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Stealing The Heavens

Author:Xue Hong

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Updates:Chapter 418: Triggered the Thunder Tribulation

Steal a hook and they will hang you, steal the whole country and they will make you a prince. Those who steal the world and the hearts of the people might become a Divine Immortal. The Dao is boundless; the will of the people is limitless. Follow me and watch how I alone use my hands to steal the heavens!
《Stealing The Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 1 – Punishment Court
Chapter 2 – Historical Relic
Chapter 3 – The Priest
Chapter 4 – Ancient Portal
Chapter 5 – Inheritance
Chapter 6 – The Villagers
Chapter 7 – The Evil Barbarians
Chapter 8 – The Alliance
Chapter 9 – Barbarian Hunter
Chapter 10 – Stealing Blood
Chapter 11 – The Night Ride
Chapter 12 – The Traveler
Chapter 13 – Strike
Chapter 14 – Recruitment
Chapter 15 – The Mayor
Chapter 16 – Provocation
Chapter 17 – Magical Item
Chapter 18 – The Burglary
Chapter 19 – Establishing Authority
Chapter 20 – Tough Mission
Chapter 21 – Night Walk
Chapter 22 – Expel
Chapter 23 – Tough Situation
Chapter 24 – Partner In Crime
Chapter 25 – Rush In
Chapter 26 – Steal Again
Chapter 27 – Impeach
Chapter 28 – Night Assassin
Chapter 29 – The Formation to Kill
Chapter 30 – Slaughter
Chapter 31 – Beheaded
Chapter 32 – Marquis
Chapter 33 – Ruthless
Chapter 34 – Brothers
Chapter 35 – Malice
Chapter 36 – Cultivator
Chapter 37 – Sudden News
Chapter 38 – Travel Together
Chapter 39 – The Forest
Chapter 40 – Beast Warrior
Chapter 41 – Seizing Souls
Chapter 42 – The Ritual
Chapter 43 – Merging Soul
Chapter 44 – Serpent Pearl
Chapter 45 – Got it
Chapter 46 – Run for Lives
Chapter 47 – (Chapter name at the end)
Chapter 48 – Furious
Chapter 49 – Kill Everyone
Chapter 50 – Aftermath
Chapter 51 – Scholar and Military
Chapter 52 – Confrontation
Chapter 53 – The Last Assassins
Chapter 55: Shocking News
Chapter 56: City Under Siege
Chapter 57: The City is Breached
Chapter 58: Barbarian Tide
Chapter 59: The Assault of Bolts and Arrows
Chapter 60: Reinforcements
Chapter 61: Decision
Chapter 62: The Journey
Chapter 63: Forced Surrender
Chapter 64: Trap and Kill
Chapter 65: Grandmaster of Imperial Family Court
Chapter 66: Counter Attack
Chapter 67: Demon Ghost
Chapter 67: Demon Ghost
Chapter 68: Taking Advantage
Chapter 69: Counter Framing
Chapter 70: A Heavy Bribe
Chapter 71: Blood Paternity Test
Chapter 72: Candidates
Chapter 73: Visitor
Chapter 74: Ferocious
Chapter 75: Fight and Kill
Chapter 76: Swear a Poison Oath
Chapter 77: Denounce
Chapter 78: Zhang Le
Chapter 79: Intimacy
Chapter 80: Gift
Chapter 81: A Duel
Chapter 82: Sword Talisman
Chapter 83: Sword Sect
Chapter 84: Apprentice
Chapter 85: Obstructions
Chapter 86: The Sect
Chapter 87: Bone Structure
Chapter 88: Offend
Chapter 89: Deprive
Chapter 90: Confrontation
Chapter 91: Arrogant
Chapter 92: Yan Li
Chapter 93: Husband and Wife
Chapter 94: Greedy Wolf
Chapter 95: The Mightiness
Chapter 96: Private Secret
Chapter 97: Wei Clan
Chapter 98: Gold Core Tribulation
Chapter 99: Yan Dan
Chapter 100: Palace Banquet
Chapter 101: The Grandmaster of Zither
Chapter 102: Yue Tan
Chapter 103: Three Questions
Chapter 104: Three Answers
Chapter 105: Story
Chapter 106: Cultivation Pill
Chapter 107: Acknowledge the Master
Chapter 108: Entering the Cave
Chapter 109: Spirit Objects
Chapter 110: Spirit Lamp
Chapter 111: Invitation
Chapter 112: A Meeting of Wine
Chapter 113: Xiong Qing
Chapter 114: Steal the Lamp
Chapter 115: Human Head
Chapter 116: Ying Chuan
Chapter 117: Secret Meeting
Chapter 118: The Great Sun
Chapter 119: Cunning
Chapter 120: Countermeasure
Chapter 121: The Challenger
Chapter 122: Unexpected Finding
Chapter 123: The Master of Martial Club
Chapter 124: Evidence
Chapter 125: Captured Alive
Chapter 126: Extraordinary Treasure
Chapter 127: Death of the Accomplice
Chapter 128: Summon
Chapter 129: Mo Sect
Chapter 130: Mo Di
Chapter 131: Warning
Chapter 132: Benefactor
Chapter 133: The Clue
Chapter 134: Five Ghosts
Chapter 135: Preparation
Chapter 136: Exchange
Chapter 137: Boundless Hospitality
Chapter 138: A Poetry Meeting
Chapter 139: Trap
Chapter 140: Counter Slaughter
Chapter 141: Poem and Drawing
Chapter 143: Shocking
Chapter 144: Thunderstruck
Chapter 145: Escape From The City
Chapter 146: Intercept
Chapter 147: Escaped
Chapter 148: Tracked Down
Chapter 149: An Extraordinary Object
Chapter 150: An Extraordinary Formation
Chapter 151: Splitting the Cores
Chapter 152: Slaughter the Immortals
Chapter 153: The Yield
Chapter 154: A Great Merit
Chapter 155: Depart
Chapter 156: Seeking the Land
Chapter 157: Constructing the Immortal's Cave
Chapter 158: Absorb
Chapter 159: Talisman Master
Chapter 160: Outsiders
Chapter 161: Attack by Force
Chapter 162: Are You Not Battle-dressed?
Chapter 163: Li Si
Chapter 164: Dharma Words
Chapter 165: Field Headquarter
Chapter 166: Infiltrate
Chapter 167: Xu Fu
Chapter 168: Book of Talismans
Chapter 169: A Robber
Chapter 170: Catfish Flood Dragon
Chapter 171: Upheaval
Chapter 172: Death Formation
Chapter 173: Breaking the Formation
Chapter 174: Underwater Cave
Chapter 175: Dragon King
Chapter 176: Captured
Chapter 177: The Army of Demons
Chapter 178: The Qin Formation!
Chapter 179: The Cry of Dragon
Chapter 180: The Cauldron of Yu!
Chapter 181: Leave The Mountains
Chapter 182: The People of Lu Clan
Chapter 183: The Destruction of Gao Ling Kingdom
Chapter 184: Myriad Dao Alliance
Chapter 185: Duke of Tianyun
Chapter 186: The Silver Flood Dragon of Yue Clan
Chapter 187: Unity of Sword Energies Script
Chapter 188: The Opening of the Event
Chapter 189: The People From the Long Bo Kingdom
Chapter 190: Acquired Spirit Pearls
Chapter 191: Innate Spirit Item
Chapter 192: Disciples of Guigu
Chapter 193: Su Qin and Zhang Yi
Chapter 194: The Spirit Ring of Black Dragon!
Chapter 195: Provoking on the Street
Chapter 196: Resolve to Fight
Chapter 197: Stealing The Spirit Pearl at Night
Chapter 198: Gold Core Thunder Tribulation
Chapter 199: The Formation of the Gold Core
Chapter 200: The Gamble of Drill Ground
Chapter 201: The Duel of Drill Ground
Chapter 202: Killed On The Spot!
Chapter 203: Invited by Su Qin
Chapter 204: The Remains of the Queen
Chapter 205: The Terms of Exchange
Chapter 206: The Imperial Banquet
Chapter 207: Imperial Advisors of Great Yan
Chapter 208: The Changes in the Political Situation
Chapter 209: The Return of Yue Yi
Chapter 210: The Capricious Yin and Yang
Chapter 211: The Terror in the Night
Chapter 212: The Night Visitor
Chapter 213: Official Recognition
Chapter 214: Earth Element Dragon Scales
Chapter 215: Subdue the Eight Horses
Chapter 216: The Beginning of the War
Chapter 217: Meeting Catfish-flood-dragon Again
Chapter 218: Scouts From Qin Army
Chapter 219: Engaged
Chapter 220: The Inner Sect of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect
Chapter 221: Su Qin Deploying Forces
Chapter 222: Persuade The Dragon King
Chapter 223: The Dragon King's Answer
Chapter 224: The Arrival of Flood
Chapter 225: The Plague of Spirit Tapeworms
Chapter 226: Ten-thousand Corpses Death Formation
Chapter 227: The Palm That Flipped The Sky!
Chapter 228: The Demon Figurine of Great Qin
Chapter 229: The Mighty Army of Xiang Yu
Chapter 230: Guigu'zi Appears!
Chapter 231: The Towering Deity and Ghost
Chapter 232: You Do Not Qualify!
Chapter 233: A Painful Spear Attack!
Chapter 234: Sheathed the Swords
Chapter 235: I Want To Stab You
Chapter 236: Wild Birthday Celebration
Chapter 237: The Meeting of Three Ladies
Chapter 238: Zhang Le's First Kiss?
Chapter 239: Wrath of Xiang Yu
Chapter 240: The Demonization of Xiang Yu
Chapter 241: Besiege Xiang Yu
Chapter 242: Calamity for the Great Chu
Chapter 243: The Condemned Prisoners of Great Qin
Chapter 244: King of Chun Shen
Chapter 245: The Defeat of Xiang Clan
Chapter 246: Ziying, the Emperor of Qin Dynasty
Chapter 247: The Power of Qu Ping
Chapter 248: The Alliance of Chu and Yan
Chapter 249: Topographical Survey
Chapter 250: The Preparation
Chapter 251: The Commencement of the Plan
Chapter 252: Emperor Qin Sets Off
Chapter 253: A Counterattack
Chapter 254: Take Sky as the Canopy and Earth as the Mattress
Chapter 255: The Leak of Secrets
Chapter 256: Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation
Chapter 257: Magnetic Grand Magic
Chapter 258: Spirit Item of Guigu
Chapter 259: The Battle of Deity and Ghost
Chapter 260: Exposing the Murderous Situation
Chapter 261: The Heavenly Fox Grand Magic
Chapter 262: The Assassination by Men of Sacrifice
Chapter 263: The Unintentional Hinder
Chapter 264: A Sudden Turn for the Worse
Chapter 265: The Escape of the Trapped Dragon
Chapter 266: The Pursuit in the Night
Chapter 267: The Assassination of the Blood Pool
Chapter 268: The Emissary From Great Wei
Chapter 269: Long Yang the Emissary
Chapter 270: Avaricious
Chapter 271: Go Away Swiftly
Chapter 272: The Preparatory Work for the New City
Chapter 273: Refining the Fiendcelestial Puppets
Chapter 274: The Messenger, Catfish-flood-dragon
Chapter 275: Visitors from the Outer-Space
Chapter 276: A Surprising Finding
Chapter 277: A Priceless Planet
Chapter 278: The Unexpected Arrival of Heaven Immortals
Chapter 279: Rescue in Troubled Water
Chapter 280: The Crisis of Evil Immortals
Chapter 281: The Fall of Ji City
Chapter 282: Wu Qi's Plot
Chapter 283: The Patriarch of White Cloud Immortal Sect
Chapter 284: Two Great Immortal Sects
Chapter 285: Mo City Destroyed!
Chapter 286: The Great Joy and Sorrow
Chapter 287: Calamity for the Long Bo
Chapter 288: Two Sects Exist Side by Side
Chapter 289: The Revenge in the Moonlit Night
Chapter 290: A Secret Night Talk
Chapter 291: Long Yang the Distinguished Guest
Chapter 292: A Deal with Long Yang
Chapter 293: Getting Ready to Strike
Chapter 294: The Barbarian Leaders
Chapter 295: The Origin of the Priceless Planet
Chapter 296: The Opening of Immortal Abode
Chapter 297: A Little Reward
Chapter 298: A Rewarding Loot!
Chapter 299: Murdering Zhao Ling
Chapter 300: A Serial Killer
Chapter 301: Become Sworn Brothers
Chapter 302: Seriously Injured Lu Clan
Chapter 303: A Secret Talk Between Three Ladies
Chapter 304: Outer Sect Disciples
Chapter 305: The Supervisor of Discipline Hall
Chapter 306: Armored Guards of Prince Mansion
Chapter 307: The Five Wheels in the Brothel
Chapter 308: The Meeting of Three Princes
Chapter 309: Lao Ai Taking A Disciple
Chapter 310: The Sword That Strike For Love
Chapter 311: Rescue In The Face Of Perils
Chapter 312: An Old Friend In Barren Mountain
Chapter 313: The Secret Plot of Six Dynasties
Chapter 314: Attacked by Men of Sacrifice Again
Chapter 315: The Evil Tidings
Chapter 316: The Assault On The Street
Chapter 317: A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 318: Plummeted Into The Snow Abyss
Chapter 319: Searching For A Planetary Ship
Chapter 320: Unbridled Intervention
Chapter 321: Kill the Men and Seize the Treasures
Chapter 322: Arrived at Xue Yuan Planet
Chapter 323: Three Great Heaven Immortals
Chapter 324: A Crazy Woman
Chapter 325: The End of the Rope
Chapter 326: Snatched From the Jaws of Death
Chapter 327: The Fierce Counterattack
Chapter 328: Hiding in Flyingsnow City
Chapter 329: Plotting the Revenge
Chapter 330: The Visit of An Immortal
Chapter 331: Bewitching And Capturing A Heaven Immortal
Chapter 332: Capturing Another Heaven Immortal!
Chapter 333: Captured Xuan Yang Alive!
Chapter 334: The Extermination of An Entire Clan
Chapter 335: Looking for the Culprit
Chapter 336: Meeting Zhao Kuo Again
Chapter 337: The Wire Pullers
Chapter 338: Become A Turncoat
Chapter 339: Defeat White Frost
Chapter 340: The Man of Great Sun
Chapter 341: Cruel Torment
Chapter 342: The Trick That Can Steal the Heavens
Chapter 343: The Teacher From Yu Clan
Chapter 344: Zhang Le's Wisdom
Chapter 345: The Ruthless Zi Xuan
Chapter 346: Fivethunders Immortal Zither
Chapter 347: Lao Ai in Trouble
Chapter 348: Hede of Yu Clan
Chapter 349: Divine Flame Destroy the Soul
Chapter 350: The Ghost Rune that Traveled Through the Void
Chapter 351: Internecine Outcome
Chapter 352: An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 353: Asking for Help
Chapter 354: The Ice Cave on the Mountaintop
Chapter 355: The Ice Tunnel
Chapter 356: An Underground Immortal Abode
Chapter 357: Lady Dark Gold Water
Chapter 358: Green City of Xuan Yang
Chapter 359: Fusing with the Immortal Soul
Chapter 360: Dark Yin Hassock
Chapter 361: Tempering Body with True Water
Chapter 362: Withdraw From Xue Yuan
Chapter 363: Besiege Yu Academy
Chapter 364: Mystic Talisman of Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 365: Fighting the Heavenly Ghost
Chapter 366: Annihilate Ghost With Mo Flame
Chapter 367: Summoned by Yan Dan
Chapter 368: A Secret Talk Late in the Night
Chapter 369: Immortal Green Staff
Chapter 370: The Dispute of Immortal Sects
Chapter 371: The Preparation Before Departure
Chapter 372: Traveling Far with the Master
Chapter 373: Puluo Heavenly Realm
Chapter 374: Severely Wounded Ke He
Chapter 375: Yuan Hua Sect of Puluo Heavenly Realm
Chapter 376: The Master's Old Resentment
Chapter 377: Asking for Trouble
Chapter 378: The Retreat of Daoist Min
Chapter 379: Patriarch Yuan Hua
Chapter 380: Wager Increased
Chapter 381: A Spirit Bird, Flaming Wings Sparrow
Chapter 382: A Forced Testimony
Chapter 383: The Wrath of White Sparrow
Chapter 384: Master of the Luo Ling Palace
Chapter 385: Tremendous Leap in Cultivation Base
Chapter 386: Innate Nascent Souls
Chapter 387: Innate Divine Soul
Chapter 388: The Wondrous Divine Soul
Chapter 389: Pushed Things Too Far
Chapter 390: Elder Tai Yu
Chapter 391: Establishing Ascendancy
Chapter 392: Goddess Green Melon
Chapter 393: Ling Yi True Water
Chapter 394: The Grand Meeting of the Sect
Chapter 395: The Thunder Tribulation of the Dragon Pythons
Chapter 396: A Ferocious Battle With Mo Luan
Chapter 397: The Tribulation of Manifestation
Chapter 398: The Remains of Ancient Mansion
Chapter 399: Entering the Ancient Mansion
Chapter 400: The Yin Energy from the Two Contrary Forces
Chapter 401: The Beginning of the Match
Chapter 402: A Complete Victory
Chapter 403: Vanished Without A Trace
Chapter 404: A Perplexing Situation
Chapter 405: The Cause and Effect
Chapter 406: Marquis Jian Has Arrived!
Chapter 407: The Fight Between Human and Immortal
Chapter 408: Devouring the Immortal Python
Chapter 409: Immortal Cold Electric Mirror
Chapter 410: Killing White Sparrow
Chapter 411: The Surprise Find of An Immortal Abode
Chapter 412: The Preparation Before Leaving
Chapter 413: Yu Hua Heavenly Realm
Chapter 414: Taking a Hostage
Chapter 415: Taking the Opportunity to Rob
Chapter 416: Successfully Got Away
Chapter 417: Arriving at Pangu Continent
Chapter 418: Triggered the Thunder Tribulation