was a combination between their test and AF3’s test, the AF3 students had bigger numbers over them. It was an element they couldn’t ignore.

At the beginning, Bel and Gen Xingming were full of bitterness when they learned that they would be taking their test here. They spent entire days planning how they could pass the test. Cillin’s appearance boosted their confidence greatly, however.

To the examinees, this test was of the utmost importance. After all, this was the fourth test of the Five Tests of AF1 and the only test left after this was the face-to-face interview. There was no way they were going to drop the ball after coming so far.

While Bel and Cillin were conversing with each other, a familiar voice rang. “Eh? You guys know each other?!”

The gray cat immediately slid deeper into Cillin’s lap, pretended to be asleep and kept its ears wide open when it heard this voice. It hadn’t forgotten how Boa was beaten up so badly that it didn’t even dare throw a tantrum.

Libero and the others also shivered when they saw the young girl approaching towards them. What a coincidence.

Bel waved his hands in greeting when he saw her. “We’re full already, so go find someone else, okay?”

“Tch, did you really think I want to team up with you?!” The girl swept a glance across the group and paused her gaze on the gray cat for two seconds. During this two seconds, Cillin could feel the gray cat stiffening up clearly. It gradually relaxed only after the girl looked away.

Bel looked at Cillin in confusion after she left. “You guys know my sister?”

“So she’s your sister. She’s related to you by blood, right? No wonder I thought she looked somewhat familiar,” Cillin said.

“Yeah, she is. My mother thinks the reason Kenancy’s the way she is is all because of me, but I’m telling you it’s all bullshit!” Bel complained.

The fact that both her children had grown in the exact opposite way she imagined them to grow had always been a sore point to the queen of Blazing Eagle. Back in those days, Bel - well never mind Bel for the moment - Kenancy was such a cute and sweet little pie, and after she grew up she was still quite pretty because she had excellent royal genes. She was once the sweetheart in the queen and every Blazing Eagle royal member’s hearts, but today she was anything but that. The animals in AF1 secretly called her Kenancy the King Kong because her strength was crazy huge and she often sought out the animals of AF1 for a fight. Boa was one of her unfortunate victims.

Cillin skipped past Bel’s complaints and said, “We met your sister during the previous test.”

He briefly explained what happened at the time, but neither Ulaganuo nor Gen Xingming reacted much because they were used to it already.

“So she ran off the fight the animals again. No wonder that girl disappeared the moment we got here.” Bel nodded.

The examiners didn’t give them much explanation about the fourth test; most of their knowledge came from the AF3 students; it was one of the main reasons the examinees were willing to accept AF3 students into their team. Of course, some people cared about the intel they held, and some people cared about the background they possessed. If it wasn’t for these reasons, who in their right minds would be willing to accept a pampered noble into their team?

Cillin’s team was already full, so they didn’t need to waste time on finding another team member. Bel, Gen Xingming and Ulaganuo explained to Cillin the things they needed to pay attention to during this test.

The testing ground of the fourth test was a small garden in AF1 not far away from the assembly spot. Of course, the “small garden” wasn’t nearly as simple as it sounded. There were a lot of traps and dangers lurking in this small garden, and the previous term students were going to be a lot more active than they were during the third test. It was also why the AF3 students were desperate to get an examinee or two in their team. Although these nobles led an arrogant and domineering life in the norm, they weren’t unaware of their own limits. It would be very difficult for them to slip through the AF1 and AF2 students’ watch alone.

While they were speaking to each other, a windy sound suddenly came from above.

A man was flapping his wings and causing dust on the ground to rise into the air. The winged man flew past the crowd’s heads before landing atop a handrail at the edge of the training ground and looking down on the crowd. He looked mighty impressive as he withdrew most of his wings behind his back.

“Yo, there are quite a lot of people this term!”

The gray cat climbed onto Cillin’s shoulder and looked up when it heard his voice. “Yo, isn’t he that someone from that day!”

The guy with the showy appearance was none other than Zanny, the AF1 student whom Cillin encountered on the rooftop.